A/N: Hey! It's been a long time and I have no actually excuse for my absence. I thought of weather I should let this one hang or not but there are people depending on me to finish and I will. Thank you for all your support.



Amano had fallen down a flight of stairs and obtained serious injuries that were progressing from potentially life threatening to deadly. Moments after she was sent off to Kashino's family hospital the sped after her in Hanabusa's car discovering he had no trace of a driving permit. At all cost the intended to stand by her side, when they arrived they learned she and another female patient had escaped so they joined the wardens in there capture. Kashino caught up but he had come to late her injuries had took their total on the love of his life, as she drowned in her own blood the pain numbed away as she began to pass over with Kashino by her side to witness….