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The drive home was quiet, almost too quiet. The silence was foreign to Alexis, having been used to Bradley's antics.

Releasing a sigh, Alexis flipped her blinker and slowed to a halt at the stop sign that sat next to her street. Looking to her right, she saw no oncoming traffic, but looking to her left, her jaw nearly dropped into her lap. Approaching the intersection, was the most eye-catching semi she had ever seen. Alexis couldn't help but stare.

Polished chrome that effortlessly reflected the world around it, metallic paint shimmering in the fading sunlight, it was truly a sight for sore eyes. As it glided by, it almost seemed as if the flames that were painted on the body, were moving.

After it disappeared from sight, Alexis released a breath that she didn't realize she held. Once again looking both ways for oncoming cars, or beautiful trucks, she turned onto the road. As she approached her house, she spotted the bright yellow Camaro that was, once again, parked in front of the beautiful Witwicky home. She briefly wondered if the car belonged to their somewhat awkward son, Sam. 'But didn't he have an older Camaro that was all but rusted out?' Alexis shook her head at that thought and pulled into her driveway. Hopping out of the pick-up, she stretched before making her way up the porch steps and in to the house.

After kicking off her sandals and hanging her purse up on the banister, Alexis walked down the hall and into the kitchen to make a small dinner for herself. Plucking open the refrigerator, she stood there thinking for a minute, then grabbing a couple containers of last nights leftovers. Opening a nearby cabinet, she slid a plate out of it's holder and set it on the counter. After seizing a fork from the dish drainer, she scooped some mashed potatoes, peas, and a fried pork chop out of their containers and onto the plate and then set it into the microwave and pressed a couple of buttons. As the food was warming up, she replaced the lids on the containers and stuck them back into the refrigerator and grabbed the pitcher of iced tea and poured herself a glass.

While eating her dinner, her mind wandered back to the magnificent semi. 'No doubt, Dad would have went nuts at the sight of it!' Alexis chuckled to herself. 'I wish I was able to keep his semi, that thing wasn't bad on the eyes either. I miss Greenie.' She sighed, then giggled at the name they gave her father's truck, a two-tone green Peterbilt, with black leather guards on the fenders and gas tanks. 'Dad was obsessed with that truck, he washed it every week!'

Rinsing off her dirty dishes, she then placed them in the sink to wash later. Alexis then drug herself up the stairs and into her room. After changing into her pajamas, she sat on the bed and looked out of the open window and into the night sky. She sighed as a soft, cool breeze wafted into the room and across her face.

As a large yawn escaped from her as she was getting ready to lie down and curl up, but a loud rumble grabbed her attention. Rushing to the window, she kneeled before it, in time to see the beautiful truck from earlier. The street lights giving it an ethereal glow as it passed. Another loud rumble escaped from the truck, causing a smile to make it's way onto Alexis's face. She let out a dreamy sigh, 'I always loved the sound of jake breaks. I hope they don't get turned in for that.' Hauling herself up, she then crawled into bed, a small smile still on her face as she fell asleep.

Alexis glared down at the paper in her hands, wishing that it would burst into flames. "Might as well get started," she mumbled as she read the first line scribbled on the To Do list.

Change filters/water in aquarium.

Alexis stole a glace at the fore mentioned aquarium, only to see a large black and yellow cichlid glaring at her, it's mouth gaping. "I hate that fish," she grumbled. As if it heard her, it puffed up it's gills, either challenging her or making itself look threatening. "I'll do that later, next!"

Clean & sell tack in the garage.

"That I can and will do." Setting down the chore list on the kitchen counter, Alexis grabbed a couple of rags and a sponge from a nearby drawer and left the kitchen. Slipping her sandals on, she then walked past the front door and down a different hall that led to the garage. Upon opening the door, a musty, stale odor assaulted her. Making a face, she reached beside her and pushed the button to open the garage door. As it slowly rose, bright morning sunlight streamed in, illuminating the once dark garage. The large, spacious room was holding several saddles placed on stands, some fancy, others old and worn. Along the far wall, a rack holding many bridles, halters, leads, and various bits. " This is going to take a while. At least it's Saturday and Bradley is at a friend's."

Gliding down the steps, she then grasped a folded stand and took it outside. Placing the rags and sponge on the concrete drive and setting up the stand, Alexis strode over to the nearest saddle. She gasped as she lifted it off of the stand, 'I don't remember it being this heavy.' She shifted the saddle to get a better grip and carefully walked back to the vacant stand and lowered the saddle onto it. Grabbing a nearby stool, she sat down and began cleaning the filthy saddle. After wiping the dust off, she began applying the saddle soap she had snatched before picking up the saddle. She left no spot uncovered and left it on for a couple of minutes. Then as she wiped off the soap, the leather gleamed in the sunlight. It's ornate hand tooling could grab anyone's attention, the sparse silver plating now glistened. After a good cleaning, the saddle practically looked brand new.

For then next few hours, Alexis managed to drag every saddle out and thoroughly clean them, except for one. Standing before it, she ran her hand over the etched silver plating that nearly covered the entire saddle. It was her father's parade saddle. There was no way she would be able to carry the seventy pound saddle without dropping it. So Alexis opted to clean it where it sat.

After finally finishing up, Alexis stood, stretched, and released a sigh. Feeling accomplished, she gazed at every saddle that sat proudly in the sun. But her eyes ended up focusing on one particular saddle, her mother's. For her, it was the hardest to clean; the simple yet elegant Australian saddle brought many memories she hadn't thought of for years. Alexis slowly walked over to it and laid her hand on the leather seat, warm from the sun. Her mother had begged her husband for the saddle for months before he finally caved. Alexis, promptly picked up the lightweight saddle and it's stand, and carried it back into the garage, setting it up beside the heavily decorated parade saddle. It was then, that she decided, she would not, and could not, sell these two saddles. They held too many fond memories of her parents. The saddle her mother always used, a gift from the man she loved; the saddle that was handcrafted by her great grandfather, which had been handed down to her grandfather, and then her father.

After stealing one more glance at the two saddles, she made her way out of the garage. 'I'm glad they aren't too far from the truck. Man I'm lazy!' She chuckled as she walked around the truck to open the tailgate. Picking up the nearest saddle, which happened to be the heaviest of the bunch, she struggled to keep it in her arms as she waddled to the truck.

"Need some help?"

Startled, Alexis shrieked and lost her grip on the saddle. She tried catching it before it hit the ground, but a pair of hands caught it for her.

"Sorry if I surprised you, Miss." A low, masculine voice rumbled from beside her. Alexis watched as the hands easily lifted the saddle and gently set it down in the bed of the pick-up. Looking up at the face of the man, her breath was caught in her throat. Short, black hair, smooth and slightly tan skin stretched into a soft smile. But it was the man's eyes that drew Alexis in the most. The most intense, electric blue one could ever see.

Fighting a blush, Alexis looked down and turned her body towards him. Uttering a thanks, she finally looked back up at him, but something caught her eye. She glanced past the handsome man to see what it was.

The semi from yesterday.

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Referneces in this chapter:

The cichlid (pronounced sick-lid)- I actually had a fish like this, he was comical. He was about 5-6 inches long and constantly on the rag..

Greenie- My dad drove a two-toned green Pete a couple years ago and it was nicknamed Greenie. That thing was slicker than snot. It was a wintergreen color with a hunter green roof and fenders with the black leather guards. He washed it either every few days or once a week.

Saddles- I went into a tack shop not too long ago and they had a used parade saddle on display. They had a note beside it that said 'don't attept to lift.. it weighs 74 pounds'. The price tag was pretty too, at $5000. It better be pretty heavy! The Australian saddle is one of my favorites. Not only do they look a little different, but they are really comfortable too.

Anyways! Miss Alexis saw Optimus! More than once! Who is this strange handsome man?