AN: Here it is. Part 2. It's short, sweet and to the point. Enjoy :)

As soon as they pulled out of the parking lot of the school, Tori was hoping that Jade would give her a little break. Just a little small breather. Unfortunately for Tori, her plea fell on deaf ears as Jade turned the remote up to it's highest settings.

In and out, in and out. From the corner of Jade's eyes, she watched Tori's abdomen contract in and out as her body twisted and turned with unadulterated pure desire. Watching Tori's chest heaved up and down while beads of sweat formed on the tanned skin of her cleavage cause Jade's heart beat to rise.

Tori's scream of pleasure was so loud that the neighbor drive next to her looked over in bewilderment. The Latina girl clenched her eyes shut as she felt her seventh pleasure inducing spasm of the day rip through her body. As she came for the umpteenth time today, she wearily looked over to the driver.

"Jade..." Tori managed to get in between pants. "" Tori seethed furiously, showing a very dominant side to her stunned girlfriend.

The pale actress was quite impressed. She didn't think Tori Vega of all people had a beast inside of her. It only took about seven of eight intense orgasms to bring out of her. But none the less, here she was. The animal inside of Tori Vega hand become unleashed.

Jade licked her darkened lips with desire as she grasped the remote in her hand firmly. "Say the magic word babe." She smirked, finally pulling up to her drive way.

"Now!" Tori shouted. The lust filled fury was apparent in her eyes as she winced at the orgasmic vibrations that continued to course through her body.

"Whatever you say Vega." Came the West girl's teasing reply, followed by her signature wink. As her lips curled in excitement, a plethora of chaotic scenarios ran through her mind as she unlocked the doors to her car.

Jade felt her body being violently pinned against the soft mattress of her bed, staring up into Tori's darkened hues, she saw a malevolent glint in the Latina girl's eyes that she had never seen before. There was something more lustful about this Tori Vega. The Tori Vega that she knew was rather timid and more reserve. The girl she was staring up at now wasn't the same Tori that she knew.

The girl she was staring up at now had the eyes of a predator. The eyes of a seasoned huntress just waiting to tear into her prey with much wanted lust and desire. Jade knew she had awoken a beast inside of Tori Vega, and truth be told, Jade liked it.

"Kinky...aren't we?" Jade smirked feeling Tori's hands rip apart Jade's blouse, exposing her now black lace bra.

"You had enough "Kink" for one day babe. I think I deserve a turn now." Came a throaty response from the other girl as her hands roamed down Jade's side.

Feeling Tori's hands dip into her panties, Jade let out a disgruntled moan as she could feel Tori inserting her fingers into Jade's center. The thrusting motions were so forceful that she had to grasp the side of her bedsheets while Tori continued her forceful yet sturdy strokes with her fingers.

"Oh...F...fuck Tori..." Jade whispered out, feeling her eyes roll to the back of her head.

Tori made sure to dig her nails deep into Jade's shoulder blade as she continued to forcefully thrust her fingers deep inside of Jade's center. Her other hand roamed down to Jade's now exposed breasts as she pinched her now hardened nipple.

"Tori...god dammit Tori!" A spasm of intense pleasure shot through Jade's spine as she clenched her eyes shut. Bucking her hips into the air, she repeatedly screamed out Tori's name in ecstasy. Vibrant colors of joy flashed through her mind as she felt Tori's fingers deep inside of her causing her to cum harder than she had in a long time.

Never before had she felt such and intense feeling of orgasmic pleasure before, not even when she was with Beck had she felt something this insane.

Curling up to her Latina girlfriend, Jade's arm snaked around Tori's slender waist. A huge satisfied grin was plastered over her face.

"You should definitely wearing vibrating panties more often." Jade whispered into Tori's ear, leaning her head against her slender shoulder. Tori just idly drew patterns on the back of her lover's pale hand as she whispered;

"I'm so going to get you back for this..."

During Sikowitz's class, Cat tilted the head at the small black remote in her hand. Quizzically she turned her gaze to Tori shaking the black hand held contraption.

"So you just want me to press this button?" Cat asked her friend as she held down the button to the remote. "But it's not doing anything."

A bright smile was planted on Tori's face as she just smiled at the adorably innocent red headed girl.

"Trust me Cat. It's doing a lot." As Tori leaned back in her seat, a small vibrating sound could be heard coming from the desk across from her own.

Tori bit her lip, suppressing a giggle as she watched her girlfriend's body shuddered with desire as a buzzing sound was emitted from the Paler girl's backside. Jade just turned around with an astonished looked on her face.

Tori just Winked at her. Jade wasn't the only one who was all about revenge.

The End.

Well that was it. Like I said, something to get me into my Jori state of mind. But stay tuned. My Jori obsession has just begun ;-)