The overhead fan spun fast giving off bursts of cold air, drying the sweat on my body. This left me with a sticky chilled feeling that I would never again associate with summer. Chase lazily drug his nails up and down my arm causing goose bumps to erupt everywhere. I turned my head from his shoulder to look at him. He smiled contently and I rose up to kiss him softly. He stopped his hand and pulled the sheets up to cover us both from the chill. I happily lied down wrapped in his arms now for a nap he obviously needed. Well, that was the plan until I sensed Mr. Mitchell, Ali, and Lake's return from the store; they had been shopping for groceries to last the next two weeks. Now they were pulling onto our block and I knew that as soon as they pulled in the drive they would all know exactly what had went on in their absence, even Ali. I was frozen in fear, but Chase's eyes popped open followed by the rest of his body moving away from mine. This pulled me out of my shock and I quickly got up to toss him his clothes while simultaneously trying to pull on my own.

"Shit shit shit shit…."Chase muttered repeatedly. In any other incident I would throw him a scowl, but this time the same words weren't far from my mind. He was dressed and out the bathroom window with a hurried 'love you 'before I had even fully buttoned my pants. I started lifting the windows trying to air out what was an obvious smell. This wasn't working fast enough so I grabbed the febreze from the bathroom and sprayed twice as much than what was normally needed. They were on our street now, fast approaching, almost as if they knew I was trying to cover something up. I didn't smell anything other than the febreze anymore, but it was a heavy smell of green apple that made me gag. I was sure they were going to be suspicious of the reason I felt the need to spray half the can in my room alone so I went through the rest of the house, spraying it as well. The front door opened and they piled in with bags loaded in their arms.

"I swear we bought 5 things of everything they had!" Lake complained. I knew it wasn't because she couldn't handle the weight, but because she was just lazy.

"Well good," I said as I tossed the empty can in the trash," 'Cause we needed more febreze."

I swear it started off as an intimate story.