A Vignette After Star Wars or Return of The Heiress

Eventually they had gone out. Simple as that. One day enemies, the next day, enemies with benefits. Jo kissed Blair, and then Blair kissed Jo. That was that.

They had been secretly dating for a month when Jo broached the subject of telling Mrs. Garret the truth. They had hid it well but something was eating away at Jo, guilt perhaps. She had wondered if she should tell her mother. It was kinda a coin toss whether she should tell Mrs. Garrett or her Ma. Eventually she chose Mrs. Garrett.

Jo begged Blair to let her talk to Mrs. G about the situation. Blair was disturbed at the thought. It was no one's business, Blair had said. She was looking at it as if she was dating some Bates boy, not a girl with whom she roomed with.

Jo needed to explain the situation because Edna Garrett already knew way more about Jo's sexuality than Blair realized. To ease the situation, Jo invited Blair to a movie in town. She figured that a Star Wars flick would be the ticket.

"What do you mean she knows things?" Blair asked angrily as they walked down main street Peekskill, after movie was over.

"I've been talking to Mrs. G since I started at Eastland. She's been the only person I could talk to, besides my Ma." Jo said with a frown. She didn't like Blair's tone or how much she hated Star Wars.

"What have you told her?" Blair asked, annoyed and flustered.

Jo stopped in mid step and twirled around to pull at Blair's shoulder, "Cool it Blair, I talk to her about my own private affairs...er...that wasn't the right word...my own private thoughts. Nothing about us. Yet. "Jo responded, frowning.

Blair shrugged, trying to look nonchalant, "Oh, okay that's okay. Just tell me when you plan on spilling the beans about us, huh?"

"I'm gonna tell her tonight, Princess. I don't want you thinking that there is something wrong with us. We are normal and our feelings are normal!" Jo said calmly. It had been something her Ma had said to her when she was 9 years old and Mrs. G said it on her first day at Eastland.

"What idiot told you that?" Blair retorted. She started walking away.

"Mrs. G did and my Ma! Are you callin' my Ma an idiot?" Jo said with a raised fist towards Blair's head. It was pure instinct. She felt rather stupid seconds after, as if she'd strike anyone, especially Blair.

Blair sighed, "Alright alright, you can tell her but put the fist away, Bobba Fett."

Jo grinned, "Nice Star Wars reference."

"Is that where that's from?" Blair replied with a blank stare.

"Oh for God's sake, Blair. Come on, let's go have a coffee and stare into each other's eyes." Jo said annoyed.

"Sounds like a plan, my little Monkey wrench." Blair said, whose mood swung so quickly it made Jo's head spin. She was getting used to this and it was like going around a dirt bike track. Once you got into a proper groove, ride it like a wave. So she did.