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A few days passed and Taylor was becoming annoyed with Lauren quite fast. The blonde saw the way she would stare at Carter and make every possible excuse to touch her in some way.

It got to the point where Lauren was basically throwing herself at Carter.

"Look Lauren, you're a good agent, but honestly stop it." Taylor pulled her aside one afternoon during lunch. Carter was video calling Rosie and Emmy. Lauren looked up at her with a glint of rebellion in her eyes.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Agent Swift."

"Damn it Lauren yes you do." The blonde spoke firmly. "You are messing with adult things, you are getting in between a marriage and that isn't okay."

"If Carter feels the same way I do, it isn't my fault." Lauren huffed and attempted to leave. Taylor grabbed her upper arm and pulled her back.

"You listen and you listen good. We came here to train you, we didn't come here for you to seduce Carter." Lauren looked up at her and narrowed her eyes. She stared at the blonde woman for several moments when she pulled away roughly.

"We'll see." She muttered and turned away from Taylor.

"And then Jamie and I went down to the beach and we made a sand castle mommy! It was huge!" The small girl told Carter excitedly. She bounced in her mom's lap as Rosie simply smiled at her daughter.

"I'm glad you had fun pal." She murmured as she looked Rosie. Her guilt was eating up at her ever since this mission started. She felt different around Lauren and she didn't like it.

"Yeah! It was fun! But I miss you lots." The little brunette pouted. Rosie smiled and stroked her daughters hair.

"Mommy will be back soon Emmy." Rosie told the young girl gently and kissed the top of her head. Emmy yawned and nodded, obviously trying to stay awake.

"You should head to bed pal." Carter said with a smile as her small daughter shook her head vigorously and yawned again.

"I'm not tired." She murmured. Rosie smiled and gently placed the small girl on the carpeted floor.

"Head to be, Emmy. We will call mommy again tomorrow." Emmy nodded and looked at the computer screen again.

"G'night mommy." She left the room quietly and Rosie turned to Carter. Her brown eyes looking at Carter curiously.

"What's wrong Carter?" She asked gently. Carter suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable talking to Rosie alone.

"Nothing." She mumbled half-heartedly. "I should get to bed too." Rosie frowned but nodded.

"Alright. I love you." Carter looked at her wide-eyed.

"Yeah, love you too. Good night." And with that Carter shut off her laptop.

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