Chapter 5

"okay okay I'll tell you but you have t promise to keep it a secret for now." Sarah tells her

"okay what?" Amber wonders

"there's a new baby coming to this already crazy Braverman household soon." Sarah tells her

"yeah I know it's Julia and Joel right?" Amber wonders

"um no it's nothing like that sweetie." Sarah tells her

"then what is it coming on what are you pregnant with dad's kid or something?" Amber wonders

"what No!" Sarah tells her

"then what!" Amber wonders

"Kristina's pregnant!" Sarah just blurts out

"what?" Amber says looking at Sarah for a second in all quiteness

"yeah I know." Sarah says

"but they arn't they like too old to have a baby?" Amber wonders

"well Kristina is technically younger than am I so no." Sarah tells her

"well, what did Adam say or think?" Amber wonders

"oh, well he's excited." Sarah tells her happily

"but what about Max?" Amber wonders

"well they will have to figure it out and they will I hope and he will hopefully learn to accept the baby and that they won't forget and leave him out and keep doing the great job they are doing with him it's going to be a challenge but for them but they will work through it and maybe Max will really be a great big brother even with his aspergers." Sarah tells her

Amber just half smiles.

"okay, well I'm going to bed, sleep well sweetie." Sarah kisses her cheek

"kay." Amber says

"feel better okay?" Sarah tells her

"okay I will." Amber tells her and smiles watching her get up walking over to the door

"g-night sweetie." Sarah smiles shuts the door