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Albus Dumbledore looked up from the stack of parchment that littered the surface of his desk as a knock sounded from behind the grand wooden door in the front of his office. He set down the piece of parchment on top of the others before looking up through his half-moon spectacles.

"Come In"

The door opened, revealing two black-haired boys behind it. The first boy had stormy grey eyes that held a permanent twinkle of amusement, the other with wire-rimmed glasses framing warm hazel eyes.

Dumbledore sighed as he lightly touched his fingers together in what would be described as a teepee.

"Mr. Potter," the hazel eyed boy nodded, "Mr. Black," the grey eyed boy followed his friend's action, "please," Dumbledore gestured to the chairs in front of his desk, "sit."

The two teenagers followed the instructions and took the offered seats.

"Now," Dumbledore peered at the boys over his glasses, "I presume you know why I called you here."

Dumbledore's electric blue eyes scanned the two boys, who remained silent.

"This morning, a couple of sixth year Slytherin's came into my office today. They each handed me a paper titled the 'Evil Overlord List' claiming they got it in the post this morning during breakfast. Care to explain?"

The two sixteen year olds looked at each other, mischievous smiles spreading out on their young faces.

"You see, Professor," the hazel eyed boy, James Potter, broke the silence first, "we decided that, in these times of terror, we would bring a bit of happiness back everyone in Hogwarts."

"Yes boys, I can see where you are coming from. Unfortunately, sending out lists to your fellow Slytherin's, claiming that they are from Lord Voldemort, seemed to be the wrong way to go about it, and, I speak for most of the staff when I say this, a bit inappropriate."

"Most of the staff?" the second boy, Sirius Black, asked, his head cocked to the side and his smile shrunk into a small amused smile.

"Yes, Mr. Black, most of the staff. Personally, I found them quite amusing. Inappropriate, yes; but amusing. My favorite line has to be number 29," Dumbledore picked up the paper he was holding before the two boys had entered, "I will dress in bright and cheery colors, and so throw my enemies into confusion." Dumbledore read off before setting down the 'letter' and looking back at the boys, his eyes twinkling.

Sirius' smile grew as he let out a bark of laughter, "I thought you would've liked that one sir. Do you mind me showing you my favorite?"

Dumbledore handed over the sheet of parchment to the Gryffindor before leaning back into his chair while his pupil scanned the parchment.

"I have to say that I love number 12, One of my advisors will be an average five-year-old child. Any flaws in my plan that he is able to spot will be corrected before implementation." He looked up into the elderly face of his headmaster, his face lit up like a small child during Christmas.

"Wouldn't that be cool? I mean to be the 5 year old kid! You'd be one of the most trusted advisors! You could have anything! If I was the kid I'd have a fire truck! An actual muggle fire truck, those things are insane! They can drive around as fast as they can with that loud ringing noise and have everyone move out of the way. They can shoot the water out of the long hosey thingy…" Sirius was now talking so fast that his words were getting jumbled together, Sirius' head was whipping from side to side as he spoke to James and Dumbledore.

Dumbledore smiled and held up a hand, effectively silencing the teenager.

"Yes Mr. Black, I can see where your fascination in the fire truck comes from but I am sorry to inform you that, while yours and Mr. Potter's prank was unique and funny, it was not brought about at the right time. I think that you both agree?"

The two boys looked at each other their smiles vanishing at the thought of their punishment. James and Sirius shrugged and turned to face their headmaster, ready to take whatever was thrown at them.

"I think that one week of detention would be reasonable? Starting Friday at 7 o'clock?"

"I guess that that's understandable." James said in a business-like voice, one that sounded almost identical to his father's.

"I'll send word to Minerva; I dare say that she'll send out a letter to both of you about time and place."

The boys took that as their que to leave and got up from the two chairs, heading for the door.

"Oh and boys," the two Gryffindor's turned around, "let's refrain from sending letters from 'Lord Voldemort' in the future."

The two Marauders nodded and exited the room, identical smiles on their young faces. Dumbledore relaxed and picked up another 'letter', seeing as the one that Sirius had been holding had dropped to the floor. He scanned the parchment looking for the place on the List that he had left off at...

42. When I capture the hero, I will make sure I also get his dog, monkey, ferret, or whatever sickeningly cute little animal capable of untying ropes and filching keys happens to follow him around…

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