Though they had been home from time to time, Harry and Charlie had always known they'd escape, after a few weeks. They had enjoyed their time, both their work and pleasure, loved it in fact. It wasn't simply about falling in love, though that was a huge part, the rest was great too. They knew though their life was back in the UK, Harry had quidditch and teaching one day, and Charlie the zoo. They also had their families and friends, and though worried about some Weasleys, they knew others would support them. No matter how Molly and the younger two took it, Harry and Charlie were set to face it. They would make their first appearance as a couple, at a Malfoy event of all things, Draco's wedding. It was not like those they were worried about would be there, and it seemed a good place for them to start, and soon.

Remus was among those waiting for his son, when the portkey arrived. He knew Harry had loved it, and would be a bit sad to see it end, but he also knew his son was excited for quidditch and teaching. Besides Lucius had spoken about sending his son on assignments every summer.

Harry's head finally cleared when they arrived. "Home, and even in the summer, still cold."

Charlie laughed and slipped his arms around Harry to pull him in close. "Just all the more reason to keep me around."

Fred interrupted the moment as the two love birds seemed unaware they had an audience. "Seems you have got better at picking up clues."

George agreed as the two pulled apart. "Happy to see our meddling worked."

Harry hugged George who he had not seen since his wedding. "If you were not already a married man, we may have to pay you back."

George smirked. "The two of you are happier than I have ever seen you, and we all know we couldn't have waited for you to act on it."

Remus cut his son off from a comment. "It is good to see you cub."

Harry sunk happily into his dad's arms. He had loved the work and travel, and would never give it up, but he missed his dad. Remus missed him, but seeing how much his son had changed, and how much fun he had, he was happy. He was the one who got his son the job, thought some time away would do him some good, and had no idea how right he would be. He had been hoping it would open his eyes about Ginny and it had, but it also introduced him to Charlie, and so much more. He was definitely proud of his son.

They were headed for London, where Harry and Charlie would be living in Grimmauld. Tonks had been saving up while Harry was gone, to get a place of her own, as she paid him no rent. He had told her she could stay, and for now she would, on the second floor like Hermione.

Harry looked around the house and realized he was home for good. "I was never sure this day would come, when I'd call this place home."

Remus put a hand on him. "I know this is where Sirius felt like a prisoner, but it was home. It was my home for many years. He'd want…"

Harry nodded. "He told me, when we thought Peter caught, I'd have a home here. I hope to fill it with life again, me or Tonks and Moody."

Tonks had appeared on the stairs. "Welcome home little cousin. But no more of this trying to dump this depressing home off on me, it's yours."

Harry hugged her. "You're the true Black, not me. But you know you're welcome to stay on. There is a lot of room, and I have many houses."

Tonks reminded him of the ring he wore. "You are not only Lord Black, but you know me and mum, and even the Malfoy two call you family.'

Harry knew, though his relationship with Narcissa was newer, and more through his dad. Neither Narcissa nor Andromeda had an issue with him being heir to the family estate, and had welcomed him, especially Tonks and her mum. Harry had once thought about a wedding day, and worried he'd have no family on his side, but he knew he had no issue now. It was Charlie he was worried would not, when they found out about them, but shook it away. Bill, Arthur and even Percy had already hinted at their support, and of course the twins were the match makers.

Harry settled back into his rooms on the main floor. He had been here for a few weeks here and there, but never more. He knew he could have opened one of his other homes, but for now this made the most sense to him. If he looked past the prison feel, he knew it was a bond to Sirius.

Charlie appeared in his door and pulled him into his arms for a long warm kiss. "I will miss you in my arms in the morning."

Harry returned the kiss. "I just want to make sure Hermione and I have a chance to talk. I want to tell her."

Charlie understood. "Even with all the trouble last year, she is your best friend, you know I understand."

Harry knew that without a doubt. "It's one of the reasons I love you so much. I promise soon, even if she takes it bad, it doesn't matter."

Charlie shook his head. "Harry, I know no matter how much you may deny it, her opinion means a lot to you."

Harry couldn't deny it. He was not going to give Charlie up, he had found true love and he was not going to lose it, but he held to hope. Hermione had been his best friend since eleven, and after the end of his relationship with Ron, it was even more central in his mind. He hoped she could be happy for him, and accept him with Charlie, as he did with her and Ron. He had wanted her happy, no matter how Ron was treating him, and he'd hope she could return it. She had sworn when he was home before, that she'd try and accept his new relationship, but he still worried. As they were kissing, they were unaware the last member arrived home, and had come up to find Harry.

Hermione was surprised when she came into the hall. She cleared her throat for attention and then added. "Harry?"