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Baby says if ever you see skin as fair, or eyes as deep and as black as mine, I'll know you're lying

The scene starts out like this. You see us enter the room, the door opening, and Edward shutting it quietly. It clicks, and I smooth out my dress pointlessly out of nervousness, and Edward bites his bottom lip before smirking. He doesn't know you're watching, and that makes it even more exciting. I sit on the edge of the bed, the soft flowing dress huffing and I don't bother to smooth it under my bottom. It it going to come off anyway.

He joins me, sitting, his hand coming upon my exposed thigh, the whist of fabric flimsy and easily tossable. I smile quietly, and his hand reaches into the side of my face, fisting the roots of my hair, and pulls my head to his. His lips press against mine, the pressure sending a whoosing sensation down into the swell of my stomach, causes a wetness to creep from my plump lips. I squeeze my thighs together, and while he thinks I am wet for him, really, it is you I see when I close my eyes.

I grab his collar and pull him closer, my hands trailing down the buttons of his shirt, feeling his hands come around to the backs of my thighs, and then I am straddling him. He thinks he got lucky tonight, finally, that after all this time, I gave into him. I smirk against his mouth, and feel his hands squeezing and kneading my cheeks, his hand creeping underneath the lace, and he touches my puckered hole, feeling me arch into his hand.

I pull away, and he chuckles, his emerald green eyes different than your brown ones, I cannot look at him. Instead, I start to kiss his neck, and nip at his skin, while unbuttoning his wrinkled work shirt. "Oh, Bella," and I can't help myself, I have to reach down to his belt buckle, unhook the latch, and pull down his zipper. I need to feel him in my mouth, his skin thick, and salty on my tongue, constricting my breathing, making me feel overwhelmed, and at his mercy. For him, for you. I do this to please.

His hand is in my hair, and I feel his thighs tense, as I bob my head up and down, skimming my teeth over and sliding my tongue under his shaft. My mouth is warm and wet, taking him fully, until I feel him hitting the back of my throat, the sensation uncomfortable, but at the same time, pleasurable. He will not last any longer. He is already trembling.

I am determined to make him cum, and when he does, it comes in spurts along my teeth and lips, and I swallow, cleaning him, and licking my lips for any remaining liquid. Watching me take his seed into my mouth, and wanting more, makes him breathe heavily, and soon, he is throbing once more. "Come here," Edward whispers, and I do. I lean up on my knees, and unzip my skirt, feeling it fall down to my ankles, and I kick it away, before climbing onto the bed on all fours.

He lays down, his hair a mess among the pillows, and he gestures for me to come closer, and his long gentle fingers come around my waist, and to my back, unclasping my white lace bra, sliding it off my shoulders until my breasts are bared to him, soft and lush, in his mouth and hands. He worships me and I lift my head up, moaning, making my eyes meet the small red dot on the ceiling. I bite my lip, and buckle my hips into Edward's hardness. "I want you," I gasp. To you, but he thinks it's meant for him.

Edward cannot stand the thin barrier between us any longer, and so he reaches down, and tugs at my panties, making them tangle around my knees, and his finger seeks solace in my heat, pumping me, reaching for my mouth with his lips. I cry into him, his fingers curling inside of me, his groans muffling any noise I make.

When he is sure I am wet enough to take him inside of me, he turns me around and I whimper at the loss of his hand, but then when he lowers me onto his cock, I collaspe, my back hitting his chest, the back of my head resting between the juncture of his neck and collarbone.

You see us through this lense, pushing back and foward, erractically. Up and down, searching for a way of release, climax. The tape goes on to show my head being pulled upward, gasping for air, welcoming his rough mouth, wanting. His thrusts quicken, and I feel him, deep inside of me, hitting a place that makes me scruch my face, crying out from the intense feeling that makes me gasp, I almost think I want him to stop. But I won't, I promised you I wouldn't.

It does not end. My back against his chest, makes you shiver, from behind and to the front, he is there, thick and erect, pushing, he keeps pushing. I turn and sit on his lap, pausing, as his arms snake around me, holding me down on his shaft. Keeping his warmth between my legs, this position fills me painfully. With his face in my hair, he grunts, and it is then when I know you do too.

Taking yourself into your hand, your thumb grazes the head, slowly, the pucker end leaking clear liquid. You breathe, your mouth open, eyes glazed over in anticipation. I look into the screen, and arch my back, my head on his neck, closing my eyes and then opening them again when he stabs further, deeper, hurting.

I know you like watching, sucluded in darkness, the light of the film reflecting on your face, and in your eyes, as you fantasize about taking me like he is now. But harder, faster, with only your name escaping from my lips. You stroke faster, your tongue licking your bottom lip, as you feel the blood thumping on your palm, waiting. This is the only way you can get off, and for that, I offer myself willingly to anyone you wish.

"Jacob," I say when I come, but Edward does not hear, he is too absorbed in his motions, trying to find his release.

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