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A door open and closed, lazy footsteps heading deeper into the apartment.

"I'm hooome!" the dark haired boy sing-songed, stepping into the living area with his shoes still on, walking farther and farther into the living space that was completely foreign to him until he got to where he was heading.

"Ah, Shizu-chan, you're here! Asleep already? I'm disappointed, I was hoping you were staying up, worrying about my safety out in the big bad world, waiting for my return so you can lecture me about what late night precautions to take, who to avoid-"

During the whole spiel Izaya's eyes were closed, arms inching up into a 'What're ya gunna do?' gesture, before finally stopping himself and opening his eyes, arms falling to his sides. His face was composed now except for a small smirk that just couldn't hide itself while he got to his knees and propped both elbows on the edge of the bed, side of his head in his hand.

Shizuo, on the other hand, was sprawled out on the bed looking for all the worlds like he had just walked in, fell back and passed out. His chest evenly rose and fell, hair disheveled where he lay.

"Shizu-chan, did you get into a fight?" Izaya murmured in a tone that only a worrying parent would use for their child.

"That does look like one nasty bruise blooming- ah, your head is bleeding." he commented, chin now in hand as he looked directly at the other man's face, swelling occurring on one side of his jaw. A streak of blood matted a few strands of hair on the other side, blood looking like it had been freshly smeared off, leaving a stain down to his neck.

"Mmm, and your outfit seems to be a little worse for wear, don't you think? Cut on your arm, rip in the pants leg, even looks like your bow tie is missing."

After that hung in the air for a moment, his thoughtful humming stopped, a wide grin completely replacing any other expression he might have had.

"I did tell them to be gentle."






Sitting behind his work desk he absentmindedly began to push himself around in his chair, gaze up but not seeing.

He was about to start bitching about nothing in particular, stopping the chair from spinning in order to look Namie in the eye, when he realized he was alone.

"Too early, hmm?" he said under his breath, lolling his head to the side to glance at the digital clock in the corner of his computer screen. Only 6:58 a.m.

Only a day since the last time he saw Shizuo, he hadn't stopped planning how he'd get close enough to touch the monster. Whatever it happened to be he had to have enough time to get out in case...it actually happened again. And to that he let out a dark chuckle. Whatever happened he's not going to like it. He'll either be proven right, in that case he had no idea what he'd do, or he'll be proven wrong and feel like he's going insane. Or maybe he'll feel the same either way.

Putting his face into his hands, he scrubbed his tired eyes, sighing before moving one hand away, reaching for his cell phone and dialing a number.

"Yeah, it's me. I need a couple guys to go pick up somebody."

He went on to speak as if this whole conversation was dull. Said the location, what time, and a description. Izaya was given the number of one of the three people sent out to go 'collect his friend' and hung up.

Twenty minutes passed of the work he should be doing for clients, the end of which he picked his cell phone back up and dialed the number he was given.

"Hello- yes. Yes that's me. You're at the spot I told you? ...Yes. If all goes according to plan I need you to take him to the second address given to you...Use your best judgment, I'm sure you've heard of the person you're going to be collecting- If you can't handle it, then I suppose-...Right." he mumbled the last word under his breath, the person on the other line having already disconnected the call.

Swiveling around to look right out the window behind him, Izaya let out a huff of annoyance, wondering if this feeling coiling in his stomach was excitement or apprehension.

For the next thirty minutes he continued to work before saving the files to the appropriate places, turning off his monitor, and grabbing his coat.

He was halfway to Shizuo's apartment before he realized he left his trusty switchblade on his desk, mentally shrugging off the anxiety it built within him by telling himself that if all had gone according to plan he wouldn't even need it. He'd walk in, touch him, leave. Shizuo should be so drugged he'd wake up in an hour at the very least.

With the thought in mind he continued with a spring in his step and mood greatly lifted, humming under his breath as he climbed the stairs to his destination.

Getting up from his position on the floor, he instead took a seat on the edge, watching Shizuo's face closely. His face looked peaceful when he wasn't glaring at him. His insides continued to coil around themselves, this time with more of a pain at his recent thought, causing a frown to grace his face.

Glancing down at the exposed skin that his hand showed Izaya, he hesitantly shifted his weight off of his right arm, reaching over until he could feel the body heat rising from the other man's palm, calling him closer and making him want to-...

Subconsciously taking in a deep breath, his fingers lowered over Shizuo's, skin touching skin.

Instead of a spark, what felt like pure energy traveled up his arm in an instant, his mouth falling open and the breath he brought in coming out in a strangled exhale.

The sounds of the city suddenly came back to him, making him become aware that instead of on the bed he was sitting on the floor, knees up and elbows resting on them, hands shielding his face from the world around him.

Despite the barrier his eyes felt impossibly wide, his chest heaved and a warm gust of air stopped by his hands blew by his face.

Movement on the bed made the breath catch in his through however, the rustling of the sheets like a spike in his nerves. Moving a few fingers out of the way he peered through them in shock to see a just as confused Shizuo staring down at him, looking completely sober and like he wanted to ask what the hell he's up to.






"You want it to be strong?" A weasly looking man spoke into the mouthpiece of his phone, watched by two other men who looked like they woke up on the wrong side of the law.

"Can't handle it? I don't know who you think you're talking to, but no matter how strong they say he is, we'll be able to bring him down. We'll have him at the location you specified, don't you worry. Pretty soon you'll be getting our call, and I expect our money to be ready, heh." The phone was closed, and the men gathered around the first one.

"Hey, we'll be able to handle it, right-?"

"Of course we will, moron, shut up and get the mask ready, the information broker said he heads to work at around this time."

"What are we looking for again?"

"Are you kidding me? Do you even live in this city?" the man who was filling the mask asks, screwing the cap back onto the bottle

"Isn't that pretty suspicious to just stand around like this in the park...?"

"We won't be here long, just keep looking out for him, he should be here any second."

"...What are we looking for?"

"Are you kiddi-"

"You never answered!"

Getting frustrated, the two men who hadn't been talking on the phone turned to one another as they began to argue, off in their own little world.

"Like I said, I wouldn't have asked if I would just get a straight answer from either of you!"

"For the third time today, we're looking out for a blond man who wears a bartender outfit!"


"Not right now, buddy, we're in the middle of something. Now, I'm not going to repeat it again, so make sure you-..."

The two of them stopped, still looking at one another before turning back to the man who had interrupted them.

"A-Ah, b-boss-!"

"Huh, what-"

Turning from where he'd been looking for where they were told he would be coming from, the trio's leader turned to see exactly the man they were looking for.

"...Buddy?" the tall man asked in a low voice, startling the three of them out of their thoughts as they watched an eyebrow tick from above the man's tinted sunglasses.

"T-The mask!" The man who had been yelling at the other said with fear in his voice, knowing that if they didn't do something soon-

Shizuo took a step closer to them, can of soda he had bought making crinkling noises as his hands began to tighten around it.

The man who was in charge of the mask flinched at the step, panicking and pulling out the bottle he had, chucking it right at Shizuo's head.

It hit the left side of his forehead, the impact stopping his approach for a moment. The glass bottle hadn't broken when it hit him but farther back behind him when it collided with the pavement, shattering everywhere.

A small streak of blood dripped down from his temple, rolling down and staining his white shirt.


Picking up the man who threw the bottle at him, he quickly tossed him at the one who was arguing with him, wasting no time by making his way to the 'boss' last. Taking him by the lapels of his jacket he pushed him up off the ground and against the nearest hard surface, causing the man to wince and prepare for the worst.

Shizuo on the other hand had his rage held back by a thread, murder in his eyes as he spoke.

"Who ordered you to do this?" he growled, watching the man stop wincing and give him an incredulous look.

"I-It was the information broker! He was going to have us drug you and bring you to some apartment!"

"What? What apartment?" he grit out, pushing the other man harder in the wall, watching him wince yet again.

The 'boss' told him.

Out of surprise from the response more than satisfaction that his question was answered, he let his grip slip, the man falling to the ground but not moving from the spot.

"You're going to act like you've succeeded, then." Shizuo said simply, turning away slightly and bringing out his pack of cigarettes, looking up in thought as the man he had been holding against the wall just gave him another look of genuine surprise.

"What, you want me to-"

Turning his attention back to him with an unlit cigarette between his teeth he set his murderous gaze on him once again.

"'d I stutter?"

"N-No, it's just-"


"Nothing! It's nothing!" he murmured, watching him go, taking off his tie as he went. That was about the time he noticed one of two men getting up and running towards Shizuo in a craze, lashing out when he got close enough.

Shizuo's head suddenly snapping to the side from the impact, the man stood with his fist clenched in front of the blond, huffing and puffing, watching the other just stand there completely still.

That is until his head began to tilt back, the rage set back in his eyes.

And that was about the time a street sign that had just been replaced that morning became unearthed and swung.

About twenty minutes later he made it back to his apartment, walked straight into his bedroom, fell back, and pretended to look passed out. After a couple moments of this though he opened his eyes and stared at the familiar ceiling.

'What could he possibly gain from this...finally getting rid of me...huh?'






Up and walking towards the other who began to back away across the floor, Shizuo grabbed him by the collar as he was walking passed, hauling him up to shaky legs and pinning him between the wall and his hand, bodies separated by a good foot or so.

"What the hell are you up to, flea?" Shizuo asked, only a trace amount of anger in his voice but most part confused and shocked.

Confused that he didn't find that Izaya hadn't come at him with his switchblade when he thought he was out of it, and shocked by feeling a light touch on his hand and then the sound of a body roughly flopping onto his floor.

This is not how he thought this was going to play out.

"You were...faking the whole time? I could have killed you..." Izaya said, sounding breathless and mild confusion crept into his voice.

"You of all people should know I don't die easily."

The hand that was pressing firmly against Izaya's chest felt like it was emanating heat, soaking through his shirt and to his skin. This all suddenly felt like a terrible idea.

A finger slipped from where it was on the collar of his shirt when Izaya shifted uncomfortably, the digit barely pressing against the skin near the top of his sternum.

This time. This time was different. Instead of feeling breathless, it felt like the source of energy he had in order to breath came from the point their skin was in contact. Like without this person connected to himself he would slowly fade away.

Mind clearing and the background noise fading out, he could hear the now pleasant thumping of a heartbeat great him in the silence. Grimace disappearing from his face, a genuine smile gently pulled at the corner of his lips, eyes almost falling closed as he comfortably stared at the man before him.

That man, at that moment, was wondering who Izaya had just transformed into. This isn't the Izaya he knew...was it?

Arms that had been limp by his side slowly began to rise, up and towards Shizuo's face. Not once did Shizuo glance at them, gaze locked with the man in front of him.

Izaya's gaze began to wander from the blond's eyes though, his head tilting to the side as he looked at the bruise forming on his face, one of his hands coming up and hoving over it. The other hand came up and hovered near the other side where blood still clumped his hair messily, gaze flicking over to look at that as well before settling back on the eyes before him.

"...Do you believe in me, do you trust me?" After this he gives a sad smile, tilting his head back to the side once again. "Nobody does, not with their life, only with information." A glance up at the blood. "I could have killed you so many times, I could have killed you just three minutes ago." Gingerly he began to move his hand closer to the man's head but stopped himself.

"But I can't."

The blonde's eyes widened, causing Izaya's small smile to grow a little.

"You're the only interesting thing in my life that isn't corrupted by the world."

Seemingly at the thought, the hand that was so close to caressing the skin by the other's bruise flinched away. Both arms hesitated for a moment where they were before falling back to his sides