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Quick short story

Rated: Pg 13

I'm in the middle of deciding what I should do for my other stories, and so I randomly wrote this in my spare time. I have no clue why. (:

Gwendal- grumpyknittingguy

maoh- Yuuri


Yurrilover- Wolfram

sexyqueen- Lady Celli

(Maoh, Yuurilover signs online)

Maoh: Wolfram? I didn't think you knew how to work a computer? I guess I was wrong.

YuuriLover: Yes your wrong as usual! You Wimp! Your the one who taught me how!

Maoh: Whats up with your username?

YuuriLover: You dimwit! Were married now and I love you thats why it is what it is!

(Captain signs in)

Maoh: CONRAD! Help meeeee!

Captain: Are you and Wolfram arguing again?

YurriLover: No he's just doesn't like my username. I don't understand what I ever saw in him.

Maoh: HEYY! I was only just playing Wolfram you know I adore you *Virtually kisses him*

YurriLover: *kisses back*

(GKG signs on)

G.K.G: How do I work this?

Maoh: Gwendal!

GKG: Yuuri I should've known you had one of these...

(SexyQueen is online)

SQ: I'm here everyone!

Captain: Mother?

SQ: Yes dear?

Yuurilove: Why is your name that?

SQ: Well you remember when Yuuri and Murata both called me a sexy queen! Lol.


Maoh: Uh oh... *Runs and Hides under his bed*

YL: *Grabs Yuuri*

Captain: Wow.. Haha..

GKG: I'm so not going to even ask...

*Kingdom hearts battle song playing in the distant*

YL: Yuuri and I are going to duel *Sword in my right hand fire in my left*

Maoh: OH sh*t *Grabs morgif throwing him at Wolfram*

(Maoh signed off)

GKG: They act like an old married couple fighting...

YL: WE ARE NOT AN OLD MARRIED COUPLE! Were actually newlyweds!

Captain: STOP fowarding me pictures of ever cute thing you see Gwendal!

GKG: Sorry...

SQ: AWW Gwendy I wanna see cute pictures!

GKG: Ok! *Sends more cute pictures over and over again*

YL: How come everyone forgot about me?

SQ: Y'all didn't pay attention? He signed off like five minutes ago..

YL: What? I must find him!

(YuuriLover signs offline)

Captain: I didn't forget! Wheres Yuuri though?

GKG: Thank you! now for some peace and Quiet

(Captain and SexyQueen sign off)

GKG: Hm-pf! Just see if I ever make anybody more stuffed animals!

(GKG signs off)

Sorry it was just something really quick. hope it brought a smile on your face(: