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Chapter 10

A short epilogue…?

Harry and Amelia stood outside the cell and watched the wizard known to them as Voldemort try to get comfortable. "Harry, I can't help feeling that we might never get that tricky bastard to the ministry. Lord knows what he has done to keep coming back in these different guises but some how he keeps doing it." She said a worried look on her face.

Harry had already had similar thoughts, but had not truly given thought to Voldemort escaping while in transit. There was always a possibility that the evil so and so knew of someway to alter a portkey, and if he was apparated there the most that would be with him would be two people. This deserved just a little more thought.

An hour later Harry and Amelia entered the cell and after a brief fight quickly had Voldemort subdued and tied with ropes, a set of magic suppressing handcuffs on his wrists. As they dragged Voldemort kicking and screaming out of the cell between them the completely evil dark lord was hit by a spell from Dobby, a spell that bound both body, mind, and soul, as well as the wizards magic. Voldemort would no longer be able to leave the body he was in to possess another.

While Voldemort yelled and screamed obscenities at Harry while all the time trying to break loose Harry slapped a portkey to Voldemort's forehead. A quick flash and the dark lord vanished. Harry being one of the only two remaining in the basement he grabbed Amelia and also vanished as he apparated them to the ministry.

Together with Amelia he made his way through the ministry from the apparation point down to the veil room. On arriving he found Dobby sitting on one of the stone benches staring intently at the veil. "So how did it go my little friend?" he asked Dobby.

Dobby had a huge grin as he stood up, "Just as Mistress Potter said, Harry Potter sir. Nasty Snake face hit hanging cloth face first and disappeared inside. Dobby has been sitting watching to see if Snaky one comes back but Dobby think he be gone forever now."

Around the country in various hidden and previously safe locations several hidden soul fragments, left with nothing to anchor them to this world simply faded into nothing. The valuable artefacts they had occupied were free of the evil that had been Tom Marvolo Riddle. Voldemort was well beyond ever being able to return.

Eleven year old Robert left Hogwarts on Halloween and returned home to discover that he had emulated his father by banishing Voldemort from Hogwarts in his first year. Robert, though he had not had to do any fighting like his dad did, still felt quite proud of how he had carried out his mums instructions without hesitation. He returned home in the company of a large black dog, and explained to his parents how Padfoot had stopped Voldemort grabbing him. Harry who had as a young man lost all faith in his godfather thanked Sirius and agreed to allow the man a chance to get to know the new Potter family.

Very slowly over the following months Sirius got to know the whole family, very quickly realising that upsetting Hermione Potter with his pranks could have dire consequences. She was the smartest woman he had ever met, even putting Harry's mother Lily in a far off second place. One year later, though still feeling that he was not fully trusted by Hermione he was asked to help out at the school, and much as he wanted to share his pranking abilities he decided against it. Hermione Potter was after all one scary witch, and she did not think to kindly of people who pulled pranks, she called them bullies and threatened any bullies in their school would suffer the correct punishment.

Sirius settled down into his teaching job, standing in for the various teachers when they took their breaks, helping as an assistant teacher in some of the classes and finally settling down into teaching potions. After several months he had started to date the math teacher and everyone could see that it was getting serious. The old Sirius/Padfoot was gone, he had finally grown up and settled down into a more normal life.

Robert's tales of Hogwarts put his siblings and all his friends off ever trying the ancient old school, instead they all elected to remain as they were, and they were all quite happy with their school and their friends.

Harry and Hermione were far happier knowing that there was no longer any threat to either them their children or their way of life from the two evil wizards that had practically ruined their early lives, and could finally fully relax and settle down to truly enjoying their lives with their family.

Life at Potter academy settled back into its normal routine, all talk of leaving to try Hogwarts was soon forgotten, and with hard work on the part of everyone the school continued to be the school that every magical being wanted their offspring to attend.

The house in Barmouth was still used as the Potter family spent two weeks there every year as they took a summer break. Their four children never got tired of visiting the small town and found it both a relaxing and interesting place to visit. Even when the town was filled with visitors they always found some sort of mischief they could get up to.

Ginny and Dean were married a month after Ginny's twentieth birthday, and everyone had been invited. Theirs was the first wedding that was held in the assembly hall of the new school and as the school term was underway all the students were invited as well, which made the wedding a rather large one.

Neville standing with Luna as members of the wedding party watched and saw how happy Ginny and Dean looked saying their vows, asked her to pick a date for their wedding, telling her he now felt ready to become the head of the Longbottom family, and to be a father. Luna picked new years day as the best day for them to begin a new life together.

On the day that Robert graduated there were fourteen in the close group of students that lived with their parents on the grounds of Potter valley. Four Potters, two boys and two girls, six Thomas's three boys and three girls, and four Longbottom's, all boys. The loud cheer that came from the close nit families for the first of them to graduate would be repeated each year that another of the group became fully qualified witches and wizards. Some of them went on to university in the muggle world, but it was a group that remained close for their entire lives.

The loyalty and friendship that Harry and Hermione Potter seemed to acquire from those who got to know them would last for quite a few generations.

The end