Clandestine: The Art of Seeking Advice

Now, she's estranged from her family. They can't believe that Roxie – sweet little Roxie 'The Hufflepuff' Weasley – would do this to anyone, let alone her own cousin. She knows that all that most of them feel for Teddy is disappointment (though Victoire, her parents, and her siblings are furious with him), because he's a bloke, and this is a typical thing for a bloke to do. But Roxie is being shunned by almost all of them (excluding her brother and parents).

Sure, she should be depressed about this. She's lost nearly everyone that she loves, including Teddy. But she can't help but feel proud of herself, at the same time. She could have kept this a secret forever, and let Victoire believe that Teddy has only ever loved her and only her. Well, that might be true, but he still cheated on her. Anyways, she could have saved herself, and never let Victoire know what type of man she was marrying. But now she knows, and Roxie is fine with that, even if it means she's losing it all.

She hasn't talked to Teddy. She really should, but she can't bring herself to. What do you say to the man that you helped cheat on your cousin, and who you also exposed as a cheater at his wedding to said cousin? There's no guidebook, and right now, she just needs some guidance. She needs assistance from someone who is older and wiser than she.

That's why Roxie finds herself at Hogwarts on an unassuming spring afternoon. School hasn't yet been let out for Easter break, but she can't continue directionless any longer. She enters the grounds, following a path to her favorite place on the Hogwarts campus: the greenhouses. Professor Longbottom is just finishing up with what looks to be the fourth-year Ravenclaws and Gryffindors. She waits patiently until all of the students have exited the greenhouse, and follows the expectant professor inside.

"I'm sure you've already heard about what happened." She's not a fan of dragging out conversations. He chuckles.

"Of course. Your cousin Lucy, who seems to enjoy Herbology just as much as you, was talking with me about it just a few weeks ago. Of course, that doesn't explain why you're here," Professor Longbottom explains as he begins setting up for his next lesson.

"I don't know how to handle this!" she confesses, "I've always been one of the good children, and I've never had them hate me before!"

"They don't hate you," Professor Longbottom tries to soothe her, but Roxanne shoots him a glare. "Well, maybe Victoire's mad at you, but she could never hate you. You're her cousin."

"And I slept with her fiancé! I'd be more surprised if she didn't hate me!"

"Roxanne, remember that surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us," Professor Longbottom says sagely. Roxie opens her mouth to ask what he means, but she's interrupted by another voice.

"Professor Long…err, Uncle Neville, can I ask you for some advice?" Roxie recognizes that voice. Shite! This isn't going to end well.

"Hello, Victoire!" Neville greets Victoire cheerfully as she glides – yes, she glides – inside. She stops in her tracks when she catches sight of Roxie, who gulps audibly. Today might actually be the day that she dies.

"Roxanne," Victoire intones coolly.

"Victoire," Roxie 'replies' shakily, "How are you?" Roxie knows how her cousin is, or at least she thinks she does. Victoire is being strong. She's mad at her, and at Teddy, but she isn't shedding a single tear, because that's just who Victoire is. But Roxie is wrong, as she usually is these days. Her 'innocent' query is all that it takes for Victoire to fall apart.

"Rox!" Victoire sobs, nearly collapsing in Roxie's arms, which she's just fallen into, "Why would he do that to me?" Roxie stands there, stunned, for several seconds. Neville quietly edges out of the greenhouse, understanding that the two cousins desperately needed to talk this all out. He's gotten a lot smarter since the war ended.