Chapter 1

After finding out that Kristina is pregnant again and that he is going to be a daddy Adam decides to take a late night walk just to clear his head from everything that happened to him that week. When Sarah and the kids get home from the play she changes into some jeans and a teeshirt and her sweatshirt and leaves the house to go on a walk to also clear her head when she starts walking down the street and finds Adam leaning up against a tree in the neighborhood.

"hey." she says

"hey." he says

"what are you doing out here?" she wonders

"just needed to get out of the house to clear my head what about you?" he wonders

""oh yeah same thing." she tells him

"so you've had quite the week." he tells her

"uh." she looks down and shuffles her feet yea." she says then looks back up at him

"so whats up with you?" she wonders

"well lets see what is up with me what is up with me?" he wonders

"well I got fired from my job this week and I'm going to be a daddy again." he tells her kind of mumbling

Sarah shakes her head "I'm sorry what did you just say?" she wonders if she heard him right

"I said I'm going to.." he starts to tells her

"I heard you say your're going to be a daddy again, Kristina is pregnant?" she wonders

"she is." he clarifys

"wow, congradulations Adam." she says and smiles

"yeah thanks and I know another kid! What are we going to do with another kid if I can't even control my 2 kids?" he wonders

"well your going to do the same thing you have been doing and be a great father again and you will get to do it over againand maybe change up your ways make it easier for you." she tells him

"yeah." he sighs not believing her

"look you and Kristina will figure it out together and you will be great parents again." she tells him trying to get eye contact with him but he refuses to look at her

"what's wrong with you?" she wonders

"nothing just tired." he tells her

"okay." she says

"great play tonight, we enjoyed it." he tells her

"thanks I worked hard on it." she tells him

"it definitely showed you're an amazing writer and have talent." he tells her

Sarah just smiles "thanks." she gets all her emotional self

"that showed something I can't or couldn't even be able to do." he tells her

Sarah just scofts.

"I'm proud of you Sarah and I'm even more proud to be your brother." he tells her then looks at her and smiles

Sarah just smiles with tears in her eyes.