Hello everyone, it's me again. ^_^

I guess after reading that loooooooonnnnnggg analytic essay of mine you probably felt tired *a little* :cough: Sorry, I hope it's helpful for you to have a better view of our main characters, particularly the certain Blue Demon Lord. Because the fanfic which I'm going to present you today is centered upon him and our female protagonist - Chiaki Enno. Needless to say, I love the trio of Zen-Chi-Go, but I'm certainly in for the Blue Demon relationship with Chiaki, which was proved well-fundamented throughout the series. Above all, I would like the fans to appreciate more about Akira as he is not a shadow of Goki; in fact, I want Chiaki Enno to get along with Goki as Akira Gotou. No matter what, Akira is the reincarnation of Goki-sama; and Goki-sama has met Chiaki in this life as Akira, do I make myself clear enough? :smile:

I must say that I love the Manga version of Akira, for it seems he is much cooler, more mature and in-character, suiting the theory that his and Goki's soul were united after the reawakening. Whereas Akira in the Anime sometimes forgot he's a great Demon Lord approximately 1300 years old and acted like a 13-year-old boy (refer to ep34) :sweatdrop: By the way, the common thing of both versions is the way he interacts with Chiaki. I notice how kind he treated her, and how soft & loving his soulful blue orbs were whenever they captured her violet pools, which totally contrasted to the merciless fierce glares he often threw at their enemies. Moreover, Akira is seen as an emotional child at first, then being infused with Goki's soul, at the same time affected by the character traits and emotion of the legendary figure makes him stand out to those around his age, and Akira is totally aware of the fact. For this reason, even if Goki's soul were ever sealed in again like what happened in the Anime, I believe Akira's personality would remain the same as when Goki was with him, so are his feelings to Chiaki. The only difference is that he no longer possesses the superpower of a God. Geeze! I can't seem to imagine what may happen to Akira during those time because he is just as vulnerable as every normal human being (okay, perhaps his resistance is stronger because he carries Goki's blood, but he is still a mortal!). Remember how the poor boy was fatally wounded in the Manga without Goki's power... :grabheadnscream:

I notice the Manga has never reached the point of Chiaki sealing our two Demon Gods, and the open ending in the Anime gave me doubt that Zenki & Goki were ever to be sealed away at all. As this world is never and would never be at peace once human's desires still exist. Therefore, I keep my idea of our beautiful priestess permanently living with her two Demon Gods no matter what. And because I love the original story of KDZ Manga, Akira is going to regain his origin of a disciple of asceticism on Mountain Oomine - Goki's sacred resident, not a rich dude living downtown who knows almost nothing about his great ancestor as in the Anime setting. This also means Akira [Manga] is very good at martial-art. :hearts:

Since I also discovered Akira/Goki's birthday is some time between the end of autumn to the start of winter, this fic is where you're going see him and Chiaki in the most beautiful age group of their life. :wink:

# Disclaimers: Kishin Douji Zenki Manga belongs to its respectful owners - Mr Kikuhide Tani (story) & Mr Yoshihiro Kuroiwa (arts). Though I could not believe they entrusted (?) their work to someone else and it eventually turned into sth like the Anime.

Okay, happy reading guys. This is going to be a rather long SONGFIC. ;-)