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"It was so nice of you to meet me." Kaori said slyly. Twirling one of her golden curls around her index finger, she leaned forward and smirked coyly. "Sasuke-kun..."

"Don't call me that." Sasuke Uchiha snapped. He glared at Kaori and she fake-pouted.

Over the years, Sasuke had grown. He was tall and lean, standing at the height of 5'8. Sasuke was fair-skinned and his onyx-colored eyes were cold, piercing, and distant. Sasuke had black, chin-length hair which was spiky in the back. He had somewhat long bangs that swept across his forehead.

"C'mon, Sasuke-kun, don't be mean." Kaori purred seductively, placing herself on Sasuke's lap. She leaned back against his chest, getting comfortable. "I'm only trying to have a little fun."

Sasuke continued to glare at Kaori, but he did nothing to remove her from his lap. Instead, he hissed, "What do you want?"

"You," Kaori said playfully, tugging on Sasuke's bangs.

"What. Do. You. Want." Sasuke repeated his question, knocking Kaori's hand away from his hair. He was beginning to get annoyed.

Kaori giggled and repositioned herself on Sasuke's lap so she was straddling him instead. She leaned forward, nibbling on Sasuke's lip. "I need your help." She whispered, rolling her hips.

Sasuke contained his groan.

"I know you want your dear, little, Sakura-chan." Kaori continued to rub against Sasuke. "And I want Naruto-kun… as well as the rest of Konoha. Permanently. However, I can't do that with dearie Sakura-chan still out there. You can help me."

Kaori – continuing to grind against Sasuke – began removing her clothes. She did it slowly and rather seductively. "What do you, Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke growled and flipped them so he was pinning Kaori down. "Okay."


Yawning and stretching – much like a cat – Sakura sat up. It didn't take Sakura much thinking to figure out where she was. It was obvious that she was in Itachi's room. The room consisted mostly of black, red, and white… classic Uchiha colours.

Sakura kicked the black comforter off and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Sakura's feet landed on a lush black carpet. Deciding to be childish, she wiggled her toes in the carpet while sighing. It felt funny.

Sakura stood up and stretched again. She made a face of disgust; she smelt like sweat. Ignoring the weird feeling in the pit of her stomach, Sakura headed over to the bathroom adjoined to Itachi's bedroom.

The bathroom was nice and updated. Sakura turned on the shower, giving it time to heat up, and stripped off all her clothing. Sakura got into the shower. She was going to make this quick. After all, Sakura felt all weird and awkward showering in Itachi's shower.

Sakura washed her hair using Itachi's manly– Sakura couldn't help but giggle at her choice of words – shampoo. 'Ugh! I'm going to smell like a guy.'Sakura thought as she used the soap to wash down her body.

Once finished, Sakura turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. She was feeling nice and refreshed.

Sakura looked around the bathroom and realized she didn't have any clothes to change into. She groaned at her idiocy.

Sighing, Sakura grabbed a towel off the towel-rack and wrapped it around herself. She picked up her dirty clothes and shuffled into Itachi's bedroom. Sakura dropped the clothes in the dirty clothes hamper, which was practically overflowing with clothes, and headed over to Itachi's long, dark chestnut dresser.

Sakura shuffled around the drawers and pulled out a simple pair of black boxers – Sakura had always liked wearing men's boxers, they were strangely comfortable – sweat pants, and a loose, baggy black t-shirt. Sakura dropped the towel on the ground and slipped into the clothes.

Sakura wiggled slightly. She hated not wearing a bra or sports-bra… it made her feel very uncomfortable.

Just then, Sakura's stomach rumbled. She bit her lip. She was hungry, but going to look for the kitchen could take Sakura hours, seeing as how this Akatsuki base was practically a maze. Plus, Sakura didn't want to particularly run into any Akatsuki members, especially after her freak-out in the hallway.

But – in the end – hunger won over and Sakura exited Itachi's bedroom in search of the kitchen.

Sakura shuffled down the long and very confusing hallway. She made random twists and turns, hoping to find the kitchen. Sakura rounded a corner, only to see Tobi coming out of a room. He hadn't noticed Sakura yet. She quickly turned on her heel, not wanting to talk to Tobi.

But it was too late.


Tobi's arms wrapped around Sakura's midsection, pulling her into a tight hug from behind.

"Tobi-kun, could you please let me go." Sakura attempted to wiggle out of Tobi's tight grasp.

Tobi reluctantly released Sakura from his grasp. She turned around to face him. An idea popped into Sakura's head. Tobi was an Akatsuki member – god only knows how – so, he would know his way around the base. "Um... Er... Tobi-kun, would you... Uh... mind taking me to the kitchen?" Sakura finally managed to get out. "I'm really hungry."

"Sure, Blossom-hime, Tobi will do anything for you." Tobi exclaimed happily, probably glad to be able to help.

Tobi took a hold of Sakura's hand and pulled her down the hall, making very many confusing turns: left, right, left, left, right, and another right. Finally, Tobi and Sakura arrived at the kitchen.

Sakura wrinkled her nose up in disgust once she saw the state of the kitchen.

The kitchen was updated with new shiny and sleek, stainless steel appliances. However, it was a complete and total mess. There was a pile of dishes in the sink, as well as on the marble counter-top. There was a pile of garbage-bags, full of trash and such, in the corner of the kitchen. A small table, which was placed in another corner, was also full of dirty dishes. The floor was dirty, too. Random liquids seemed to be spilt all over the floor in different places. Trash littered the floor: ramen cups, a banana peel, beer-cans, and so on. And finally, the kitchen smelt completely of rotten food.

"Oh my…!" Sakura exclaimed, plugging her nose. The stench of the kitchen was beginning to make her nausea. She rounded on Tobi, glaring at him. "How am I supposed to eat in this mess? It's horrible!"

"Tobi doesn't know, Blossom-chan." Tobi shrugged his shoulders. Sakura bet that he was most likely grinning underneath that orange lollipop mask of his.

"Ugh! Get out! Get out!" Sakura ordered, stomping her foot and gesturing to the door. "Tobi-kun, I want you to go get me the cleaning supplies! Now! Go!"


Hours later – or what seemed like hours later for Sakura at least – she had finallyfinished cleaning the kitchen.

The marble counter-tops were sparkling clean. The dirty dishes were washed and put away, properly. The garbage-bags had been thrown out, and everything on the floor had been taken out and thrown away. Sakura had also vigorously mopped the floor until you could practically see your own reflection shining in it. The horrendous stench was gone, and now, the air smelt fresh, crisp, and clean.

Sakura was proud of herself. Besides, cleaning had given Sakura time to take her thoughts off her horrible panic-attack the day before.

"Blossom-chan!" Tobi exclaimed when he entered the kitchen. "Tobi thinks it looks great!"

"Thank you, Tobi-kun." Sakura grinned. For some reason, Sakura suddenly felt... much better. She didn't know why, though.

Clapping her hands, Sakura headed over to the cupboards. "Finally, I get to eat!" She said. Sakura opened the cupboard and froze. It was practically empty. She should've expected this. The only thing that was in the cupboard was instant ramen cups and Sakura was pretty sure she didn't want to eat those. But there was probably nothing else to eat.

Grumbling in annoyance, Sakura pulled out two instant ramen cups, knowing Tobi would want one. And he did. Tobi sat himself down – eagerly – at the table, waiting for the noodles.

Too lazy to boil some water using the kettle, Sakura filled the instant ramen cups with some water and popped them microwave. She set the time and then leaned against the counter, waiting for them to finish. (1)

When the dingfrom the microwave sounded, Sakura opened it up and grabbed the ramen cups. Sakura made sure to focus a very, thin layer of Chakra to her hands so she didn't burn herself. She set the ramen cups on the table, along with some chopsticks. Sakura sat down across from Tobi and instantly began seating, not caring if she was going to burn her tongue.

As she was eating, Sakura looked up at Tobi, waiting to see how he was going to eat his. He was wearing a mask, and Sakura highly doubted he was going to take it off in front of her. (Though Sakura did wish he would, she was dying to know what Tobi truly looked like underneath that mask).

Rolling her eyes, Sakura focused her attention to her ramen cup. And when she looked back up to see if Tobi had eaten yet, his ramen cup was completely empty. Tobi had eaten all his noodles.

Sakura nearly choked on her noodles in shock. She coughed and managed to swallow. "That was fast." She commented.

"Tobi is a fast eater, Blossom-chan."

And with that, the silence resumed.

Sakura was beginning to feel weird, so she spoke, "Um... Tobi-kun, about yesterday..."

"Blossom-chan, Tobi doesn't care. Tobi knows Blossom-chan was hurt." Tobi said.

Sakura bit her lip, wondering what to say. "But, still, Tobi-kun, I am-"

"Tobi isn't mad at Blossom-chan." Tobi simply said. "Tobi wants to help. Tobi wants to heal you, Blossom-chan. To make Blossom-chan feel all better,"

Not knowing what to say in reply, Sakura remained silent, killing the small and feeble conversation. However, this time, Sakura didn't feel awkward. Instead, she felt contempt.

Sakura felt like, maybe, this was where she would be able to fit in. To restart all over again. However, Sakura knew it wouldn't be that simple. And it would take some time for the healing process to happen. But, in the end, Sakura knew that hopefully, one day, she'd find her place.


(1): This is how I cook mine when I am lazy too.

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