Going Back Home, Coming Back to Life


This is going too far. We've been on the streets for years. My brother is in poor health,we're both starving. 8 years we've been out here. When our parents died the family that adopteded us abandond us. Can this day get any worse? Oh,wait it just did. It's started to rain. We took shelter in a broken down train car. I huddled Denal closer to me. He was tired and cold. We'd stay here for the night,and continue on in the morning.

As I woke up the next morning Denal was missing from my side. I stood and stretched quickly then headed outside to sit by Denal. He liked to watch the sun rise in the morning he always gets up early enough. How I haven't figured out yet. But I know I hadn't yet been able to work that in my system. After a few minutes I pulled Denal to his feet. We had to get moving before it started raining again. We had to keep Weasel off our tail. Weasel was a police officer who liked to catch runaways. If he caught us he'd force us to go back to those treacherouse people.

"Hey Josh," I called as we walked towards the center of the town. Josh works at the farmers market. He gave us free fruit sometimes. I still had a few peaches from yesterday in my backpack. He smiled, "Morning Rex,Denal."
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Denal was still staring in the east where the sun was still rising higher in the sky. Josh laughed. "Whaaaaat?Not funny." Denal crossed his arms over his chest pretending to be hurt. We all laughed. Denal broke off with a loud bout of coughing. I caught him as he nearly fell. "Are you alright," I asked gently. He nodded. "We'd better get going before that creep catches up to us." He nodded then reached into his backpack and pulled out a newspaper."You mght wanna read this." I nodded and put the paper in my backpack.

We decided the best way to get weasel off our tails was to leave new york city. We'd head north to longview. By 1600 Denal's condition was getting worse. Good news we reached longview some time ago. About 1730 this had just become too much for Denal. He passed out. He was burning up with a fever.I looked up as a young women approached us on foot. "Do you need some help?"She asked softly. "Yes please."My voice barely more then a whisper. "We'll take him back to my house."

She lifted Denal carefully in her arms. It wasn't that hard because he was so small. Denal was exhausted. She laid him on the bed in tthe guest room. "He'll feel better after he rests." With a hesitant glance i laid down beside Denal and fell into a deep uneasy sleep...

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