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Over the years, Sakura Haruno was a respected kunoichi amongst the people of Konohagakure. It had taken her years of vigorous training, but she'd done it… She'd grown strong. Sakura had surpassed Tsunade – the Godaime Hokage – in medical ninjutsu and strength; she had trained hard with Guy to learn and improve her taijutsu; she trained with Kurenai to strengthen her skill in genjutsu; and she had also learned many new ninjutsu's from Kakashi and Naruto. She had even learned the Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Sakura had grown into a young woman who was strong, determined, and willing to sacrifice anything for other people… especially the ones she cared about.

Not only had she grown in strength, but she had also grown in beauty. Sakura had shoulder-length, silky pink hair with lovely, jade-green eyes which shined brightly. Her head was heart-shaped and she had full, rosy-coloured lips. She had a delicate slim figure with curves in the right spots. She had gone from flat-chested to having nicely-sized breasts. Her skin was smooth, flawless, and pale. She had smooth, creamy legs.

Her beauty was well-known throughout Konoha, and she had many fan clubs. However, Sakura always turned down everyone who asked her out. After Sasuke, she wouldn't allow herself to become consume with handsome males… instead, she would focus solely on her career as a kunoichi.

Everything seemed to be going well for Sakura…

However… one day Kaori Ikato arrived in the village… and with her, she brought all sorts of trouble.

Kaori was Sai's replacement, seeing as how he had been pulled from the team by Danzo, much to the disappoint of Sakura and Naruto. They would never have another permanent third teammate. Sasuke was still running around as a criminal, with a growing bounty over his head… Sakura and Naruto had given up trying to bring him back to Konoha. It was quite clear he wanted nothing to do with them.


He Sakura and Naruto were standing in Tsunade's office. They had been called in for some sort of meeting.

Tsunade sighed. "Kakashi is late… again." She said, sounding very annoyed. "We'll just start without him."

"Why have you called us in?" Naruto asked rudely, as always.

Sakura rolled her eyes and smacked Naruto in the back of the head. "Show respect."

"Thank you, Sakura." Tsunade nodded her head at her apprentice. "Anyways, you've been called in because you are getting a new teammate."

"We don't need one!" Naruto shook his head. He didn't want – or need – another replacement.

Tsunade glared at Naruto. "It doesn't matter what you want." She said snappily. "You are getting a new placement. You need one."

There was a knock on the door."

"That'll be here." Tsunade said. "You may enter."

Tsunade's office door opened up and the new replacement for Sai – for Sasuke, once again – walked in. She was beautiful.

She had golden hair which cascaded down to her waist in soft curls. Her eyes were almond-shaped and a beautiful midnight blue. She had decent-sized breasts and a curvy-slim figure. Her skin was just perfectly tanned and she had full lips, just waiting to be kissed.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Kaori Ikato." She said shyly.


When Sakura had first met her, she suspected nothing strange or out-of-the-ordinary. She had just thought that Kaori was an extremely shy and beautiful girl who was looking for acceptance… Too bad Sakura didn't know how wrong she was.

Kaori settled into her position as the new member of Team Kakashi in no time. She seemed to get along great with Naruto and Kakashi, but for some reason Kaori was not fond of Sakura.

Every chance Kaori got, she excluded Sakura from all the team activities. She even began to slowly steal away all of Sakura's friends. She slithered her way into everyone's life.

Sakura quickly realized that Kaori was evil, but no one could see what she saw. They all thought that Kaori was a perfect, little angel.

None of them knew the truth.

Sakura had one time caught Kaori having a make-out session with Kakashi. That had nearly caused Sakura to lose her dinner. Kakashi was like their father-figure… though, apparently, not to everyone.

Another time, she had shown up at Naruto's apartment – to deliver him a message – only to find him and Kaori having sex on the couch. Sakura had been shocked about this one – Naruto loved Hinata, and he would never cheat on her, so that meant that Kaori had somehow tricked Naruto into cheating on his girlfriend. Though she didn't want to, Sakura knew it was her duty as Hinata's friend to tell her… and so she did. However, Hinata had only yelled at Sakura for making up rumors about Kaori.

Then… another time, Sakura found Kaori bent over Tsunade's desk with Neji ramming into her. Sakura couldn't believe that Kaori had once again tricked another person into cheating on their girlfriend.

Kaori was a whore. She was always manipulating or lying to people. Despite all this, no one seemed to be able to see the reality of her. It was like they were all completely blind to her – and Sakura could hardly believe it.

Kaori had ruined Sakura's life – so swiftly, so easily. Sakura had gone from respected kunoichi, to hated kunoichi.

Tsunade, Kakashi, Kurenai, and Guy had all stopped training with her. Instead, they started training Kaori.

Sakura had even lost her spot as the head of the hospital – something which had sent her over the edge – and the job had been handed over to Kaori.

No matter how many times Sakura tried to explain to people that Kaori was just a bitch, they all seemed to be in denial about it. Sakura couldn't even walk down the streets of Konoha without people muttering stuff about her, or chucking items at Sakura. Some people had even tried to gang up on Sakura and beat her up – not that it had ended well for them.

Not a single person wanted anything to do with her. If Sakura disappeared from the village, no one would care or even notice.

Sakura sometimes wondered why she even went on in life – why she even tried anymore. Not a single person was ever going to accept her back into their lives again.

With each passing day since the arrival of Kaori, Sakura began to realize what a horrid place Konoha was. It was all quite clear to her. Now that she actually had a reason to hate the shitty village.

For years, Sakura had always thought that Konoha was a wonderful place… where people could come live and start anew in their lives. But she had been wrong all those years.

Sakura could no longer take staying in Konoha. It was filled with bad memories – and more yet to come if she was to stay in Konoha. Why would it matter to them if she left? In fact, they would probably throw a party if they discovered that Sakura had fled the village. In fact, that was exactly what was going to happen...


It was a dark, cold, and windy night in Konoha.

Sakura Haruno was just finishing her packing. She would no longer have to stay in this god-forsaken village. Just thinking about it made a tinge of happiness intrude its way into Sakura's heart. She hadn't felt that emotion for a while.

Sakura made sure her black cloak was secured on. She lifted the hood of the cloak up to cover her head and face. Sakura picked up her bag – which was full of clothes, food, ninja scrolls, and weapons, as well as other items – and made sure there was a note left on her bedside table, where someone was sure to find it. If anyone even cared to look.

She then hopped out the window and landed softly on the ground without a sound. Before she walked away, Sakura looked back at her house, thinking about the good times she'd actually had with her family… before they had passed away.

Sakura immediately made her way towards Konoha's gates. She knew that the guards on duty would be sound asleep, so she wasn't at all worried about not being able to get through.

Sure enough, when Sakura arrived at the gates, the guards were sound asleep at their post. Sakura smirked, knowing they would get in major shit for letting her leave. Once again… if anyone even cared.

Sakura slipped out of Konoha's gates and began hopping from tree to tree. She needed to put some good distance between herself and Konoha – if they did actually come to look for her, she most definitely didn't want them to find her.

As began getting farther and farther away from Konoha, Sakura couldn't help but wonder how Kakashi and Naruto would feel when they found out she left. Would they care?

Sakura shook her head. 'Stop thinking like that Sakura.' She told herself. 'You don't need any weaknesses like this. They don't care about you, so I won't care about them.'

Once Sakura was sure she had gotten far away from Konoha, she slowed down a bit and hopped from the tree to the ground, landing without making a single noise. From here on out, Sakura would be walking.

Where would she go? What would she do? Maybe Sakura could kill wanted ninja for other nations… that way she could earn some money. That was a good idea. Sakura also knew she had her own big bounty over her head. Something which made her smirk.

She was beginning to hope Konoha would regret her leaving. After all, tonight Konoha had just lost one hell of a kunoichi.


'This was good.'Kaori thought. She was smirking as she watched Sakura leave through Konoha's gates. That was really good. She had just made Sakura Haruno – her biggest enemy – leave the village. Nothing could make her happier.

With Sakura finally gone, Kaori could truly take her place.

The right thing to do at this moment would be to report this to the Hokage… but, since when was Kaori Ikato a good person? Never.

For right now, Kaori wanted to see how everything would fall into place...

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