Author's Reply

Hello, hello! No, this is not an update my fellow reviewers, but I just wanted to drop by and answer a lot of the similar questions that were shared in the reviews!


Who was narrating the story?

Okay, to be completely honest with you, I didn't actually think of anyone when I began the story. I had huge inspiration at the time and I just had to keep on writing. Additionally, I had experienced many of the situations mentioned in the story so it wasn't shocking that I wrote off on an emotional whim. However, during writing the story, I did try to muster the characters in the story so I could develop them. The narration was decided to be Karin. Yes, I know, not a lot of people like her... and to be honest, there was a time where I absolutely did not appreciate her. But after what's happened in the manga and Sasuke's (rather brutal, if I must say) rejection of her, I knew I had to add some of Karin's features into the narration so that people could grow to feel sympathetic towards her. I was trying to hint that inside every person, no matter how ridiculous and obsessive they were on the outside, they all still have hearts that have equal capability to be broken. :)

P.S. I apologise to the yaoi fans, but no, it wasn't Naruto narration.

Who are some of the other characters, for example, Sakura's brother?

Though I didn't really design who all the minor characters of the story would be, I did imagine that Sakura's brother would be the typical Juugo, Deidara, Sasori or Gaara. Who it is, you can decide. I believed that Juugo fit the Schizophrenic personality and I did feel a lot of sympathy towards him in the actual series of Naruto. However, my idea is completely original as in real life... my actual brother is Schizophrenic. :) Don't worry though, he has recovered! But I've always loved to include my brother in stories of some sorts, because I always admired his emotional strength during such mental difficulty. Sakura's parents, I leave them as anonymous.

Can you explain to me the story?

I felt that some people could've been confused with the storyline. The time is actually quite largely scaled and the breaks hinted that the moments would happen over periods of time. Karin had met Sasuke actually on the train station at around fifteen or sixteen years old. Sasuke at the time was seventeen years old, so yes, Karin did like him at first with an innocent crush that molded with admiration to turn into love. Their friendship grew over several years and Karin's realization of her true feelings for Sasuke happened when she was about eighteen years old. Her underlining pain increased through until she was nineteen and found out about Sakura. Just to clear it up, Sakura had a friendship with Sasuke alike to Karin, except Karin never knew about it. It turns out obviously that Sasuke had felt romantically towards Sakura. At twenty Sasuke proposes to Sakura, and at twenty-one, they get married. :) Karin's ending, of course, you can decide for whatever you want. She could run off with Suigetsu or just live her life solo for the rest of her years in simple happiness.


So, I hope I answered most of your questions! I actually might be adding a Sasuke or Sakura's POV instead of Karin's, so keep your eyes on a look out! THANK YOU for all the reviews. It was absolutely wonderful waking up and seeing my inbox filled to the roof with all these reviews and favourites. Really gave me a bright smile. :)