Chapter 1

One day as Jasmine and Jabbar are walking out to thier car Sarah pulls up and gets out of her car and walks over to them.

"Hey Jas Hi Jabbar!" Sarah says happily watching Jasmine get Jabbar in the car

"Hi Aunt Sarah!" Jabbar says from inside the car

"hey Sarah!" Jasmine says hugging her

"what are you doing here so early I was just on my way to take Jabbar to school." Jasmine tells her

"oh well I could take him if you are in a rush." Sarah tells her

"you know actucally that would be great. So what's up?" Jasmine wonders

"well I wanted to come by to talk to you about Crosby." Sarah tells her

Jasmine does a double take "oh well what about Crosby?" she wonders crossing her arms

"you know this all sucks don't you?" Sarah tells her

"what?" Kasmine wonders

"this thing with you and him and I hate it because I love you and Jabbar but Crosby is my brother and he is trying so hard to get back into his kids life!" Sarah tells her

"oh really I haven't noticed him around a lot lately." Jasmine tells her

"well yes things have gotten rough with Ambers car accident and all our family stuff but you know that Crosby still and will always love you and he should get to see his kid." Sarah tells her

"okay we have to go, can we discuss this later, I'll call you okay?" Jasmine tells her

Sarah just sighs with her arms crossed over her chest "fine." she says

"Jabbar hop out Aunt Sarah is taking you to school today." Jasmine tells him

Sarah smiles "really after all that?" Sarah wonders

Jasmine smiles "of course you're still his aunt who he loves." she tells her

Sarah smiles "well thanks." she says with a smile

"anytime, okay Jabbar be good for Aunt Sarah okay and Mommy will pick you up after school." Jasmine says kissing his cheek

"yuck!" Jabbar says wiping it off

Sarah and and Jasmine laugh "bye buddy." Jasmine says

"come on sweetie." Sarah says leading him to her car with her hand on his head and Jasmine takes off and Sarah makes sure Jabbar gets all buckled in before getting in the drivers seat and drives off.