A young blonde teen appeared next to the Statue of Liberty with a loud pop, suddenly feeling something was very, very wrong. The sun was sparkling across the bay and out into the Atlantic Ocean as crowds looked over at the new arrival.

"Look, mom! A superhero!" a young child exclaimed.

Her slightly older brother looked bored, then suddenly surprised. "She's right! That's Wonder Girl!"

"Um, what?" the blonde Scion asked in surprise. "I think you have me confused with someone else."

A crowd was starting to form around her on the steps that led up to the main entrance.

"You look just like her, just with a different hair cut," a young girl exclaimed. "Are you sure you don't have amnesia or something? You super-heroes are always getting hurt and stuff."

"No, my memory is intact. This is rather odd, I have to say." Her brows furrowed as she looked around. Such public displays were actually quite odd.

"What's your name then?" a young girl demanded. She had a balloon in her hand and was wearing a cute blue sundress with a white shirt with a strange 'W' on it.

The Scion crouched down to meet her eye to eye. "I'm Sheila. What's your name?"

"Georgina. What are you doing here, Wonder Girl," the girl asked aggressively, still sure this was her favorite Teen Titan.

"I was actually trying to get to New York City, but it's the wrong time of day and this isn't my Statue of Liberty. It's been repaired an awful lot of times," she said, looking up at the iconic figure. The green-toned copper was showing dozens of repairs.

"Yeah, for some reasons the super villains always like to break it and Superman or the Justice League have to fix it right back up!" another boy called out. His toothy grin showcased a missing tooth.

"So, I take it you have a lot of superheroes?" Sheila asked curiously. That meant she was either in some sort of illusion or was very far off the beaten path.

"Yeah, like me," a bossy voice said from above.

Sheila looked up and showed her quite evident surprise. "My, we really do look alike, don't we?" Other than Sheila's shorter hair, they were nearly identical. The other girl was wearing a red and gold top and tight red jeans. On each arm was adorned some sort of simple silver bracer with a red star.

"I am not taking any crap from a clone," Wonder Girl pronounced as the normal people in the crowd started dispersing quickly. Very quickly indeed. "I'll sort this out back at the Embassy." With that, she threw a devastating punch.

That Sheila just bent slightly sideways to avoid. "I'm sorry, have I done something wrong?" she asked. This must be pretty common, as the people had backed well away.

"I'm not going to fall for any of you tricks. All I want to know if who sent you so I can stop this silly plan," her attacker called out loudly, but losing a bit of her bluster.

"Um, no one sent me. I'm not even sure how I ended up in super-heroville," Sheila said conversationally. "So, flight and superstrength?"

"Yes." Wonder Girl centered herself better, then lashed out with a punishing snap-kick that turned into a whirlwind of punches that the infuriating girl in front of her kept dancing between.

"Mythical basis for your powers?" Sheila asked hopefully.

"Yes, I was given my powers by Zeus himself," Wonder Girl said cautiously.

"You aren't a Scion of a God or Goddess?" Sheila looked a bit confused at that. "But I feel the divine spark within you."

"Scion?" Wonder Girl now lashed out with a cunning set of punches followed by what should have been a crushing knee to her opponents stomach. Her clone had to block the knee, sending her staggering backwards in a skid.

"You know, the mortal children of the gods like Hercules?" Sheila rubbed her arms, as that had stung a bit.

"Oh, so this is the trick, trying to convince me that some god is my father?" Wonder Girl asked derisively.

"I'm not the one picking a fight, thanks. Strange, I've been able to sense other Scions for a while now and it's never failed me," Sheila replied. "Who's your friend?"

"Friend?" Wonder Girl looked around to see Wonder Woman approaching through the air. "The best way to describe her... is that she's my mentor."

"Wonder Girl, would you mind explaining why you are attacking this girl?" the Amazon asked as she hove to a halt in the air. Her wore a very colorful outfit of red, white, blue and gold. She did have the same silver bracers and a silver tiara with a red star on it.

"Evil clone." There was more than a little bit of 'I'm busted' tone to her voice.

"Strange, she hasn't tried to hit you once." Her tone was quite reproving as she stared down the younger super-heroine.

Wonder Girl winced at that. "She's just trying to confuse me. She even says that I'm a Scion of a God. There's no way that could be true..." Cassie saw the shock on Diana's face at that, "...is there?" she asked finally.

"I am afraid she is correct. How she knew that secret, I don't know." Wonder Woman landed lightly to the side, watching Wonder Girl back down slightly.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Cassie asked hotly.

"I gave my word to keep it secret. And I don't believe your mother wanted you to know," Diana said softly.

"And a vow of honor is a very important thing to you, I see. Perhaps we could start over here. I'm Sheila."

"I am Diana, Princess of Thymescria and known to the world as Wonder Woman," the princess said in reply. "You do look remarkably like Wonder Girl."

"That's why I said the whole evil clone thing," Cassie groused.

"I'd prefer dimensional counter-part." Sheila pulled out strange, glowing rock that had been carved into the form of a man with out stretched arms. The green rock sparkled under the light.

"Great Hera! Kryptonite?" Wonder Woman exclaimed, looking worried.

"I take it you recognize the material, but not the statue? Odd, I would have thought it being a relic would be more important than the mundane rock, even if it is oddly radioactive." Sheila raised an eyebrow at Wonder Woman. "It just allows me to access powers of the sky."

"You mean, with that little statue you can make a storm?" Wonder Girl asked with more than a little skepticism. Of course given it was made of kryptonite that was more likely to give her cancer instead be of be helpful.

"Flight, too. Though I haven't really had the chance to start learning any of them. I can sometimes float if I need to." They both looked confused at Sheila's explanation. "Consider them to be godly training-wheels. I rarely need my relic of healing."

Cassie started to laugh hysterically. "Godly training wheels? I can't wait to ask Athena about them."

Sheila raised an eyebrow at that. "Weren't you gifted with relics to teach you how to tap your innate godly spark?" Sheila asked in confusion.

"Um, no. Zeus just granted me all of my powers. Just like how Wonder Woman is empowered by the strength of Demeter, the power of Hera and the wisdom of Athena." Cassie shrugged.

"But she's not a Scion like you and I. Haven't you explored your own powers?" Sheila asked sounding completely shocked at such a thing happening.

"While that is a good question, it does not answer the problem of the Kryptonite statuette," Diana said, returning the conversation to what she thought was the important point.

"Why is Kryptonite a problem?" Sheila asked curiously.

"The low level radioactivity isn't healthy-" Wonder Woman started to say.

"But no bother to someone of my supernatural health," Sheila countered.

"It's lethally deadly to a fellow hero," Wonder Girl finally yelled out angrily."As in wave that in his face and he might die deadly!"

"That's bad." Sheila seemed to be thinking quickly. "And with you not knowing me, you can not just trust me to say that 'I will not use it against him' will you?"

"How about we discuss this over tea?" Wonder Woman finally asked.

"I'm still not sure how I got dragged into this," Sheila said just a day later as Cassie flew through the air across the country with her in her arms. The sweep of San Francisco laid out below them as they flashed through the air.

"You wanted to learn more about me. This is part of me," Cassie said, pointing to the huge 'T' up ahead of them as she landed them on the island at the base of the tower. "And it's Friday, so time for the Teen Titans to hang out for the weekend."

"But only on the weekends because you are all still in school?" Sheila asked, just before a blur appeared. "My, that was fast. He was just a streak to me."

"Kid Flash is just that fast. It's his primary power. Just like strength and flight are my primary powers," Wonder Girl explained with a shrug.

"HeydidIseetwoofyou? Wow, there are two of you!" Kid Flash said as he zipped back out the door and down the stairs that led up to the T-shaped building. "Is she like your evil clone or something?"

"No." Sheila glared at him for that. That was becoming extremely annoying even faster then Kid Flash.

"What'd I say?" Kid Flash asked, putting his hands up defensively.

"Nothing I haven't said already. So what is your primary power?" Cassie asked with a sigh.

"Intelligence and excellence," Sheila replied.

"So do you remember everything you read, too?" Bart asked sounding happy someone else had a power like that.

"And then some. It'll be nice to race someone faster than me. I'll finally be able to really push myself." She gave him a grin.

"You want to be the fastest girl alive?" Kid Flash asked curiously.

"No, I just want to be the best at what I can be in everything." That was when she felt someone walk into the room behind her. "Hello?"

Robin seemed put off by her spotting him. "So this is your dimensional alternate?"

"How'd you do that?" Kid Flash blurted out in shock. "He's always sneaking up on me!"

"Ancient Greek Secret!" the dimensional doppelganger said with a wide grin.

"That's not fair!"

"Yes, Robin, this is Sheila. We think she might be me from another dimension." Wonder Girl flopped onto a couch in the 'living' room. "Is Raven around?"

"She's up in her room. I take it you have plans?" Robin said coolly.

"A little wardrobe work. Come on, Sheila. I'll introduce you." Cassie led her duplicate upstairs to a room decorated plainly, the homey scent of nagchampa and lava lamps being the only thing that stood out.

In the center of the bed sat a pale girl with very long black hair in a lotus position. She had long, black robes covering her body. And Sheila felt something unique about this 'Raven'.

Sheila blinked in surprise. "Another Scion of a divinity?"

"Yes, though I do not speak of him." Raven looked at the two girls. "You really are identical."

"With some startling difference below the surface. Though, sadly, we seem to both be of the same heroic bent," Sheila said lightly with a grin.

"I still say you're my evil twin," Cassie replied with a pout.

"I steal the cookies, you know. Totally, heinously evil." Sheila stuck her tongue out at Wonder Girl.

"Let's me show you what I bought," Cassie said, dropping the shopping bag she had been carrying around. "I think this will look good on you." She held up a red dress with small shoulder straps.

One change of clothing and Raven was looking much brighter dressed than she normally went.

"She looks a bit uncomfortable there," Sheila noted calmly.

Cassie nodded slowly. "Yeah."

"Do I have to show so much skin?" Raven asked worriedly.

"Not as much, but you will stick out a bit if you wear clothing that covers you quite as thoroughly as your full robes and cloak," Sheila said.

That was when the green-skinned Animal Boy pushed open the not-quite-closed door. "Hey guys!" He stopped when he saw the normally modest dressed Raven in the slinky red dress, looking a bit shocked.

"Out! Get out of my room!" Raven exclaimed as her black soul-self materialized.

Garth was deposited outside the door and it was slammed in his face.

"Too much skin, I guess. How about we try something else," Sheila said seriously. "We'll get you acclimatized to showing a little more skin slowly."

"Probably for the best," Cassie said with a sigh. And to think it was a guy who worked with Starfire for years that reacted that way. Wonder Girl didn't even want to imagine how any else would have reacted to that.

The Electrocutioner smirked at the green and purple power suit as it bounced painfully off the building rooftop. "I'll give you ten seconds to get your friend out of there before I kill you both."

The two-bit hoods nodded vigorously as the one stuck inside the suit tried to get out.

That was when the Teen Titans dropped onto the roof with Cyborg leading the way. He pointed his sonic cannon at the masked villain. "Titans... Together!"

Sheila stayed in the back as the team started to deal with the thug (one punch) the thug in battlesuit (nearly getting Animal Boy shot with a missile) and Electrocutioner (who was handily avoiding being pasted by Cyborg and Wonder Girl.)

"Hey! I'm not in control here! This suit's out of control!" the thug in the Lex Luthor battle armor shouted.

"Off!" Sheila commanded, blasting through all of its cipher-protected controls to deactivate the battle suit with her innate ability to communicate with electronics.

"Wowthat'scool. You never said you could just turn off tech stuff," Kid Flash said with a huge grin.

"It's part of that 'really smart' thing power," Sheila replied with a happy grin. "I'm good with computers and codes."

"I'll have to get your help to track down the badguys through cyberspace," Robin said with a tight grin as he dashed into an opening when Cyborg was thrown back and Wonder Girl had to duck to avoid blasts of electricity.

Sheila tapped her hand to the flying Cyborg on his back; then set him down with an amazing display of dexterity with just that one hand. "All good?" she asked.

"Um, neat trick. I would have been fine," the cyber hero exclaimed. Behind them, two hands reached through a warp to yank the Luthor Corporation battlesuit through space and time as Cyborg steadied himself.

"Damn." Even being superfast wouldn't help while she was tied up doing something else. Then she winced as she heard Robin start losing it as he went ballistic after Electrocutioner made a comment about his father being cold and dead in the grave. The sounds of rapid hits from his staff were brutal in her ears.

Everyone else arrived just in time for the Boy Wonder to start breaking down over the beaten form of the villain.

"Robin, you don't need to hide it. Not here with us," Raven said slowly.

"My father died last week," the young man said, tears cascading down his mask.

"Oh my god," Wonder Girl said in shock.

"Tim?" Kid Flash asked in a soft and quiet voice.

Beast Boy finally asked, "Do you want to talk about it?"

He nodded. "I think I need to."

Wonder Girl enfolded him in a caring hug while his friends gathered around him. Superboy's strong hand on his shoulder was another balm on his soul.

Sheila stood in the back by Cyborg, letting his friends comfort him as best they could. She felt terribly awkward and intruding right then.

The Teen Titans were mostly dog-piling Cyborg in a disorganized manner outside in the sun the next week. So when the arrow came out of nowhere to slam into Cyborg to freeze him solid, it was quite a surprise for nearly everyone.

"Hey, Titans," the red and yellow figure a bow said where she was crouched over a concrete marker. "Everyone cool?"

"Oh, I guess Cyborg didn't see her coming up," Sheila said, rapping the ice carefully to break it loose. Her comment defused Superboy from going off half cocked.

Robin raised an eyebrow at that. "You did?"

"Yes, I did. And Kid Flash is making bunny ears behind me. Now devil horns. Are you done yet?" Sheila asked, ignoring Kid Flash's surprise behind her.

"Um, I get the feeling I didn't help out the situation. Cyborg had gone nuts?" Speedy asked as she dropped her hood behind her head.

"No, just a training exercise. Looks like he gets to eat a little crow." Wonder Girl just shrugged and smiled at Speedy.

Speedy left with the recovered Cyborg just a few minutes later. So that left everyone else to settle in until the emergency call came in. Sheila watched the man, Dr. Light, on the huge control screen of the main communication room.

"He has murder in his eye," Sheila said seriously, replaying the conversation in her head over and over. "That is not the same man that you have earlier video recordings. He is much more alert and aware."

"It's like, Dr. Light. He's a pushover," Beast Boy countered."A troop of boy scouts kicked his butt once."

"I'm going to get my armor," she replied.

"You finally finished your armor? Did you come up with a name?" Cassie asked eagerly even as Superboy snickered.

"Yes. It's Sheila."

The many and varied super groups all called in to let them know that if the Titans needed them, they would all be ready to head in just a moment.

Sheila reappeared in he breastplate and vambraces with a light protection on her head. It did not impede any of her senses except possible touch.

The Teen Titans had shown up at the museum on schedule, Beast Boy still certain that Dr. Light was still just a pushover. He appeared right behind Wonder Girl, Raven and Sheila; that earned him a kick in the gut from Sheila.

"He can turn nearly invisible," she called out, spinning into another kick then two flashing punches.

"Which didn't seem to bother you in the slightest," Dr. Light said, honestly curious. "Two Wonder Girls?"

"She's not. I'm Wonder Girl," Cassie exclaimed angrily, slamming a double punch into his stomach which he took with alarmingly ease, having almost ignored Sheila's attacks almost entirely.

"And who is she?" the arch-villain asked curiously.

"Sheila," the Scion replied simply.

With a casual wave of power, he blasted at Wonder Girl, Superboy and Sheila. All three were sent tumbling as Cyborg slammed into the villain.

"He hits like a Mac Truck, doesn't he," Sheila said with a groan.

"Yeah," Superboy exclaimed. "Ouch."

"Time for some good old fashioned magic," the Scion said as she helped Cassie to her feet. "How about a little bit of bolstering of your health." She then reached over and touched Superboy, granting him the same ability.

"How about you?" Cassie asked.

"Can't heal myself that way. I'll be fine. That's why I'm wearing the armor." She led the three of them back into the brawl after Beast Boy and Speedy were casually taken out.

Wonder Girl tried her new Lasso, only to find that the lightning was ripped from it. Then Dr. Light blasted into Superboy's stomach, causing him to release his breath explosively. The evil doctor then ripped the heat vision from Superboy's eyes.

"You don't have any special light, do you?" Dr. Light asked as he tried to blast at Sheila and Robin.

"Super zap powers of light? Nope," Sheila replied even as she threw a dagger as Robin threw his own 'R' blades and Speedy shot at him with an arrow.

"Children shouldn't play with blades," Dr. Light said with a chuckle. "But you were all taught to play with fire and cut yourself on the altar of your worship of false idols." His blasts sent them scattering.

His next fight, with Raven, was epic in scope as her darkness tried to devour his hatred and light. He then absorbed all light in the area to release it with a massive burst that seemingly knocked out everyone.

Dr. Light then grabbed Speedy's ankle and dragged her inside the museum where Green Arrow was tied up. His haranguing of Green Arrow was interrupted as Sheila and Wonder Girl smashed into the room quite loudly.

"Sorry, can't let the brand new teammate die on her first mission," Sheila explained as she planted both feet in Dr. Light's face as Wonder Girl grabbed the comatose Speedy from the loosened grip.

"It's a girl's night out, Sis," a brunette said at the doorway with a British accent, looking quite ordinary with her sister in t-shirts and jeans.

"That it does. Guess we better look to help them," the blonde said.



The two instantly transformed into the named superheroines and jumped into the mass melee with Dr. Light.

"More children who seek to die here today. How droll," the massively powerful villain said as he shrugged off the claws of Hawk easily.

"How are you doing Sheila? I'm still seeing spots," Wonder Girl asked as she threw a punch at Dr. Light.

"Blind, actually. Have been since that big blast. I'll get by. It's only one of my senses," Sheila replied as she sent another dagger at Dr. Light that he ducked.

"So how are you fighting him so well?" Dove asked as she swooped in and swiped at Dr. Light.

"Spacial awareness." Sheila ducked another blast, cartwheeling away and bounced off three pillars.

"I just slash things," Hawk said helpfully as she clawed at Dr. Light. "What sort of name is Sheila? Have we actually run out of heroic names?"

"Or she doesn't feel she needs a 'super-name' at all," Dove replied as she dodged several blasts.

"I haven't convinced her to take one yet," Wonder Girl said just before she got a face full of white energy that sent her rocketing back outside.

"Do you think you can ignore me while you prattle on?" Dr. Light exclaimed angrily.

"Did we hurt the big, bad villain's ego?" Sheila asked lightly.

Reigning in his temper, he continued his rant. "No, I am above that. And you, the children, will reap what the Justice League has sown."

"You realize that I have no connection to the Justice League, right? I barely have a tenuous link to Wonder Girl," Sheila replied while she cartwheeled across the ground to avoid more blasts.

"I thought you looked similar to her under that helmet," Dove noted as she dodged behind several pillars while Dr. Light blasted at her.

"Yes, let's remove that impediment," the master of light said, shooting a highly accurate laser that cut the quasi-helmet.

"You can't hit me nine out of ten times to hurt me, but you can remove my helmet with one blast?" Sheila complained as she skidded to a halt.

"You look exactly like Wonder Girl. What sort of trick is this?" Dr. Light demanded.

"The type that allows us to rescue the hostage?" she quipped.

Dr. Light looked over his shoulder to see that Green Arrow was indeed gone, the dagger that he had dodged from Sheila embedded in the statue of Abraham Lincoln that his hostage had been tied to. He turned back to Sheila, energy leaking from his eyes and mouth. "You will be the first to pay," he said coldly.

He sent out a shock wave along the ground to force her to jump. Once she was airborne, he flew towards her in a blur of white energy.

"You can't fly, can you?" Dr. Light said nastily, just before he threw her at the whirling rotors of the new helicopter flying through the night. "Agggh!" he cried out, holding the arm from where she had jabbed a pressure point during the throw.

"No!" Dove shouted, trying to fly faster.

With an impossible display of dexterity, Sheila spun around and started running on the edge of the propeller for a second before she leaped to the ground.

"Heh. I woulda just smashed into it," Hawk said as she bounded out of the smashed museum and onto its roof.

"Hey, the gang's all here," Sheila said as she landed in front of an enlarged group of Titans.

"She looks like Wonder Girl," a surprised Duella Dent gasped.

"Focus on the badguy, people!" Sheila exclaimed.

"It looks like you're all here." Dr. Light's mouth twisted in a dry smile. "You know you want to say it." He was floating in front of the dozens of superheroes as if they were nothing.

Nightwing was quite stoically irritated, but his lead in on the clarion call of the Titans was impassioned. "TITANS... TOGETHER!"

Nightwing, Troia, Flash and Cyborg led the charge, but the battle still seemed even. Dr. Light seemed to shrug off massive attacks, with only unexpected attacks even slightly harming him it seemed.

"He's manipulating more than just light. And he's absorbing things across the electromagnetic spectrum. I think he's making photon particle shields. Solid light," Sheila as she fired at him from cover with a pistol.

Robin looked over at that. "So you are saying we can't win?"

"No, but we need to take away his power source. And all we are doing is throwing more power at him." Sheila seemed like she was thinking. Then she stood up and sidled over to Raven who was helping a wounded Hawk who had just gotten burned. "I'm sorry, Raven, but there's no time to explain."

"What?" the mainstay Titan asked, just before Sheila's fingertip touched her Chakra Stone.

"It's a Relic," Sheila said, as if that explained everything as a mishappen shadowy form exploded into existence above her, stabilizing as a Dark Soul.

"Raven! Are you all right?" Robin asked as he ran over.

"Yes. I'm not injured at all," the empath said in surprise.

"But she just took your Soul Self, didn't she?" the young Boy Wonder asked.

"No, she just used my Chakra to unleash her own."

Sheila had already charged into melee, enveloping Dr. Light in the inky blackness of the dark shadow soul. "You can't hit me!" she taunted as she fired the pistol at him while dodging his blasts that shot out from within the murky depths.

She let just enough light through to let him see where she was. And he took the bait.

"You duplicated Raven's powers of darkness? She was the mistress of her powers and you think you can do better?" Dr. Light sneered, blasting out three times at her, scorching off a vambrace from the brilliant white energy. "You can't even use her power to absorb my light!"

"It's working enough, no?" she retorted, just as Wonder Girl and Superboy slammed back into the melee.

Speedy shot an arrow through the darkness, stabbing him through the arm.

Wonder Girl's next punched loosened a tooth, much to both of their surprises.

"What have you done?" Dr. Light snarled, blasting the teen Amazon out with a beam of white destruction.

"Punched you a lot?" Superboy quipped as he hit Dr. Light in the stomach hard.

"Perfect!" Cyborg said as he waded back in past the form of Superboy that was being blasted away. "Solar Shield on!" His silvery surface turned black. "You don't even know why you are losing, do you?"

"What are you talking about?" Dr. Light shouted back. He would show this punk mechanical man that he was something to fear. He reached out his hand to absorb the light within the area... and received barely a trickle. "What? I'm being blocked?"

"Sheila put up a void of energy around you, sucker. So you can't keep absorbing energy," Cyborg said nastily, just as his metal fists started to hammer home. The next six punches laid out the master of light, leaving him unconscious in a bloody heap.

"Oh, good." Sheila dropped to one knee. She closed her eyes hard, willing the darkness back within her one agonizing moment after another. "Remind me not to do that without my own Relic. That almost got away from me."

"I don't get it," Wonder Girl said as she landed back on the ground.

"Remember what I said about mystic training wheels? There are Relics of mystic import that allow you to channel pure fundamental forces in a variety of ways. I used Raven's chakra stone to call out my Dark Soul self." Sheila shrugged as she stood back up.

Wonder Girl looked off for a second as different Titans moved. "Could I learn them?"

"Sure. Let's start with a simple one." Sheila seemingly opened a glowing portal into air and pulled out a stethoscope. "Try to use this to feel how badly injured Superboy is here. Just look at him and you will understand how hurt he is."

Cassie stared at the subtly ornate medical device in her hand for a long second. Then she looked over at her boyfriend, eyes widening. "Um, nothing other than a few fast fading bruises. Wow, you heal pretty fast, SB."

Speedy looked aghast at that, panic in her eyes. "You can do that to anyone you look at, Sheila?"

"I could, but that would be pretty invasive. Now if someone asked me to check or while they were hurt during a battle, that would be different." Sheila glanced over to see where Batman and a Batgirl were taking charge of Dr. Light. "So, would you like to borrow that? It's a little dangerous to use someone else's Relic, but for a benign power like this, you should be okay."

"I... Yes." Cassie looked conflicted for a moment. "Sheila, would you like to come to my home this week? I want to ask my mother some questions. And I think you may need to be there."

Robin was in Nightwing's shadow as they walked over, the Bat-Jet flying off into the night.

"That was your mentor?" Sheila asked curiously.

"Right. And the new Batgirl. She doesn't talk much," Robin said noncommittally.

She leaned a little closer. "Is he training her to adjust to the loss of her eye like he had to?"

Robin looked at her for a second. "Why-?" Then he stopped and thought a second. "They were both missing an eye under their masks?" he suddenly asked loudly, shock on his face.

"Um, yes?" Sheila said, looking confused.

Robin suddenly spun to the ex-Boy Wonder. "Nightwing, that wasn't Batman. That was Deathstroke and Ravager! We just turned Dr. Light loose!"

"Oh, crap," Sheila, Cassie and Conner all said.

"What?" Nightwing demanded as he trotted over.

"That wasn't Batman. Sheila could tell that they were each missing an eye," Robin explained.

"Does anyone still see that Bat-Jet?" Nightwing suddenly called out to the crowd of Teen Titans.

Everyone finally reported in that they could not.

"They have some really good stealth tech. I'm not seeing anything in the sky," Sheila said as she looked off into the sky from a nearby building.

Most of the current crew was giving her an odd look. Robin finally broke the silence. "So, exactly how good are your senses, Sheila?"

"Ah, I suppose you are wondering if I'm just looking through your masks?" A couple of Titans nodded. "Not really, but visual sight is such a small part part of my senses. I could probably pick you out of a crowd at night in the rain in your civvies. It would be like you guys recognizing someone by the sound of their voice."

Beast Boy whistled appreciatively. "I can change into some animals with some unusual senses, but you can do it all the time?"

"The sky is alight with cosmic energy, while the Earth below me hums with subsonic energy. It's really an amazing sight and I have no way to show everyone what it looks like," she replied with a sad smile.

Later that night, when many secrets were unveiled such as Speedy's testing positive for HIV, Raven's continual problems with her 'eating emotions' or Wonder Girl's brush with Ares. Both Superboy and Sheila still held their peace.

Some thing are not that easy to come out.

"So, mom, why won't you talk about my father?" Cassie was sitting across the table her mother, while Sheila was sitting along the edge, wincing as she finished taking a sip of a soda.

Her mother's lips turned down in a frown. "I don't want to talk about that in front of a stranger."

The sun was shining through the windows on the late Sunday afternoon and the house looked incredibly pastoral and normal.

"Actually, she's the reason we are sitting her having a talk. Sheila says that I'm that daughter of a god. So I think that falls under 'important things that should not be kept from your daughter'." Cassie looked very, very determined as she did the teenager slump in her seat across from her mother.

"As far as I can tell, Mrs. Sandsmark, I'm a dimensional analog of your daughter. And I know I'm a Scion. And you, being her mother, confuses me a lot," Sheila said to cut off the argument.

"I told him not to tell you," her mother said. "I didn't want him making you think you were a heroine."

"Who is he?" Cassie demanded.

"It was Zeus. He didn't call himself that when we met, of course. I was a young and on a trip to California and he swept me off my feet. And when you were born..." Mrs. Sandsmark said with a fond tone.

"Zeus..." Sheila wilted under the knowledge.

"You knew that you were the daughter of a god already. So why are you upset?" the longer-haired girl asked angrily.

"Because I was the daughter of a goddess... that was a virgin. So I didn't know for sure. She never explained it. And it seems like it was just an adoption of an unwanted girl to keep Zeus from getting in trouble."

"What did you think, that she just created you from magic?" Mrs. Sandsmark asked curiously.

"Immaculate conception, being formed from clay like Diana was or maybe even a clone. But I'm just the girl that doesn't even have a real mother." Tears started leak from her eyes. "I'm just... I don't know anymore. I'm fake."

It was several minutes later that Sheila realized that she was hugging Cassie desperately. With a last sob, she tried to pull herself together. Mrs. Sandsmark was patting her on the back.

"There there, dear. Why don't you tell us a little bit about you so we can understand?" The archaeologist and curator was putting her best sympathetic voice.

"From my earliest memories, I was always pushed to excel. Scholastically and athletically. I thought it was normal to be competing with older girls and to learn three languages at a time. My foster parents always told me that I was adopted, but they showed me they cared when I succeeded or excelled in school, unlike my step-brother. By the time I was eleven, I was starting high school courses."

"You were in high school at eleven?" Cassie blurted out in surprise. She had problems with her triginometry now.

"Yeah. I graduated when I turned thirteen and was starting my medical doctorate program when I was told that I was the daughter of Athena. And that the world needed heroes again, like my uncle Hercules. Now I don't know that I know anything." She looked despondent. "So I've been fighting the good fight and I find out that my life is a lie."

"But the biggest truth is that you are yourself. And from what Cassie says, that's an amazing young woman."

"Let's get you fixed up. I'll have to remember that crying makes me look horrible," Cassie said seriously.

That got Sheila to almost smile. "Thanks. You didn't have to anything. I'm not really you-"

"-but I could have been you if things had been a little different," Cassie countered.

Mrs. Sandsmark made Cassie's favorite blueberry pancakes, which Sheila decided that she really liked too.

It was the weekend again and the Titan's Tower was filled with the Titans as Robin started to gather people. Sheila heard the shriek from Superboy's room, transmitting an ultrasonic coded message.

"Computer, external lockdown. Firewalls at Ragnarok levels." Sheila was up and moving, heading to where everyone was gathering. "Cyborg, I think Superboy was just compromised by some sort of triggered hypnotic signal."

"All Titan's together," the black man ordered. "Where's Superboy?"

"He's shaving off all of his hair with his eyes, burning it off with his heat vision," she said, looking through the wall. "It's symbolic of something?"

"Bald? Damn, it might be Luthor," Cyborg said as he tromped along down the corridor towards Superboy's room.

"What's going on?" Robin asked as he, Wonder Girl and Beast Boy arrived. He had been gathering everyone like Superboy had asked.

"Superboy just got himself mindcontrolled," Sheila explained.

"By Luthor, by the looks of it," Cyborg said grimly.

That was when Superboy stepped out of his private room, a ragged 'L' ripped through his black Superman T-Shirt. His eyes were flaring with his heat vision so hot that it was scorching his eyes. "Errrrrgh," he said roughly.

"Hit him hard!" Cyborg ordered as he blasted Superboy with a major sonic cannon in one arm.

Superboy took the blast like it was nothing, retaliating with his heat vision to melt Cyborg cannon. Sheila dashed forward in a burst of super-speed, kicking him three times.

It was when her foot landed on the ground to push off on her next attack that things went bad for her. Superboy smiled as he used his tactile telekinesis to root her, then nearly roasted her face with heat vision. It shocked the young Scion since Conner had stopped using those powers in favor of his more main stream Kryptonian ones.

"Foot's stuck!" she exclaimed trying to dodge by bending at the waist.

"Sheila!" Cassie shouted, just as Superboy smashed his foot down on her trapped ankle to snap it like a twig.

With a shriek of pain, Sheila collapsed on the broken limb.

Wonder Girl's punched thundered home hard enough to shatter windows from the concussion and rocketed her boyfriend outside. "Conner, please stop it." Tears were streaming down Cassie's cheeks as she flew after Superboy as he got back to his feet.

The mind-controlled metahuman blurred back towards her to trade blows, pushing her further and further into the shattered ground below her. His last punch spun her around three times and through a tree.

"Stop this, Superboy!" Raven demanded as her soul-self cloak spread out.

He just responded by slamming his fist into his palm with supersonic force, stunning her quickly before his next backhand knocked her out cold. His burning eyes betrayed no remorse over his actions.

Then Kid Flash, Beast Boy and Robin all triple-teamed him.

"Mean green machine, coming through!" Beast Boy's rhinoceros form just barely knocked Superboy off his feet. The fastest kid alive tried to super-speed his mind-controlled friend into a solid rock wall.

Superboy just flew off the ground and lashed out with a burst of heat-vision to blast him and Beast Boy unconscious even as Robin's bo staff did nothing other than catch his attention.

"You're better than this, Superboy! You can fight this," Robin entreated as his staff shattered trying to block a punch.

Superboy's only response was to punch Robin again. Only his quick attempt to roll with the punch let him off with a shattered shoulder.

Looking over the remains of the Titan Tower, Superboy flew off to meet with his 'father' Lex Luthor. The burning remains of his home away from home.

"That was a serious case of getting our ass kicked," Sheila noted as she healed Raven ten minutes later.

"Thank you. It is very nice to have someone else that can remove our injuries," the raven-haired girl said softly. "Why have you not used this extensively before?"

"I don't want to really step on your toes and I can't use my version on myself," Sheila replied with a grimace. "I had to set my leg and splint it manually, for instance. That really, really hurt."

"You haven't healed that?" Robin asked, rubbing his aching shoulder. The break from Superboy's punch was almost gone.

Sheila's gasp of surprise startled everyone as Cassie's let go of her healed leg. "Did I do that right?" she asked.

"You did that just perfectly," the Scion replied with a smile.

Cyborg looked up from where he was attaching a replacement arm, narrowing his one eye. Beast Boy whistled while Bart zipped over to look at the newly healed limb as Sheila removed her splints.

"That could be very useful," Raven said lightly.

"We all have abilities that are needed." Sheila was looking at Raven, being as earnest as possible so that the empath could feel it.

She responded with a small smile. "Are we ready to go to the Outsider's base?"

Robin had contacted Nightwing just a few minutes ago, finding out that they had their own problems that may be related. So it had been decided that everyone should regroup.

At Cyborg's nod, she let her soul-self sweep all of the Titans through the darkness to appear a moment later in a worse-for-wear high tech base.

Shift looked up when he saw them appear. "Nightwing and Arsenal said you'd be here. Come on." He looked pretty bitter and upset at this point as he led them to the main control room.

Grace Choi looked up, smirking. "Kiddie Brigade made it."

Jade rolled her eyes. "So everyone is up to speed? It looks like the android known as Indigo was actually Brainiac 8, a megalomaniac conqueror from the future and has teamed up with Lex Luthor."

"Who brainwashed Superboy. So we need to take both of them down, free Superboy and stop whatever they are planning," Robin said forcefully.

"You guys going to be able to take down your friend?" Arsenal asked seriously.

"Are you going to be able to take down Brainiac?" Victor countered, his red electronic eye staring down at the 'living weapon.' He then looked over at Shift specifically. "I heard that you and Indigo hooked up."

"You bet, tin-britches," Roy said with a smirk over the horrified look from Shift that bespoke the pain the elemental man felt. "But we need to get out of here. This place is probably compromised ten ways to Sunday. Head to your place?"

"Are you strong enough, Raven?" Cyborg asked seriously.

"I must be," she replied.

They had only reappeared outside the entrance to the Titans Tower when Cyborg and Sheila saw the incoming hordes of Supermen robots.

"Just one of these was a powerhouse! How are we going to handle dozens?" Beast Boy complained as everyone started to spread out.

The Teen Titans and the Outsiders had to privately admit that he had a point.

"Magic trick time!" Sheila called out, holding out her hand. "Off!" Nine Supermen robots turned off and slammed down to the ground inertly.

"Off!" she called out again as all the robots charged at her dodging form. Another eight robots turned off. Just seconds later, all of the robots were out.

"Smash them so they can't be reactivated!" Nightwing ordered. He tried to not roll his eyes as Grace headed over to the nearest Superman robot to smash its head while chortling gleefully.

There were two Brainiacs, they found out. And their final battle was against Lex Luthor (in that green and purple battlesuit that they fought the other day and lost through the warp point), Superboy, Brainiac 8 and the original Brainiac with his huge battleship.

"Wonder Girl! Grace! Hit Superboy quick to keep him from taking out anyone!" Nightwing ordered. "Spread out!"

"I've got Brainiac 8!" Sheila shouted, charging to take on the advanced android as she charged towards the water's edge of the island.

Arsenal just raised an eyebrow at that. "Gutsy kid. What's her super powers again? Shift, why don't you help her out."

Robin just smirked. "She's smart. And I'm sure you can remember that she controls computers." He headed over carefully to help out Superboy by running interference against Lex Luthor.

"You think you can take on me?" Brainiac 8 asked in derision. Her red, android eyes narrowed in thought as she blasted at the annoyingly fast girl in a armor.

"We'll have to see," Sheila said as she sent in cybernetic thought against the future android.

In the cyber-scape of her mind, Brainiac 8 just sneered haughtily. She surrounded the mental-construct of Sheila with five of herself all glowing with exotic looking energy shields. "You have no idea what you are getting into, trying to hack a Level-12 Intelligence." Her malicious smile faltered as Sheila actually grinned.

"I don't have to hold back!" as she split into eight separate thought-paths. "Let's see what a Demigoddess of Intellect and Excellence does against the super-advanced future intellect from outer space!"

Brainiac 8 actually blinked at that as she was suddenly slammed with a massive cyber attack that shattered several of her barriers. Out in the real world, they both continued to battle, though Brainiac 8's blasts seemed a lot less accurate, giving Sheila just enough of an edge to keep avoiding them.

Arsenal looked surprised. "She's actually holding her own?"

Thunder just smirked. "Leaves us open to pile on the other three more easily. Come on Starfire, let's go show the other Brainiac what's what."

Back inside the cyberspace, things looked to have settled down to a stalemate. Brainiac 8 seemed to have recovered some of her arrogance. "So a Demigoddess? And people think I have a high opinion of myself," the green and purple advanced intelligence denigrated.

"Just being realistic. I'm not a Goddess and I'm more than just a beginning hero," Sheila explained each of her 'selves' sent out blistering attacks.

"Yet you should be able to overwhelm me easily, Demigoddess," Brainiac 8 said with a sneer. "You need help and you are out of your depth."

"Probably. What do you think, Indigo?" Sheila asked calmly under the electronic onslaught.

Brainiac 8 turned just in time for her naive alter-ego she had created to punch her in the jaw with binary fury from behind her. "Impossible! She was just a facade!" the Coulian exclaimed rubbing her electronic jaw.

Sheila had been rebuilding the false-android, reading her entire life in the process. She had then sworn, that very moment, that she would do everything she could to save Indigo if she could.

Two of the Sheilas grabbed one of the Brainiac's, pushing her into one of her sisters to force the two parts of the android to merge them forcefully.

"I can not lose! I am better than you!" Brainiac 8 screamed as Indigo and the multiple selves of the Scion continued to push the different, weakening parts together.

"Not true, you are just more evil. And that is never superior," Indigo said in a matter of the fact way.

Soon, the essence of the future cybernetic warlord was compressed to a data-point, being guarded by four of the Scion's selves. The other four had linked hands around Indigo.

"Am I going to be a real person now?" the construct asked.

"I am hoping so. It is the age old question, if you act and react like a real person, are you real? I am creating you from the template that Brainiac used, but you will be different. You will not be Brainiac 8 pretending to be Indigo, but something new with the essential makeup that was Indigo." Sheila continued concentrating, firming up the creation.

"Am I real now?" the new program asked again.

"The Pinocchio Problem. The fake boy that needs to be turned real. I'm sure I could clone you a living body. But does that really make you real?" Sheila asked herself. No, she decided internally. Indigo's new artificial intelligence was sentient, but needed that true spark.

The spark of a soul.

"Not yet. But if I have anything to say, you will be." In the cyberspace of neon beams and lights, the four Sheilas around Indigo closed their eyes, even as the physical Sheila out in the real world knelt down next to the comatose form of Brainiac 8. She laid her hand on the android.

"I invoke and beg for succor, Athena the Wise! Please come to this unworthy one and hear my plea," Sheila's voice called out in both worlds in ancient, Hellenic Greek.

In Olympus, Athena's gray eyes widened as someone summoned her. Someone was summoning her correctly. As she was going to be shortly asking Ares to do the same thing, she felt it best to respond to appear in the air next to Titan's Island.

The fight between the Titans, Outsiders and their enemies faltered for a moment as the goddess appeared in a burst of sunlight that blinded all for just a moment, arrayed as for war. Her spear was ready as she floated over the crashing surf in the shadow of the Titan's Tower. "Who so calls Athena to this battle?" her voice called out.

"I am Sheila and I beg of thee to accept my request with thine wisdom. I will pay thee a boon and a sacrifice to aid me in bestowing the most gracious of things on this form before me, so that a love may not die this day," the Scion called out.

"Say what?" Kid Flash asked, barely dodging Superboy for a second.

"What you ask is not something lightly given," Athena warned.

"She wishes to be real. And I am not quite powerful enough to grant her wish and create a life like this."

"I see." Athena had heard of this new girl, but did not truly know her. And she was powerful in her own right. More powerful than she had expected. "You shalt sacrifice for this android?"

"Why should she and Superboy not be saved?" was the simple reply as the fights continued in the background.

Sheila tensed as Athena's spear tore into her stomach. Blood oozed out, flowing into the air while purifying in amazing manner, becoming all colors as it shown brighter and brighter. The Scion felt a huge rush of her personal power leaving her, to be dwarfed by the far greater power of the full goddess above her that infused her sacrifice.

The light compressed and then floated down into the form of Brainiac 8, opening her eyes. The android asked again, "Am I real?"

"You are, newly born. Welcome to this world of strife; let your strides and actions make it better for the future," Athena declared as she faded away.

"Ouch," Sheila said as she put her hand to her wound.

The male Brainiac on his skull fortress had been watching. "What did you do to my granddaughter? Speak, and your death will be swift," he called out from far above them on his damaged ship.

"I took the fake parts she had used and created a real Indigo from the echoes left," Sheila replied, hiding the shiver in her knees. "So I guess you could consider this Indigo to be your other, newly born granddaughter."

Shift enfolded Indigo in a crushing hug as he materialized from a purple mist of fumes. "Is it really you?" he asked.

"I think so," the android replied. "I remember trying to get to you, but Sheila is the one that gave me myself back."

"Where is Brainiac 8?" the present-time Brainiac demanded.

Indigo shaped part of herself into a sphere of crystals from her collarbone. "She is here, imprisoned by Sheila."

"Hey, chuckles? Remember me? Time for round two!" Thunder called out, just as Starfire dropped her from above to smash the titanic tyrant from the hull of his ship to smash into the ground.

"Back to the fight, people," Sheila said as she started to trot at an anemic pace, though it looked like a normal person's combat speed.

They were just in time to see Superboy start to rip Lex Luthor's battlesuit to shreds with his strength and tactile telekinesis. Sheila moved over to Cassie, helping her out from the crater. "Sheesh, who did you upset?" she asked. It looks like she had been bombed or blasted quite a bit.

"Luthor was mad that I was freeing Superboy from his mind-control," Wonder Girl said with a rueful and painful looking grin.

"Well, he seems to be doing a good job of dismantling Luthor anyways," Sheila was saying, just before Lex Luthor disappeared in a flash of light. "Teleportation?" She had been about to deactivate his battlesuit remotely.

Indigo, Starfire and Cyborg were attacking Brainiac's flying fortress. His scream of frustration was swallowed by the explosion as they finally hit something critical inside of it.

"Is that all of the badguys?" Kid Flash asked as he dropped of Beast Boy and Arsenal off from the blast zone of the Skull Ship.

Raven was giving Indigo an odd look as the android landed alongside of Shift. "You are different now. Your... soul feels different?" the empath asked.

"She has a soul?" Superboy said hollowly. His face twisted as his life seemed to crash down.

Raven could feel his anguish as Cassie hobbled over to her boyfriend, to hug him tight. "Superboy... Conner, so do you."

"But you... didn't tell me that earlier," the boy of steel said.

"I can feel your soul now. It is bright, even under all the pain you feel," the dark robed Titan said softly.

With a soft thud, Sheila collapsed to the ground unconscious, blood pooling from her spear wound.

Sheila awoke later to beeps in a hospital room. A light started flashing, bringing a nurse.

"Good morning, sleepy head. How are you feeling?" the young man asked in nurse's apron. He picked up a clipboard. "It looks like your abdominal laceration is finally starting to heal."

"I feel like I got stabbed with magic spear," she replied. "How long have I been out?"

"You been unconscious for about a week. For some reason, that wound has been resisting anything other than normal healing. Dr. Mimbwari will be with you shortly." The nurse wrote something down and then stepped out.

After a short talk her her doctor, she was allowed a few short visits from her friend.

"I had to put myself down as family. Which I guess is sort of accurate," Cassie explained. "You gave me a heart attack collapsing like that."

"Sorry. I didn't realize that I was so hurt. How's Conner?" Sheila asked.

"He's at his foster parent's home. He's still trying to sort out things," Wonder Girl explained as she fidgeted at the end of the bed.

Sheila looked over at Indigo. She was not sure what the android was doing there.

"Are you feeling better, mother?" she asked softly.

"Mother?" Sheila croaked out. Her eyes narrowed, then widened. "Um, fine, I guess. Try to not throw those sort of quick shocks at me while I'm in the hospital."

"Indigo," Cassie said while putting her palm on her forehead. "And don't you even start with that auntie thing."


"So other than I have a larger family, everything has settled down?" Sheila asked Cassie.

"Sure, I was just worried about you. Everyone healed up fine, but your wound resisted any healing Raven or I could use." Wonder Girl looked confused.

"I entreated Athena to assist me in making Indigo real, in giving her a soul. And a sacrifice would not be much of a penalty if you could just heal it with magic." Sheila grimaced in pain as she tried to shrug. "I'll probably heal pretty quick now. Give me a week or so."

Sheila was loafing in bed with a notebook early in the morning, when she looked up to see the TV news overtaken by Wonder Woman on the screen. She was entering a baseball diamond where the grim form of Ares and a winged monster were awaiting the dawn. Most everyone else in the United States could not understand it, but to Sheila the ancient Greek was one of her birth languages.

"Medousa?" she said as she blanched. Why would they show a private duel like this? She suddenly started typing. After two minutes, while the bloody fight was going on, she realized that something supernatural was keeping that TV signal active. Someone wanted one of their deaths televised like this.

"So, the chances are that if Medousa wins, the camera will pan to her face. What is the chance of anyone being petrified through a television?" Sheila spent a long, agonizing minute thinking things over. "Let's be paranoid and assume that you can. Obviously just seeing her body isn't enough. It has to be the gaze or fairly close up of the face. Factoring in high definition television signals, let's hack the camera's to pixelate out her face whenever its larger than ten percent of the height." Her fingers nearly flew over the keyboard, leaving Medousa's face blocked and a message on the bottom of the screen.

Then she was left to wait for Wonder Woman to hopefully finish the fight. It was bloody, brutal and determined by pure willpower and determination.

Once Wonder Woman finished the fight, sans her eyesight and by killing the ancient horror, the world was shown the body of her foe melt down and a black pegasus stepped out before the transmission cut off.

"I hated that. I could do so little." Sheila shut down her notebook and set it to the side. She summoned the duty nurse a minute later. "Hello, Mary. I'm afraid I had to break a few laws regarding lawful access to computers, so some government officials are probably going to be on their way to talk to me about it. Would you be so kind to bring them to my room when they come here to track it down?"

An hour later, Mary directed the two FBI agents walked into the hospital room. The two agents looked at the criminal for a wary second.

The older, gruff looking man raised an eyebrow. "You don't look like you are trying to escape very hard," he said with dry humor. The notebook was put off to the side of the bed and turned off.

"Not at all, sir. I knew I was going to have to play a little fast and loose to keep people from being possibly petrified by Medousa's gaze. I figured it was worth the potential problem if I saved someone's life," she replied simply.

"She really could have turned people to stone through the television?" the younger agent asked.

"Someone was magically keeping that transmission going until after the death of an opponent. I believe the potential to be sufficiently non-zero that steps should be taken."

"Can't really fault the girl. The stations tried to yank it too, she was just smart enough to program it to block the face. Sounds like a pretty straight 'life threatening emergency' that falls under the Meta-Human Powers Act." The older agent grimaced for a second. "Lot's of paperwork though. And we'll have to detain you while we do it."

"Oh, yay. Sixteen and a record." She pouted admirably, but was really too old to pull of 'super-cute puppy-dog eyes.'

Sheila pushed the doorbell, noting the blood on the mat that had been cleaned up. "Looks like Wonder Woman made it back to the Embassy."

The door opened and a minotaur answered. Sheila reflexively dropped into a combat stance. "Titan spawn?"

The minotaur in the wife-beater and loose slacks raised an eyebrow at that. "I consider myself a scholar and cursed, not a monster of the titans. Though it is interesting that you would think that first rather than just monster."

"Ah, you must be the Ferdinand that everyone wouldn't let me see earlier." Sheila raised her eyebrow. "I think you're the first minotaur that I've met that didn't try to kill me."

"Wonderful," Ferdinand said grumpily. "Are you here to see Diana? You don't look so well yourself."

"I was going nuts in the hospital. I'll heal anyways. And Cassie said she was here."

Wonder Girl entered the foyer. "I thought I heard you. You were in San Francisco, weren't you?"

"Yeah, but I was going nuts. There's only so much you can do with only a computer. And I figured I'd come over to see how Wonder Woman was doing. Blinding herself with the venom of Medousa... that had to be bad." Sheila turned to look at two women behind Cassie. "Amazons?"

"I am Carrisa, from Themyscira," the smaller woman said with disdain that she tried to hide at the woman from the patriarch's land.

"The healer?" Sheila asked in flawless ancient Greek. "I have a great desire to study under you. Medicine is one of the great wonders that I wish to master."

"And I am Io," the burly smithy said, putting her fists on her sturdy hips. "And who are you?" She was garbed, mainly, as always in her leather apron that she did not bother to wear any tunic underneath.

"I am Sheila of the Dodekatheon, Demigoddess of Excellence and Intellect," Sheila replied and gave the burly woman a nod. "A smithy by trade? But one that even Haephestus can be proud of, I am sure."

Io paled in anger at that. "You dare to claim to be of Olympus? I have never heard of you before!"

"I am a Mortal Scion, entreated to become as great as the heroes of the past that earned a place on Olympus, but I have not yet done so," Sheila replied.

Ferdinand let loose what could loosely be termed a whistle from his bovine shaped lips. "A new daughter of the pantheon?"

"I am yet only a Demigoddess. And I am not sure I feel comfortable with worshipers fully." Sheila shrugged.

"And she's from an alternate dimension-" Cassie started.

"Where she is you from the resemblance! I hear no falsity. Forgive our temerity, divine one," Carrisa asked as she bowed low.

"I'm only seventeen, so it's all right. And I've never walked the halls of Olympus." Sheila shrugged.

"Sheila, it's not good with Wonder Woman. Her eyes... She's blind. Even the purple ray did not help," Cassie said as she flopped onto a loveseat.

"She said it was a wound from the gods themselves and could not be healed by mortal hands," the Themysciran healer said softly.

"That sounds like a challenge and my cue. I'll be back in a minute," Sheila said, stepping up the stairs carefully. In just a moment, she knocked on Diana's door, following the resting heartbeat.

"I asked that I be allowed to rest," Diana ordered fuzzily.

"Just a moment of your time, Wonder Woman," the Scion asked respectfully.

"Sheila?" the ex-princess asked.

Sheila opened the door just a bit. "I just wished to see what I could do to aid you. It... does look grim. If that venom had been just a little bit more toxic, you would have been killed as it ate your brain."

"It is beyond mortal science and healing. I wish to rest. Please leave," Diana asked. She turned over and fell back to sleep almost instantly.

Sheila smiled sadly. "To be so badly mistreated." She waved her hand once, then twice.

She headed back downstairs to the rest. "Her wounds were grievous. It would take a prodigy of healing that stands higher than Medousa in mystical ranking to heal those wounds."

Cassie's head dropped into her hands at that in frustration.

"Yes," Athena said in the dark of the night in Diana's room as she appeared.

Diana Prince, Wonder Woman and one-time Princess of Themyscira started awake at that. "Athena... it is you!" she blurted out.

Athena's eyes were a bit hard. "It is me, Champion." She moved closer to her bed. "You bid Ares ask me a question. And though it is not even for you to know the mind of a goddess, I give you this answer: Yes. Garibaldi's son had to die."

"Why take the boy? I would have gladly taken his place?" Diana stood up. "Why heal my eyes while he is stone?" she asked as she stood up. She saw a start of surprise in her goddess.

"It was not your time," Athena quickly answered.

"You did not heal me," the champion of the Amazons said suddenly. "I can see it in your eyes. You were surprised."

"You will have to look elsewhere for that answer, but for the boy; Forty-seven million, three hundred and eighty-four thousand, nine hundred and fourteen people were watching battle Medousa on live television. Without your intervention and her death, she would have turned her gaze upon the world." Athena narrowed her eyes in thought.

Someone had intervened to stop her gaze from reaching through the television. Not by stopping it and fighting Circe's magic, but by blocking only her face. But Diana did not know that yet.

"There had to be another way," Diana declared.

"You presume too much." Athena's voice had turned even harder. "One boy is a small price to the world to stop her hate and insanity."

"Tell that to his father," Diana demanded.

"No, Daughter. I leave that to you."

Athena faded away from sight between the moments silently.

Diana sat in the dark for a long moment, but then turned to head downstairs. She found Cassie, Fernidand, Carrisa, Io and Sheila sitting around a table chatting over the demolished remains of dinner.

"Diana!" Cassie called out in glee. "Wait. You can see!" she blurted out as she stood up. She turned to Sheila. "You said that she would have to be healed by someone that mystically outranked Medousa!"

"Well, I did say her wounds were grievous," Sheila said lightly. "I didn't have to do anything like remove them to regrow them."

"You can do that?" Carrisa asked in surprise. That seemed to boggle the healer.

"It was tough. I had to determine all of her damage down to the sub-cellular and then overpower the mystical poison still in her system. And she didn't even want to talk to me," Sheila complained.

"Can you... can you heal Peter's boy?" Diana asked, kneeling before Sheila.

The young Scion kneeled back, putting her hand on Diana's shoulder and trying to show her that she did care. "Your heart really is great, isn't it? I already looked. He is not wounded, nor sick. And my skills are all about inflicting or healing wounds. Maybe if I can find the right Relic, I might be able to try to turn him back. But that is not in my power right now."

"You already tried?" Wonder Woman asked in surprise.

"Why wouldn't I?" Sheila asked in confusion.

"But Athena said that he was the price for stopping Medousa." Diana stood back up, helping Sheila stand at the same time.

Sheila frowned. "I can't say. Athena is smarter and knows more than I do. She may be placing things for battles in the future so that things must happen."

"I should have more faith in her. I am a poor champion."

"I don't know. I think you could teach me a thing or two about fighting and honor," Sheila said.

"She handles me easily. I always feel like such a novice when I fight her," Cassie complained.

Diana actually gave Sheila a very penetrating look. "Actually, have you two ever been evaluated?"

"For fighting skill? Not really," Sheila replied dubiously.

"Haven't you been doing that?" the daughter of Zeus asked.

"Sometimes you have to be evaluated by someone other than one of your teachers," Wonder Woman said as she stood up.

Conner was sitting up in his room, staring at the ceiling. The sounds of grain rustling in the wind was oddly soothing through the open window of the Kent farmhouse.

"Conner! You have visitors!" Pa Kent said from the bottom of the stairs.

The Boy of Steel trudged down the stairs while putting on glasses. It was probably just some of the kids from Smallville High again. So when he opened the door to see a familiar pair of blondes, he was quite surprised. "Cassie? Sheila?"

"Hey, Conner!" his girlfriend called out, waving. "We figured you could used a pick-me-up."

"And no, moping in your room is not a valid response," Sheila said firmly over his protests. They both grabbed his arms and pulled him outside. "So, what is there to do on a nice day like this?"

"Any fishing holes around?" Cassie asked with artful innocence.

"Well, yeah." Conner led them down the road past fieldrows of corn, making small talk.

"So, still feel like its your fault for beating us up?" Sheila asked curiously.

"Sheila!" Cassie exclaimed.

"Yeah," Conner finally said. "I should have been better."

"Nobody is perfect, Conner. We all have our fears, our sorrows, our mistakes." Sheila reached down to pick up a rock and skip it across the pond to land in the mud on the far side over two hundred feet away.

Cassie leaned over and hugged him. "Nobody's immune to being controlled. Diana said that Superman just got controlled. She had to kill Maxwell Lord to stop him."

"Or manipulated. Even by people you trust." Sheila was thinking over what had been happening Wonder Woman.

"But we're heroes. We're supposed to be better." Conner looked like he was going to fall back into his funk.

"Looks like Plan B time, Cassie," Sheila said as she kicked off her shoes.

"Plan B?" Conner asked with a confused expression on his face as Cassie kicked off her own shoes.

"We go skinny dipping to distract you with your libido," his girlfriend said with a straight face as she turned towards the water and stripped off her t-shirt.

"That-that- will probably work," Conner admitted as the two girls dove into the water.

"Get in here Conner!" Sheila called out as she splashed her 'sister'.

Even being chased out of the water at super-speed later by a neighboring farmer couldn't dampen his mood much. Though they did have to explain to Martha why they were so wet.

"Maybe we shouldn't tell Pa that you went skinny dipping in the day. Though you do look a bit better, Conner," she said as she ruffled his wet hair affectionately. "And it isn't anything we didn't do as kids. Well, at night anyways."

"Yes, Ma," Clark said as his blush started to recede. He gave Sheila a quick hug and then Cassie a much deeper hug and light kiss. "Thanks, you two."

Sheila suddenly stepped up and put her hands on their heads. "A small blessing. You two just looked too cute together."

They waved their goodbyes and after a quick scan around, Cassie flew them both off.

"I told you that visiting him was going to be a good idea," Sheila said.

"Well, you are the smart one," Cassie replied with a shrug as she flew them through a cloud.

"You could be just as smart as I am, you know."

"You have a big head-start. But I'm working on it," she admitted. "I've been putting more effort into my studying."


"This is going to be rough," Sheila said a few days later. She was feeling much better after she had taken over her own medical regime and using just her skills in modern medicine.

She and Cassie were standing back to back in a high tech, circular room. "You want me to disagree?" Wonder Girl asked.

"No, just stating the obvious. I do that when I'm nervous. I'll have to avoid that in the future," Sheila replied.

"Whenever you are ready, guys!" Cassie called out.

That was when the Justice League of America attacked from the dark edge around the circle. Flash started zipping between them, trying to disorient them both while Black Canary and Plastic Man hit them head on. Martian Manhunter flew above them, trying to cloud their minds with his telepathy.

Up in the control room, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman watched the two teens fight.

"Wonder Girl has improved," Batman admitted grudgingly. "She's learned to control her body a great deal more." Black Canary and Plastic Man were finding her to be far more effective in combat.

Sheila shouted out a 'KYAAAAA' while jabbing her hand out like a knife towards the Flash as he ran by. He went spinning as his legs lost control.

"She did not hit him. She's not fast enough," Superman said in surprise. "That looked like a martial art maneuver though."

"She pushed her chi through the air and hit a pressure point. That probably won't work again, but that took out the dangerous element first." Batman was slightly impressed by that. He would have to watch out for that himself. He also made note to practice that move or something similar to deal with speedsters like Zoom.

"When did you get so good, kid?" Black Canary asked. Wonder Girl had always been more a brawler. How she was fighting now... it was more refined.

"What are you talking about?" Cassie asked in confusion. She was quite surprised at how well she was doing.

"When did you get the dedication to learn your body to that degree?" the martial-artist agent asked.

"I've just been practicing with Sheila at times," Cassie countered.

"Well, you can thank her after you finish beating me up," Black Canary said.

"I can't read her mind." The Martian Manhunter's voice was almost a complaint. It was like reading several minds all at once, all dealing with this fight. He faded to invisibility.

"Man, she's like hitting the wind," Plastic Man said he tried to envelope Sheila by stretching out as a four-armed sheet.

So when she started to spin his center, like he was some sort of taffy or pizza dough, he was quite surprised.

"Waaaaahggg!" Plastic said just before he splatted into a wall.

Martian Manhunter let out his breath explosively as Sheila kicked his invisible self in the gut. "You saw me?"

"You distorted the ambient cosmic rays slightly with your invisibility. Just enough to see where you were at," she replied.

That was when Sheila and Cassie saw the door open to admit Superman.

"Oh, crud," Cassie said, but dodged a blow barely from Batman as he attacked from behind her. "Is that a spacial awareness like Sheila has?" she asked herself.

Batman did not bother to answer, spinning into kick then two chops that Cassie blocked. He had to admit, that this girl really had improved. She still had a few rough edges that she depended on her powers for.

But that is all it was. Rough edges on a super-human physique.

Superman's punches thundered at incredible speeds, but were either deflected or dodged. Though it appeared she was barely able to so. "So, about four tons?" he asked.

"That's about right," she replied with a tinge of nervousness.

"You can't hurt me, you know." Superman did not use his abilities to cow people often, but when he did they usually listened.

"Really? You have an amazing physiology. Not quite human." Her tone was light and casual.

"You are going to make me eat my words, aren't you?" Superman suddenly asked with a bit of worry.

Sheila just nodded as her fists started to glow with divine power. Superman moved to avoid being hit, but the attack was ranged. The energy coalesced into a knife hand that smashed into his stomach like a tank.

Superman skidded for a second, then clutched his stomach from the barely felt attack and leaned forward to lose his lunch.

"You know, you don't see that happen to Superman often," Plastic Man said from where he was splatted on the wall.

Sheila boomed past Martian Manhunter and Black Canary at Mach 2 and struck at Batman, even as he suddenly found himself fighting two teens in a coordination he had rarely seen out of hive-minds or twins trained from birth.

With a snap, his belt was ripped off even as Wonder Girl's punch had him seeing stars.

Sheila started to dodge as Superman blurred back into the fight even faster than she had run. His hand grasped the back of her neck and then slammed her three feet into the metal floor.

All Wonder Girl's punch to Superman's nose did was to knock him off her alternate-self. "Sheila!" That was when Batman put her into a full-nelson.

That Scion was busy pulling herself out of the floor when her body tried to warn her of a red and yellow blur that started punching her insanely fast.

"That's enough!" Wonder Woman called out.

"Ouch. Anyone get the number of that airplane that hit me?" Sheila asked from fifty feet away. "Hey, you shouldn't have been able to recover from that!" she blurted out to the Flash.

"I heal fast," Wally said with a smirk.

"That nerve punch was permanent without the counter. Or surgery," she countered.

"I heal really fast." The scarlet speedster was still smirking.

"Why were you holding back against us? I thought you said this was an all-out evaluation?" Cassie asked Batman as she held out his belt.

"I know I was not holding back," the grim defender of Gotham said as he accepted his belt.

"I know everyone else put almost all their efforts into it from what I could see," Wonder Woman said as she walked in. "You exceeded my expectations handily, both of you. I knew you to be warriors, but your skill is great enough to stand up to the Justice League."

"I'm just glad I know Torquasm-Vo to be able to counter the nerve pinch you did on me," Superman said as he rubbed his stomach.

Five minutes later, the Justice League was sitting around the table.

"Well?" Wonder Girl asked.

"You've improved phenomenally. I would have to consider that you two are probably in the top twenty-five in martial arts in the world." Batman frowned as he thought over things. "Sheila's ability is supernatural in level, actually. I don't know that any purely non-superhuman martial artist could defeat her."

"I actually used a power to smash city walls on Superman. That wasn't only a martial art," she replied.

"That means you think well under pressure," Flash said. "We have to do that a lot."

"They are definitely A-List material," Black Canary said as Plastic Man nodded.

"Though I am curious as to how you are blocking my telepathy with noise," Martian Manhunter asked curiously.

"Noise? I'm just thinking," Sheila replied.

"You think a lot then?" Wonder Woman ask.

"Oh, yes. I'm working on several degrees and a few projects currently. I'm capable of multi-thinking to a fully parallel degree."

Cassie glared at her. "In English, Sheila."

"Oh, I can think about nine different things at once." She shrugged.

"Like Brainiac can supposedly. But immaterial. I would say you passed the evaluation with flying colors."

"But we didn't win," Sheila complained, sounding remarkably petulant and immature for once.

"Not even Superman wins every time," Wonder Woman said with a soft smile. "That's why the JLA exists."

As they were leaving, Cassie looked over to Sheila. "So, you really hate losing? Even just games?"

Her 'false-self' just nodded. "I'm afraid I have too much of my self-worth tied up in being 'best.' Or at least doing my best."

"Sounds like double-chocolate fudge sundae therapy time then."

"I thought I was supposed to be the smart one?" Sheila asked.

"Cassandra," the voice of Ares, God of War, came to her from the reflection in the window glass, hiding the outside world clothed in the darkness of night.

Cassandra said after a long moment of thought, "Hello... Brother."

"That is overly familiar, Wonder Girl," the god in his midnight-black armor warned.

"No, it's merely accurate. Isn't it? I mean, I'm the daughter of Zeus just like you are his son," she countered as she tried to control her anger.

"That is... surprising. I was not under the impression that you knew of your father."

"The Deceiver surprised by the truth?" Cassie looked over at her brother for a long moment. "Why was I given power, instead of being told to earn my own as a Scion?"

His eyes widening at her pronouncement said a lot. "Who told you of Scions?" he asked angrily.


"That fake you? So in another time and space, you were raised to your greatness on your own."

"She's been teaching me to use my own power. I can heal a bit on my own now. And I can feel the difference between Zeus's power and my own," she said.

"Interesting. I wonder if Athena knows of this fake and that she is a Scion?" Ares mused. "You will have to make a decision soon, Daughter of Zeus. And the cost will be more than you can bear."

His image faded from the window, leaving her alone in her dark room.

"Love you too, brother."

"Are you sure you are all right, Diana?" Cassie asked a week later. They were standing in the blustery snow after Martin Garibaldi's memorial.

"I will be all right. I will heal," she replied.

Sheila stood in the background, wondering if she should offer to heal her wounds. But Diana seemed very proud. Diana just had gone off to deal with hell hounds that had gotten loose somehow just hours ago as the latest threat.

The Amazon was not at full ability, but refused to slacken her duties in the slightest.

Watching the close knit group try to heal their grievous pains from the loss of the small boy Martin, Sheila deeply felt the ache of loneliness and of not really being accepted.

And why should she? She was not of this world and had made little progress in figuring a way to use the Touchstone sites to return to her time. Something about that Relic made of Kryptonite. She had agreed to give it up to the Amazons and she had been told it had been taken to Themyscira.

No one here seemed to know of how to breach dimensional barriers except the Flashes or the Gods. And even the Flashes had to use near light-speed velocities. And Sheila was no Flash, not even slightly.

The Phantom Zone or whatever a one wished to call it was the only other dimension she could enter and it won't lead her back home. She knew that deep in her heart.

She was sitting down in the foyer of the Themysciran Embassy when she felt the coming of someone powerful. She heard the low voice orders from Aphrodite... and reacted barely in time to smash through the door into Diana's room and then through the flickering portal to Zeus's throne room itself at her full speed, rattling the building behind her with her sonic boom.

"...prepare to do battle!" Aphrodite was saying.

"An intruder!" Demeter called out in surprise.

"Yes. But this has been my only opportunity to come to Olympus," Sheila said taking in the four goddesses, Ares in the shadows, Zeus and his monstrous Titan Brirareos. "He's a bit smaller than I expected."

"Trollop, you interfere with the affair of Gods!" Zeus roared in anger.

"You are correct, Grandfather, for that is the right of children of the Gods," Sheila replied simply, looking at this dimension's representative of what she thought was her natural born father.

That stopped everyone but the Titan and Wonder Woman in surprise, though only Ares in his corner just smirked. Sending those Hell Hounds out to wear down Diana was going to prove interesting.

"Who are you that claim kinship to us?" Athena asked, though in her heart she already suspected.

"I am Sheila, Scion of Pallas Athena from a far dimension; Demigoddess of Excellence and Intellect," she said to the room.

"An interesting story, but unlikely, as I am a Virgin Goddess," the Gray Eyed Goddess declared.

"I believe it to be by adoption, as I seem to be an analogue of Cassandra Sandsmark."

"That matters not! Pallas Athena, that sprung from my forehead, has declared her intention to usurp my throne!" Zeus roared. "You join this battle as her Champion at the peril of your life, Diana of Themyscira!" The great sky-god of Olympus raised his hands. "You have no hope to defeat my own Champion. Follow wisdom that has fled you patron and her sister conspirators..." Zeus smiled nastily at this point. "...and know your place, woman."

"Is there no room for reason here?" Wonder Woman asked.

"No, that seems to have fled," Ares said nastily. "Your Champion looks a bit battered, Athena." His black silk shirt was unbuttoned, showing the scars on the blond's chest as he smirked.

Athena's eyes darted to him as she realized that her Champion did indeed look more worn down than she had planned. Treachery at the hands of the Deceiver again.

Sheila's eyes narrowed as she processed things as quickly as possible. "Of course. Wonder Woman has not been declared as Champion of Athena in this battle."

"She has already had her chance to summon her Champion!" Zeus declared. He would have to do something nice for Ares for once, the King of Gods thought to himself.

"Then it is good that I followed her here. I submit myself, mother, to be thy Champion in the place of Diana of Themyscira against Zeus." Sheila knelt down in front of her mother, putting her right fist across to her opposing shoulder in respect. "I owe thee a debt and a sacrifice, but for this fight I would do for free because of that male chauvinist pig's words."

"Sheila, no!" Diana called out. "This should be my fight." But she had to admit to herself, she had been weakened. Weakened enough that fighting the mighty Titan would probably lose her the challenge and Athena's and her own life.

Zeus's jaw slackened in shock at that comment.

"I can not grant you any of mine power, changeling daughter from another world. You would have to stand on your own two feet against Briareos one-hundred arms!" Athena declared.

"I would have it no other way. Mighty Ares, once I am garbed for war, wilt thou consecrate this battle?" Sheila asked as she opened her personal tesseract to start retrieving her full armor.

"If both parties agree to the sacred ritual, I will do so," Ares declared as he summoned his midnight-black armor.

Athena's mouth tightened as she thought furiously. It appeared her hopes and aspirations were on this young girl that claimed to the daughter of a Pallas Athena. "I will assist my Champion in putting her armor on." She would have to whisper the changed plan to her quickly.

Demeter, Aphrodite and Hera looked at each other in shock. The dark-skinned goddess frowned as she realized that Athena's plan to let Diana use Medousa's head to turn the Titan to stone was for naught.

Sheila was garbed in head to toe armor that looked slightly Grecian, but appeared far, far more advanced. Her primary weapon did not appear to be a sword or axe, but a high-tech rifle.

"I am ready," Sheila declared, looking incredibly frail against the purple mass of the one-hundred foot tall Titan.

"Let this battle be consecrated with sacred fire until one has fallen!" Ares declared as his axe, alight with fire, slammed to the ground of the throne room. "Let none cross this line and only the victor emerge!"

Briareos roared with his hundred voices and came down upon the ground where Sheila stood with his four primary fists to shatter the marble rock like gypsum plaster instead of hard rock.

But his foe had dodged the attack like it was standing still. Sheila landed on the ground over fifty feet away, tapping a control on her gauntlet that caused a shimmer across her body for just a second.

Then she was forced to dodge a second time, flickering across the span of the room, raising her rifle. With a whine, it charged up and flung a black speck that blasted a small hole through the Titan's chest. "Hmm. I was expecting slightly more damage from the singularity rifle."

Ares raised an appreciative eyebrow. "She's using a rifle that fires micro-black holes? It sounds like your 'daughter' likes her guns, Athena."

Athena just nodded.

"Is that a patriarch weapon?" Hera asked curiously.

"Maybe in another thousand years. It appears Athena's Scion is a bit of an over-achiever," her son said lightly.

"No mortal weapon will defeat the titan Briareos, Athena," Aphrodite said as she let her sunglasses slide down her nose slightly. The diaphanous ribbons that drifted around her body shifted to a gray color in her worry.

Briareos seemed unable to hit Sheila either though, as the Scion of Athena set the weapon to a higher level to start pecking him with small, human-sized wounds. One shot missed him, bouncing off the barrier that Ares had erected.

"Your new champion does not seem to be that powerful, Athena. It appears you have overestimated her value. Perhaps you should let Diana fight, wounded as she is," Zeus said in a gloating tone. Then he could have gotten rid of both of his troublemakers.

That was when Sheila stumbled on the debris that was rapidly accumulating. The mighty fist of Briareos slammed down with full force, smashing Sheila into the ground and breaking her rifle.

"Father!" Athena cried out as Sheila was pummeled again. She knelt before her father. "Please, have mercy on her, the victory will be yours. She is but a child and in a strange way, possibly my only daughter I will ever have."

"No! You have contrived to steal my throne and my power! There will be no mercy this day! Briareos! Destroy the interloper and finish this mockery of a fight! Let all see the fate of traitors!"

All four fists came down on Sheila's struggling, maimed body with stunning force.

"Then know this, father, your fate is now sealed," Athena declared, much to everyone's surprise. Even Ares looked a bit disconcerted under his helmet as his flaming red eyes widened as the sight that seemed to show Athena losing, not winning.

"As thou wilt, Pallas Athena," the air barely on the other side of the flaming barrier called out as Sheila appeared from a static of invisibility. "As thou hast stated, Olympus can not be ruled by one that has no mercy."

Briareos pulled his fists from the deep crater, showing no body at the body.

"An illusion? No, Briareos would have seen through that after hitting it," Demeter said curiously.

"Briareos, I call on thee to surrender. I wilt spare thy life, though I detest the thought of a Titanspawn such as thee existing," Sheila called out as the air around her congealed in bronze and steel, putting her much closer to the multi-armed monster's size, armed with a massive spear.

Her fifteen feet tall armored colossal form was now only dwarfed by six times.

Briareos roared back as he swung his fists at the slightly larger target, but once again failed to make contact with the amazingly nimble figure, the mighty spear in her hand glowing.

"Then know this, you face the unfettered might of a Demigoddess of Battle!" Sheila called out as an amazing light overtook her spear, leaving it glowing with a red aura.

"I haven't seen anyone using a battle technique like that in quite a while," Ares said, interested greatly in the figure. She truly was a demigoddess with power to rival the weaker gods.

The demigoddess dodged around the huge figure, then struck with a massive strike that cleaved one of his four, main arms off. Briareos stared in shock as the divine damage beyond mortal compare. His scream of pain was deafening even through the barrier.

It became a battle of attrition, as Briareos found himself being cut again and again with the godly reinfused weapon, but it was forgone as he could not even hit the foe normally.

She was just too fast.

As Briareos breathed his last, Athena stepped up to her horrified father. "You have lost, father. It is time to take your rest with your Sister-Wife."

Athena sat upon the throne as she declared her winnings, taking the mantle of Lord of Olympus. Finally she bade her champions approach and kneel.

"Know this, you are my Champion, Diana of Themscyria. Only because of your wounds, which I am certain were caused to the Deceiver, did you lose your place in this challenge." Her gray eyes seemed to stare deeply into Sheila. "You are not my daughter, but I am not displeased. I wish to know you better."

By proclamation, acclimation and right of battle, Athena became Lord of Olympus.

"So, let me get this right," Sheila asked Athena only a week later in her throne room. "You want us to recover gentle Hermes from the Underworld where Hades has laid claim to him for eternity?" She was wearing her armor, which everyone around her was starting to assume was her 'superhero' outfit.

"Are you questioning my right to ask you to do this?" the new Lord of Olympus asked.

Diana and Cassie both winced at the deceptively mild tone.

"No, I just wanted to be sure that I was your emissary in declaring war on Hades, Lord of Olympus," she replied stiffly.

"I am pleased to see you understand your role," the Goddess of Wisdom said simply. "Are you prepared for your journey?"

"Great Athena, have you given thought to my request?" Diana asked.

"You may ask, champion, when you have returned successfully. Not before," was the regal reply.

"So I can go with?" Cassie asked in surprise.

"All three of you will be required, youngest sister."

In moments the three women and Ferdinand were on Paradise Island in a secluded place. Diana stopped by a grave marker, where a Diana Trevor was laid to rest decades ago.

"I was named in her honor, this strange woman that fell from the sky and selflessly sacrificed her life to stop the Gates of Hades from opening. She must have been a great woman." Diana and the others took a moment of quiet introspection for respect.

Then they all pushed on the stone gate, rolling the door out of the way.

"That was far too easy. Beware, this could be a trap," Diana warned as they started to go down.

Sheila was looking down the hole, eyes wide. "I can't see the bottom." She clicked her tongue to try echolocation.

Ferdinand chuckled at that. "It is said that heroes fell for over a week before hitting the bottom."

When they were attacked by illusions of the mind, all of them were overcome quickly to split them up.

Cassie kept her eyes narrowed as the snake-thing, an empousai, dragged her off from everyone else. Her knee suddenly came up and slammed its mouth shut jarring force.

"You are awake?" it screeched. "I'll take you blood and you will exist in despair forever in Hades!"

"Like you?" the Scion of Zeus taunted. She concentrated carefully, then unleashed a powerful blow that knocked it out almost instantly. She blew off her knuckles, happy at the effect of using her full strength correctly.

She found Diana just a few minutes later, stumbling along deeper and deeper into the abyss of Hades. "Diana! Diana! Wake up!"

After a few moments, she finally shook her free from the entrapping illusion.

"Great Hera, I thought I was all alone. I had been walking for days," the Amazon said.

"Really messes up your time sense," Sheila said as she walked down from above, carrying the unconscious Ferdinand over her shoulder.

"Okay over there, Sheila?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah, I just had to work a bit to keep track of Bull-Boy here," she replied. "I wasn't able to snap him out right now."

The caverns around them had changed to the shore of the Styx.

"Everyone has their fare?" Sheila quipped as she opened up her hand so they could see what she held. "Silver dollars. Never travel the Underworld without them."

The ferryman led them across even as Ferdinand awoke. As they traveled across, Sheila put her hands on all the other, bolstering them. They traveled up a path from the river to a mighty gate which opened up in the gloom of the darkness.

"That is an awful lot of bad guys," Sheila noted.

"You're stating the obvious again, Sheila," Wonder Girl said, causing the her doppelganger to wince.

"Hades, we have come seeking Hermes," Wonder Woman called out. "We wish no battle this day."

Hades stood in front of his two brothers; deposed Zeus and mighty Posiedon. Behind them in the shadows stood Ares and the hordes of Hades.

"Then you have come to the wrong place, for Hermes is mine! As are all the dead!" boomed the god of death as he gripped his cane closely. He was wearing a top-hat and funeral suit. "Did you really think you would be allowed here after your part in dethroning my brother?"

"We seek not a conflict with you, Hades," Sheila called out, easing her singularity rifle up and away from accidentally shooting someone. "There have been times when even your heart could be compelled to release your jealously guarded souls. Do you so yearn for your nephew's presence that you will not let the messenger of the gods surcease to return to the mortal and overworld?"

Hades looked like he had been greatly insulted. "The dead are mine! And you shall never see the light of day again! It is time to pay for your transgressions against the Kings of the Gods!"

"Kill them all!" Poseidon shouted, directing the skeletons against the four interlopers with his trident.

"Fight!" Diana ordered. "Ferdinand! Break through and find Hermes!"

"Of course!" the gruff, man-beast said. His fists slammed into the first skeleton, smashing it to pieces.

"You'd think once in a while that this would not be an epic journey," Sheila complained as her rifle started firing into the first row with pinpoint accuracy on their spines, sending the skeletons scattering.

Wonder Girl was busy wrestling with one of Cerebus's heads. "Yeah, this wasn't exactly the way I thought I'd meet my uncles and father again."

Zeus blinked at that, then shook it off. The heroines and the minotaur were having a tough time off it. He narrowed his eyes in thought.

"Hermes, ten o'clock high at six hundred feet!" Sheila called out.

The caduceus in Wonder Woman's belt seemed to glow even brighter at that pronouncement. "We must get to Hermes! Break through, Ferdinand!"

Cassie called out as she saw the hanging figure, "He's not moving, Wonder Woman. He's dead!"

They fought for another two minutes, not making any progress. Wonder Girl looped her lasso around skeletons, unleashing the lightning of her anger. She suddenly reared back as if she had a javelin, summoning a livenbolt of pure energy just like her father was famous for, blasting another set of skeletons away.

Diana could only look at that in surprise. It seemed Cassandra had been working hard on her powers.

"Change in the rules!" Sheila shouted, suddenly throwing with both hands small, round devices. "Fire in the hole!" Explosions and smoke suddenly covered the battlefield as the grenades went off. Shards of skeleton were sent flying in great gouts to bounce off the hard rock of the walls and ceiling.

Ares had to chuckle and then burst out laughing. "Oh, she's a charmer."

"Sheila, what are you doing?" Cassie shouted angrily as a skeleton managed to cut her in the ensuing chaos.

"Pulling an Ender," she replied as she ran across the heads of the skeletons through the smoke, the purloined Caduceus in her hand as she charged towards Hermes at high speed. She put the Caduceus up against him before any of the gods reacted, releasing a brilliant light and awakening Hermes.

"Hello! Say, who are you?" Hermes asked as he alighted to the ground with his Caduceus in his hand.

"She's dead!" Hades shouted as the power over the dead slammed into Sheila from his cane. "Did you think you could challenge me in my Domain?"

"If I must," Sheila replied as she raised her Singularity rifle.

That was when Hades unleashed the spectral spirits of the dead upon her fully, devouring her life force. Her singularity shot missed him, blasting a hole in the ceiling. The Demigoddess screamed in agony under the assault.

"Hey!" Hermes said, only to be brought up short by several undead holding new, gleaming swords up to his throat. "What is going on here?"

"Hades! Stop it! She's just a child!" Wonder Woman shouted, becoming angry.

"Even the young die," the Greek god of Death said with a smirk, upping the power he was sending out.

"Get him out," Sheila managed to get out. "Athena wants him rescued."

"Hades! Brother!" Zeus beseeched. "She is no match for you." His face was twisted in sympathy that had been lacking in his own throne room as the girl shrieked again.

"Then she will die!" Hades shouted as he again blasted her with etheric, ghostly energy. A loud 'tchunk' sound sounded as Ares abruptly struck from behind. "-jwha?"

"Time for the murder," Ares said simply. "And I do want her to owe me one."

Poseidon finally understood. "Betrayed! You were working with that slut!" the Lord of the Seven Seas shouted as he raised his trident.

A crackling lightning bolt was suddenly held up to block even as skeletons held their Ares-crafted swords up to his neck. Cassie's eyes gleamed red in anger. "I would not push your luck, uncle."

The god of the seas took in the force arrayed against him. "So, you seek to usurp my domain too?"

"I'm sure that Athena could find someone to take your domain if you were so foolish to get yourself killed here," Ares the Deceiver said with a grim smile under his helmet.

Poseidon retreated to the waters, sputtering his impotent anger.

"And now the reward," Ares said as he took up Hades' cane.

"Was there no other way? Did he have to be killed?" Diana asked in frustration.

"Unlike Zeus, Hades was his domain. He had to die to be replaced." Ares had a very self assured, smug smile upon his face. His red eyes gleamed in the dark shadows.

"She's dead," Wonder Girl said. She was kneeling down next to the pale figure laying crumpled on the ground.

"No!" Ferdinand said, fearing the worst. Athena's anger would be towering, the Minotaur knew. He wished to be removed from his curse, not cursed to an eternity of torment.

"Then it's a good thing I'm the new God of the Dead," Ares said as he raised Hades' cane, awaking Sheila from her slumber of death. His helmet had vanished again.

"Are you all right?" Wonder Girl asked, gushing with happiness.

"No," Sheila said curtly.

"You don't mind that you owe me your life?" the Deceiver asked curiously.

"No." She stood up at that. "By the way, you are wrong."

"About?" Ares asked curiously, his smug smile not slipping the least.

"If Hades was his domain, when you killed him you should have destroyed the Realm of Death." She was giving him a flat look. "Which means if he truly is his realm, you did not kill him." She looked at Hades' cane specifically.

"Oh, damnation," Ares said as he tried to remove the cane from his hand, but it acted like it was glued to it suddenly. Weak laughter drifted from the cane.

"Would you like some assistance in removing Hades' soul receptacle, 'uncle'?" Sheila asked with saccharine sweetness. "I'm sure that would balance any favors owed to you."

"Yes, damn you! Yes!" Ares said in a panic as he tried to remove the cursed item.

He barely had a moment to hear the rasp of Sheila's sword as it was pulled from her upside-down back sheath. The red glow faded from it as Ares' hand thumped to the ground, still clutching Hades' cane of power.

"Damn you!" the god of unrestrained battle shouted.

"That looks like it hurt," Hermes said. "I could suggest a poultice or two." His tone was quite mild, even as his smile was wide as he staunched the blood from the wound. He frowned as he realized that his healing could not repair the hand. "That didn't work quite right."

"I'm sure that Hephaestus would be happy to craft you a replacement for use in battle, but I think the more important thing is trapping that cane before it can spirit itself away," Sheila said evenly.

"Yes, indeed," Ares said as his lips twisted in a snarl as he turned his gaze between the two. "Family," he finally spat out. How he loathed that word right then.

Diana and Cassie both hugged Sheila tight. "You should not have done that," Wonder Woman said. "That was foolish."

"I should have just run away back with his body instead of trying to awaken. But fighting through the armies of Hades wasn't working so well," she replied.

"Ender?" Cassie asked.

"Science Fiction novel. Ignore the fighters and defeat the true objective, which is not always the destruction of the warriors," she replied.

"Not that I'm not glad or anything, but I get the feeling I've missed quite a bit," Hermes said, tipping his winged helm back. "Who are the twins, Diana?"

"Later, Lord Hermes. Your sister bade rescue you and return we must," Diana said.

Zeus stepped up from the shadows, looking morose. "I do not deserve your time, but I beg that I be given leave to accompany you to my daughter, the Lord of Olympus."

"Very well, Mighty Zeus. If you would, Hermes, guide our way," Wonder Woman said as she and Cassie continued to help with Ferdinand and Sheila.

Hermes blinked. "I remember how, but I really think I need to be caught up here."

In a flash, they all disappeared from Hades and Ares' hollow victory as he bellowed his roar of anger in private.

The light of Hermes' teleportation faded, leaving them all battered and bruised in the throne room of Athena, Lord of Olympus.

"I say, moving up in the world, sister?" Hermes asked.

"It is good to see your light heart, brother Hermes. I see that you have all succeeded," Pallas Athena said from her throne. "Though it looks like at a cost. What happened to Sheila? And why has my father returned?"

"I died," she replied, turning her head away and shuddering. "And he wishes to speak to you."

"You seem to have recovered," Athena said as she folded her hands across her lap. "Diana, do you still seek your boon?"

"I have never been more certain, my goddess," Diana affirmed solemnly.

"Then young Martin will be restored." Athena then turned to Cassandra. "And you?"

"I wish to be allowed to be a scion of my father," Cassandra said after a long moment.

"What?" Hermes shouted in shock.

"Do you know what you seek?" Athena asked in warning.

Cassandra looked over at her false-self. "I think I do. I seek myself without limits and standing upon my own two feet."

"So be it," the Lady Lord of Olympus declared, much to the two god's shock. "And finally, banished Zeus. What brings you back to my throne so quickly?"

The ancient god looked down for a long moment. "I come seeking a small token of your forgiveness. I did not realize how far I had fallen and to what depths I would seek. Truly, I had no mercy and could not see the fault of that."

"You are still my father. I grant you this easily, for I wish no harm upon you, but merely saw that I must act to protect Olympia." Athena then turned to Sheila again. "I will call your sacrifice paid and say that most of your debt is paid."

"Lord of Olympus, I fear I must ask for another favor," Sheila said, raising her haunted eyes. "I can not forgot death nor dying. I am shattered and trapped in my memory."

Everyone looked confused, until dawning came to Wonder Girl. "She has a perfect memory. She never forgets anything."

Hermes shuddered at that. "I would not wish that on my worst enemies."

"Come with me, daughter not of me," Athena said softly. "Hermes, if you will handle returning them to Earth and that other matter."

It was a day later that Sheila, cleansed and clothed in a toga stared at the board in front of her, the chess pieces arrayed in battle on the round, marble table.

The huge owl in front of her tilted its head, then with its claw moved a pawn forward.

"You are trying to goad me into a rash attack," she accused the bird.

Its reaction was unruffled as it did not bother to respond.

"Sheila, how are you doing?" Athena asked as she entered the airy room open to the majesty of Olympus in all its Escheresque glory.

"Concentrating upon an exceedingly challenging task does help. Did she learn to play from you?" the scion asked.

"Of course. No one else here really bothered to play. Even Hermes thought it too sedate."

"I haven't bothered to play except against supercomputers recently," Sheila admitted. "Not much of a challenge."

"Come, take this tonic. It will not remove your memories, as you stubbornly cling to them with amazing ferocity, but it may weaken the edge of them." Athena tilted an jar of wine to pour a deep red liquid into it.

"Thank you, Great Athena." She grimaced at the taste and alcohol. "I would have never thought that a perfect memory would be such a bother."

The older goddess nodded as she sat in a divan and reclined gracefully. "You have questions."

The much younger demigoddess nodded as she moved her rook carefully three squares. "But you are not my 'mother' so you probably don't have the answers."

"You can ask anyways."

Most of Sheila's mind was occupied in the droning task of calculating moves of the ongoing chess game. The remaining three parts were considering carefully. "Why would you work so hard to mold me into something so similar to yourself in this modern age?"

The owl blinked at her, silently berating her for being distracted and moving the castle two squares. She then ruffled her feathers.

"Scion... do you understand the word?" Athena asked carefully as she watched their game.

"It denotes an heirship between child and parent," she replied instantly.

"So to see you there, claiming to be my Scion is disconcerting and frankly slightly worrisome. That you are similar to myself soothes that worry, slightly. And you are different than myself is troubling. You have a sister in Cassandra that I never had. Olympus is a seething place of intrigue that you have now found yourself in."

"I don't know. She tried to punch my face in the first time we met," Sheila said as she scowled lightly at the owl's unorthodox attack on her flank. She pushed a pawn to take one of his, causing a ruffle in the owl's feathers. "Didn't expect that, did you? I see your trap."

The owl ruffled its feathers again.

"You are nearly ready to return to Earth, Daughter not of me."

"I think I have to be there. Disasters are brewing."

Superboy smirked at his evil doppelganger from another universe. He was beaten black and blue, his split lip was bleeding heavily.

"Why are you smiling?" Superboy Prime demanded petulantly.

Superboy just turned over his fist, showing his Teen Titan communicator.

"TITANS... TOGETHER!" the gathered Titans shouted, right on the perfect moment. They were standing behind them in the fields next to Smallville. The Doom Patrol and the Justice Society of America were glad they were there, as it looked like this fake Superboy was very powerful.

"He's going into cardiac arrest," Sheila said as Wonder Girl grabbed Superboy as the heavy hitters tackled Superboy Prime.

"I don't know enough to heal him," Cassie said worriedly.

"His cellular structure is degrading," her doppelganger said worriedly as she looked into his health. "I can't cure that." Sheila's eyes were wide in shock. How had she missed that from earlier?

"Can't we do anything for his wounds?" Sheila asked.

They both put their hands on him, trying to heal him. His breathing became ragged, but easier.

"Stay with him. I aim to have some words with Superboy there." Sheila clenched her fist as she trotted into the combat. "Superboy."

"Oh, the fake-girlfriend." Superboy-Prime smirked at that.

Her glowing fist actually bruised him slightly when it hit. "What the heck was that?" he said, rubbing his slightly hurting jaw.

"Something that didn't work too well," she admitted candidly. This was going to hurt.

Superboy Prime swatted her like she was beneath his notice. She tried roll with the punch, but was still blasted through the Smallville Post Office.

She was just crawling out of the debris when Wyldbeast was killed brutally by the childish super-being. She pulled a short sword that started glowing with a red malevolence.

"Your ruining me!" Superboy Prime was screaming, crying even as he mutilated another Titan.

"Stop!" Sheila shouted as she sliced at him with everything she had.

He almost dodged. And he almost was too tough. But the slice at his throat cut through, blood streaming much to his surprise.

That was when the Flashes started pummeling the faux-Superboy. Their fight would end up blasting Superboy Prime into the Speed Force.

Sheila lowered her raised glowing hand, her teeth bared in a rictus of anger. What she had almost done... She turned and walked over to the half alien who was screaming as he held his leg. To his shock, the whole leg suddenly regrew.

"You... um, thanks," he said as it registered he was not in pain any more. Argent looked at Sheila in shock.

"Superboy," Sheila murmured to herself. In a flash, she ran over towards Cassie where they were loading Conner into the T-Jet. "Cassie... something is happening. I feel people calling for me."

Cassie blinked. "You too?"

Cyborg looked up from a control panel. "That's probably because Paradise Island is being attacked."

"I have to go," Sheila told him. "I have a responsibility now."

"You want a lift?"

Sheila grateful look was all the answer he needed.

"Fight! We will not let these monsters take our land!" an Amazon shouted, striking out at the OMAC in front of her. They were fighting on the steps of one of the many temples.

Sheila entrance from orbit shattered the sound barrier in the middle of the OMACs, stunning them for a moment as her silver-metallic wings folded up.

"There's too many," Sheila said as she landed next to the front line of the Amazons. "Off." The nearest eight OMACs reverted to their human forms.

"Who are you?" the Amazon asked.

"I am Sheila-" she started to say.

"The Scion of Athena and welcome on this battlefield," Wonder Woman said as she landed.

"The purple death ray is almost finished," the Amazon declared.

"The people inside are innocents-"

"-that are busy killing us, Diana," the Amazon countered. Fires and smoke covered the land.

"Well, that sounds like we need a compromise," Sheila said softly. "Take me to the ray generator."

"Sheila. So it appears the Gods and Goddesses do answer our prayers," the smith Io called out as they approached. "Are you here to see us use the purple ray against these abominations."

"I'm going to see if I can tune it to just affect the shells," she replied.

Io looked over her shoulder at the massive machine. "We have no time. It would take at least ten minutes for any changes."

"Will you let me try?" the young Scion asked.

The Amazons looked between themselves then nodded. "We must have faith in our gods."

"Then I must try my utmost so that I not fail you." Sheila concentrated, splitting herself more and more. In moments, there were nine of her that descended on the Purple Death Ray.

"Fight! Fight for our lives! Fight for our freedom! Fight for our gods!" Io shouted, hefting her huge warhammer. The Amazons, with Wonder Woman at the front, were revitalized, smashing back the seemingly unlimited numbers, blotting out the sky.

Mere minutes later, the Purple Ray had been changed.

"Prepare to rescue the freed civilians!" Sheila called out. The purple beam shot out to devastating affect, shattering the nanites that composed the OMACs as she swept the ray over them, driving them lower and lower.

In moments, the OMACs were defeated, leaving scores of confused men, women and teens all over the ruined city.

The Amazons starting cheering, which the confused civilians started to be pick up or got caught by amazons.

In the air above, Diana was discussing the fate of Themyscira with Athena.

"This island is under the protection of the gods! We shall remove it from the world at this point, before a horrible tragedy can occur," Athena pronounced.

Sheila ended up floating in front of Pallas Athena.

"Will you come with us, Daughter not of myself?" the Lord of Olympus asked.

"I have things to do and people to save. My duties are here and I must still find my way to my home," she replied simply.

"Then let me send you back to your friends of this world." Pallas Athena held up her hand, vanishing Sheila and the Island away to other places.

Sheila blinked as she appeared next to Cassie in a high-tech bio-lab. Lex Luthor narrowed his eyes dangerously and flashed away in a teleport.

"Drat. I missed turning off his power armor by two tenths of a second," Sheila complained as she finished raising her hand that she had been gesturing with. "Need to remember, no flashy gestures. Just turn him off."

"See, even Sheila thinks we should just capture Lex Luthor," Cassie said to Robin as she folded her arms across her chest petulantly.

"Like I said, this might be one of those situations where we need even Lex Luthor. And he was here to visit Conner," Robin said as he hid his exasperation.

Sheila was looking at the teen floating in the high tech tube. "His cellular degradation has stopped and he's regenerating. He'll wake up soon."

Robin released a tense breath he had been holding. "That's good. Cassie, we have to leave. The Titans are headed to help out with Blűdhaven." He gave her a quick hug.

"I should go, but Conner needs you," Sheila said giving her 'sister' a hug. Her gaze stared deep into her other-self. "Do you mind if I borrow Wonder Girl so she's out there being a symbol of hope?"

"Borrow-? Oh! You want to pretend to be me for a bit?" Cassie asked.

"Just until you come back after Conner is all right," Sheila assured her. "He needs you. But the world needs Wonder Girl too."

"The short hair isn't going to work," the real Wonder Girl said.

Sheila just shook her head as her hair shook out. "Secret Agent lady!" she said with a smirk.

"You could have changed your appearance at any time?" Cassie asked incredulously.

"It's my face too! Besides, everyone gets upset at the person that can copy faces." Sheila grimaced at that. She suddenly grinned and waved her hand, leaving her normal features and hair-length, but with glowing hair. "I'm planning some mythic upgrades."

"You have got to teach me that trick," Cassie squealed out.

They quickly changed outfits and Sheila headed outside to catch up to the Teen Titans.

"Wonder Girl?" Robin asked in surprise at the entrance to the T-Jet.

"Just a fill in today."

"Sheila? How'd you grow your hair?" Beast Boy asked in shock.

"Secret Agent Lady Trick!" she replied again.

"You can be a spy?" Robin asked with a grin.

"I have depths you have not seen," she replied with a grin.

"Its sad. The looters are coming out and ruining their own neighborhood. Well, worse," Sheila said with a morose look on her face, her unfamiliar long hair whipping in the wind.

Blűdhaven burned from the attack of the Brotherhood. The sky was dark from all the smoke and red flames seemed to want to devour everything. The Teen Titans, the black ops forces of the Veteran, Warlock's Daughter, Blue Devil, Ragman and what was left of the Metal Men and Outsiders were doing what they could.

"We are not making any progress here," Robin complained even as the other Titans were busy pulling people from collapsed buildings or fending off looters.

"We need to get the fires under control." Sheila thought carefully. It was just being so hard. She's not Wonder Girl, she heard. "There's a telepath here." In a blur, she took off towards the epicenter where four, fearsome figures were overlooking Chemo.

"Wonder Girl!" Mammoth shouted, charging the blonde girl in the red and gold outfit.

"You idiot! That's not Wonder Girl!" Psimon shouted.

"She's not?" Jinx asked in surprise even as 'Wonder Girl' dodged her mystical bolt.

"Just crush her already!" Shimmer shouted.

"RAAAAARGH!" Mammoth bellowed as he swung at Sheila, smashing the ground to pieces.

"This might hurt," she said, jabbing her knife hand into his arm, then kicked him in his back.

With a scream of pain, the hirsute brute collapsed in pain from the pinched nerves.

"You don't fight like her at all!" Shimmer said.

"No reason to when Psimon knows I'm not her," Sheila replied as she cartwheeled away from the transmuter before she could close.

"Stop thinking so much!" Psimon shouted as he blasted at her mentally. "God dammit. Quit thinking of nine different ways to counter me!"

"Ah, you are Sheila pretending to be Wonder Girl," Jinx said with a smirk. "I hope that causes you to fight it out later." She sent out a wave of vapor.

"Actually, I asked permission, thanks. A poultice of malice? Nasty," Sheila replied as she suddenly charged Shimmer in a blur, tossing her at the vapor.

With a shriek, Shimmer dissolved the mist before it could affect her. "Oh, you bitch. I'm going to turn you into glass and crush you-"

"Shimmer, it hurts. It really hurts," Mammoth cried into his beard where he lay trembling on the ground.

"You have a little knowledge of the mystical?" Jinx asked as she blasted a few more mystical blasts to keep Sheila at bay.

"Um, yeah. You could say that," Sheila said as she suddenly threw out her hand in a gesture. "The hand that heals is the hand that can harm."

Jinx cried out in pain as bruises suddenly appeared all over her body, blessed darkness welcoming her.

Psimon stopped at that. "You can heal or harm?" he suddenly asked worriedly. Her silent thoughts on the different, gruesome ways that she could hurt or maim him with her powers actually prompted a very strange reaction. "I surrender."

"Say what?" Shimmer asked just before three rocks bounced off her forehead in a staccato burst, knocking her out.

"Just kidding," Psimon said with a nasty smile as he tried to psi-blast her again and knocking over a wall that was barely standing.

Robin's staff to the back of his head was a complete surprise, knocking him out. "He was way too focused on fighting you and left himself open." He was standing in a shadowed area even while he tried to bring up his communicator so they could send people capture the remainder of the Fatal Five.

"Guess it's hard reading nine thoughts at a time," Sheila said conversationally. What they needed to do was get the people of Blűdhaven working together to help, as hard as that was to do.

"I'm sure it was more of reading nine super-genius thoughts, actually. I heard you gave Martian Manhunter a headache, and that's a hard thing to do." Robin had to shake his head. He was used to being the smartest one around and having someone like Sheila around had forced him to revise what 'smart' was.

The blood on her hands would not come off, Sheila noted to herself. How had it come to this? She had left Blűdhaven that morning and then come to this tower later that day as the sky itself showed the madness of someone seeking the primordial power of creation.

Worlds had been smashed together as a young Lex Luthor attempted to fix reality. And Superboy-Prime had returned to protect this tower that was at the heart of the matter.

Cassie's sobs drifted across the arctic snows. How was she going to deal with it?

How was the her of this world going to deal with the death of Conner Kent, Superboy? The young man that had been created from human and kryptonian DNA. And died a hero.

Sheila shied away from the thought, but with innate stubbornness turned to look at the ruins of the anti-matter reality manipulation device. Superboy-Prime had been overwhelming in his power. Her own shoulder was barely healing and would probably require some surgery to reset in the future.

Superboy was dead.

He was a hero, allowing himself to be beaten to death and smashing through the exotic energies of Anti-Monitor tower with Superboy-Prime.

Powergirl tried put her hand on Cassie's shoulder, but the sobbing girl shrugged it off as she sobbed furiously. She held onto Conner's cooling body frantically.

Sheila grabbed her tightly, crying along with her at the loss of her 'sister's' love. Around her, Batman, Wonder Woman and two Supermen watched the two grieve.

Twenty minutes later, Cassie had finally let Sheila pull her from Conner so that he could be wrapped up. Powergirl donated her cape.

All that was left was the aftermath and the clean up.

One Year Later

Cyborg awoke himself from his technological healing, unsure of what was going on. He was home, he could feel that. The Titans Tower lab was a familiar place to him. It had rebuilt his shattered cybernetic body many times.

He staggered out of the lab and up to the living areas. In the kitchen he found a dusky-skinned kid with horns and Rose Wilson talking as he made a meal while she sharpened a lot of different weapons.

"-hot damn! Cyborg's awake!" Kid Devil called out.

Rose rolled her eyes. "Your turn to feed the swear jar."

"Ravager!" Cyborg nearly snarled as he raised his cannon arm.

"He even recognizes me!" Rose Wilson blinked as she realized what she had just said. "Ah, crap. He recognizes me."

"So, that's a good thing, right?" the bare-chested young man asked. "Means his memories are ok?"

"The last time he saw me I was trying to kill Raven," the silver-haired young woman replied as both her eyes opened wide. She rolled away just before a sonic blast from the confused Cyborg nearly took her head off.

"You got your eye back," Cyborg noted as he tried to hit the lithe warrior.

"Well, duh. Nice to see your skills of observation haven't failed." Ravager threw two apples to smash into Cyborg's face.

"Rose, no put-downs on your allies unless they really deserve it, remember?" a young woman's voice said. She was wearing a silver, sleeveless top with the Wonder Woman 'logo' on the front in gold and long dark-blue tights down her legs into a set of black boots. Her hair was glowing like it was made of soft fiber optical cables.

"Wonder Girl? No, you're Sheila," Cyborg said. "Ally? Ravager is-" he asked in confusion.

"-a Titan, yes," Sheila said with a grin. "She was remanded into Titan custody after it was determined that Slade had been drugging and brainwashing her."

"And ol' sawbones saw fit to fix up my eye," Rose said snidely.

"That's because you have a hang-up with your father and it helped to get you past it," she countered the weapons master. "Nice to see you up and about, Cyborg. Wendy and Marvin are going to be upset that you busted the kitchen though."

"Who?" the big black cyborg asked wishing they uploaded a text file on the changes while he was up into his personal cyberspace.

"Couple of 'normal' wunderkids. They tried to pull some twin pranks on me to confuse me with numbers," Sheila said with aplomb just as they entered.

"And failed miserably," Wendy said with a theatrical sigh. "Then we tried to do that with Robin."

"And failed. You guys are just too scary." Marvin just slumped his shoulders. "And you guys busted the kitchen again."

"No, Cyborg did because he was confused about seeing what he thought was an enemy in the Tower," Sheila replied with a smile. "Not the first time. Probably not the last time."

"Where's Robin? Wonder Girl? Beast Boy?" Cyborg asked as he started to become a bit more aware.

"Robin will be here soon. While you were out he'd gone on vacation for a year. Wonder Girl is a bit occupied and isn't a full member right now," Sheila replied casually, walking out of the kitchen. "Beast Boy joined the Doom Patrol."

"Kid Flash? Raven? Superboy?" he asked as they walked down the hall.

"Bart retired and Raven dropped out of sight," Sheila replied. "And Superboy... he died saving the universe." Through the windows, you could see statues of the different, fallen Titans from the team. The most prominent was Superboy in a joyful flying-forward stance.

"So I take it things have been eventful?" Cyborg said. "How long was I out after that jaunt into space?"

"Just a bit. You've been reintegrating your mind in your personal cyberspace for the past year. I did not want to push it any faster, as you were recovering. It's been a bit hectic with all the new members coming and going," Sheila said, looking a bit sheepish. "We were missing our glue-members."

"Me. Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and/or Superboy. Well, we'll have to see what we can do about that," the big man said grimly. It kind of reminded him of the last time he was out in space and the Atom, of all people, deaged to a teen lead a group of Titans that lasted about 15 minutes. Though if he had to be honest with himself, Argent did make a great Titan as she stuck around for the next version after that.

"Sheesh, lighten up big guy. No need to rescue the team quite that quickly. You aren't at one hundred percent yet," she replied.

Victor chuckled at that. "Thanks, I think I needed that. So what's happened with you? I would have thought you figured out how to get back to your dimension by now?"

"The local space-time is in a state of quantum fluctuation that has propagated outwards into the adjoining dimensions like a tsunami. Oh, and I ascended."

The cyborg blinked at that last comment. "Ascended to?"

"Goddess," she replied.

"We have a full goddess on our team?" he choked out in surprise.

"I guess the Outsiders are jealous," Sheila said with a roll of her eyes.

Victor just started laughing. "Thanks, I think I needed that, too."

"Cassie? You here?" a blonde girl asked, her shoulder length hair fluttering as she looked around through her glasses. Mrs. Sandsmark must be out right now. 'This' Sheila looked remarkably normal.

"I don't know why you bother, Sheila." Cassie walked out of the kitchen with her baby girl on cradled carefully.

"Sophia. Sophia Harris! You know I'm partly responsible for the rug-rat. If I hadn't blessed you both with the standard... you know, godly fertility blessing on couples, the chances of you having a kid from one night are pretty small," 'Sophia' said. "So I'm pitching in to help out. And it allows me to work on my medical thesis paper on deciphering the AIDS virus."

"Clara is everything to me, you know that. She's all I have of Conner," she replied. "Even mom couldn't be unhappy with me too long."

"I'm sorry, you had sex with the man you loved because you thought the world might end. It's a normal response in the situation." There was more than a bit of wistfulness in her tone.

Clara gurgled and tried to look around. Cassie looked down on her with such a soft smile it could bring tears to your eyes. "You be good for Auntie Sophia."

"Off to the Titans for a few hours? They are working on tracking down the Brotherhood of Evil (which that is a really lame name, by the way.) Oh, well. Tell the other me hi," Sophia said as she picked up her god daughter.

"What else are you up to right now?"

"Oh, a few things. Checking out a women's shelter, being a rockstar, and working on tracking down Mary Marvel. She thinks she's been abandoned by her Gods. And no way am I letting her down." Sophia shrugged.

"Rock star?" Cassie asked as she removed her over clothes to reveal her Wonder Girl T-shirt beneath it.

"Eh, I've been meaning to work on the arts a bit," was the lukewarm reply. "Coochie-coo." The baby just looked confused. "How is Clark handling Clara?"

"He always goes on about being disappointed in us for not waiting," Cassie said angrily, causing a frown to appear on her baby from the angry noise. "Oh, sorry baby."

"Go on. The Titans need you right now," Sophia said. After Cassie had flown out the back door, she turned her gaze back onto the girl. "So, are you ready to be a good girl while I work on my thesis?"

A squeal of a giggle did not lend her much hope.

"Cassie?" Helena Sandsmark called out.

"Sorry, you just missed her," Sophia called out from the living room couch. The computer in front of her was writing rapidly while she played with the baby.

"How's my granddaughter?" Helena asked.

"Being pretty calm. Not bad for three months old, eh?" Sophia said.

Helena shook her head slowly. "I don't understand how you have the time to help with all the things you do," she finally said.

"It's just a matter of multi-tasking efficiently." Behind her eyes, you could almost swear you could hear the beat of a drum as a young girl walked onto the stage with her band.

Cassie walked into the Titans Tower.

"Great. Wonder Bitch is here," Rose complained, looking over at the newest arrival, causing Robin to sigh.

"Rose," Cyborg called out.

"I heard you have a lead on the Brotherhood?" Wonder Girl asked, putting her angrily clenched fists on her hips.

"Cassie!" Sheila called out, giving her a quick hug and a roll of her eyes at Ravager.

Rose just snarled silently.

"I want these guys," Wonder Girl said with a hard tone. "They were part of it. Part of the cause of Superboy's death."

"Meow. Hiss. Oh, I'm so sad that my boyfriend died," Rose said, causing Devil Boy to wince behind her.

"Ack! Cassie! Not worth it!" Sheila said, trying to hold back her other self.

"Let me go! I'll teach her-"

"That's enough! Ravager. Kid Devil." Cyborg looked very serious as he stepped between Cassie and Rose. "Give the Titans a minute." After the two left, he turned to the remaining Titans.

And found himself looking at a very, very angry Sheila. "Way to destroy their 'credibility' to the team. They are just as much Titans as anyone else. I'll be back. You can let me know when the Titans need us."

She slammed the door behind her.

"You screwed up, Vic," Robin said softly. "Sheila's been working at getting them to be better and on the team. And you just destroyed weeks of work."

"Damn, that isn't what I meant." The Cyborg looked frustrated. "I was just trying to defuse the situation."

"I may not like Rose, but she's been here more than me." Cassie shrugged.

"Why's that? You don't seem to have a problem with the team," Vic asked, narrowing his one dark-brown eye.

"Family. I... just can't go into it, okay? It's important."

Sheila found Rose and Eddie up in his room. And it looked like they had been talking for a bit.

"You don't understand. Slade. He's out there, waiting for me. He'll pump me so full of super-serum again that I'll do anything for him. Even cut out my eye again." Real terror was laying below her blue eyes. Rose was truly scared of her father. And how on his drugs she'd once more become a puppet for his schemes.

"They aren't going to kick you out," Eddie said sincerely. "Nightwing told Robin you had to be here."

"But no one wants me here," Rose said sadly, dropping her gaze.

"I do, Rose," Kid Devil promised.

"You're such a freak," Ravager said with a soft smile, then took a toke of her cigarette.

"I kind of like having you around too, Rose." Sheila was leaning against the door frame.

"Spying for your sister again?" Rose snapped out, turning away.

"She doesn't need me for that. Look, Rose, I don't have Wonder Girl's hangups with you. And I let Cyborg know that I wasn't happy with the way he treated you." Sheila walked over, her glowing hair lighting up the dark room slightly.

"Because that means you'll have failed to shrink my head," the silver-haired young woman snorted.

"Only sorta. I also see someone that's thrown herself in the way of danger to save her team mates, too. And someone I think wants a friend or two." Sheila will shrug.

"Bullshit. You're not- Why don't you prove that you aren't some stuck in the mud bitch that's better than everyone!" Rose shouted, getting right into Sheila's face.

The goddess's face flushed in anger and then in a totally surprising move, used both hands to grab her cheeks and pull Rose into a kiss.

"What the hell?" Eddie shouted as as his tail stood out straight.

"How's that?" Sheila snapped angrily.

"You kissed me." Rose looked shocked. "I mean, you really kissed me. I can't even get Robin to notice me and you kissed me."

"He doesn't notice me either," Sheila fumed. From what she'd learned the various side kicks present and former of Batman all had problems like that.

"You are, what? Attracted to both of us?" Rose's brain was starting to engage.

"I dunno. I've never even dated before. And have you read some of the things my relatives have done?" She just slumped.

"Um, point." Rose blinked, then shrugged. "Sure, why not. We can figure this shit out as we go."

Red Devil wondered what made the Robins into chick magnets. 'Jason never said anything about that,' Eddie mused thinking about his pen pal. 'And isn't he back from the dead or something?'

"It appears we have stayed overlong, my friends," Plasmus said as the Brotherhood of Evil turned to the Titans that had just arrived.

Cyborg was in front, while Sheila and Wonder Girl were on either side. Robin, Kid Devil and Ravager were behind them, ready to flank at a moments notice on the New York night street.

Elephant Man bellowed even as Wonder Girl flew forward and decked the elephatine superhuman onto his back.

"Sacre bleu! Wonder Girl has become incredibly strong!" Warp exclaimed. The yellow-clad Frenchman seemed flummoxed at how easily the honorary Amazon was handling the giant.

"Hi!" Sheila said to Warp as she appeared next to him in a blur. With a single punch, she sent him skidding down the street. "There goes their escape ticket."

"Nasty, glowy hair is so ugly!" Goldilocks said as she sent out some of her hair that Sheila bounced away from in a cartwheel.

"You have got to be kidding me," she retorted. "At least I'm not using my hair as a weapon."

"Oh, it's Robin! Just like the Brain promised! Why are you interfering?" the young looking girl with attack hair asked. She lashed out at him.

Robin was not nearly so quick, as his bo-staff fared very poorly and he was quickly tied up.

Ravager was there in a flash. "You owe me one, Boy Wonder!" she crowed her her sword cut the hair.

He just smirked back. He also made a mental note to put a fold out machete in his utility belt.

Sheila, Wonder Girl and Cyborg were all piling on the Elephant Man, who was proving quite resilient.

"Oh no you don't. We just got him back!" Sheila exclaimed, grabbing the huge wrist to wrestle with it to stop him from hitting Cyborg. She really hadn't forgotten it, but the elephant trunk seemed to come out of nowhere knocked her silly for just a second. His foot lashed out, sending her rocketing away through an empty bus.

"Sheila!" Cassie cried out, lashing out with her full strength again, sending the man-beast reeling. A crackling lightning bolt formed in her hand.

"How very Greek," Goldilocks called it with an insane looking smile as she attempted to snare Ravager and Robin again.

"That's my dad," Wonder Girl said with a tight grin as she threw the bolt at the Elephant Man as he was standing up, blasting him back down.

Kid Devil started screaming in agony as Plasmus melted open his chest and left him venting liquid fire. The pained screams of agony caused all of the heroes to move to help him.

Warp reappeared. "I took care of Sheila. I left her on an island in the Atlantic."

"Then it is time to depart," Plasmus called out. The four members of the Brotherhood of Evil disappeared in a flash of light.

"I don't know what to do. It's too much," Wonder Girl called out, trying to heal the damage. But other than checking Clara's health, she had not expanded her healing much. In fact, she had actually let it lapse a little.

"Step aside, Titans. This is a job for the the Doom Patrol," a man in a wheel chair called out. At his side was Beast Boy, Elasti-Girl, Robotman, Vox and Negative Man.

"Sheila, where are you?" Robin asked on the Titan's communicator.

"About two minutes away." Sheila was running across the waves, heading back to New York as fast as possible. Which was very, very fast at MACH 3.

"Too long." Robin decided then, that they would have to hope that the Doom Patrol would be able to help Kid Devil.

Robin and Sheila were watching as the Chief and Elasti-Girl worked on fixing up Kid Devil in the creepy basement surgery in the Doom Patrol's base in Prague.

"Hmm. He's not too bad." Sheila was evaluating his surgery skills. Once she had made it back to the group, she had decided to continue to let the Chief work his medical miracles.

"So why didn't you just heal him up?" Robin asked curiously.

"Pain is the best teacher for mistakes," she replied. "And I did not want to insult them by not letting them help. Hmm..."

The two watched until Robin's cell phone beeped. Sheila just raised an eyebrow at that.

"You there! My instruments are very sensitive to radio signal! Please leave this area!" the Chief suddenly cried out.

Robin backed off, taking the call while Sheila continued to listen. Her hackles were rising as she listened. It appeared the Chief was messing with the Doom Patrol's minds. Sadly, it appeared it was to make him needed in a codependent relationship with his team. Sheila's expression then turned dark as she recalled tales that Chief caused the accidents that created the original trio of the Doom Patrol.

When Sheila and Robin caught up with their team-mates just minutes later, Robin tried to tell his old friend. "Beast Boy, something is going on," Robin tried to explain. "Something isn't right about the Chief."

"I was afraid you would do this. We're a family." Beast Boy was starting off by being defensive.

Sheila just shook her head, when Wonder Girl interrupted. "We need to be after the Brotherhood! They need to be brought in for what they did in Bludhaven and-"

"-for being part of what killed Superboy," Sheila said in a soft tone. "That's vengeance talking, Cassie, not justice."

"Then maybe I need vengeance," the Amazon said with a hard glare.

Beast Boy nodded slowly even as the rest of the Doom Patrol looked on uncomfortably.

The Negative Man reappeared suddenly, slamming back into his bandaged body. "We've found them, but there's not much time."

The appearance of The Brain in a human body was quite shocking to everyone but Robin and Sheila during their fight in the sewers of Paris. They had suspected that the Brotherhood was going to clone someone. Why kidnap cloners and their research, right?

"Would you like to surrender for medical assistance?" Sheila asked curiously.

All of the heroes and villains stopped their standoff to stare at her.

"You do know that your body is unstable will start dying in just five more minutes?" she asked.

Wonder Girl narrowed here eyes, then blinked in surprise. "She's right. You have, well... lots of genetic defects."

Robin looked at Sheila in total surprise. "You can see that sort of condition?"

"Of course. After I missed that degradation on Superboy, I've been more careful," the goddess replied. "And I showed Wonder Girl how to see it too."

"Preposterous," Gemini exclaimed. "You can't detect genetic faults with eyesight."

"Because it would break the laws of science. Because magic... can't be real," Sheila replied in a sarcastic tone.

Mallah looked uncertainly at The Brain. "Is what she says true? Can she see medical problems?"

"Yes." The Brain looked at Sheila and Wonder Girl. "But they are lying. My plans are foolproof." He fired a pistol that blasted out with the force of an artillery shell.

Sheila disappeared in a blur as the rest of the Titans and Doom Patrol resumed their attacks on the Brotherhood. "You're a fool, Brain."

"No, I am just trying to save my fellows from the depredations of the Chief. Did you know who was supposed to be the first recipient of the Robot Man body? It was not that cretin over here, but myself." He shot his buck-rogers looking pistol into the ground, only to see Sheila spin through the air to land perfectly in front of him.

"Sounds about right, actually." Sheila ignored Beast Boy's frustration and the other Doom Patrol's incredulity. "But doing it your way is not right."

"What the hell? You can't accuse the Chief like that!" Robot Man exclaimed angrily.

"Yes, she can. And from what I heard, she's probably right." Robin's glared was a perfect counter to Beast Boy's.

"It's starting," Sheila called out, even as she ducked under Elephant Man's massive fists and trunk. "Hey! How tough are you under that skin?"

The huge entity looked confused.

"Let's find out!" Sheila held up a hand and the gestured.

The huge monster-man bellowed in rage, then coughed up some blood.

"Pretty tough, but that looks like it took the wind out of your sails anyways," she replied with a smirk.

That was when Wonder Girl moved in and pummeled Elephant Man again, smashing him down... and finally out.

The Brain looked down at his calcifying hand. "No, it was perfect."

"What should I do, Brain?" Monsieur Mallah asked, his great hulking ape form ready for anything.

"Climb," Brain begged. "You can climb."

And with that, Monsieur Mallah climbed up the Eiffel Tower with superhuman ape agility and strength.

"All I wanted-" the Brain started to say at the top, as dawn was cracking.

Sheila's fist thumped down on Mallah's head, knocking out the Simian. With a triple flip, she landed on the catwalk.

"Have you come to gloat?" Brain asked angrily, spittle and drool escaping his decaying flesh.

"No, but I do not think I will help you either." Her blue-green eyes stared at him hard. "I believe in the courts and justice, Brain. But there is no law stating that I have to help a genocidal monster that helped murder a city."

It was only two minutes later that Brain expired, scrabbling fitfully as his organs gave out. Sheila spent the time binding Monsieur Mallah, as the ape would probably go insane for having failed to save his lover.

Wonder Girl flew up with Robin and Ravager in her hands. "Mallah and the Brain?"

"Mallah is unconscious. It seems the Brain expired when his new body failed." Sheila shrugged even as the lift opened. Robot Man, Cyborg and Vox all exited.

Beast Boy transformed from a small hawk to land on the ground. "Can we save him?"

Robot Man nodded warily. "We should try, to show that we are better than him."

"I won't help. He's murdered too many people," Sheila said, shocking Robin.

"What? We're heroes-" he started to say.

"He was hoisted by his own hubris," Wonder Girl said. "I agree with Sheila. Just because we are heroes doesn't mean we have to save the villains every time from their stupidity."

"Think they'll be any villains left if we keep doing that?" Rose remarked. "I think most of them count on that to save their asses."

Garth's green skin was flushed in anger, but he actually kept his mouth shut.

"But the Doom Patrol will accept you. I will accept you... like a son," the Chief was explaining to Devil Kid as they left the Negative Man's chambers. He had just changed the special bandages and was wheeling along in his wheel-chair smartly.

"Chief?" Garth exclaimed loudly.

"What is this, high school?" Cyborg complained to Robot Man.

"Wow, what a pack of lies," Sheila observed candidly with the rest of the two teams. She had timed this just right so that they would all hear him trying convince Eddie to join the Doom Patrol because the Teen Titans would not 'like' him. "Eddie, have I ever lied to you? Or even said bad things behind anyone's back?"

Kid Devil stopped at that. "No, never. Heck, you even chew me and Ravager out for doing it."

"You aren't much of a team leader, Sheila. You are the too-perfect goddess, untouchable and sacrosanct-"

"You are right, I'm not the team leader. Robin's the team leader. I just support him." Her fists were clenched very tightly.

"I knew that Robin and Sheila were right about you," Ravager said with a nod.

"Chief, this isn't what we are or what we do." Beast Boy seemed genuinely upset.

"We're outcasts, Garth. They will never understand Kid Devil like we do. They won't help him with his issues like us." The Chief was quite impassioned as he talked.

"You sound like he's broken. You know, you are everything I fear to become. Domineering, instead of supportive. Codependent instead of helpful. Everything I could do if I thought my way was the only, better way," Sheila hissed out.

"Sheila... let it go. I think everyone sees what he is doing." Wonder Girl had her hand on her 'sister's' shoulder.

"Yes, I think we do," Steve Dayton, Mento of the Doom Patrol, said in a grim voice. "And I think that is enough." His mental amplifier helmet was off and held at his hip. "I'm thinking a lot more clearly for some reason."

"But-" The Chief looked around, seeing a lot of very angry people. "I'll be in my lab."

Sheila let Robin and Beast Boy patch up their friendship while she walked a little ways away. The shadows in the odd, Escher-esque castle seemed oddly appropriate for her mood.

"You want to talk about it?" Ravager asked.

Sheila shrugged. "It's part of being smarter than just about everyone. You keep thinking, why don't they just do the smart thing? Or the 'correct' thing? Then it's only a few steps from making them do the smart thing. It's an impulse that I have to beat down."

"So you think everyone is stupid?" Rose asked in a hard tone.

"Do you think Beast Boy is dumb? Or just not as smart as you?" she shot back. "Sorry, it's a touchy subject to me."

Ravager looked over at the shapechanger with green skin. "No, I don't think he's dumb. And yeah, I can see how that could be irritating."

"Do you think I'm silly for being hung up on my smarts?" Sheila asked curiously.

"Nah, it's one of your superpowers. That would be like you asking me to not use my precog in fighting. It's just you." Ravager seemed to consider things for a long time. "So you are scared of becoming a dictator like the Chief was doing? Manipulating everyone to do what you think is right?"

"Yeah. It'd be easy."

"So then it's a good thing you have morals, too," the silver-haired martial artist said with a chuckle. "You wanna go swimming when we get back to the tower?"

"Sure." Sheila walked back to the group then. "Bumblebee? Vox? If you ever need a second opinion on medical matters, feel free to drop in."

"Sure!" the diminutive flyer called out.

Vox just nodded.

Rose walked back to the pool after letting Eddie know that she was there if he wanted to hang out. "Poor guy. It looks like Blue Devil couldn't make the time to call or show up."

"Jerk." Sheila seemed consider it as she floated in the water. "Hey, Eddie? Should we take a road trip to go beat up Blue Devil?"

"What?" Rose and Eddie exclaimed.

"Okay, maybe not beat up. How about scold severely?" she asked with a grin. "Or toilet paper his house?"

Rose seemed to think it over. "What do you think, Eddie?"

"Hell yeah. Why not?" He walked over. "Have to admit, I'm tempted to just sit here and watch you two swim."

"Sounds like he's recovering, Rose." Sheila was showing off her dimples as she laughed.

"Nah, he's just a boy."

Sheila got out of the pool, getting a whistle from Rose and Eddie for her one-piece swimsuit. "I don't think boys have a monopoly on hormones."

"That sounds like you are talking from experience, Sheila," Rose called back with a laugh.

"Of course. Hey, let me go change into civvies and I'll meet you out front." She headed down to her room. She stopped to think. Which one of her should she 'borrow.' Well, she just left babysitting Clara after Cassie had arrived at her home. Between one step and another, she disappeared from Washington D.C. Sheila then recreated that psycholocation of the other her in the Titan's Tower. The new, 'normal' looking Sheila waved her hand in front of her face, releasing her immortal visage.

"You are going to check out Robin?" the newly arrived Sheila asked.

"Or you can, instead of accompanying Eddie and Rose," the preexisting Sheila said.

They both giggled then, splitting up. After all, it did not matter which one went. They were all part of her mentality and existence. With both aware that her ability was probably the only super power Batman would desire.

So while Sheila left with Rose and Eddie, Sheila also walked down into Robin's 'secret' lair to see him lash out when he subconsciously detected that he was being watched.

"Robin," the young goddess asked worriedly as he knelt there in the remains of a failed clone of Conner Kent; Superboy.

"I've lost so much," he started to say, tears streaming down under his mask. "Is it so bad that I want my best friend back?"

"It's hurting you, Robin. And that won't be Conner. That will just be something that only thinks its him. Just like if Luthor's plan had worked, Conner would have thought he was Superman." She crouched down by him. "Would Conner want you to hurt yourself? Or would he want you to live?"

"How did Cassie get over him?" Robin asked.

"Tim, she isn't over him. Every day for the last eight months she's been thinking of him. She never wants to forget, but she wants to remember him and their love," Sheila said, carefully laying her left hand on his caped shoulder.

Tim's kiss was sudden and surprising. And for once, Sheila didn't know what to do except... kiss. Damn her hormones and the fact that she found him attractive.

When they broke apart, the young goddess narrowed her eyes. "If we are going to be anything, it has to be more than over this problem," she said, waving her hand over the destroyed laboratory.

"Why didn't you ever offer to help? You must have known what was going on," Robin finally asked.

With a sigh, Sheila disappeared in a blur and then reappeared with some brooms, garbage cans and other cleaning supplies. "Why didn't you ask?"

That stopped the young man. "I guess I felt you wouldn't approve."

"Which is true, but that isn't the only reason I bet." She started to mop up the viscous cloning fluids.

He grimaced. "I guess I didn't want to confirm that thought."

"Where do you stop, Robin?"

Robin frowned as he continued to sweep the glass fragments and papers. "What do you mean?"

"Do you clone Jericho? Terra? Your father? I'm sorry, that was too much and I shouldn't have said that. Why only Conner?" she asked, trying to project that she sincerely cared.

"I never thought about it that way. Why shouldn't I bring them all back if possible?" he countered. Though he wasn't sure the first Terra needed to come back from the dead.

"And then share virtual immortality to the whole world? It's going to get crowded. Then you have the problem of the law. Is it murder to kill a clone? Do they get everything their progenitor has? What if they are both still alive? Or multiple clones?" She started to put the papers back in their binders and carefully started to reorganize the work.

Robin blinked as he started to think. "So how do we get Conner back?"

Sheila frowned. "By trying something rather impossible. We have to find a way into the Kryptonian underworld."

"And why is that impossible?" Robin demanded, starting to get angry.

"Because it would be through Krypton."

"Oh." His tears were starting to dry, but his eyes were still reddened. And he doubted the loose clustered together clump of Kryptonite asteroids in that system would work for their quest.

Sheila put the mop and bucket to the side. "Robin, do you have anyone to talk to?"

"No, Batman really isn't good on the personal loss issues and... I just don't have anyone." His shoulder's slumped as he admitted it.

They hugged then. "You have the Titans. Even Rose, though I think she wants to try to get into your pants," Sheila finally said as they released their grips.

"Considering I caught her in my bed a few days ago, that's not exactly news," he replied with a soft chuckle.

"I'm not surprised. I'm torn between jealousy and wondering if I could have joined? And I just said that out loud didn't I? I can't believe-" Sheila started to babble.

"Um, so sparks?" Robin asked as he held a finger to her lips for a second.

"Yeah. I don't get it, but I'm really finding myself attracted to both of you. I hope I'm not turning into some slut just because I'm young and have hormones," she complained.

Robin just looked shocked, then bemused. "No, I think it just makes you human."

"Really?" Sheila looked incredibly happy right then.

"Really." Tim then snorted thinking about the look on Conner's face if he found this out. And for the first time in a year it wasn't painful thinking about his best friend.

"Why are you replacing us?" Rose cried out to the rest of the team in the parlor.

"Melodramatic much?" Sheila asked.

"We aren't replacing you, Eddie," Cassie said with a smirk.

"Not helping, Cassie. Can you please not needle Rose?" her dimensional doppelganger asked in frustration. "Otherwise I'm not going to help you tomorrow and you'll have to find someone else."

"Okay! Okay! I'll be nice," Wonder Girl said.

"How the hell did you-? You are holding something over on her," Rose exclaimed.

"Yes, but not what you are expecting," was Sheila's saucy reply.

"This isn't about you," Cyborg explained. "It's about Raven. I was going through the security feeds like Garth mentioned and it seems Raven is in trouble. And its Titan troubles that she felt that she could not bring up."

"So where was the last time that we had heard from her?" Robin asked seriously.

The answer to that was in Moscow.

"I hate snow," Eddie complained as they skulked down a back alley of the city.

"You'll hate a Russian prison worse, Kid Devil," Sheila replied. "I'm the only one with a Super Power Visa."

"So we're trespassing illegally into the country using the T-Jet because Leonid, Red Star, doesn't answer his phone?" Wonder Girl asked in a complaining tone.

"That's essentially it," Cyborg admitted.

"And you guys did not want to wait for me to talk to him. Oh well." Sheila narrowed her eyes. "Looks like he's finished mopping up the Meta-Men Militia."

"Leonid," Cyborg called out. "We've been trying to contact you."

"Victor? I've been engaged against my enemies." He took in all of the Titans. "You are looking better."

"We're looking for Raven and understand she talked to you a week ago," Robin said as he pulled his cape around him tighter.

"Yes. Fortunately, she left." Red Star seemed upset by their appearance.

"What?" Cyborg exclaimed.

"This area is too exposed. Gather around me and I will teleport us to my ship so that I am not forced to arrest all of you for illegal entry into the country."

"I do happen to have a Super Power Visa, Leonid. Even if they wouldn't allow me into the country during your invasion," Sheila reminded him.

As they gathered around, Red Star nodded. In a flash, the disappeared and reappeared in a high tech teleport room. Ravager made her unhappiness with the mode of transport immediately evident, dropping to her knees and then puking.

Sheila knelt down next to her. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, just gave me a really bad case of vertigo," the swordswoman said.

"You should probably check the Themotar Coil. It's two tetrahertz out of tune which is causing inner ear vibrations," Sheila called out even as she helped Rose up.

"I'm not sure what you see in her," Wonder Girl muttered. Then she sighed.

"Why are you on my case, Wonder Girl?" Ravager snapped out, then clutched her stomach.

"I just think Sheila could do better."

They were getting nose to nose and ready for a fist fight when Sheila and Leonid stepped in. Sheila physically interposed between them while Leonid just spoke.

"You should quit." The hugely muscled Russian seeemed quite calm.

"What?" Ravager and Wonder Girl shouted.

"You should quit being Titans. You can't even walk down the hall without fighting," he continued.

Sheila whispered to both of them, "I'm very upset at both of you right now."

Both of them got stubborn looks, even as Leonid continued with his story and the fact that the Titans for heroes like them left him nothing.

"That's not true, Red Star. Like any relationship or group, you have to make it work. It takes effort and caring," Sheila countered.

"Tell that to Wildbeast, Terra and Superboy-" Red Star said when Wonder Girl stomped forward and lifted him up with one hand that bunched up his shirt near his neck.

"Don't you dare throw that in our faces," Wonder Girl said, pulling back her fist for an electrified-enhanced punch.

"Where will you be afterwards?" he asked back, showing a bit of surprise.

"With my family. And that includes the Titans," she replied.

"Not for Titans like me. Raven was here, asking questions." Leonid straightened his shirt top, then walked over to one of the many high tech consoles to pick up a piece of paper. "Here is her address in Bejing. You know where the teleporters are."

"Jerk," Ravager said, getting Eddie's nod in agreement. Robin only smiled slightly behind her.

The information in Bejing they found had led them to Las Vegas.

"Just so people are aware, Zatara did not part on good terms." Sheila gave Kid Devil a hard look.

"It wasn't my fault that we got stuck in Azeroth for two weeks and nearly eaten by the Phantasm," he protested. "And you had quit the team for that week."

"I had family matters that came up." Sheila specifically did not look over at Cassie at that point. That was the week Cassie had given birth to Clara. Everyone had been there. Even Clark and Lois had managed to make time to be there.

Robin nodded as he started to put things together in his head. They charmed their way into Zatara's back room. In between shows, he went back to cool off and had a very rude surprise.

"I apologize, Zatara, but we really did need to talk to you," Sheila said as he walked in. "We need to track down Raven."

"She's not here." He had a smug look on his face that just about set off Ravager and Wonder Girl.

"We know that," Cyborg said carefully. "But we think she's in trouble and needs help."

"Please, don't punish her for your anger at us. She could be in real trouble," Sheila said as she tried to convey how serious they felt on this.

"So now you care?" the stage magician snapped out.

"We aren't perfect, Zatara. Even if we try very hard." She looked off into the distance. "Even the best intentions can... complicate your friend's lives."

Zatara looked over at the picture on the mirror. "Fine. I heard she was headed to talk with that green bimbo out in the out back of Australia. I guess Miss Martian decided to go live out in a desert because it felt like home."

Everyone else parted, as Sheila trailed out last. "He's not really that bad, you know."

"Yes, he is. He nearly got me killed." Zatara's lip was curled up in anger in memory of what had happened with Devil Boy. "Not that Miss Martian was much better."

Sheila just shook her head in sadness.

"Sorry, I couldn't and wouldn't say. I have a strict no mind-reading policy to good people," Miss Martian was saying after they tracked her down to the Brisbane in Australia. She had just finished her defeat of a minor hoodlum that used power armor and a high tech rifle in his random crimes.

"So you don't know who the traitor is?" Robin asked as he narrowed his eyes behind his domino mask.

"No, the only person I really 'path with is Sheila. And that's just because she's trying to learn telepathic techniques," the green-skinned, red-haired girl said with a totally sunny smile.

Robin nodded at that.

"Why did she leave the group?" Cyborg asked Sheila. The Martian girl seemed pretty nice and pleasant to be around to him.

"As much as I tried without the glue members, people came and went weekly basis. Megan didn't like all the fighting that was going on," Sheila replied softly. "And people were pretty unpleasant behind their faces." That had been one of the things that drove Sheila to be as upfront about things as possible.

"Oh," Cyborg intelligently stated.

"And you don't even want to know the mess he made," Sheila snarled thinking about Powerboy. She knew he was a New God just by meeting him, and his stalker and dominating feelings toward Supergirl lead to that incident.

The only good that came out of it was Argent learned to use her powers more like a Green Lantern power ring. And she was very tempted to let Talon go through with his ideas on what to do with the battered spy. And of course Power Boy seemed to fall off the face of the Earth after that.

When he reappeared they intended to be ready for him. They would not let that depraved New God spy run free.

"Do I even want to know who she is talking about," Cyborg whispered to Robin. The Boy Wonder shook his head. He honestly hoped Powerboy stayed gone from what he'd read about him.

They then headed out in the T-Jet to their next rendevouz to track down Bombshell, supposedly the next ex-Titan on Raven's list. With Cyborg wondering if Booster Gold was going to get a teen side kick or have someone emulating him at this rate.

The Teen Titans jumped into the fight of Bombshell against some Nazi, sending them into the dark Pacific ocean fairly easily.

"Actual Nazi? Not Neo-Nazi?" Sheila asked as they flew down to land on an aircraft carrier. "That's... odd."

"Odd?" Bombshell asked in confusion.

"It's seventy years after World War II, you know. In my home reality the only Nazi left are the ones in prison. Or died of old age because they'd be ninety years old or so." The Goddess of Excellence and Battle just shook her head.

"I always forget you aren't from this world," Robin said as he stepped out of the T-Jet in front of the others. "You just seem to know so much."

"That's because she studies an awful lot," Wonder Girl noted.

"I don't get how she can be surprised by that when the founders of the JSA that are still around and kicking are that old too," Cyborg remarked.

"Yes, but they are not part of a political movement of a country that was wiped out of existence," she countered. "We had Neo-Nazi and all that entails (damn bigots) but actual Nazi are a historical oddity."

"You're world is odd," Rose said as she shook her long, silver-haired head around.

Sheila just gave her a shrug.

"So you are looking for a traitor? Raven and I had been talking just last night about it," Bombshell explained. "I had been working with her undercover to discover the agent. We spent weeks tracking them with government satellites."

"Cool," Devil Boy said inanely.

"We got our proof just last night." Bombshell declared as she talked directly to Cyborg. "It was someone who was a Titan while you were offline."

"Who is it?" Wonder Girl demanded.

"Isn't it obvious? It's Ravager, the daughter of Deathstroke!" Bombshell declared while pointing her gloved finger at the silver-haired girl.

"Me?" Rose asked with an angry look. "Are you crazy?"

"No, but you were..." Bombshell said with a smirk which made Rose's blood boil.

Rose suddenly leaped at her, drawing her two swords. "Don't point at me!"

"Rose!" Sheila called out, intercepting her hold her close up against her chest, but not capturing her arms.

"I think that proves the point, Miss Wilson, doesn't it?" the silver-skinned woman said with a smirk.

"I didn't do it. What would I want with a stupid book of the Titan's secret identities?" the armored figure demanded, but did not break out of Sheila's grasp.

"It's worth a lot of money. And your father could sell it to Two-Face, Scarecrow and the Joker easily." Bombshell had her hands out as if Ravager was not armed and dangerous and on a trigger.

"I wouldn't do that to you, Robin. Or any of you. Not even Wonder Girl," Rose argued.

"No, she wouldn't. You better have some proof of your accusation, Bombshell." Sheila remembered all too well that Rose and Amy Allen had never gotten on well on the team. Like oil and water, except on fire most of the time.

Bombshell paused for just a second. "I'm just saying, we intercepted a call from the Tower a week ago to Deathstroke."

"That wasn't me," Rose protested.

Sheila frowned, as she knew that was a lie. But was it a calculated lie to trip up Rose? There had been no calls out to anyone. Being able to hear radio waves let her know that.

"I'm only looking at facts, Ravager has already tried to kill Raven once," Bombshell declared.

"Going by history, a lot of us have tried to kill each other when under some form of influence," Sheila said as she moved her embrace from holding Rose back to just holding her waist from behind. "I'll want to see the electronic evidence first and cross-reference them with the Titan's logs."

Rose actually relaxed as she caught the hidden meaning of 'listen to what I'm doing, not just what I'm saying. "Besides, electronic records are easy to fake," she noted as she glared at the silver-skinned girl.

"Oh, that's cute. Now you are accusing me of faking records?" the soldier asked angrily.

"That's enough. We need to find Raven," Victor ordered. "You said you talked to her last night? So you know where she is now?"

"She said she needed to do something," the silver hued metahuman replied in a stern tone. "Without telling me why. I hate it when mystics act cryptic."

"This would be so much easier if she had a cell phone we could call," Wonder Girl sighed.

"No kidding," Red Devil muttered.

It suddenly hit Tim Drake where Raven was going. And he had a bad feeling about this. Raven was going to be unhappy with the results no matter what though.

'Robin, Bombshell is lying. I'm not sure if she is trying to get people to reveal themselves as the traitor through a mistake or is the traitor. But we should beware,' Sheila sent telepathically to him. 'She did not like Rose at all, remember.'

Robin just nodded, as if to himself.

They all loaded up into the Quantum Patrol's jet and took off. Robin was going over the books to verify what he had been thinking. "She's got to be in Phoenix. It's the only thing that makes sense."

"Phoenix?" Red Devil asked with a confused expression. "Why would she go there?"

Robin may have been about to reveal something, but that was when Miss Martian appeared.

"I did it! I read their mind! I know who the traitor is!" the green-skinned girl called out mentally as she phased right through the windshield of the modified civilian jet.

A burst of fire hit Miss Martian and her body changed as her skin turned from emerald to bone white. Her body also turned from pleasingly female to more bestial. She screamed in pained panic as Bombshell then launched herself at the White Martian. They smashed out of the airplane and towards the ground.

"Oh shit, Hyperclan," Red Devil gasped even as he tried to hold on for dear life.

"Very good, Bombshell," Sheila remarked dryly. "However as a Martian she has more powers then anyone but me could list off the top of their head, she would have been attacking first. If she wanted to harm us, there is nearly nothing we could do to stop her."

"She does have a point," Cyborg admitted in confusion. "But right now I'm more worried about the fact that we're about to crash. I'm going to try and trigger the T-Jet to pick us up."

"Don't bother," Wonder Girl called out, leaping out the ragged whole. "This isn't that heavy."

"Compared to what!" Rose remarked loudly as she tied on her mask. "A mountain?"

Cassandra Sandsmark was quite true to her words, easily catching the plane.

"Put us down next to St. Sebastion's church over there, Wonder Girl," Robin called out. It was time to end this farce. He gave a nod to Sheila.

They stepped out of the plane as Bombshell dropped the unconscious body of the Martian on the ground. "See, she's in on it. I bet you were hoping that she could distract us from you, Ravager?"

Robin looked over at the alien, then just shook his head. "The problem is, I do know who the traitor is. And it is not Ravager or Miss Martian. I got a bounce back on the virus I put into the fake disk of Jericho. And it came from a US Military address. Not somewhere that Raven would be, would it?"

"What are you saying?" Bombshell demanded with a defiant tone.

"He's saying the jig is up, Bombshell. We know it was you that stole our stalking horse," Sheila called out as she finished strengthening life force of the Titans.

"Well, what do you know? You guys aren't as dumb as I thought you were," the silver-skinned villainess said with a smirk as she unleashed a blast to scramble their brains. "But I've been preparing to take you all out for over half an hour. How's it feel?"

"Like I'm going to break your face," Wonder Girl called out before she hit Bombshell with enough force to make a thirty foot crater.

"What the hell? That should have knocked you all out!" the dented figure said, holding her hand up to her face. "Quantum Soldiers, take them out!"

"You planned, we counter-planned. Cyborg, three sonic frequencies on the 10, 12.445 and 15.097 kilohertz bands!" Sheila called out.

"Whatever you say," Vic called out, blasting the metal-covered girl in soundwaves with his sonic-fist blaster.

Bombshell only had a moment to shriek as the metal on her body exploded from the resonating frequencies. "No! What did you-"

"Good night, Shirley!" Ravager called out as she punched the defenseless girl.

"Remind me to not play chess with you," Eddie told Sheila. "Man, I don't think Batman would try." He finished cracking two of the 'Quantum Soldiers' heads together.

"He might," Robin admitted. In fact, Batman was actually modestly paranoid of Sheila. Her power of supernatural-intelligence and slew of super-powers put her in the top two percentile of world threats he kept track of. And no Kryptonite to deal with her.

Luckily, she was not as physically advanced as a Kryptonian. So there were other recourses. Though Tim wasn't sure anything less then a fuel air bomb would work. And he had a suspicion that she underplayed her powers at times.

He shook his head. "Well, we need to head in. I think we might need to deal with this a little cautiously. Wonder Girl? Cyborg? Let's go," Robin called out.

"And what are we supposed to do?" Ravager demanded.

"They are her friends, Ravager. Okay, guys! Let's tie these soldiers up and call in someone official to find out if we just attacked the US Navy," Sheila called out as she leaned over Miss Martian, healing up her burns as she shapeshifted back into her 'normal' form. "You really weren't that hurt, you know."

The now green-skinned girl nodded. "It's our racial pyrophobia, it sends us into shock. You don't seem to be that worried about me being a White Martian." She had a soft, worried smile about that.

"It's you skin color, not who you are. And you are so nice its tooth-decaying," the goddess noted. "Though you shouldn't really have to hide it. You could just go with that bone-white color and the red hair."

"Really? But so many people hate the white martians," she noted as she started to help tie up the captured soldiers. The Hyperclan and their attempts to take over the world lingered in the memory of the super hero community.

A wind ruffled past as the martian blinked. Had that been Sheila? "What was that?"

"Just a delivery from the Titan's Tower."

"Hey, Sheila. I think Raven is upset at you," Ravager called out as she pointed out the four Titans exiting the church.

"What gave you the right?" the pale-skilled, black-robed girl demanded.

"To protect Jericho from being kidnapped? Robin and I decided to hide his recording and leave out a decoy so that something like this couldn't happen. Did you figure it out? How to create a body from the blood of innocents?" Sheila countered right back. "It wasn't all about you, Raven."

"I just want our family back," she said softly.

"Well, I just so happen to have something here. Did you want to go make his body now?" Sheila asked as she held up a disk. One of her selves had picked it up from where they had hidden it under the statue of Robin II, Jason Todd, in the hall of remembrance.

"It's too late. The time is not correct and it would require a lot more power," Raven said softly as she hid her face in the shadows of her cowl.

"Well, you just so happen to have a lot of power available," Wonder Girl noted. "We'll power this ritual. And then you can teach it to Sheila and I."

All of the Titans followed her into the dilapidated church and the basin filled with magically preserved blood. Raven explained what was needed and what to do.

"Cassie was right, we should be able to do this. Ready?" Sheila said to Cassie.

"Ready!" Wonder Girl said as she felt a tingle in her blood. No, not her blood, but her Ichor.

Kid Devil backed away slightly, feeling his demon-side drawn to the power being raised here. "That's freaky."

"No more than growing my eye back," Rose said with a hard grin as she watched the three of them start to make the blood-pool glow.

Raven tossed in the disk with careful reverence. Within moments a blood covered figure appeared. Robin quickly handed him his cape.

"Good to see you back, Jericho," Cyborg called out as he gave the blood-covered Titan a high-five.

Raven suddenly looked over to the still glowing Wonder Girl. "What is going on?"

The blonde-haired girl was holding up her hand that seemed to be sublimating into glowing sparkles. "Sheila? I don't know-"

"Apotheosis," Sheila explained even as she walked over, her own form exploding into sparkles.

The Titans looked on in shock as the two girl faded out as laughter rang out.

Kid Devil shuddered. "That felt... holy. I don't understand-" His demon self was demanding he either fight or flee.

"The blood has been purified. I almost feel like I can try for my white soul-self," Raven called out as she looked at the clear water that had been blood just a moment ago. Even the church felt lighter... more cleansed.

Sheila and Cassandra reappeared next to Raven. Wonder Girl smiled at her old friend. "So why don't you?" as she held out her hand to grab a hold of her hand.

"But I'm... scared," the reborn daughter of Trigon said in a tiny voice.

"We'll be here with you," they replied in unison.

Robin just stared in shock as the three disappeared for a long moment, before reappearing. Sheila was as she always was, the blue 'Wonder Girl' top with her glowing yellow hair and no bracers and with regular jeans. Wonder Girl was wearing her normal red and gold, sleeveless top and had her bracers on. Her hair seemed to glow with a soft radiance.

And now Raven was in her white robes, a soul-self of white glow within black shadows around her.

"While it seems very neat, I am very confused," Miss Martian called out, a tentative smile on her face.

"Cassie ascended into her god-hood. Or is it just Cassandra now?" Sheila asked her dimensional analog.

"Cassandra. I think of Thunder and Might," Wonder Girl said with a bemused look on her face.. "I'll keep the super-heroine name of Wonder Girl too." At least until she would hand it off to a newer, younger generation.

The Titans crowded around the returned Raven and Jericho.

"Hi, Jericho. I'm Rose Wilson. I guess I'm your sister," Ravager said as she pulled off her mask.

He made some handsigns.

"Sorry, I don't understand that. But I can learn," she said with a smile.

"Or I can just heal it," Sheila interjected. She held up her hand and made a totally nonsensical gesture.

"H-hello," Jericho said shyly. He gave the odd looking girl with glowing hair a grateful look.

"Let's head outside to hand off these Quantum Soldiers and Bombshell to the proper authorities," Robin called out.

"On it," Sheila said with a smile as her other self of Samantha Halls along with Diana Prince were being sent to Phoenix by the Department of Metahuman Affairs. That would make things much easier to handle.

It was only later, as Cassie was whispering to Diana that Sheila realized this might not have been the smartest idea. Robin was looking at Samantha Halls very closely as she talked to Nemesis. He then very casually did not look around as he listened to the agents do their work of arresting them.

In the computer room of Titan's Tower, Sheila was looking up all she could on the Everyman Project and how it worked. Her otherselves in the right positions to add to the search were doing the same for her. The project made Sheila respect Lex Luthor's genius. And be even more annoyed at how he used it for such petty and narrow minded ends.

And like the Chief she hoped never to end up like him. Or the other version of him they had to deal with a year ago as well. It was then her cell phone rang.


"Sheila..." Clark Kent said sounding a bit tired and yet happy at the same time.

"Hi Clark! How are you and the wife doing?" she asked in a casual tone.

"Doing great," the Man of Steel stated warmly. "Listen there's something we need your help with. We need a doctor who won't ask questions and Doctor Cross is unavailable at the moment."

"I'd love to," Sheila grinned. "I will be right over."

"Thank you," Superman said relieved. "We need someone with medical training to help with this."

That got Sheila even more interested. With Superman it always was unique. The part of her that was working late at S.T.A.R. Labs left her work. The dirty blonde-haired intern waved to the security guard at the parking garage exit and she drove down the street to park near an eatery.

In the blink of an eye she appeared outside their apartment door, the 'basic' civilian Sheila had replaced Sara Homer's face and hair, though she still had her badge now in her pocket. She knocked on the Kent apartment. "Hello?"

Clark had the door open almost instantly. "Strange, I didn't hear you run up."

"I do have more powers than speed running. I've been working on teleporting ever since Kid Devil was almost killed when Vortex bounced me into the Atlantic Ocean. I need to figure out a more efficient way to teleport though. I can't reach the Moon."

"Have you considered something like a Zeta Beam?" Clark suggested.

"Clark, I'm magically leaping across space. I don't think a Zeta Beam would be quite the same. How are you, Lois?" Sheila asked.

"I'm fine. What are you doing in a S.T.A.R. Lab jacket?" the reporter asked from her seat. She was looking a little pale and getting very pregnant looking. That there was someone sitting next to her was a surprise.

"Looks like you got too much sunlight today, Lois. And I work there as an Intern. And who's this fellow?"

This fellow was a young boy of about six with brown hair wearing a T-shirt and shorts. "I'm Chris."

"This is Christopher Kent. We are adopting him. He's special like I am," Clark explained carefully.

"Hello, I'm Sheila," the scion said with a bright smile to Christopher. She then looked deeply at him with her sight. She quickly could tell he was Kryptonian. And the Captain Carrot wrist watch Chris was wearing wasn't fully holding back his powers. In fact that looked like they were starting to build up inside him.

"A red sunlight watch? It doesn't seem to be fully putting his solar energy into stasis," Sheila stated. Then Sheila got an idea. "Say would either of you mind I help forge his documents and say he's from Gotham?"

"No Man's Land..." Lois muttered. "Of course. The records are full of holes because of that."

"Exactly. Now is there anything you'd want for a middle name Christopher?" They should probably watch that closely. If they were doing it, so were the 'badguys'.

The Kyptonian boy rubbed his chin and pondered that. After few minutes he shrugged.

"How about Alan?" Clark interjected. "After my favorite member of the Justice Society." Which of course was a reference Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern of Earth to be a public superhero.

"Right," Sheila said as she looked over Lois and the ace reporter's unborn daughter. Mother and child were in good shape. Clark's own tales of how it wasn't until he was in his teens before his powers started kicking in had helped with some of their both seemed to be doing fine, so they would just have to watch the situation carefully.

Lois had her hand on her growing stomach as she sat in a lazy-boy chair. "We already knew that too much sunlight might be a bit dangerous. Are you sure she will be fine?"

"She'll be fine. You just might have to wear special opaque outfits. So are you going to bring Chris over to meet his cousin?"

That perked up the young boy. "Cousin? I thought you were alone?" he asked Clark.

"It's a bit complicated, but Conner was my something like a younger brother. He had a kid just before he died, her name is Clara. But she's very young," the Kryptonian explained.