Harry and Charlie were so happy to bring Aidan home. The nursery at school had been done to look like New Zealand, much to their delight. There were enough photos, from their time there, and Neville's visit. There was Raja even in the picture. Harry wanted to take Aidan to see the serpents, but it had to wait, until he was a bit older. They couldn't apparate with him till he was a month, and he was a bit young, for such a long bus ride or floo either. Remus shook his head when he heard, he had no doubt his grandson would soon share the obsession with dragons, of both his dads. He even had a mobile which had all different kind of dragons on it. That had been Luna's main contribution at the baby shower. Aidan soon enough had two favorite toys, a stuffed dragon, and a wolf. Harry had been given the marauder stuffed animals, as he had given his dad, for Daisy. He had them as a baby, though he had the rat, and now both his sister and his son had them. Harry had them remade for Daisy, saying both children of the marauders should have them. Remus had repaid in kind, thinking both James and Sirius would agree, a grandchild should.

Aidan was soon repaying his Aunt's snub of her daddy. Aidan wasn't talking yet, but he was definitely a Grandpa's boy, Remus in this case. He loved to snuggle with grandpa any chance he could get. And Remus definitely didn't mind the quality time with his grandson.

The summer following Aidan's birth they were spending at the coast. Harry and Charlie had a stop first. "His first visit."

Remus shook his head. "I am actually surprised it took so long."

Charlie agreed with his father in law. "Probably would have, but got permission to bring Raja to school."

Severus smirked. "And here I belief you petitioned, saying it was for a class."

Harry shrugged carefully, as he held his eight month old son. "Well Hagrid did show him off in his class as well."

Remus laughed. "He was so happy to have a chance to see one again, up close."

Harry smirked. "Well thankfully Raja is a serpent, and a bit more controllable than Norberta was."

Charlie agreed with him. "I remember having my friends sneak that dragon out of the country for you."

Severus shook his head. "I thought my godson had lost his marbles, when he claimed there was a dragon at school."

Harry looked at him. "Only then? I thought your godson lost his marbles on many occasions."

Remus turned to his son. "Be grateful you're holding Aidan. Besides you have become friends with your cousin."

Harry agreed. "That doesn't mean I can't think he is a bit crazy at times. He is a Malfoy after all, and a Black, bad mix."

Charlie pointed out. "We're both Blacks, and so is our son."

Harry corrected him. "I am an adopted one thank you. And I think it is the Malfoy corruption of the Black blood."

Severus made a sound which almost sounded like a snort. "There is more of a Black in you, than most of the Blacks combined."

Harry may have been adopted, closely related to the family anyways, but he was a true Black. He would likely have made Orion proud. He was not a traditional pure blood, but he did have a side to him, when it came to his family. The man may not have approved of his eldest son, but he would likely have approved Remus thought, of his son's chosen heir. Wallburga never would have, she'd never have looked past his half-blood status, or the lack of full traditions. But in some ways, Orion was slightly less staunch, well for a Black.

They arrived at the sanctuary and Harry proudly took his son into Raja's enclosure. The numbers of all the serpents they had brought, had grown in the years. The ones from New Zealand, that were nearly extinct, had doubled. There had been twelve jeweled serpents born here.

Raja appeared from his nest. "You have brought him."

Harry smiled and nodded. "Aidan you remember Daddy's friend Raja."

Aidan squealed a little and made a sound that sounded like nearly a hiss.

Charlie looked at Harry. "He didn't?"

Harry laughed and shrugged. "Not sure, but it did kind of sound like parselmouth baby babble."

Raja motioned towards his nest. "I have a surprise for you.|

Aidan looked and pointed. "Ooo"

Harry realized his son was right. "Eggs? You are to be a daddy finally."

Raja nodded. "Cleo was old enough finally for us to mate. By the end of the month, I will have three fine young of my own."

Charlie was amazed as he looked in. "One of our first serpents will be a grandmother."

Harry laughed and nodded. "You know even with Aidan, they feel like a part of our family."

Raja answered as he understood more and more English though he couldn't speak it. "We wish you to name one, when they are born."

Aidan pointed at one of the eggs. It was a slightly different color. "Ooo."

Raja looked at it. "That one it is."

Harry promised Raja he would be honored. He had named Snowden, the little jeweled serpent born in New Zealand. It was the birth of her, as a serpent and not a gecko which most of their eggs had been because of the lack of magic, which had brought the serpents here. They had seen they still had a chance to have baby serpents, and had come with him, in hopes to continue. Not one of their eggs, since they arrived here, had been a gecko. Raja's mate Cleo, both were of the Brazilian serpents of course, was the daughter of Isis. She was one of the hatchlings Harry had first discovered. Raja came with them, wanting to explore, as she was too young to mate at the time. His own family, and his future mate before Cleo, had been among those killed by poachers back home. Well in their old home, this was home now.

They headed off to the coast, where the family was waiting for them. They were having a little party, it was Fred's youngest son's birthday. Even the Tonks were there, and Moody and Tonks had brought their son Sirius, who was born that spring.

Molly smiled when she took her grandson into her arms. "There you are."

Aidan smiled and clapped. "Ooo."

Arthur knew the word. "You're hungry? Did daddy forget to feed you breakfast?"

Harry smirked. "My son doesn't eat eggs yet, and he had a bottle and his food thank you."

Molly laughed. "Arthur was just joking. What is he talking about?"

Charlie smiled. "We took him to the sanctuary for his first visit. And Harry's friend Raja, has eggs, Aidan saw."

Aidan couldn't talk yet, other than a few words, like Da and Pa, and Po, which he called Remus. But he loved to babble, and he soon was babbling off to Grandma, about the serpents or so they assumed. Molly didn't mind she couldn't understand a word, she was a true grandma, and went to sit down and listen to his story. They were the last to arrive, even Ginny had come, a first. She had been promoted recently at work, no longer an assistant, and had her first non-supervised lunch with Gwen a few days before.

Harry rested in his husband's arms. "Aidan sure has your mother wrapped around his pinkie finger doesn't he?"

Aidan had more than Molly wrapped about it. As he was growing, and starting to walk and talk, he had become a castle sweet heart. He loved playing outside, so the kids got to see him a lot, and he had become quite spoiled. Charlie had returned to work in April, but he came home early a lot, and he missed being around his son. He was with Dobby when Harry was in class, Dobby had been a nanny elf, to Draco once upon a time. He was definitely honored to be asked, and the only elf Harry would trust with his son. He spent a lot of time with his grandparents as well. By Christmas time, they were trying for a second child, hoping this time for a little girl, now they had a son.

It took a bit longer than with Aidan, and it was around Easter in the end of April, they got pregnant. Aidan would be two years and nearly three months old, when the baby was born, which was close for them, but not too close, so they were happy. This time they kept the gender a secret.

Molly was anxious to go into the wing to see her new grandchild. "I really hope it is a little girl this time."

Arthur laughed. "You'd never know. Well except for all the pink you knitted."

Bill reminded his mum. "It could be another boy."

Molly laughed. "With all the babies in my life, I am sure the pink will get used eventually."

Hermione looked at Remus. "You could put us out of our misery."

Remus had once again been in the room. "No. But trust me, it will be worth the wait."

Severus looked at his husband. "You have this odd look. I don't think you should keep secrets from your husband."

Remus kissed him. "You\re just jealous, as Harry allowed Andromeda to be the nurse this time."

Andromeda was also with them. "It's only fate, you were for Aidan. But it was worth the wait."

They were all sure it must be a girl, from the talk of both Remus and Andromeda. If it was another boy, they would not be so happy about it. Boys were always so welcome, but the dads wanted a little girl, and there had to be a reason for the smiles. They were waiting a bit longer than last time, to go in, Aidan waiting anxiously with Aunty Fleur, to go in. For the first time, Ginny was there with them, she wasn't for Aidan. She had actually begun to date a few months ago, a doctor she met at the hospital, and her parents had met him twice. He knew about her history, with John and Gwen, and her hospital stay, and it mattered not to him. He also knew about her other career, she hadn't wanted any lies.

Finally the proud dads allowed the others to come in. They soon realized why it took longer, as both Harry and Charlie were holding a baby. They were shocked, the boys hadn't told them it was twins, and there were no doubles.

Narcissa shook her head. "Not everyone."

Molly shook her head. "You knew?"

Harry smiled. "It was an accident. We found out on our last scan it was twins. She overheard us worrying about doubles."

Arthur just looked down at the twins. "A boy and girl? Just as you wanted."

Charlie agreed. "We wanted three, and were hoping for at least one little girl."

Harry nodded. "She was born first, so she will be little Lady Black one day."

Andromeda smiled even though she had known that. "She definitely will bring new life to the family."

Harry looked at Tonks. "Your daughter could still add more."

Tonks laughed. "I would like a daughter. But I had a hard enough time convincing this old man, to have the one."

Moody growled. "I still think you put me under the imperius curse for him."

Harry looked at Draco and Tonks. "We thought perhaps you'd consider being her godparents."

Draco was a bit surprised, no matter how much they had become friends. "Really?"

Charlie nodded. "You're family, and your mother is always reminding us, to include you."

Severus smirked. "I thought you'd be worried, he'd turn her into a snake."

Harry laughed. "That is why we picked Tonks as well, to balance him out. Besides, you are already trying to corrupt our children."

That, and the comment about Narcissa, were jokes. Harry thought it fitting, to have two Blacks as godparents, as she would be heir. He didn't want her to be a snake, so he chose Tonks, instead of Pansy. The twins were honored to be chosen for their newest nephew. He would inherit any personal money and possessions of the couple, which would include the money they both got, for their part in the war. Hermione and Ron were not alone of course, they had all received a reward for being in the order.

Fred looked down at his new godson. "So what names have you chosen? Did you follow the tradition like we did?"

Harry shook his head. "They are not two boys, so we decided to branch out a bit."

Molly thought it made sense. "As it should be. So spill it."

Charlie did the honors with their little girl. "This is our Maire Aurora Lupin."

And Harry introduced their son. "And this little prince is our Lance Caelum Lupin."

The twins they chose to both take names from the stars. Both of them were Blacks, Harry Lord Black, and it was a link to Aidan as well. Maire honored both of their mothers, as a variation of Molly, and a tree for Lily. The name also came from New Zealand, their promise to choose a Maori name, for where they fell in love. Lance was of course a short form of Lancelot, for the Weasleys, and the Potters as well.

Harry had Aidan put down for photos and asked him. "What do you think?"

Aidan kissed his brother. "I want brother." And looking at his sister. "She cute too."

Charlie kissed his son. "Well now she has an older brother and twin brother, we'll make sure no men come near her."

Remus went to take his grandson when the twins were ready to nurse. "Come on Prince. Your daddies and the twins will be home tomorrow."

Aidan shook his head. "No."

Charlie kissed his son. "You know there is a gift waiting for you. Daddy and I decided the big brother needed a special gift."

Harry smiled and nodded when Aidan turned to him. "And I am pretty sure you'll like it."

Aidan allowed himself to be taken by his grandfather. Aidan had been staying with them for the past few nights, until Harry was ready to deliver. They had worried he may be a bit jealous, and made sure there were gifts for him, and not just the twins. His bedroom had also been done. There was a new puzzle for him to do with grandpa, he was just starting to be able to do them.

Charlie smiled as his husband nursed them both. "You know you amaze me more and more."

Harry and Charlie were ready to set off on a trip. Well they hoped to be going soon, but they had one stop, which they wished they could avoid. It was their tenth wedding anniversary, and the family insisted on a party. Remus laughed, and couldn't understand how his son wasn't used to it by now. Narcissa had calmed down, on the adults at least, she was busy enough with the kids. Between her two grandkids, Harry's three, and Tonks' son and daughter, she had a lot. Tonks had finally convinced her husband to have a second, when their son was three. If people laughed at Severus with a daughter, Moody was even more of a laugh, watching him with Annie. But the man could melt for his little girl, like Severus did.

Aidan was six, he would be seven at Halloween, and the twins had turned four in January. They were happy with their three, and they had never considered having a fourth child. Maire had wanted a sister, but she had plenty of female cousins, and Aunt Daisy.

Harry looked at the brood. "I think we should just escape."

Maire shook her head. "No Daddy. We have to go to the party."

Charlie looked at his only daughter. "Since when do you like parties? I think you have a fever. You are even wearing a dress."

Remus had come in. "Severus never did get his pay back. Maire never liked dresses, ever since she could have an opinion of her own."

Harry laughed. "She takes after her godmother, or Andromeda tells me."

Maire shook her head. "There is a pitch at the manor Daddy. I want to fly."

Charlie laughed. "Tonks has nothing on you. She is definitely your daughter."

Severus shook his head. "I believe the two of you were both quidditch obsessed."

Charlie couldn't deny it, and he had the records Harry broke, but not like Harry. Harry lived and breathed quidditch in school, and he still held school and league records, even national records. Severus who was now assistant headmaster as Albus had retired, thought Maire would be breaking her dad's records, and finding the school passages. She had inspired the marauder side, the part that made Harry so close to the twins, and a backer in their shop. Harry was extremely proud of his daughter, and even Severus was, he thought there was some of Lily in there.

Aidan was like Charlie. He could fly well, but he loved animals and plants, and liked to explore the outdoors. He had been going to the zoo with his Papa for years, and the baby babble was a sign, he was actually a parselmouth.

Harry looked over to where his younger son was reading. "I am not sure how we ended up with this one. He is barely four, and reading alone."

Severus smirked. "All your children were reading before four. You can thank me for that any day now."

Remus smiled. "He is intent on one of his grandchildren not being a total dunderhead as he calls it, in the potions lab."

Charlie shook his head. "He is four. And likely reading a book about dragons or something."

Lance looked up. "No Papa. It is my book for my first potions kit."

Harry laughed as he saw the gloating look on his stepfather. "Come along. If we're going to this party, we better not be late."

Nine year old Daisy was smiling. "I can't wait to see Aunty Pansy. She promised to show me how to do that braid."

Severus whispered under his breath. "If they were the same age, I'd think Daisy and Dahlia were switched at birth."

Laughter followed that as they headed out. Dahlia was a true Malfoy, she did like clothes like her mum, but she did Draco proud. Daisy had a marauder side, she did some pranks with her little niece, but Severus wasn't any more pleased with that. He was happy at least one of his grandsons, showed a real potential for being like him. Harry and Charlie had to groan at the thought.

The manor was packed. All of their friends had married and had kids by now. The Malfoys, Tonks, Moodies, Oliver and Katie, Neville and Luna, and all the Weasleys had come. Hermione and Viktor with their two were there as well.

Harry smiled at the growing brood of kids running around. He noticed Gwen was there. "I am a bit surprised."

Ginny came over with her husband. "My weekend is usually next, but John allowed me to bring her this weekend."

Charlie kissed his sister on the cheek. "Is she excited about her new cousin?"

Ginny's husband Mike nodded. "Especially as we told her it was a little sister, well female cousin."

Molly hadn't heard. "Oh I am so happy for the two of you."

Ginny had cleaned up her life. Mike was the healer she met a few years ago, and they had married just over a year ago, after a long courtship. They were to welcome their first daughter in November. Though Gwen was old enough to understand, she still though Ginny an Aunt, it was Ginny's choice. Ginny got her one weekend a month now though, instead of her parents. She was happy to have a child though she could raise from day one. Now at twenty nine, with a successful job for the company John got her a job at, she was truly ready this time for one.

Ron and Susan had been the second last to add. They now had a pair of sons, enough for them. Molly had an abundance of grandchildren, which kept her busy knitting and baby-sitting, which of course was heaven for her.

Lucius handed them some wine. "We thought we better make a toast before you sneak off on us."

Harry smirked. "Sneak off? You know how much we have come to love these parties over the years."

Narcissa shook her head. :"It has only been for the kids lately. But you now we had to celebrate today."

Molly lifted a glass. "To Harry and Charlie, who are both my sons, and ten more amazing years."

Remus added. "And to their beautiful brood of children that they continue to bring them happiness."

Harry lifted a glass. "And to our friends and families, whose love and support means the world to us."

Ten years, since they had married, and pledged their lives. They were in love as much now as then, if not ten times more. They were heading off for two weeks in New Zealand, with the three kids in tow. They had promised the kids they would make the trip one day, and were keeping it. Aidan hoped to see some of the serpents, as the work they did to restore magic there had worked, and some serpents were born there again. Aidan's love of animals, likely had a link to his talent, he was a parselmouth, like his dad. The three kids all looked the same, Harry but with Charlie's hair and smile, including Lily's eyes. But only Aidan had inherited the gift.

Harry looked at his brood as they were to leave. "It seems fitting to bring our own little hatchlings back to this place."

An: So I hope this was a good ending for the story. I won't mention the other kids born, don't want to over whelm anyone. But here are the twins for those who wanted them before.

Maire Aurora Lupin: Maire (Irish) beloved. Honors both their mothers. Variation of Molly. It is also a tree found in NZ. It is a nature name for Lily, but they said they'd choose a Maori name for a child, back in NZ before they even wed. Aurora (Latin) goddess of the dawn. Means the northern lights, but also a Roman goddess. Like her brothers' middle names, honors all the Blacks, but also Grandpa Remus and Severus.

Lance Caelum Lupin: Lance (English) spear. It is short for Lancelot. A name from Arthurian legend and British culture, for Arthur and Potters. Caelum (Latin) pump, is a constellation for the Blacks.