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Jamie: 8 years old; in my mind she looks like Chloe Moretz when she was like 6-8 so yeah…

Amelia (Emmy or Emily): 8 years old; she looks like Joey King (But not with the haircut that she had in Ramona and Beezus….she looks a bit younger and has light brown hair that could pass for blonde)

Demitria: 27 years old; She looks like Emily Osment with light brown hair

Alonzo: 29 years old; He looks like James Maslow….

Rebecca: 26 years old; Think Dallas Lovato….

Lauren: 19 years old; Think Katelyn Tarver (She's the "newbie")

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Carter POV

"Happy Birthday Emmy!" I hear Rosie yell out. I look over at her and see a wide grin on her face as Emmy blows out her candles. I see Taylor and Demitria standing next to Rosie. Next to me stands Alonzo and Rebecca. Sitting on Alonzo's shoulders is their son, Jason. I smile at her and give Emmy a kiss on the cheek when suddenly I feel my pocket vibrate.

"This is Mason." I walk away from the table and see Taylor follow me. The directors voice reaches me.

"Agent Mason, we need you and Agent Swift to fly out here and train a new recruit." The directors voice made my heart drop, Rosie was going to kill me. I was supposed to be on vacation for another 2 weeks and so was Taylor.

"Yes director." I said automatically as I heard Taylor sigh loudly.

"Agent Mason, I am sorry for interfering with your vacation but this is very important." The director said with sypathy. I sighed.

"Yes ma'am." I turned the phone off and headed back into the family room, where we were having the party. Rosie saw me and I could see here smile drop. I gave her a weak apologetic smile and walked over to her. She looked down onto the floor as I put my arms around her waist.

"Rosie, honey, its just for a few days." I put my hand under her chin and lifted her head up so that I could give her a kiss. She returned my weak smile and nodded.

"Be careful, please be careful, for me and Emmy" I smiled and gave her a tender kiss.

"Always." I turned to see Emmy and Jamie sitting on the couch eating cake. Jamie spoke up.

"Mom, is mommy leaving again?" Taylor pulled away from Demi, and Demi looked sad.

"Yes champ but I'll be back soon." Jamie smiled and nodded turning her attention back to Emmy and her cake. I turned to Rosie and gave her one last kiss.

"Ready Swift?" Taylor turned to Demi and gave her one last kiss before nodding.

"Lets go Mason." I smiled and turned to Rosie and Emmy.

"Be good and listen to Mommy ok pal?" Emmy nodded and gave me a hug. I waved to them and started on my way out the door. With one thing on my mind, this recruit better be one hell of an agent by the time we're done so at least it was worth it.

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