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A/N: As I promised Yet Another Universe's sequel enjoy. Transportation has four chapters of Still Another Universe based off my challenge. This story contains mention of gay sex, rape, murder, and promiscuous behavior if any of that bothers you read elsewhere. This story is very dark the first several chapters you have been warned. Also if you haven't read Yet Another Universe you might want to, not all of this story will make sense if you haven't.

Yet Again

Chapter 1

It was winter solstice. The large stone lined room was occupied by three wizards. They had carefully outlined a salt circle on the floor. They brought in a muggle girl, naked and struggling. Only one of the three, eyed her with any appreciation of her form. He was the Senior Lord of the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish Marches and a personal favorite of their Supreme Excellencies, the Lord Emperor of the Greater World and His Lord Consort. The reason they were here, was the Court seer had proclaimed that she saw their world changing for the better when they called for one who defeated Tom Marvolo Riddle in another world. It had taken five years for them to find and tailor a ritual to do what they wanted.

Tom Marvolo Riddle had been a thorn in The Lord Emperor's side for far longer that should justly be allowed. The empire their majesties ruled over extended from what was once called Europe to what once was Asia except for China and its allies to the south and east. Their Supreme Excellencies in their wisdom declared this was more than enough Holdings. For the greater good of all their citizens this was "enough". After all, being responsible for the well-being of so many (500,000) class one citizens, seeing to the management of 300,000 the class two citizens and controlling ten and a half million class three citizens, was so much work. Of course the American Alliance of Citizens, the East Asian Confederation of Magicals and Non magicals, Austraillian Republic, and the African Emirates of Mchawi could never be persuaded that their Supreme Excellencies were content with what they controlled and as such lived in a state of constant alert on their borders.

Tom Riddle was the one biggest reason their Supreme Excellencies appeared content in their holdings. That particular wizard headed the resistance. He was extremely innovative and annoying. His most recent spell creation allowed him to liberate the class two citizens from their internment camps meaning their control over their holdings was being interfered with. It would be a simple matter to eliminate him if they could find him. But four years ago Tom had created a means by which he and his troops stayed safe in combat with Imperial Forces, thrice damned golems. Made from clay, sawdust, and some mysterious ingredient the golems took on the shape and appearance of its commander. It was if its commander possessed the golem and it was able to do anything including magic that its commander could do. But if the golem died it crumbled to dust and while that person would be gone for that battle he or she would inevitably appear at the next. Of course the strike and run tactics also made things difficult. All attempts to reverse engineer golems thus far had failed. Tom Riddle and his band of rebels also had a habit of hiding in plain sight. Somehow they blended into the general population of class one citizens, and got hold of proper documents even after the newest of changes.

As they crafted their ritual they carefully chose the parameters by which means the spell was to choose the hero to come. He had to have defeated Tom Riddle at least twice just to be sure he could do it, he also had to have had either a working relationship or no experiences with Their Supreme Excellencies in those other universes. Their Excellencies shared a kiss of triumph for soon they would be rid of the one who stood in their way, before they nodded to their favorite to begin the Rite. All three wore Blood red robes that wouldn't show the blood spray from the girl as they used her death to fuel the magic to open a portal and summon their required hero.

A light showed above the circle and a moment later a figure fell from the light. Before their eyes was a half-dressed person clinging to a wildly screeching barn owl. "Dang it! I was on a beach with a babe! What is wrong with you people! Would it really have been so wrong to let me actually score with a girl, before you haul my ass to yet another effing universe! I swear Fate Hates ME! Shit it's cold here! What is it the middle of winter?"

"It was not winter where you came from?"

"No it was the twenty first of Ju- Oh Crap! Summer solstice." Harry took a closer look at his surroundings and suddenly felt very nervous. Two of the three wizards looked very familiar. One was a dead ringer for Snape minus the hooked nose that had clearly been broken more than once, two looked like Dumbledore minus, oh, seventy years give or take five and the crooked nose. On the wall hung a flag with the symbol of the Hallows and Wizard number three reminded Harry of pictures he had seen of Gellert Grindelwald. "Aelf I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." Then he noticed over in a corner the naked body of a girl whose throat had been sliced. Every instinct was screaming run, but somehow Harry knew if he did he would die. Adopting a bored tone and pose he said,"So I take it you brought me here to off Tom Riddle."

"Stupendous, so little to go on yet he gets it right first guess." Gellert Grindelwald said gleefully.

"Yeah. Not hard for some reason." Harry shivered.

"As much as we appreciate the view, my love, perhaps we should allow the young man to get into some warmer clothes before he catches his death." Albus Dumbledore's words caused a shiver of disquiet to rack Harry's frame. There was just something so wrong with that.

"Indeed. Lord Prince, take our guest to some quarters. See to it he has appropriate clothing, and in the morning bring him to court."

"It shall be as Your Excellencies command." Snape bowed and led Harry from the room.

Harry looked around as they walked through wherever they were. "Um, Lord Prince, Where are we?"

"The Palace at Versailles, We are here for the Solstice Celebrations celebrating the fortieth year since their Supreme Excellencies Ascension as rulers over Europe and the greater share of Asia."

"That's in France right?"


Harry's doubts about this man being Snape were firmly squashed. That "indeed" spoke of the condescending disgust he had received from the professor for years. "Sorry, somewhat deprived childhood never learned my geography as well as I should. What year is it?"


He showed Harry to a small suite that was fairly lavish. He looked at Aelfgifu. "What do you wish to do with your owl? I can have her taken to the owlery."

"Nayh, I'll just transfigure her a perch. I prefer to keep her with me. About clothes, I have a pouch with me. Who do I need to speak to about arranging robes?" Harry wasn't about to tell these people he had everything he owned with him, but he also wasn't about to get into a position where he owed them anything.

Despite a skeptical frown, Snape said. "I'll send for a tailor. He will of course expect a premium price for being roused."

"Of course." Harry had a full wardrobe in his trunk but it was different from what he was seeing. He wanted to compare styles before pulling those robes out, no point to standing out like a sore thumb. Once Snape left he pulled his trunk out and grabbed a robe casting a wandless warming charm on it. He closed his eyes in bliss at the warmth surrounded him. He looked around for something to transfigure into a perch. He finally decided to use the decorative wood holder near the fireplace of the bedroom. He moved it a short distance away from the fire for Aelf's safety then set her up using a piece of parchment from the desk for litter under her perch, and transfiguring the water decanter and cup from beside the bed into a food and water dish for his owl. He was very glad she had come with him, he'd only had her ten months, but she was as intelligent as Hedwig and just as dear to him. "Some adventure huh, girl?"

She nibbled his fingers before flying to the perch, to eat the owl treats he had retrieved from his trunk.

A knock sounded on the door. Harry went and answered it. It was Snape. With him were a older wizarding couple. They carried a small trunk between them.

"These are Monsieur and Madame Lafarge. They are the court tailor and seamstress."

"Come in, Monsieur and Madame. Lord Prince, I'll see you in the morning."

"Court begins at ten. You have been scheduled for eleven. I will come and collect you ten minutes prior. Be ready, Their Supreme Excellencies don't like to be kept waiting."

Harry was very glad he had arranged for robes because the fashions were very different. He had easily chosen robes from sketches presented to him. He chose them all with the idea he would need to be able to fight in them and he would be able to mix up the pieces. Velvet robes of crimson, dark forest green. burgundy, midnight blue, black, and a dark almost black purple and charcoal grey were paired with under layers of damasks, jacquards, satins, and silks in gold, emerald green, light blue, white, silver grey, black. Then he chose an imperial purple satin brocade.

"We couldn't. That color is reserved for Their Supreme Excellencies."

Harry bluntly told them, "I am not Their Excellencies subject or servant. Rather, I am their equal and a potential ally. I want my wardrobe to reflect that. What color is it paired with for their excellencies?"

"Winter white."

"Fine I'll use the dark purple velvet and make a matching a cloak too, line it with the imperial purple silk. That will do for tomorrow. Also I'll need additional cloaks, velvets black, midnight blue and the dark forest green and gold and silver satin. How much will that be?"

They named a figure in a money unit he was unfamiliar with.

"How much weight would that be in gold?"

"Two pounds milord." The tailor said, he expected Harry to try and negotiate.

Harry merely nodded. The seamstress spoke, "And we still need to get your measurements."

"Alright a moment please." He went into the bedroom.

He made a point of slipping on the basilisk hide armor so they would have to include that in his measurements there was no way he was going without it here. He also grabbed two one pound gold ingots and a half pound one as well, from his trunk. He came out cast muffliato and handed them the gold. "The extra is for your silence, a wizarding oath that everything you've seen and everything that has been said, and especially the fact I wear armor under my robes is kept between us."

Half an hour later the couple left, business having been concluded agreeably for both sides.

The next morning Harry was woken by a house elf bringing him breakfast and a message that Monsieur LaFarge would be coming to do final adjustments to his robes at nine forty-five. Harry ate, bathed, did Sonia's hair spell, then dressed in his underclothes and armor. He debated carrying his basilisk tooth sword, and in the end he decided against it. He wrapped a dressing gown around himself, and sat next to the fire in his sitting room, pondering what he would negotiate for.

Harry had more money than he or his children could spend in five lifetimes. Information on how people pulled him from universe to universe that could be useful if only so he could stop it from happening. So unlimited information, especially about this world here, was a must. What he'd seen so far about this universe, however, didn't sit well with him. Harry decided to stick to his Lex Luthor alias after all you never knew when having an alternate name and ID might come in handy. Perhaps in this universe Tom wasn't bad, just anti-establishment. Which given that body in the ritual room last night might not be a bad thing. So he'd have to be careful in his contract. He'd pay his own expenses, get information and word the contract to imply he'd go after Tom but not commit to killing him. Thank god, Mr. Withers, Abigail, Tracy, and Constance had taught him about wizarding contracts and law, actually thank god for the beauties in general.

Monsieur LaFarge arrived and it only took a few minutes to do the final fitting. Between them it was decided that he and his wife would return late that afternoon to finish Harry's Court wardrobe. Harry had time for one more cup of tea before Snape arrived.

When Snape arrived he got an annoyed and disapproving look on his face but he led the way to the hall of mirrors. At the far end of the room were Dumbledore and Grindelwald. As Harry moved closer, throughout the hall whispers broke out. Some were noticing his not so subtle message from his clothes. The hall was clearly where a working royal court went about it's business. Towards the end where Dumbledore and Grindelwald sat were clearly the important members of their court. Every now and a again one of the courtiers would move towards the door only to stop halfway or more, moving to the side where it looked as though secretaries or other servants to the court actually did their work at small desks. Harry paced the two hundred twenty feet evenly side by side with Snape. Twenty feet from the thrones Snape dropped to one knee. Harry stepped a few more feet forward and was amused as two bodyguards stepped forward on either side of the thrones and he halted.

Snape behind him snarled "Kneel, you disrespectful whelp!"

Harry kept to his feet.

Grindelwald's eyes glimmered in irritation.

Harry wasn't sure what made him more mad, Harry not kneeling or Harry wearing purple. Their eyes met for a second, Harry knew if he backed down he would be lost. Suddenly Harry heard from behind him. "Crucio!"

Harry couldn't help it, he fell to one knee with hands on the floor. The curse had come from Snape. Harry knew his voice entirely too well. Held only a couple seconds the spell was meant to humble him. Harry understood that he needed to assert his power, or all hope was lost. He lifted his eyes to verify there was room. before looking at Grindelwald and Dumbledore. When their blue eyes met his sapphire, he changed.

Harry had worked until his change to his animagus form was a split second. Shrieks sounded as the royal court was suddenly confronted with a small dragon. Desks toppled, and numerous people were shoved unceremoniously out of the way. Harry didn't even turn his head as he used his tail to shove Snape into a wall hard enough that the man wouldn't be getting up on his own and would need a stay with the healers and a bottle of skelegrow. After meeting the now frightened eyes of Dumbledore and Grindelwald, Harry turned his head and gave a very small snort of dragonfire in the direction of Snape. He turned back to the two on the thrones and after making eye contact, he returned to his human form.

"Your Excellencies, may I thank you for your hospitality. The suite was quite nice and your tailor excellent. Your choice in guides leaves something to be desired however."

Grindelwald shuddered, but decided to use the out in the young man's words. "Our apologies, it is upsetting that an esteemed ally such as yourself finds our hospitality in any way lacking. How can we make it up to you?"

Harry almost wanted to smile in triumph but at this point all he'd won were words. This dance had many more steps before it finished.