FINAL Notes - The Origins behind this Fanfiction -


Okay, before you read, please keep in mind that all the historical events / information given in this story are consolidated during my research on Japanese history. I only blended them a little for the sake of my little fanfic. ^^;


In the research I did about Enno Ozunu a.k.a Asahimaru or Enno Gyouja, it is said that he was born in the year of 634 AD and at the age of 39 (672 AD) he employed Zenki & Goki into his service. Throughout Japan, statues and figures of Ozunu show him accompanied by Zenki and Goki, but there are infinite varieties of the legend: some said on Mount Kougiri he captured Zenki & Goki, others told he captured Zenki first on Mount Ikoma then accepted Goki's enlistment, and in KDZ official Manga story, Goki & Vasara had joined the great Bodhisattva's force prior to their 1st met with Zenki, which was after the Red Demon Lord suffered a heavy defeat for the 1st time in his life, against the "Ryuuma-ou-Mikado" a.k.a the Evil Dragon King of Hell (see Manga vol 12); Zenki had no choice but to enlist, then he, Goki and Vasara, together with two other demons, established the Guardian Demon God Force and thereby succeeded in sealing the Evil Dragon King up on Mount Fuji, at last.

History also varied at such point when Master Ozunu made his complete retreat from this world in the year 700 AD (or 702). According to the teachings of his disciples, he was permanently banished to Izu at the age of 65 (699 AD) having been accused of "manipulating demons and leading society astray". Accounts which claim Ozunu did not die in 700 AD said he was in fact pardoned in 702 AD, after which either he became a "saint" and flew away into the Great Sky or he migrated to China with his mother.

After Ozunu's suppose-to-be death, Goki disappeared from history. Needless to say, as a fangirl Goki's past lovelife has always intrigued me so much. We know he mingled with the human and left behind offspring, but there was no clear evidence on how & when the Blue Demon Lord met and fell in love with his human maiden; BEFORE meeting Master Ozunu? or DURING their missions? or AFTER he was set free by his master once peace returned to mankind? and How could all traces of Goki have been gone along with Master Ozunu?

Also, from the year in which Master Ozunu and Goki disappeared (700 AD) up to the year of 1993 (the setting of KDZ story), we may say [1993 - 700 = 1293] about 1300 years had passed since; how come this time span is senselessly close to the age of Goki as proved in the Anime? Goki joined Master Ozunu's offer of enlistment even earlier in the year 672 AD, and in fact as a Demon Lord he must have made his holy entrance on Earth much longer than that. As a result, I believe 1300 years is absolutely NOT Goki's actual age; it was only an indication of his lifetime on Earth, not as a Demon Lord but as a mortal being. =)

In following this, Mount Oomine [1719m] - Master Ozunu's famous ascetic training ground and Goki's resident - was designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site for its physical grandeur, historical and spiritual significance to Japan. Believe it or not, the facts of Mount Oomine: its holy path for Pilgrimage and Shugendou, and its 1300-year Ban on Women are true. An only section of this sacred mountain reserving for women is Mount Inamura (as mentioned in Grandma Saki & Chiaki's conversation in the 3rd chapter of this fic)

+++ Consequentially, I started this story of mine based on all these REAL events in Japanese history that centered on Goki, blended them with bits and parts of information about him that I accumulated throughout KDZ Manga as well as Anime. I made him met his lady during his mission, fell in love with her, then established their own family & together continued his duty to watch over Ozunu-sama's disciples of asceticism on Mount Oomine once peace was partially set in (that was how Mount Oomine is also called the "Legacy of the Five Demon Tribe/Clan" in KDZ Manga; the term "Five Demon" is to indicate the five children of Goki), shortly after then the Blue Demon Lord witnessed his wife's bitter depart in one of his final battles after which he also lost the will to live, thus he chose to isolate himself out of depression and exchanged his immortality for the wish to see his wife soon one day (this explains why his Five Power Elements were given to his five children during his lifetime, why there exists the 1300 year permanent Ban on Women on Mount Oomine, and why Goki himself disappeared altogether in the cursed year of Master Ozunu's life). Only when reunited with his children (raised by the Shugenja and Yamabushi) later did he realize he owed us human much and vowed to protect us forever (this accounts for Goki's uniquely fierce protectiveness over mankind, not just because his wife and children, and later himself are parts of us). In the end as a mortal Demon Lord he died in peace, but not before sealing his soul into his child who possessed his power element of "Aether", waiting patiently for the time of reawakening.

So... this is my tale for the Blue Demon Lord's past life. You can guess why I believe Goki was a mortal Demon Lord at the end of his life. Here is my brief explanation: once he passed his Five-Element Power on to each of his five children, Goki had nothing left in him, and how was a God without his divine power? He should be as normal as every mortal being. Not to mention as a divine Demon Lord he should have outlived us human pretty much, but why there were no trace of him left in this world after Master Ozunu's disappearance? Goki alone could easily choose the life of a hermit and concealed himself within the holy place, but he still had a family - a wife & five children, plus a bunch of Yamabushi / Shugenja to care for according to his promise to Master Ozunu; if everything did not go like the way I supposed in my story then how could nobody, even his disciples, record anything about him ever after the fateful year 700 AD (or 702)? The highest chance was his decease as a mortal Demon Lord, his soul sealed in his half-human child, dutiful worshipped by his people while he himself was destined to be reborn as Akira 1300 years later.

I said he was *destined* to be Akira, why? Based on the detail given in KDZ Manga story, Goki-sama was the one who had long foreseen the chaos once again occurring on earth and his mission to fight alongside with his new master and long-time comrade; in other words, his re-awakening had been planned all along, so there's enough evidence to affirm that Akira is his truthful reincarnation; Goki is NOT trying to take over his direct descendant at all. :-]

And I couldn't afford to think Goki met his lady AFTER he was set free by his master, could I? The reason is simple: according to Japanese ancient history, Zenki & Goki evidently served the great Bodhisattva until his execution by the Government in the year 700 AD (or 702). After that, Zenki was back to his designated hometown (in history) or became the prime protector of the Enno family as well as the Guardian Village a.k.a Shikigami-Chou (in KDZ Manga). Goki, already a Shugendou Master, came back to his hometown and later... served Ozunu-sama when the Bodhisattva miraculously returned unscathed after the execution, they stayed as Master-Guardian on Mount Oomine, and before Ozunu-sama left the mortal world in the year 702, the Blue Guardian God had been entrusted by his Master to be the Grand Protector of his ascetic disciples on Mount Oomine, so obviously the mountain was the Blue Demon Lord's lifetime residence as the Supreme Leader of Shugendou; moreover, there also existed the Ban on Women; how could Goki suppose to meet his lady then? Do NOT tell me he's similar to Engai as the King of the Realm of the Dead abandoned his wife Inugami Hazuki and little Inugami Rou since the birth of his son; Goki is definitely NOT that kind of man! :implode:

Of course, I do not want to impose my ideas on you guys. There are many issues I haven't found any proper solution either. As Mount Oomine is the headquarters of Shugendou Religion, an all-male ascetic practice with a long tradition. NO FEMALE! So...what if some of Goki's descendants are female? Could it be they would be sent to the female-allowed section of Mount Oomine, which is Mount Inamura, instead? And since Goki needs heirs to maintain his bloodline of a legendary Demon God on Earth, I suppose his descendants (male & female) must have left Mount Oomine for some time to find lovers for themselves, and instead of returning they might even choose to reside in their new place, as in such case of Akira [Anime] as he was a citizen not a mountaineer. Well... too complicated for words. :rolleyes:


Finally, I would like to dedicate this story to all my friends who have supported me very much in some way or other: Ryuuen Kurai, Mao Naruse (鳴瀬真魚), Saeki Yagami, Lady Koyasu, as well as other KDZ fans. Doumo Arigatou Gozaimashita! ;D