I got sick of all the Sakura hating going around, so I finally decided to come to her defense with this little story here. I won't tolerate any flames from Sakura-hating SasuNaru fangirls, so just back off, 'kay? Alright, glad we understand each other.

I really did love him.

Sasuke…it may have just started out as a childish crush, but I really did love him. And maybe I still do. I don't know anymore.

He tried to kill me. He tried to kill me. I loved him so much, and yet…he tried to kill me.

Although…I'd planned to kill him anyway, so I guess that makes us even.

Why couldn't I kill him? Why was I so weak? I remembered when we were young, and I was naïve. I remembered what we used to be, weakness took over, and I just couldn't kill him.

Kakashi promised me that everything would go back to the way it was before. He'd promised me. So much for that. I guess I'm a fool to have believed his hollow words.

I guess the joke's on me, then, isn't it?

Because I was a stupid little girl who wanted something to believe in. I wanted to be with the one I loved so much. Because, despite what it may have started out as, I honestly loved Sasuke with all my heart. It wasn't just that immature schoolgirl crush anymore. I saw him for what he was. He wasn't perfect, like I thought he was. He was human, with his weaknesses and faults.

He'd been hurt badly, and he was bitter about his wounds. He was angry. His anger was like a living thing, growing inside of him, slowly consuming him. It was hard to believe that someone who seemed so strong could be so fragile.

And yet, despite it all, I still loved him.

To care about someone…even though they're not everything you hoped…even though they're not perfect…isn't that was true love is? I guess I really do love him, then. And, despite what he's done, I want to help him. It's the least I could do…for being useless.

I'd been useless when I was younger. I was more concerned with love than my training, and that cost me a lot. I cringe when I think about what I could have done with all the time I wasted chasing after Sasuke.

Maybe…if I hadn't been so stupid…I might have been strong enough to keep him in the village. I might have been able to reach him in that dark place where he hid his heart.

And then, there's Naruto…I can't believe I didn't notice earlier. He loved me. He still loves me. Even after all I've done to him, and put him through. At first, I didn't understand, but now…I think I get it. After all, we're pretty much the same in that regard. I held on to unrequited feelings for Sasuke, and he held on to his love for me, even though he had little to no hope that I would ever feel the same way.

But he's always been stronger than me. Braver than me. And, no matter how much it hurts him inside, he'll continue to chase Sasuke, no matter how pointless it is. And all I can do is watch the two of them from the sidelines, like I did when I was just that stupid little girl.

I can hope that they'll both make it out alive. I can pray that things will, one day, return to the way they were, like Kakashi promised.

But, there's nothing I can do. They're both stronger than I could ever hope to be. Because they didn't waste their time on pointless crushes. They spent time on the things that really mattered.

The next time- the last time- they fight, I'll be there watching, silently praying from the sidelines.

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