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Forty-three calls from Maya.



No, not one, not two, not seventeen, but forty three.

I felt absolutely positively horrible. Like a horrible person who does horrible things.

Which is what I did.

I slammed my head back on the couch, chucking the phone as hard as I could against the wall and waiting for the satisfying crunch of it shattering against the plaster.

"Looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning," Max yawned, shuffling sleepily down the stairs, "Or should I say fouton?" I scowled, watching her elongate her lean body as she raised her arms over her head to stretch, the edge of her blue tank top lifting up a few inches. I squeezed my eyes shut, shaking my head to clear my thoughts.


You are a scummy person, I told myself, just about wincing at the thought of all I've screwed up in my life.

"Uggghhh," I moaned, pulling myself groggily off the couch and walking over to the kitchen behind Max tiredly, still half asleep. I padded over to the kitchen counter and shoved myself onto it, swinging my legs.

"What happened to you? Did your conscience finally decide to return?" She smirked, yanking a frying pan out of the cabinet under the stove, making a loud clanking noise as she placed it on the stove and clicked the fire on.

"You're going to cook?" I blurted without thinking, gaping at her. Max stopped, looking at me over her shoulder.

"Yes I'm going to cook, and you're going to like it," she declared, dropping a thin square of butter onto the hot pan. She grabbed some eggs out of the tiny fridge, cracking them expertly over the stove.

"Yeah, well we'll see about that," I muttered laying back and hitching my hands behind my head. Max sent me a dagger glare, shooing me off the counter with her spatula.

"Don't lie on the counter! People eat off of there," Max declared, poking me with the tip of her cooking utensil.

"Oh. And now we're suddenly back at Anne Walker's, are we?" I snarled sourly, watching her face fall and her eyes lower towards the ground, her cheeks flushing a light shade of rosy pink.

Why do I have to be such a terrible being? Huh? Can someone _please_ tell me?

I sighed, rubbing my eyes with my fists, "Listen Max, I'm sorry I just-"

"No no, don't apologize it's… Okay," She let out a shaky sigh, shrugging and smiling sadly at me, "I will admit I've been a little OCD since I… I escaped… It's- it's my fault." I groaned, covering my face with my hands.

"What is wrong with you?" I moaned, peeking at her through the cracks in my fingers. She lifted an eyebrow curiously, blinking in surprise.

"E...excuse me?" She went back to cooking her eggs, her back turned to me.

"You make me feel so horrible; being all _nice_ and everything!" Okay, I'll admit that made absolutely no sense to a normal person who wasn't sycho like me.

"Well so-rry I was right the guilt would catch up to you," she shrugged impassively, sliding two normal looking eggs on a plate and shutting the flame off.

"Did you cook those?" I asked dubiously, watching her turn around and put her hands on her hips.

"You were standing there the whole time," she shrugged, taking a bite with her fork and actually swallowing it without gagging or exploding. Woah. "Nudge taught me how." I nodded, raising my eyebrows.

"Impressive," she smiled, scarfing down the rest of her breakfast, "Maybe Nudge can teach me how to fulfill my life's goal; world domination. I mean, She taught you how to cook!" I shrugged, my stomach rumbling at the scent of bacon in the microwave. "Can I have a bite?" She stopped chewing, staring incredulously at me. She swallowed, taking a gulp of orange juice so she wouldn't choke in surprise.

"Uh… Okay," she cut off a piece with her fork and pulled herself up onto the counter, scooting over next to me while still holding up the bite of eggs. I narrowed my eyes at her, crossing my arms.

"I thought we weren't aloud to sit on the counter?"

"Just eat the damn eggs already!" I smiled smugly, opening my mouth. She held up the fork, a faint smile playing across her lips. I took the bite, chewing and nodding and finally swallowing. I nodded my head again and shrugged, making the so-so sign with my hand.

"S'okay," I announced, looking over at her. She smacked me on the arm, making me chuckle.


"Kidding, kidding," I smiled, looking into her deep, brown eyes. Oh, her eyes. She bit her lip, her eyes flitting down to my lips and back up to my eyes, her head angling itself discreetly to the side. I leaned in, wrapping my arms around her waist.

Oh God.

Why me?

Her arms snaked their way around my neck, her sweet scent filling my nose and pulling my body closer to hers as we tilted our heads this way and that so we could kiss better, every single emotion I had swirling was in my veins, making me feel like I was lighter than air, floating in a happy bubble with Max. Max tangled her fingers in my hair, mine tangling in hers as I pressed her closer to me. Oh, man, my brain was on high drive as I stood there in the kitchen with Max, for what seemed like hours and hours until my head was dizzy and my breathing was ragged and my heard was thudding in my chest when I finally decided to cut it off.

I pulled my head back, my arms dropping lightly to Max's waist as she stared back at me, her eyes wide with excitement, her cheeks a light pink color. She laughed airily and looked down, her long eyelashes covering her twinkling chocolate-colored eyes as she smiled, biting her lip. "Woah," she murmured, hopping off the counter top. I nodded, my chest working hard as I panted for air.

Adrenaline surged through my veins, my heart thumping so loud I could almost hear it. My stomach felt like it was twisting from the excitement, and I couldn't help but grin and laugh quietly as it all settled in.

"Woah," I smiled, the whole world and my life seeming like just a distant memory. I squeezed my eyes shut, frowning. Ugh. My life. "Woah." I groaned it this time, linking my fingers behind my neck, "Oh, no oh no oh no oh no. What did I just do?" I moaned, pacing around the kitchen.

"Ugh, I'm sorry. This is about Maya right?" I nodded my head, pacing back and forth. Max sighed, rubbing her temples, "I just totally screwed up. I'm sorry- I shouldn't have kissed you. I knew I shouldn't have told you to stay. I knew it, I knew it." She closed her eyes, exhaling, me completely ignoring her as I stalked off into the living room to retrieve my broken phone, which layed in a crumpled heap on the floor not far from a paint mark where it hit the wall. I plopped down on the carpet, picking it up and pressing the power button hard, praying it would still work.

"C'mon, c'mon, work you stupid worthless piece of cr.-…. I mean you… lovely, worth...full? Uh... piece of awesome," I pleaded, shaking it, my knuckles turning white firm gripping it so hard. I let out a relieved sigh as the screen flickered to life, the only obvious damage an obnoxious screen crack.

I scrolled through my contacts, pressing down on Maya's name and listening to the ominous ring while I waited for her to answer.

"Please answer, please-"

"Hey, you've reached Maya!" My heart sank with the recognition of her voicemail, making my shoulders slump, "Leave a message after the beep!"

"Hey uh… Maya," I cleared my throat awkwardly, looking around, "Listen, I kneed to talk to you. So can we talk sometime? Call me back as soon as you get this message. I uh… love you, Bye!"

I pressed the red phone button for hanging up and sat there on the floor, staring blankly out the window.

Max coughed, leaning on her elbow in the door frame, her tiny gray athletic shorts outlining her hips as she played with the drawstring, her figure lit up by the morning sun. I suddenly felt bad for saying I love you to Maya in front of her, so I looked away from her, scowling at myself. Why must I be a hormonal young adult? Whyyyy?

"What'd she say?" She asked innocently, looking at me with big, brown, Bambi eyes. I pursed my lips, gazing into space.

"Nothing. She didn't answer. I left a message."

"Oh," Max murmured, looking down, "Sorry," I sighed, putting my face in my hands in exasperation and groaning "I HATE MY LIFE!" as loud as I could. I heard soft footsteps, and soon Max was sitting cross-legged next to me, her small hand making warm circles in between my wings. "I'm sure she'll come around… Eventually."

"Oh, sure sure," I agreed sarcastically, leaning my head against the wall, "She will definitely forgive me because I cheated on her and left her for my… uh...Well, the point is she's going to be pissed. Really pissed. You don't know Maya, Max," I exhaled loudly, closing my eyes. "She's different. She may look like you, but you guys are completely, 100% different. She's… sensitive, I guess. She'll never forgive me." I glanced at Max through the side of my hand, her lips pressed tightly together.

"Well… when you put it that way…" Max shrugged, patting me roughly on the shoulder as she stood up, muttering 'Tough luck, bucko,' and walking off up the stairs again.

Have I mentioned I hate my life?