"Where is she?" He tried not to shake under the dark lord's menacing gaze.

"She's at our manor, working on it as we speak, my lord."

"Has she been able to produce a viable copy, yet?" Voldemort drummed his long fingers impatiently against the table.

"I'm not sure. She never directly tells me anything about the elixir. I also tried looking through her notes, but its all encrypted." Suddenly, his body started to convulse on the floor. The dark lord was not amused. After what felt like years, he lifted the curse from his loyal servant, Theodore Nott. He began to pant heavily from the ground, it hurt like hell to breathe.

"I want you to bring her to me."

"She won't come easily, my lord."

"Why is that? Isn't your wife loyal to my cause?" The other deatheaters stared straight at Nott. Did they have a traitor within their midst?

"It's not that my lord. As from as I know, she hasn't pledge loyalty to any cause, but I do know she is completely terrified of you, sir." The dark lord let out a callous chuckle.

"As everyone else." He started to circle the man."But what are we going to do about this situation?"

Someone grunted, "My lord."

"Speak Malfoy." All the attention turned to Lucius.

"The ball for the reopening of Hogwarts is in a few days. If Nott were to deceive her into attending, she would be walking straight into your hands." The dark lord seemed to visibly ease his posture.

"Excellent idea, Malfoy." Voldemort turned towards Nott, who was now standing, barely. "You are to bring her the night of the celebration. Wine her, dine her, if you must but by the end of the party, she will be sent to me."

"Yes, my lord."

"Yaxley, escort Nott out of here." Voldemort demanded. The elder deatheather forcefully shoved him. towards the rear exit of the room. As soon as they were out of earshot Yaxley whispered to him.

"Don't you know how to control your wife. For your sake you better learn soon."

"I don't have a silly little bint of a wife, she's unbelievably powerful and very opinionated." The man angrily snarled to the elder deatheather.

"Aren't all women like that?" The men turned to see Severus Snape. The man, who usually carried an unemotional, indifferent demeanor, looked absolutely livid at the moment. "You would know all about it, wouldn't you?" He smiled cockily at his wife's father.

"Yes, I would. Now if you don't mind Snape, I need to go see my wife." After getting in the last word, he disappeared before Snape could set this wrath on him.

"Honey, I'm home." I cringed, he was home once again. "Where are you, Meredith?" I sighed, he never left me alone when he was home.

"I'm in here." I called. Either I tell him where I am, or let him get angry and eventually find me at some point. The first option was usually less painful. I waved my hand, my elixir vanished, and a healing potion appeared in its place. I started stirring the potion, which was already completed. Had been for hours, but he didn't know that. I tensed as he wrapped his arms around my torso.

"What are you working on?"

"A healing potion. You've been coming home constantly with cuts and breaks."

"Been worried about me?" I snorted.

"It's something to do." He growled in response, and pushed himself away from me.

"Well if that's the way you're going to be, than you don't need to go with me to the celebration later this week." I turned towards him excited.

"Celebration? As in we would be going out somewhere?" I haven't left this blasted house, since the 'wedding'. He smirked.

"Yes, I'm invited to go to the reopening of Hogwarts. A lot of important people will be there."

"Like who? Everyone that was anyone, is in hiding now."

"I thought you would be interested in the guest of honor."

"Is it dark lord?" I asked, knowing full well of the taboo that was recently placed on his name. Theo chuckled.

"He wouldn't waste his time, being the head baby sitter in Hogwarts."

"They've replaced Dumbledore so quickly."

"Yes, his successor is the dark lord's right hand man." I sighed. It no longer sounded like something I wanted to go to.

"Nobody I would like to see."

"On the contrary Meredith, I thought you would like to congratulate your father about his new position." I nearly dropped the goblet, I was holding at the moment.

"He's the new headmaster?"

"Yes, isn't it ironic, that the man who killed the previous one is now in his position. So bitter sweet."

"Stop talking about it." Theo held onto my shoulder.

"Not rooting for the wrong side, are you? Because it's good that Dumbledore is dead."

"I'm not on anyone's side, its just disgusting."

"What is?"

"Dumbledore being murdered by my father. He was his friend and he killed him. Now he is swooning in the spoils of war."

"A man deserving of respect, like I will soon be."

"By doing what? From what I tell, your not as well as respected, as my father. It's not like you can kill Dumbledore twice." His eyes flashed with rage but then he smiled and pulled me close.

"That's where you come in, my dear."

"What do you mean?"

"To be well-respected as I should be, I must be envied."

"Envied how?" My face was pressed against his chest, I could barely breathe.

"Be in the dark lord's inner circle and have a wife that most men would die to have."

"I am nothing." I started to tear up. If I was anything, I would of never gotten myself in this situation.

"I was nothing, until I met you." Theo confessed. He cupped the sides of my face, making me look into his eyes. They were filled with desire, for what, I hope I wouldn't find out. "You're intelligent and gullible, yet inspirational and intuitive. Also you were bless with looks of goddess. You're not part veela, are you?"

"Not that I know of."

"See the perfect witch, and you're all mine. Every man will be filled with such lust and their wives with such envy, when they see us together. So would you still like to accompany me at the celebration?"

"You just want to show off what you have." I scoffed.

"Basically. Why wouldn't I? But think about it, you get of the house, get a new dress and maybe see your father."

"I'll be surrounded by other deatheaters, won't I?"

"Yes, them and their children, it is the reopening of the school after all."

"Will the dark lord be there?"

"He doesn't have the time to waste on such petty things, like parties."

"Fine." He pressed me to him once more, smirking. If only I realized what lies that I just had agreed to.

"Are you thinking about her again?" Hermonie asked me once again. It was obvious that I was, I couldn't lie to her, so I answered her truthfully.

"Yes." I felt her gently squeeze my shoulder.

"You're thinking too hard into it Harry."

"But she had to know. She was Malfoy's friend, and Snape's daughter. She had to know all along." Hermonie sat down on the ground next to me.

"Maybe she did, maybe she didn't. But its the past now." She wasn't getting what I meant.

"But where was she when Snape and the rest of them were fleeing? She wasn't with Snape, when he killed Dumbledore, so where was she?"

"Maybe she ran away." Hermonie suggested. I shook my head. It just didn't sound right, not for the girl who had threatened me.

"She wouldn't of done that. It's just not something, I feel she would do. Maybe she was taken."

"Seriously Harry, you're worrying yourself over something so trivial. She probably just disappeared back to the place where she came from. No one even knew that Snape had a daughter, until last year."

"But that's just it Hermonie. Something about her is important. She has something major to do with our futures. At Slughorn's party, he announced that she was creating a potion that would make the drinker immortal. What if that is the reason she disappeared? What if Vol..." Hermonie slapped my face.

"Harry don't say that. His name is tabooed."

"Sorry, what if he heard about her potion? Maybe he had taken her, and is forcing her to complete what she had started." Hermonie finally had caught on, much to her and my terror.

"If she actually is able to brew it, all our work could be for nothing."

"He would become invincible." Hermonie shook my arm, tears ready to spill from her eyes.

"We need to find her, Harry. We need to find her soon."

"I know, Hermonie. I just don't know where to start.

What a fucking joke. Attending, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Nott. I crumbled the list in my hand.

"How bloody dare she!" I slammed my fist into wall.

"Draco?" I slammed my fist again and again. "Draco, what are you doing?" My mother came running into the parlor. "Draco! What did you do?"

"Nothing, mother." I gritted thorough my teeth. She clutched my damaged hand.

"Look what you did to your hand." I pulled away from her.

"Nothing that can't be fixed."

"Draco, is there something I can do, to help you?" I tossed the list to her feet.

"You could help me, by telling me who invited that beseeching tramp!" She picked the list off the floor and came towards me.

"Draco, you need to calm down. You don't want the others to hear." She nervously whispered.

"I don't care who hears! I want to know why she is coming! Who invited her!" I countered.

"Who are you talking about?"

"Meredith Snape."

"Who?" I smacked the desk this time. "Draco, don't do that."

"I meant Meredith Nott! I forgot that tart moves on, so quickly."

"I don't know Draco." I whipped towards her.

"I want to know who!"

"What's got your knickers in a twist, Draco?" I turned towards the voice. My aunt Bellatrix had entered the room.

"You invited her!" I accusingly pointed to her. She huffed and circled around us.

"Cissy, I think that little Draco here, should be reminded who he's talking to." She giggled.

"Enough Bella." She stopped and crossed her arms. She huffed again. "I invited her husband in order to get her to attend." My father had entered the room.

"Of what importance is she to you, father?"

"Nothing, the dark lord wants her. Nott has failed to produce his wife on several occasions and the only way she will get anywhere near the dark lord is if she is deceived into coming under false pretensions."

"What does the dark lord want with her?"

"Apparently, she's like her father. A potions protegee."

"How can that be? She's lucky if she's even 17 yet."

"And she's already married? She's just barely a woman." My mother cut in.

"I was told that she was in courses two years her senior, and it was her first year of any kind of formal training or schooling." My father paused, "Wasn't she in Slytherin, with you?"

"Yes, but I doubt she really has any potential that the dark lord wants."

"She is close to finishing an elixir that our lord dying to get his hands on."

"What is she possibly making, that he couldn't just have someone here make it?" I asked.

"I was told that anyone who would drink it would become..." He whispered the last part, "Immortal." My mouth hung in shock. My aunt screamed in delight.

"How could that be, Lucius?" My mother mumbled.

"It has been a side project of hers, for years now and she is almost completed with it." My aunt tugged on my arm.

"You're going to introduce me to her. I want to see this girl for myself." She demanded. My heart wanted to stop beating. Was it actually true?