seven: end and begin

Shepard finds him in the Main Battery. He's back to scrolling through two specific lines of code, and the sight of it makes her smile.

"What if it wasn't line five or line six?"

Garrus tilts his head up without looking at her. "I thought it was all numbers to you."

"It is," she says. "But if you keep going over it and not finding the error, what if the error isn't there?"

"Or what if my math is wrong?"

She's got no answer for that. If his math is wrong, they'll all die. If the Collectors punch through the ship's new armor, they'll all die. If she's wrong about Jack or Miranda or Grunt, they'll all die.

She doesn't tell him any of that. He hears it anyway, or at least some of it. "I'll ask EDI and one of those engineers later. Did you need me for something?"

"Suit up," she says. "We're hitting dirt in two hours. Blue Suns base."

"And I said we never went anywhere nice," he says, humming a chuckle.

"This time, try not to throw yourself between me and everything trying to kill us. Let me handle the CQC."

"I hear point-blank range is a valid strategy," he says, mandibles flaring and eyebrow ridges settling in a turian grin. "I'll try to keep that in mind."

Shepard shakes her head as she leaves the battery. Next up, Kasumi. And to see if Antilarax has sent her another email.