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At his exit, Tanya wailed louder, screaming his name over and over and over. I got up from my comfortable perch, grabbed the clothes and walked slowly towards the door that Edward pointed out as the bathroom. I could definitely use a shower. Hopefully little miss drama queen has stopped her damn howling by the time I'm done.

Chapter 38

Bella's POV

The shower was wonderful and so needed. After getting dressed in the ridiculous dress Edward provided which I suspect was from Alice, I then ran a towel through my hair, getting it as dry as possible since there was no hairdryer in sight and pulled it into a ponytail.

I could not make out any noise coming from the bedroom, so I would assume Tanya has decided to shut the hell up, for which I was most grateful. She really was starting to grate at my nerves.

Upon entering the bedroom, Tanya seems to have calmed down somewhat and was rifling through the bag Edward left on the bed. She looked up as I entered, "Finally! You sure took your time in there" She grabbed some clothes and practically ran me out of the way in her haste to use the bathroom. Whatever!

I glanced around the room and caught sight of the tray on the table next to the door. Slowly creeping towards it, I lifted the lid to inspect the contents and the smell had my stomach growling for nourishment. Pulling out the chair in-front of the table, I moved the tray closer and dug in. It was a delicious Chicken Caesar salad, and faster than even I thought possible, the plate was empty.

Tanya emerged from the bathroom looking her perfect self, albeit much calmer and announced that Edward would be returning soon to take us for the meeting with the Romanians.

No sooner have the words left her mouth, when the door opened to reveal a much cooler Edward. He moved toward me and looked at the plate in front of me with a satisfied smile lighting his face.

"I see you enjoyed your lunch, love" he purred at me making my stomach churn.

I focused on his face and that's when I noticed his vibrant red iris. He must have fed recently that would explain why he's so much calmer. I shiver of disgust ran down my spine and Edward smirked at my discomfort as if he could read my mind. He offered his hand to me and with much hesitation on my part I took it and got to my feet.

"It's time love. Don't be afraid, I won't let any harm come to you" Edward whispered.

Oh well, I'm sure if Jasper could have, he would have been here by now. It's probably for the best, especially considering Maria being here would be too painful for him. This is a past he has been trying so hard to forget and move forward from; I could not and would not be the cause of his downfall.

We make the trek back to the conference room and Tanya silently follows behind Edward and I seemingly also resigned to her fate. As we reach the corridor and before Edward opens the door, the entire compound comes to life.

A blast from outside echoes through the halls causing them to shudder, I gasp and anxiously look around at all the vampires I didn't even know were here come charging out. Edward's grip on my hand tightens causing me to squirm in discomfort from the pressure he's applying. He looks down at me briefly and loosens his grip.

"Edward, what's going on?" Tanya's fearful voice queries. For an indestructible entity, she sure is afraid of a lot of things. Really useless!

"Take Isabella back to the room and wait there for me. It's time I took out the trash once and for all" Edward barks out and pushes me toward a shell-shocked Tanya.

When she makes to attempt to move, Edward's eyes narrow at her unmoving form. "Now" he growls at her and she leaps into actions and grabs my arm to hurry me down the hall and back in the direction of the room.

As we reach the door, she turns to look at where we left Edward. He's no longer there, but there seems to a lot of activity all around us. Tanya tugs on my arm to get my attention and I snap my gaze to her. She places her finger on her lips telling me to be quiet and points to the end of the corridor. I nod and with her hand still firmly clasping my upper arm, we make a run for the last door.

Finding it locked, Tanya crushes the handle and the door swings open. Leaving me standing just inside the dark room, she darts around like an energizer bunny looking for a way out. I peek out the door to check that we were not being followed and suddenly Tanya grips my arm causing me to shriek in alarm and she hisses at me shut it.

I roll my eyes at her panicked state and peek out the door once more to ensure we were not heard. All clear! Tanya pulls me to the window and instructs me to get onto her back. I oblige and bury my head against her shoulder blades as she leaps out of the window and into the early evening.

She lands silently and immediately takes off running. I'm not sure if she has any idea where she's headed, I just hope she has a better sense of direction than she has for her choice in men.

Tanya slows to a walk and stops letting me slide down her back. I look around trying to see what caused her to stop, I glance in the direction we came from and I cannot see exactly what is happening, but it looks like a mini warzone.

"Are we being followed?" I whisper to Tanya

"I don't think so" she whisper, then sniffs around like a hound dog for a while and a beautiful smile lights up her face as she turn back to me. "It appears the cavalry has arrived. This way" she points out our destination and swings me into her arms as she takes off again.

I bury my head against her shoulder as the wind whips at my face. "This way" a familiar voice calls and I swing my head around to the welcomed sight of Rosalie.

"Rose" her name fall from my lips in a relieved murmur.

Rosalie smiles and takes me from Tanya's arms and into a hug hushing my thankful sobs. I have never been so ecstatic to see a familiar face. After crying for a bit into Rosalie's shoulder I pull away.

"Jasper…" I hiccup. Rosalie holds me at arm's length, her eyes running up and down my body. When she's satisfied that I am not harmed, she answers my most pressing question.

"Shush, Jasper is just fine. Don't worry; the Major is more than capable of taking care of this. Let's get you to safety" Rose soothes. I nod and she lifts me into her arms bridal style. "Close your eyes, we'll be there before you know it" I lay my head in the crook of her neck and close my eyes as she takes off into the night.