Chapter 1

New Beginnings

Jasper POV

I am such a fool! How could I ever believe that the last 50 odd years living with Alice and Edward, that I never really knew what they were capable of!

If using an innocent girl such as Bella for their sick and twisted amusement wasn't bad enough, they try and pin the 'Bella incident' – as it is now being referred to as – squarely on my shoulders. True, I did feel terrible for the part I played in their game, but that was until I discovered what their real motivation was.

It was nothing but a ploy for Edward to finally get to drain Bella and claim that it was nothing more than a 'slip'. And for Alice to be rid of Bella because she was done playing with the 'human' as she has referred to her so-called best friend.

Needless to say, after my discovery, Alice conveniently decided that in order for her and Edward to keep their golden images in the family, they needed me out of the way. She divorced me under the guise of being done with babysitting me, because I was too weak to ever change.

I left my ex-family and went back to Washington. There was one important matter that needed to be resolved before I could truly move on. I had to apologise to Bella.

Upon my arrival, I've made some shocking discoveries. The pack is back and also sadly, it's been a year since Charlie was killed by Victoria before she was taken down by the pack. Bella now lives in an apartment in Port Angeles, after having sold the house to Jacob Black and his soon to be wife and Imprint Carol.

I've been told by Jacob that Bella has been quiet distraught by leaving Forks, but I was delighted to discover that she has gotten over the break-up with Edward fairly easily. That was five months ago.

After Bella's initial shock at finding me on her doorstep, we have become really close. I've never been more content than I am at this point in my life. I finally told Bella that I've developed feelings for her. Turns out, we both feel the same, so we've been blissfully happy in our little bubble.

The Cullen's have tried to contact me numerous times, but I simply have no interest to revisit that chapter in my life.

Today is Saturday, Bella and I have been hanging out, reading, Since it's been a week since my last hunt, - I've been sticking to animals rather well – it's about time to head out.

" Darlin'?" I enquire softly

"Yes Jasper?" Bella responds from her seat by the window, book in hand.

"I have to go hunt, will you be okay until tomorrow?" I ask. I hate leaving her alone, even if it's only for a few hours.

"Yeah, sure, I'll miss you though" she says teasingly.

I move closer to her and run my hands down the her arms, my lips on the shell of her ear, I hear her heart pick-up speed, I can smell her arousal and the lust she's sending is making me want to take right here and now.

"Darlin', if you not careful I might just take you right here" I breath in her ear.

She shivers and moans quietly, making my dick stand at attention. While we have been intimate, we never went further than oral. Bella being a virgin meant that I needed to be in complete control before we went further, and not until I was sure that she was 100% certain and ready to take the next step.

"It's not nice to tease me cowboy" Bella replies, rather breathy

I smile against her neck, slowly trailing kisses up to her ear.

"My apologies ma'am," I respond in my best southern drawl that does all kinds of wonderful things to her body.

A stronger concentration of her arousal fills the air, and I can't seem to recall what we were discussing. Bella was certainly no help, crawling into my lap, she began her own ministrations. Rubbing that delicious ass of hers right into my hard-on, making me grip her hips more forcefully and grind myself into her looking for friction.

'I have to put a stop to this' I think to myself

As if reading my mind, Bella turns in my lap and looks directly into my eyes, from her emotions I can tell that she sees the conflict going on inside of me, or maybe I was projecting. I checked to make sure, 'no, not projecting'.

"Suga, maybe I should hunt first, before we lose any more control."

Bella sighs, but I can see that see understands my predicament.

"Ofcourse Jasper, I understand"

"Thank you darlin', I'll be back before you have a chance to miss me."

I smirk as her heart starts to race again. I love the reaction I have on my Bella. I lean forward, capturing her lips with mine in a slow and sensual kiss, letting my emotions flow freely between us.

I release her lips when I feel she needs to breathe and whisper… "I love you"

"Love you too Jasper, have fun" she says, gasping for breath, her lips swollen and so inviting.