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"Bradley White!" A feminine voice shrieked, that was followed by obnoxious laughter. " Bradley! Get in here!" the voice called from the kitchen.

"Only if you catch me!" a young boy shouted from the stairs as he ran down the steps, nearly tripping over is feet, before jumping over the last few remaining steps. The boy, around the age of ten with dirty blond hair sticking up in odd angles, crept mischievously down the hall and towards the kitchen. Making sure to stick close to the beige walls, the boy peeked around the corner into the kitchen to see an amusing sight. A young woman, with thick dark brown hair that was pulled into a ponytail, covered in splotches of a white powdery substance. Flour.

A dark giggle escaped from the boy's mouth before he could stop it, and immediately slapped a hand over his mouth. But it was already too late. The young woman was already alerted to his presence, her head snapped up and swiveled to the kitchen's doorway. As soon as she caught sight of the blond boy, her green eyes glared at him.

"Bradley Eugene White," she calmly started, "clean this up right now!" Her voice rose with each step that she took towards the boy.

"No thanks," the boy, Bradley, said as he lifted a finger to his left eye and pulled down his eyelid and stuck his tongue out at her, before taking off to the front door.

"Ugh!" the frustrated woman huffed as she tried wiping some flour off of her face. As the front door slammed, she stalked out of the kitchen and down the hall, coming to a stop at the front door to quickly slip on her sandals. She then yanked the front door open and caught sight of Bradley making faces at her while he stood at the edge of the front lawn. With his tongue sticking out, he then stuck both of his thumbs in his ears, and waved his hands at her while slowly backing up towards the sidewalk.

"Come here you little cretin!" the woman shouted as she stepped over the threshold and closed the door. She then stormed down the porch steps and stomped over to the boy, who promptly took off, again. With a sigh, she jogged after him. Keeping Bradley in her sight, she noticed him duck behind a car.

A yellow car.

A bright yellow Camaro with black racing stripes sat in all its unbridled glory in front of a nice two-story house, with a perfectly manicured lawn.

'The Witwicky residence,' the woman thought as she came to a stop beside the car. "Not a speck of dirt," she mumbled, "it's nice, but it doesn't strike my fancy." She took a small step forwards and called out, "Hey Squirt! I thought that you wanted to go to Carlos' house?"

Bradley's blond head immediately popped up from behind the car. 'Heh, that got his attention,' she thought.

"Don't call me 'Squirt'! And it's Rad!" The blond hollered, his blue eyes blazing over the trunk of the Camaro.

"I'm your sister, I'm supposed to call you evil little names," she waved flippantly. " If you want me to take you to your friend's house, you'd better get your rear in gear and go clean up the mess you made!" She shouted as she pointed at the house.

"You mean the mess on your shirt?" Bradley snickered.

The woman rolled her eyes. "Keep it up Ratface, or you're not going," she glowered as she looked down at her clothes. A faded green Fender Guitar shirt and dark blue jean capris littered with splotches of flour. 'I look like a mess!' She heaved another sigh.

"No! I'll just.. I'll just walk! Yeah, I'll just walk to Carlos' house!" He pouted and crossed his arms and gazed across the street.

"You do that. Maybe you'll make it there in time for bed. That means, it will be dark out," she taunted as she turned to start walking back to the house.

'Dark?' Bradley thought, as he started to panic. 'But I don't like the dark!' With that last thought, he jumped back onto the side walk and bolted towards the house, passing his sister.

'Works every time!' She smugly thought as she leisurely strolled down the sidewalk.

"Oh! Hello Alexis!" A friendly, but slightly shrill voice called out.

Alexis stopped and looked over into the perfect front yard and spotted Mrs. Witwicky peeking over her prized Azalea bushes. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Witwicky!" She called back as she waved to the friendly older woman.

"Oh, please call me Judy!" she simpered. "What happened to your clothes?" She asked as she stood up, brushing dirt off her pants.

"Bradley happened. He set a trap with flour earlier," Alexis responded as she slumped her shoulders. "I need to get back home Mrs. Witwi- err Judy. Before he destroys the house."

Judy laughed and waved, "Go on, I won't keep you then. But promise to come by and visit sometime! We hardly ever see you!"

"Will do! Have a good weekend!" Alexis waved once more before heading back to the house.

As Alexis shut the front door, she heard the kitchen faucet running. After kicking off her sandals, she quietly walked to the kitchen and looked in. 'Good boy!' she thought as she watched Bradley wet a dish towel and wipe the counters with it. Alexis quietly walked back down the hall and slowly crept up the stairs to Bradley's room.

Stepping into the room, she picked up his old school bag that was sitting behind the door, and crossed over to the dresser. Looking around the room a thought entered her mind, 'He actually cleaned his room without me telling him to. I'm pleasantly surprised.' Pulling open the drawers, Alexis grabbed various articles of clothing, 'Shirts, pants, shorts, socks, and then Spiderman underwear..' She held up the piece of clothing and quietly laughed to herself before stuffing it into the bag. After closing the drawers, she grabbed the bag and walked out of the room and down the hall, heading to the bathroom, but a picture caught her eye.

She stopped and gazed at the picture's inhabitants. A middle aged couple sat with their children beside them. The blond-haired, blue-eyed man, her father, smiled at her, while her mother, a lovely brunette with green eyes, smiled down at a child in her lap. She was holding a toddler with blond hair that was shamelessly picking his nose. Beside him sat a teenaged girl with brown hair, who held a hand up to her mouth as she yawned.

"Mom. Dad. I miss you." Alexis whispered as she dabbed her eyes and stepped into the bathroom. She grabbed her brother's toothbrush, toothpaste, and comb and dropped them into a separate compartment of the bag. Alexis then turned the faucet on and dipped a washcloth under the running water. After wringing out the excess water, she wiped her shirt and jeans with it and tossed it into the hamper. She then made her way back down the hall, and down the steps.

After placing the bag next to the front door, she turned and walked to the kitchen, only to see Bradley sitting at the bar, stuffing his face. Leaning on the kitchen doorway she loudly called out, "Are ya ready?"

Startled, Bradley whipped his head around, a cookie stuffed in his mouth, and glared at her. Since his mouth was full, he could only nod.

"When you're done, go get in the tru-" Alexis was cut off by Bradley, as he ran past her. She stepped out of the kitchen and watched him as he hurriedly threw his shoes on and grabbed his bag and flew out the front door. To say that he was excited, was an understatement. Shaking her head, she grabbed her purse that was hanging on the banister, and fished out her keys while slipping on her sandals. After locking the door and shutting it, she slowly made her way down the porch steps and toward her vehicle, a dark blue Ford F-250.

Opening the door, Alexis spotted Bradley, who was already bucked in the passenger seat. Setting her purse in the seat she asked, "Do you want to take your bike?" Bradley eagerly nodded his head before letting out an excited "Yeah!". While smiling to herself, Alexis shut the door and strode to said bike that was laying beside the porch. Sitting it up, she guided it over to the truck, pausing only to lower the tailgate. She then lifted the bike into the bed of the truck and laid it on it's side. After closing the tailgate, she hopped into the truck, moving her purse to the floorboard, and jammed the keys into the ignition and started the truck. After buckling herself in, she threw the truck into reverse, and carefully backed out of the driveway.

But unbeknownst to the siblings, they were being watched.

This is my very first fic! I've had a lot of ideas, but it was hard for me to actually write them down how I wanted it. I tried my best to spell everything right and to use proper grammar. If I messed up somewhere, let me know. Constructive criticism is welcome!

I'm still not sure what direction this will take. So, do you have any suggestions?