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"You won't be so pretty when I'm done with you," Ari sneered, glaring at Max primping her hair and smiling at herself in the mirror with his binoculars. He hated Max. Just looking at her gave him a twinge in his gut, sending him morphed into a "wolf-boy" as Max so rudely called him. He growled, throwing the binoculars down and snapping open his wings. He'd been waiting a long time for this moment, and it's proximity made him smile.

He couldn't wait.

Max's POV

I smiled at myself in the bathroom mirror, setting down the hairbrush and pushing my bangs behind my ears. I flirted with the mirror one more time, throwing a coy grin over at my reflection, and heard a rustling outside. My head snapped up, frowning as I listened to something come to a thud at the ground and then the leaves of a tree brush against each other.

I jogged over to the window and threw it open, just in time to see a little black speck flying away into the horizon.


What was he doing here?

I jumped out of the window, throwing out my wings to soften my landing. I looked around in the fallen leaves to see what he had dropped and something black stood out close to my foot. I bent down to pick it up, turning it over in my hands. Binoculars. Was he peeping on me? The little perve.

I stepped over all the sticks and leaves and quickly walked to the side door of the house.

Oh yeah, the house! After a group vote, we decided it was time to buy out a place where we could crash whenever possible. We tried pooling in all of our saved money which resulted in a whopping…. 3 dollars and 25 cents! So we used Angel to um…. "help" the owner decide to sell it to us for free. I know, I know, it's bad. Do as I say, not as I do Angel.

I turned the knob, stepping in and looking over the flock, playing games and watching TV in the living room while Iggy made dinner.

They all immediately shifted their glances to me, and quieted down. I held up the binoculars, trying not too look too worried.

"We have a stalker."

"Ari?" Nudge guessed, looking up from her card game with Gazzy. I nodded, closing the door behind me so the cold air didn't infect the heat. (My mom kindly agreed to help pay our taxes as long as we bought the house. Not a fair bargain on her side, in my opinion.)

I threw the binoculars down on the kitchen counter and grabbed place mats, helping Iggy set the table. Fang sat up from the couch, handing Angel the TV remote and coming over to help us, promptly setting down plates on the matts and leaning against one of the chairs, crossing his arms.

"How long ago did you see him?"

"Like, 15 minutes, maybe. But it's no big deal, seriously, guys."

"Max, he knows where the house is now," Fang pressed, staring intensely at me through his dark bangs that always covered his eyes. I glanced away, crossing my arms too.

"It's fine, he's probably known all along," I said in a hushed voice, glancing at the younger ones to make sure they couldn't hear us.

"Fang's right," Iggy agreed quietly, laying down the last piece of silverware and walking over to grab the bowl of salad, "this place isn't safe anymore." I looked at them, sighing.

"I mean, " Iggy went on, looking up, "this can't be like in Colorado, when we were tucked away and safe for a long time. We all know how that turned out," He looked over at Angel, who had been snatched away two years ago by the lab and we had to rescue her back. Bad memories, bad memories. I pressed my lips together, feeling like I'd lost the argument and put my hands up in defeat. "This is just a place to heal and rest up when we can," he finished.

"Alight, alright, I'll be more careful. On one condition."

"Which is…?"

"For God's sake, stop letting Fang set the timer on the oven!" I smiled, smelling the familiar smell of 'burnt'. Iggy's eyes lit up and he glared at Fang, who immediately burst into laughter.

"I'm sorry!" He choked, holding up his hands. Iggy rushed over to the oven and pulled out a charred tray of lasagna. The younger kids rushed over to see what was going on, all immediately turning to me.

"Max! Why'd you try to cook again?" Gazzy said.

"Uh! Hurtful!" I smiled at him, laughing again, "It was Fang's fault this time." Fang's face was still pretty blank, but we could all see the microscopic smile that played across his lips.

"Can we go out to dinner?" Nudge said excitedly, "Can we go to The Pasta House? OOH CAN WE GO TO BREADSTICKS? *Gasp* No let's go to Olive Garden! How about-" She stopped and looked around, realizing she was running on. "How about Riddicoli''s Italian Dining?"

"Sounds good to me," Angel agreed sweetly, smiling and looking up at me.

"Alright. Grab your jackets and let's go."

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