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2000 years was a long time to wait.

The man known as the Lone Centurion, though, had willingly agreed to wait those 2000 years, just so the girl that he loved would not be alone. Wherever that giant box of a prison went, he was marching along with it. The cadence of his footsteps constantly echoed off the sides of the Pandorica as he guided it to its new location, keeping it safe from anyone who would even dare to take his Amy away from him.

The Doctor had promised him that everything would be all right and that Amy wasn't really dead, but could the Doctor be trusted? Where had the Doctor been when he had been taken by the crack in the wall, erased from time itself? Even Amy hadn't remembered who he was until it was too late. Now she was dead, and the only person who could bring her back was a man he knew almost nothing about.

But did he have a choice? Was there any way he could not trust the Doctor, if it meant there was even a miniscule chance of bringing Amy back?

Of course not.

Rory Williams. Rory the Roman, The Last Centurion, The Man Who Waited.

He would do anything for her, even if it meant waiting thousands of years, alone, with no one else to talk to.

He loved her more than anything in the world.

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