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Chapter 4

Sleepy Days

"You're what?" Tsuna choked on his water.

Kira blinked in confusion. "Is that a bad thing?"

There was barely ten minutes left in lunch when Kira broke the news to Tsuna and Gokudera, making Tsuna panicky and Gokudera angry for instilling negative feelings in his boss. Tsuna then went on to explaining what the Disciplinary Committee did and what kind of person Hibari was. Most of the information corresponded with Kira's research, except his personality. She didn't know him long enough to come to a conclusion, and as far as she knew he wasn't as bad as Tsuna made him out to be. We'll have to wait and see.

"You better not bring the Tenth any trouble because of this Hibari guy!" Gokudera exhaled some smoke from his cigarette, making Kira cover her mouth and nose in disdain. She saw no logical reason to smoke. It was a waste of money, time and breathing.

"If anyone's going to bring any trouble it'll be Reborn."

For an unfathomable reason, Gokudera bristled with anger. "Okay, that's it! Why do you talk like you know Reborn? You shouldn't even exist."

Tsuna nibbled on his lunched nervously as he thought about interfering, but then decided that he shouldn't get involved.

Kira almost flinched at his tone. It was so loud and the sun was burning them alive—or at least her—"I'm Reborn's assistant, and I have been for a long time."

Gokudera stood up and spat out the cigarette bud off the roof. "You can't lie to me. I did a search on his assistant and she's been missing for years."

Kira leaned back on her hands, head turned away from them. "Where'd you look? The amateur's database?"

"Why you little—"

Gokudera made a move to grab Kira by the collar and Tsuna got up as fast as he could, but in his haste forgot to put his lunch aside, and thus spilled rice all over his lap. However, he didn't seem to notice as he held back Gokudera who was just inches away from Kira's face. "Gokudera-kun, Kira, please stop it!"

"Tenth, we have a liar in the family and I won't tolerate that!"

Kira became more agitated by the second. Yes, she was using a persona, but for the love of all that was holy, she was no traitor. "What are you saying, Hayato? That I'm a liability? A traitor?"

"If you aren't then why don't you tell us who you really are?"

She sighed. "I already did. I'm Reborn's assistant, so if you're as smart as I thought you were then why don't you do your research properly this time." She smiled in her head as Gokudera's hands clutched at his side, knuckles white and nails digging in. It seemed that questioning his intellect did more damage than she thought. Good. I'll see if you're worthy soon enough.

"By the way…"

"What?" he snarled.

"You have until tomorrow to give me an answer. The deadline is midnight," she informed him with a cheeky grin.

He rolled his eyes. "And what if I say no?"

"Then you're out of the family."

Two teens jumped out of their skins at Reborn's sudden appearance. Kira waved at him. "Yo."

"You heard him, Gokudera. Discover Kira's true identity—if he has one—by midnight tomorrow and you get to stay in Tsuna's family."

"But Reborn-san," Gokudera blanched, "you can't be serious!"

"You said it yourself, didn't you? There should be no liars among the family, but Kira obviously won't tell you so it's up to you to figure it out."

Kira watched in amusement while Tsuna stared in shock. Gokudera looked like he was about to positively explode. Then, surprising all but one, he took off.

"Gokudera-kun! Where are you going?" Tsuna shouted, startled. He moved to get up and chase him but Kira held out her arms and pulled him back.

"Don't," she breathed. Her voice came out in a whisper but was laced with a mix of authority and warning.


"Yes?" She released him and smiled, all traces of the malice gone. Tsuna gulped and shook his head.

"N-nothing. Never mind…"

The bell signalled the end of lunch and the beginning of gym class, or as Kira liked to call it, a nuisance. She didn't participate of course. It was dangerous for her to change in the boy's locker room, but there were bathroom stalls in there so it wasn't completely out of the question.

"What are we playing today?"

The boy next to her scoffed and turned to her. "Are you actually going to play?"

Kira made an 'ehhh' sound and pretended to consider his words. "Nope."

He exhaled heavily and looked like he was ready to throw his hands up in frustration. "Come on Kizuna! No one's seen you play so we don't even know if you're good at sports or not!"

"Heh heh…" Her lips pulled into a crooked smirk. "It's not that I can't play…"

"Then why not?"

"Look," she said as she gestured to the bags under her eyes. "I'm too tired to do anything but sit."

He started to say something but a sharp whistle cut him off. "Alright, stop the chatter and begin picking teams for baseball! Team captain's pick. Yamamoto, you're captain of team A and Kenshiro will be captain of team B. Come on, split up!"

The boy she had been talking to had apparently been Kenshiro and he immediately grabbed her by the bicep. "I pick Kizuna!" Then, much quieter he whispered to her, "You better play…"

The threat didn't faze her and she drawled out, "Uh huuuh…"

"Seriously Kizuna, beating Yamamoto isn't easy."

I know. I've been keeping an eye on Yamamoto and today is perfect to assess his skills.

It came to the last pick and Tsuna stood in the middle awkwardly trying to turn invisible.

"I'm not going to take him, you take him."

"Don't be stupid, we don't want that loser on our team. Besides, shouldn't you take him since you already have Yamamoto? It'll balance things out."

"Looks who's talking! You got Kizuna, and for all we know he might be your ace!"

Not really…

"Guys, calm down! Sawada!" Tsuna looked up at Yamamoto calling him. "Why don't you join our team?"

His teammates blanched. "EHHH? Yamamoto, you can't be serious!"

Kira gave herself a secret smile. Yamamoto was a nice guy after all. For some reason I feel proud.

"Hold on a second…" a boy from the other team started counting with his eyes narrowed, suspicious. "How come you guys have one extra person? That's not fair!"


"I'll be the catcher then!" she volunteered. It was an easy position and she'd be able to observe everyone.

The whole game Kira only caught the ball with bare minimum attention. She hadn't missed one but Yamamoto's pitches really hurt! The boy had an arm on him... and legs. He always hit a homerun and was at the next base before you could blink. Amazing, really. They definitely needed someone like him in the family.

"Are you okay with cleaning up all by yourself?"

Tsuna groaned but nodded. "It's always like this. I'm used to it."

"Hmmm…" Kira folded her arms behind her head and raised her head towards the sky. "You shouldn't have to be…"

"Well, that's how it is. But it's not like I enjoy it either."

"I see. Well, I'd hate to leave you alone, but Reborn said I couldn't interfere with your school life because that was his job."

Tsuna let out a humourless chuckle. "Is that so…"

"But perhaps that won't be the case…"

"Eh? What do you mean?"

Kira gestured with her chin to look behind him. Yamamoto was strolling towards them with a broom and a grin.

"Help has arrived!"

Kira clapped Tsuna on the shoulder. "Looks like you don't need me anymore! Thanks for the help, Takeshi."

Yamamoto laughed. "It's no problem! Tsuna's been really awesome lately and it would be wrong if he had to clean up an entire baseball diamond by himself. Oh yeah, is it okay if I call you that?"

Tsuna nodded eagerly. "Of course!" It was so cute to see him making more friends. "And that reminds me, Kira, why do you call everyone by their first names? I mean, it's fine with me but calling Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto by theirs…"

"Well why not? He's going to be part of the family anyway."

"What?" Tsuna grabbed Kira by the wrist and made her huddle with him a few meters away. "You can't bring Yamamoto into this as well!"

Kira rolled her eyes. "Yes I can and it's going to happen so you're just going to get used to it. Even if I don't recruit him, Reborn will."

"No! Stop forcing people to join the mafia!"

"Fine then." She stood up, back straight and called Yamamoto over. "Is it okay if I call you Takeshi?"

"Sure, I don't mind."

She smirked at him. "See. He doesn't mind."

Tsuna pouted and glared weakly at the ground. "Whatever. Shouldn't you go get changed?"

Kira snickered and messed up his hair before sprinting away from a flustered Tsuna. She laughed like a mad coyote the whole way back to the locker room and had to sit for three minutes to catch her breath. A few people asked her what she was laughing about but she just shook her head and went to change back into her uniform.

School came to an end and Kira was busying herself with Gokudera's latest order of dynamite. Just as she finished her last batch of orders and was looking forward to some shut eye the little twit had to order enough dynamite to blow Japan off the face of the earth. What the hell did he even do with all of it? She hadn't seen him use that many. The amount used and ordered didn't match and so she could only assume he was stocking up.

"More importantly Reborn, what if he actually figures out who I am?" Kira rubbed her forehead. They were lounging in a tunnel above the school's furnace room and were guaranteed privacy. "That dolt would never buy from me again."

Reborn sipped his tea. "Is that all you're worried about? Well, either way it's your problem."

Kira paused in her brainstorming as she noted that she wasn't the one who turned it into an official challenge. "That and this whole being part of the Disciplinary Committee… you want me to recruit Kyouya, right?"

"Do you even have to ask?"

She groaned in slight frustration and stretched her tense muscles. "Alright, but please don't interfere this time… I'm already about to assassinate myself."

Reborn scoffed as he polished a rifle. "You don't have the guts to kill anything, let alone commit suicide."

"Aaargh!" She grabbed her head and folded into a ball, screaming into her lap to let out her stress that had built up extremely quickly over the course of one week. "I swear Japan is out to get me!"

"Which reminds me, Hibari said he wanted to see you in the reception room after school ASAP."

Kira's wails died down and she peeked out with one eye. "You sure?"


"Should I go?"

"Doesn't matter to me. Besides, you said to not interfere."

Kira made a face and felt a foreboding come over her. Somehow she knew her words were going to bite her in the butt. "I'll… just go then."

"Hey Kyouya," Kira entered the room without knocking. A very unimpressed Hibari glared at her.

"You are late herbivore." There was another boy standing next to him and judging by the look on his face, it might not have been a good idea to call him by his first name in front of other people. "Kusakabe, you are dismissed for today."

Kira suppressed a laugh when the boy who was a head taller than Hibari saluted him and said 'Yes, Hibari-san'. She also noticed the confused look he shot her when he passed by. Maybe using Italian manners in Japan wasn't a good idea after all…

"Sorry I'm late," she said quickly when she caught Hibari's menacing face. Of course she didn't mean it but it seemed like a good time to apologize. "So how can I help you?"

He wagged a finger at her to come over and Kira held back a sigh and eye roll. What was up with this guy? "I've got a job for you. Get rid of this virus and set up the best antivirus you've got."

Kira took the laptop with both hands and couldn't help but grin. So she wasn't the only one with enough enemies that one of them would actually have the brains to break into her computer.

"Sure, I can do that. Do you need this done within a certain timeframe?"

"At the very latest by tomorrow at midnight." He sat back down and began looking through papers. So maybe he really did rule the school… "If I find anything missing or you take too long I'll bite you to death."


Kira pushed the power button and to her annoyance it didn't turn on. She plugged the AC adapter in and tried again to the same result. Now she was in some real trouble. All her tools were back in Tsuna's basement and who knew what would be in her inbox when she got back. "Is it okay if I take this with me? I'll have it fixed by tomorrow morning."

"That's fine by me."

She carefully closed the lid and gave him a curt wave. "See you tomorrow."

He didn't reply.

But Kira expected this and her mind was elsewhere already. I left my car behind the school… gah, what am I going to do with it? Tsuna's house didn't have a garage so she had no place to park it without attracting unwanted attention. She hugged the laptop closer as she sped down the stairs to her classroom to retrieve her bag.

Sitting in her car, she spent a good hour going over order details, making sure the dynamite was delivered, replying to business partners and customers, and texting Dino. Apparently after his next job he would come to visit. For now she could park her car at his base in Japan. However, it was rush hour and so she didn't even consider driving seeing as she had better chances getting there faster on foot. And if I go there by car then I'll have to get back by bus and train. Best to go on the weekends then… ARGH, that's two days away which is two too many.

She noticed it first when she opened the door that the cloaking device was failing and turned on and off every few hours. "Damn Verde and his beta experiments… he never tells me what stage these things are in."

The name Fedele mocked her as she tried to think of someone who would do this for her. "Should I call him?" She slumped back in her seat and idly scratched at her wrist and played with the end of her sleeve. "But he hates me."

"I don't have a lot of friends."

I'll just text him and if he does it then great. The whole time she was typing there was a frown plastered to her face. Something about Fedele made her fidgety and suspicious.

By the time she got back she was surprised to find Kyoko leaving Tsuna's house in a rush. There was also a lot of damage done to the house as well as Nana's brain. To make her forget this Kira would have to drug her. A guilty feeling washed over her; despite being a Mafioso Kira didn't like the idea of drugging Nana. The woman was innocent and got caught up in something unpleasant when all she did was shelter and care for them.

Nana was put to bed soundly and Tsuna was left to clean up the mess whilst Kira's nanobots repaired all structural damage. They still had to get a new refrigerator though. She couldn't be bothered to repair that, especially with her promise to fix Hibari's computer.

An explosion jolted Kira from her sleep. Her phone read 6:17PM, which meant she had been sleeping for a good half hour. Repairing Hibari's computer was harder than she anticipated due to a few complications… not only was his battery half dead but his AC adapter was in barely working condition. Luckily she had a universal adapter, but she could do little for his battery. The virus was more odd than difficult to delete and she ended up getting side-tracked studying it rather than doing her job…

When she went to pocket her phone, it vibrated.

A text?

From: Hibari Kyouya

Find the identity and address of the person who infected that computer. I expect results first thing tomorrow.

Kira blinked at the screen and wondered three things: Why didn't he say it earlier, how did he get her number, and how did she get his number?


Tracking the soon-to-be-deadmeat was a piece of cake and she quickly texted him back, screw first thing in the morning. Tsuna was probably being quizzed by Reborn judging by the explosions and she did not want to miss it.


"So which subject are you failing at?" she playfully taunted him and flopped down next to Reborn, out of harm's way. "Having fun?"

"How can you possibly have fun being quizzed like this?"


"Not exactly. I'm having fun." Reborn commented, and then set off another explosion just for the hell of it.

"So am I! Buwahahaha!" A child the same size as Reborn cackled outside of Tsuna's window on a tree branch pointing a gun at Reborn. He began yelling at Reborn about killing him and Tsuna's jaw dropped, Kira went quiet, but Reborn was oblivious to his existence.

"Next question."

"But Reborn… there's a kid—"

Kira cupped her face in her hands as she watched the cute kid realize there weren't any bullets in his gun. When the tree branch snapped, she cringed. Poor thing. He wanted a rematch with Reborn, right? Well, he wouldn't win, but if she let him in then he wouldn't be falling off trees, although he'd be injured less… So when the doorbell rang, she opened it and crouched down to his level.

"Hello. My name is Kizuna Kira," she introduced with a silly grin. The kid was so darn cute. "Nice to meet you…"

"I'm Lambo-san! So you better call me that and nothing else, got it?" He yelled happily and pointed at Kira's nose. She laughed along and held out a finger for him to shake since his hand was too small.

"Haha, got it Lambo-san! Are you here to meet Reborn?"

Lambo hmpf'd and put his hands to his hips. "Well of course! We are sworn rivals after all!"

She chuckled at his response. Reborn didn't know he existed, but who said she had to be the bearer of bad news? So she picked him up and held him up with one arm like a plush doll. "I'll take you to him then."

"Bwahahah! The great Lambo-san already has a servant! Climb faster, lackey!" He kicked and punched the air while Kira tried to not him through all the movement.

"I'm going as fast as I can!"


"Not possible!"

Before Kira would open the door, Lambo jumped out of her arms and entered the room in the most dynamic way possible. He kicked the door open with a knife in hand and filled the silence with boisterous laughter. Except…

"Remember this formula."

"Eh," Tsuna looked uncertainly at Lambo, "but…"

Lambo ended up still trying to attack Reborn, resulting in him getting too emotional, tripping, introducing himself while crying, and threatening to use the Ten-Year Bazooka. Kira had never heard of something like it before and was now dying to get her hands on it.

"Grenade! Die, Reborn!"

He flew out the window along with the grenade… And I brought him here so he wouldn't be falling from this height.

What concerned Kira more was that the explosion could wake Nana. It was a lot louder than the explosives Reborn was using, and if Nana woke too early, the effects would be insufficient and another dose could be dangerous. She went downstairs to check and Nana was opening the door to Lambo. Did the kid not learn his lesson?

"Oh, Kira-kun, can you call Tsuna down for me?"


Nope, it seemed to have worked fine.

"Why are we here?" Kira kicked a pebble as they strolled by the river. Tsuna didn't want to look after Lambo so Kira volunteered to go with him. She liked Lambo after all.

"This place always calms me down so I thought maybe Lambo would feel a bit calmer too." Tsuna looked away, embarrassed at having said that.

"It's a nice thought I guess…" she shrugged and then stretched her arms behind her head. "Hey, what's that?" Kira pointed to a rundown building.

Tsuna paused and picked up Lambo who was still hiccupping from crying. "Oh, that used to be a warehouse but the company that owns it went bankrupt and now they have to close and sell everything."

This sparked an idea in Kira's mind. She pretended to be interested in the conversation and took a few steps to get a closer look. "How do you know? You don't look like the type that follows the news." There was graffiti over the left half of it depicting waterfalls, but over it someone had painted crudely in black "GET OUT". Strange as it was, Kira didn't dwell on it. A new paintjob was a small price to pay.

"My mom was talking about it."

"Did she say if there were potential buyers?"

Tsuna looked up to the darkening sky, pondering his answer. He didn't remember much, granted he wasn't really listening to Nana. "I think she said there were a few since it's in a good location or something."

"I see." She didn't make any further inquiries and turned her attention to consoling Lambo.

Lambo came from a medium sized family called the Bovino, was sent to assassinate Reborn, met him at a bar and likes grape flavoured candies. It took ten minutes of cooing and making faces at him to get him to smile. He was now rambling about defeating Reborn, how cool his weapons were and how awesome he was. Tsuna was actually pretty good at consoling children when he wasn't focused on how he didn't want to be there.

Kira found it unnecessary to join them and was scrolling through webpages looking for the company selling the warehouse. If she was lucky she would be able to buy it and convert it into a base. As Tsuna said, it was in a great location. Close to the shopping district, transportation, air travel and digging tunnels parallel to the subway route would be easy but a long process.

Her undivided attention was focused on the website of Miashi's Fisheries INC., soon to become her storage bin and entrance to an underground base. There were quite a few offers, but none that were remotely satisfying seeing as the company did not show the slightest interest. She would offer 10% over their asking price and the deal would be sealed. Being a Mafioso had its advantages. That being money. She placed an offer and hit SEND, excited for their response.

"It's getting dark," she declared out loud. Standing up and dusting off her pants, she scooped up Lambo in one arm and helped Tsuna up with the other. "Let's go. Dinner is probably ready."


Lambo's tears started pouring again and Kira sighed. Was he that afraid of Reborn? "Tsunayoshi, give him some grape candies, will you? We can't stay here forever or else Reborn will eat all our food. He doesn't look like it but can eat a full course meal if he wants to."

"Hold on, I think I have a couple in my pocket." Tsuna dug around in his coat pocket and fished out four grape flavoured hard candies that Lambo dropped the last time he flew out the window. "These are yours anyway."

They managed to get him calm enough to bring home after several promises of grape candies and pasta. Food seemed to be the way to get Lambo's cooperation.

The second Kira got through the door she snatched up a plate of pasta and headed to the basement. It was only when a loud explosion went off that she headed upstairs to survey the damage, expecting to see broken walls but instead found a missing Lambo and a stranger standing shrouded in pink fog.

"It's me, Lambo who was once a crybaby."


"The person who uses the Ten-Year Bazooka switches places with their future self for five minutes."


"It's real…?"

How had it managed to slip under her radar? Her eyes took in the rest of the events but she stood there frozen trying to come up with a logical explanation on how such an invention had slipped past her.

"The Bovino are only a small-medium sized family. I don't have time to waste on such low ranking people."

Of course… it's just like Reborn to never mention anything he doesn't deem worthy of his time. But it's my fault too. Why didn't I just do my thing instead of listening to him?

"Ah, young Vongola, how are you doing?" Lambo gave him a wave with two fingers and slouched against the doorframe, bumping into Kira's shoulder. "Ooops, sorry—"

"It's okay…" she said out of reflex.

Lambo's mouth opened but then he quickly closed it and seemed to recognize her. Her fists clenched at her sides as she resisted yelling "DON'T SAY ANYTHING" right then and there, but the look on her face must have been sufficient because Lambo immediately put on a poker face. He just smiled and Kira's hands relaxed.

"It's nice to see you too again," he murmured and hugged her tightly. Kira almost squawked at the sudden embrace, her brain malfunctioning at what to do. Why was there a random stranger who was supposed to be Lambo's future-self hugging her? "Thank you for taking care of my younger self, Luciana."

The sound of her real name sent shockwaves through her body as she instantly realized why he was hugging her. The twerp was either blackmailing her or he just wanted to feel smug and let her know that he knew her secret. But this was his future-self, meaning that her identity would be forcefully revealed seeing as she had never willing told anyone. This was frustrating, almost maddening news.

When he pulled away there was a strange kind of half smile on his face. She couldn't decipher it so she just decided to file it away as a sincere smile and stopped thinking about what happened ten seconds ago. Once he changes back I'll confiscate and take apart that thing and figure out its secrets… Then Lambo's face dropped and Kira had half a mind to roll her eyes and ask what was it now when she realized her arms were still held out part way to hug him, but she hadn't hugged back. Is it that big a deal?

"It's fine, I remember you being really weirded out the first time you saw this." He turned around and took something out of his sleeves. "But let's get back to business and why I'm really here. Reborn, it's time we've had our rematch. I'll show you how much I've changed in ten years."

He hadn't changed much.

Tsuna was scolded for letting them fight and Kira showered for an hour trying to get the feel of that hug off her skin. She scrubbed her arms until they burned in an angry red and stopped before breaking any skin. It still irked her how he hugged her… and now she had questions with nothing but hypotheses.

Tsuna's door opened and his head poked out, looking both ways. "Hey Kira, Reborn's trying to teach me math so can you go play with Lambo? He went to look for you in the basement."

She just nodded without sparing him a glance and trotted down the stairs in sweatpants and blue t-shirt, her tattoo exposed. She was mighty proud of coming up with the design herself.

"It's a nice design."

Kira reflexively grabbed the arm of the person who startled her and bent it behind his back and pushed him to the wall.

"Ow, ow, ow!"

When she realized that he wasn't a threat she loosened her grip to see the teenage Lambo again. That explains the pink smoke-fog. I must have been staring at my arm again.

"It seems my younger self tripped over some wires while trying to find you…" he said as if she asked. "I apologize in advance if I caused you any trouble with the wires that were pulled out."

For some reason Kira felt a bit annoyed at this new Lambo. He spoke like a gentleman and wasn't half bad to look at, but just the fact that he knew more than she did in an area made her bristle with jealousy. She didn't even try to hide it and led him into her workshop. Getting answers out of him shouldn't be too hard.


He looked around with a blank expression and glanced at her with his eyes questioningly.

"Just kick something aside and sit. It's not like you had any problem tripping wires…" It came out harsher than she meant but you couldn't take back your words so she just rolled with it. Her back was turned to him as she made room for her to sit as well and missed the hurt look flash across his face.

"We only have five minutes, right?"


Kira leaned forward and spoke in a low and dangerous tone, almost snarling her words. "Then let's make this fast. I ask the questions, you answer, or else there won't be a you, got it?"

His face paled considerably and he nodded several times. "Yes, but you really don't have to threaten me, Luci—"

"Another thing, stop calling me Luci or Luciana," she interrupted, "or did you forget that I'm Kira right now?"

His mouth made an O shape. "Oh yeah, sorry 'bout that."

She squinted at him, trying to figure out if he meant it. "Are you saying you called me by my real name accidentally last time?"


"As in you weren't blackmailing me or being smug that you knew my secret… or something like that…" she muttered. Her suspicions when said out loud made her feel slightly stupid, but there wasn't exactly a better way to word it.

There was a pregnant pause between them as she peeked out of the corner of her eye. He had a fist held up to his mouth no doubt suppressing laughter. She huffed and crossed her arms, looking away and ignoring the heat on her cheeks. "Go ahead and laugh, I don't care."

"S-sorry," he managed to sputter before bursting into a laughing and then giggling fit. What was so funny anyway?

"Okay, I get it, I was too paranoid, now stop laughing!" she cried desperately. "It wasn't that funny!"

Lambo clutched his stomach with one hand and held out the other to hold off Kira as he tried to calm down. "S-sorry, pffft, but seeing you so paranoid was really refreshing in a way."

"So you burst out laughing?"


"Whatever." She exhaled deeply to collect her thoughts. "First things first, why did you hug me before?"

He seemed to be genuinely lost. "What do you mean? You hug me all the time, and it's a normal greeting for us. Actually, since we're Italian, I should have kissed—"

"Okay, that's enough!" she declared. "You should also know that I'm not too into cultural things. Next, tell me when and who revealed my identity."

Lambo looked away for a second and bit his bottom lip. "I can't tell you… if I did, you could change it and that would trigger—"

"—an entirely different future, I know. I was just wondering…" she pouted. It bothered her to no bounds that this would be the second time her identity was revealed.

"Hey, time's almost up. How 'bout a goodbye hug?" he asked with a small smile. "You didn't hug back before."

She took his out stretched hand and smirked. "That depends, what's my name?"

He let out a small knowing sigh letting her know he got it, "Kira."

"Enjoy your hug, twerp." She wrapped her arms around him, and still found it odd the way he hugged her. It wasn't like a, "It's so great to see you again!" or "I'll miss you" hug. She may overanalyze things but when he buried his face in her shoulder and squeezed her that it almost hurt, she knew something was up. Why did it feel like he was saying goodbye forever? No, stop that negative thinking right there missy. Lambo's a clingy kid who likes to have his way, that's all. We're probably just close friends in the future… yeah. "By the way, how old is the you in this present?"

"Five…" came the muffled reply.

"Riiight," she drawled out and pulled out of the hug and pushed him back at arm's length. With one hand gripped on his elbow, she measured her height. She came up to his nose. "So you're a year younger than me and I'm still shorter than you…"

"Trust me, you'll grow."

Before she could make a comment he disappeared in a cloud of pink and the five-year-old Lambo was back. She rolled her eyes at the timing. "You're still growing too."

"KIRA!" Lambo launched himself onto Kira's leg and tried to climb up her side like a monkey. Kids these days…

Oh well, as long I'll be able to outgrow one of the guys I'll be happy.

Kira forced herself to wake up early the next morning. Hibari said if she wasn't at the school on time to return the laptop she'd be bitten to death. She brushed her teeth like a zombie and basically completed all her daily chores in a zombified state. Whoever said you didn't need eight hours of sleep everyday was a liar and she was going to blame anyone but her for not getting enough sleep.

She had entertained Lambo until he fell asleep, repaired all the damages to her equipment done by said cow, and then did four hours of programming for a grouchy customer. Normally she would have ignored him but he was a regular and she didn't like the idea of losing a well-paying customer. The only upside to it was that while she was working she got a reply from Miashi's Fisheries Inc. accepting her offer. This fuelled her to go on.

"Who wakes up at 6:45 in the morning? The teachers aren't even there yet…" she said to no one in particular and yawned widely.

She remembered that after school Reborn was going to give Yamamoto a family entrance exam because it was only fair. Gokudera bitched and moaned about it since he had to go through Kira's challenge.

In retrospect I should have kept my mouth shut. Now not only is he onto me but he might actually figure it out. Ahhh, this is all so messed up.

She finished the tedious chore of brushing her teeth, washing her face and heating a microwaveable dinner. Societal defined breakfast foods be damned, she'd eat whatever she wants to when she wants to. It was nearing 7:10 which was an hour before school, yet Hibari demanded she be there before 7:30. Half asleep and slightly ticked off, Kira pulled herself out of the comfy chair to face the outside world.

"I hate the outside world sometimes… why is school even necessary?"

"Out for a morning stroll?"

Kira's ears twitched at she picked up the sound of three pairs of feet approaching her from the left and behind her. Judging by their tone, they were lowlifes she didn't need to waste her energy on. So she ignored them and kept on walking.

"Hey, we're talking to you!" a second voice followed. "Didn't anyone teach you manners?"

A hand landed on her left shoulder and Kira just about had enough of their interference. She stopped walking and surveyed her surroundings to determine if she had set any booby-traps nearby. Blood stains were a pain to wash out.

Five minutes away at the intersection of Kyoshei and Ajisai St., four remote controlled traps and two hand activated ones. Against her better judgment, she turned around to give the jerk a piece of her mind. Screw control your anger and use your words, I want these fools begging for mercy.

"None of your business." She slapped the hand away, her eyes glaring up from under her bangs. "I'm surprised trash like you are up this early."

"We just wanna talk to you. This here is our turf and it's not open until 8, so if you wanna pass you gotta pay the fee…" he snickered and held out his hand, wiggling his fingers. His lackeys followed suit and had their hands on weapons. Kira was fairly surprised to not see a gun in their arsenal.

I love it when they make it easy for me… Guess I'll humour them.

"What if I don't have any money?"

"I'm sure we can find other ways for you to pay the 10,000 Yen."

T-ten thousand Yen for walking in the streets? These idiots are out of their minds… The universe better thank me for what I'm about to do.

Their smirking faces blurred as Kira dropped her bag behind her feet. She released adrenalin and delivered a straight right punch to the leader's ribs, then an uppercut to his unprotected jaw. It happened so fast that his lackeys looked like they were in shock.

Well considering they're all over six feet and I'm barely 5'4" it's no surprise they'd react this way.

"What the—!"

Already in the moment, Kira took this chance to give two more uppercuts and a knee to the ribs to the other two. They fell like the first with their foreheads against the gravel and clutching at their stomachs. Seeing the three crippled men moaning in pain, curled up in the middle of the street sated her frustrations. And although she couldn't feel the adrenalin leaving her blood stream, she could most certainly feel her muscles aching, screaming at her to give them a break already. But work came before her health so she pumped a bit more adrenalin to keep her going until she reached the school.

Why does he need the laptop back so early anyway? Didn't I have until midnight? Speaking of which, I wonder if Hayato found anything.

She dragged herself up the stairs and slumped against the door for a few seconds before knocking. A boy with big hair opened the door, causing Kira to almost fall flat on her face. Hibari sat behind his desk, and there seemed to be another student standing awkwardly at the corner of the room. He was, however, not wearing their uniform.

"You may leave now, Kusakabe." Translation: Get out.

Kira closed the door behind her and slung the bag around to her chest. She took out the laptop with one hand and held up the bag. She had to waddle a bit to squeeze through between the couch and the table. She must have looked quite amusing because even the boy cracked a smile.

"Here's your laptop, all fixed up and ready to go. So can I leave now?"

"Not quite yet," he said as his eyes shifted to the boy. The poor thing was shaking visibly. "Introduce yourself."

"Sachiro Akito, t-third year from Kokyou Middle School."

"Uhhh…" Oh! Hiiim… "You're the one who hacked into Kyouya's computer. Oh, you're gonna get in trooouble."

"Yes, and you'll be going to his house after school to get back these files." Hibari slipped a list of text files to her.

"And what're you going to do with him?" She jammed a finger at Akito. The short browned haired boy tensed up at his name and stared intensely at the floor.

"Bite him to death of course."

Of course.

There was a small silence and Kira glanced at Akito. He felt her gaze and they made eye contact. Not awkward.

"Why are you still here, herbivore?"

"Hm?" Kira pointed at herself, asking if he meant her.

"Not you, him."

The boy inhaled sharply and went deadly still for a second before rushing out the door. He left it slightly ajar in his haste.

"So… he stole some important files, huh?"

"Yes, and after you've retrieved them I expect you to hand deliver them to me on this USB."

She caught the USB with ease and stared blankly at it. Now that her job was over the fatigue in her bones and muscles sank in, and it sank in deep. She stumbled back a few steps and fell over the arm of the couch, landing clumsily. "Nngh… got it…"

"And get off my couch."

"Where am I supposed to sit then?"

"Not in this room."

"Well then why did you call me out so early?"

At this Hibari looked up from his papers. He didn't look happy. "Did I?"

"Yes, you did!" she exclaimed, her frustration back from this morning back. To prove it, she ripped out her phone and showed him the text he sent. "See? Come to the school before 7:30!"

His lips curled into a small smirk as he plucked the phone from her hands. "It does seem so. Must have been a typo then. I meant come before 8:30."



"And by the way, no cellphones allowed on school grounds. I'll hold onto this for now."

It took approximately four point eight seconds for it to sink in. "…You planned this didn't you?"

"Heh," he pocketed the phone, "don't think I don't know you've been breaking school rules. Using unauthorized electronic devices, sleeping in class, disrespecting the teachers, allegedly cheating on tests, and damaging school property."

Kira propped herself up on her elbows. "In my defense I'm practically one with technology, I sleep in class because it's the only time for me to sleep, I made one cultural mistake in English class, I never cheated since I don't need to—nor do I want to—and you said it'd be fine as long as we repaired it, which we did."

"I'm aware, which is why I'm only confiscating your phone."

"You won't snoop, will you?"

"I don't have time for that."

That's good.

His previous warning already forgotten, Kira fell back and sank into a deep slumber, unaware of the irritated glare sent her way.

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