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Harry Potter and the Hand of Justice

Chapter One



"Why did you do it, Peter?" Sirius snarled at his cowering ex-friend. "How could you betray Lily and James? How could you do that to your best friends?"

"He was growing stronger all the time!" Peter shouted back angrily. "What could possibly be gained by standing against him?"

Shocked, sad, and furious beyond belief, Sirius glared hatefully at the man responsible for the deaths of James and Lily Potter. He had never dreamed that Peter would betray them! They were the Marauders, the best of friends… brothers in all but blood!

"Innocent lives, Peter, innocent lives!" he hissed, raising his wand. "Peter Pettigrew, as a member of the Auror office, I hereby place you under arrest for treason, Dark Magic, murder, accessory to murder, and betraying your friends."

"Not happening, Sirius! I have no intention of rotting in Azkaban or getting the Kiss!" Peter smirked, before transforming into a rat. He scampered towards the sewers, clearly intending to lose himself among the rats that lived there, but Sirius proved to be too fast.

"Accio Wormtail!" he cried, and Peter flew towards him, squeaking madly. Holding him firmly in one hand, Sirius ignored the bites and scratches the desperate man inflicted on him and conjured a small cage, which he shoved the rat into. With another wave of his wand, he made it unbreakable, so that he couldn't shift to human and escape it. Running footsteps came from behind him and a familiar voice shouted.

"Hold it right there, Black! Drop the wand and put your hands in the air!" ordered Junior Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt, his voice an interesting mix of triumph and anger. Sirius carefully complied, though he kept holding onto the cage.

"What's going on, Shacklebolt?" He called back, turning to face the man. There he stood, accompanied by four more Aurors and a pair of Hit-Wizards.

"You're under arrest, suspected of betraying the Potters to You-Know-Who. You are to be taken to the Ministry to await trial!" the rookie Auror replied in his deep, slow voice as he conjured magical handcuffs around Sirius' hands.

"Fine, but that rat comes. He is a significant part in my defense." Sirius said, nodding agreeably. "I assure you, I would never have betrayed them."

The Aurors were confused by his request, but agreed nonetheless. The two Hit-Wizards grabbed Sirius' arms and Apparated away, one holding the cage in his other hand. Meanwhile, Kingsley led his team back to the wreckage of the Potter's cottage, where they found Albus Dumbledore standing outside the gate staring at the ruined house with tears in his eyes. Taking a deep breath and settling himself-he hated to intrude upon anyone's grief, even if it was on the man's own orders- but he was an Auror, and he had a report to make.

"Professor, sir? We found him, just like you told us to. Black is in custody and one his way to the Ministry." The young man said quietly, and the old man sighed deeply.

"Thank you Kingsley, I appreciate knowing that. His trial will be in two days, so I will need your team ready to testify about how you took him. Is anyone injured?"

"No sir. In fact," Kingsley said, shaking his head in bewilderment. "He came quietly, saying that as long as we took the rat, he didn't mind."

Dumbledore turned to look at Kingsley, a slight frown of confusion and curiosity playing across his face as he looked the Aurors over.

"Rat? You're sure that there was a rat, and he wanted it brought along?" he asked, wanting to be sure he had heard right. He couldn't think of any realistic reason for Sirius to care about a rat, never mind coming quietly over it. Perhaps he really was insane.

"Yes sir. Said something about it being important to his defense, and that there was no way he would ever betray the Potters. I…" Kingsley was cut off when a thin cry broke the air. Dumbledore's head whipped around so fast Kingsley could swear that he heard a slight crackfrom his old teacher's neck.

"Did you hear that?" Dumbledore whispered, staring at the house in shock. Before Kingsley could answer, the cry sounded again, and Dumbledore shoved open the gate and rushed down the path, Kingsley and the other Aurors hot on his heels. Carefully stepping around the corpse of James Potter, they followed the cries to the upper floor. There, in the farthest room from the stairs, they found the crumpled body of Lily Potter. Putting aside his fresh grief-he could grieve for his beloved students and friends later!-he waved his wand with a muttered spell. A small blue light flashed behind some rubble, and Dumbledore waved his wand again, vanishing it. There, in a small pile of blankets, lay a baby boy, who was by now howling at the top of his lungs. Albus stared for a moment at that unruly black hair, and the lightening-bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

"Harry?" He whispered, and Kingsley stepped up next to him, gasping in shock at the sight.

"The baby is…alive? How is this possible?" the young man cried, feeling lost and blindsided.

"I do not know, but I intend to find out." Said Dumbledore, shaking his head slightly. He stooped down and swept the child up in his arms. "Come, we must get to the Ministry. Go to St. Mungo's and bring some healers there. Mr. Black's trial is getting moved up. I want some answers."

With that, the old man turned on the spot, disappearing in a swirl of robes and a small crack.


Two hours later, in the Ministry of Magic, Courtroom Number 10 was filled to bursting with even more people standing in the hallways. They were all there for the same reason: to see the man responsible for the deaths of Lily and James Potter brought to justice. The couple had been well-known, respected, and loved by the magical community for their work as a Healer and Auror, respectively, and the public was out for blood. The news of their deaths had spread fast, announced on a special bulletin on the Wireless in addition to a Special Edition of the Daily Prophet. Dumbledore rose behind the Chief Warlock's podium and shouted for silence.

"People of the Jury, Honorable members of the Wizengamot, assorted listeners in the crowd; I call to order this trial." He said as the crowd quieted and settled into their seats. He gestured to the guards at the door. "Bring forth the prisoner."

The doors opened and Sirius walked surrounded by four Aurors and a pair of halberd-wielding Goblin Elites wearing gleaming Platinum armour. The crowd murmured in surprise at the Goblins, and Dumbledore spoke again.

"These Goblin Elites are here at the request of High-Lord Ragnok, out of respect for the Potters and as his representatives." He explained as the Elites strode past the Aurors to flank a small table before the podium. On the table was a small cradle and two wands. The Aurors moved Sirius into the chair in the center of the courtroom and stepped back. The chains on the chair clinked but did not move to bind him, and the crowd murmured in shock. Dumbledore's eyebrows rose. The chains on the Chair of Trials were spelled to bind only those who were guilty of the crime that they stood accused of. Of course, nothing was infallible, and any convicted criminal had the right to a trial by a jury of peers, but it still gave the court something of a compass heading during a case. The fact that he was not bound did not go unnoticed by the others, and murmurs rippled across the room like a wave. Dumbledore noted with interest that many sounded less hostile and more… confused, or interested. Surprised, for certain. This was sure to be an interesting trial.

"The prisoner, Lord Sirius Orion Black, stands accused of spying for Lord Voldemort, betraying the location of the Potter family, and the use of Dark Magic." Dumbledore said clearly, before gazing down at Black. "How does the defendant plea?"

"Not guilty, Chief Warlock." Came the calm answer, and the crowed rumbled, several people coming to their feet and shouting their disbelief.

"Order, we shall have order in this courtroom! Mr. Black, will you submit to Veritaserum to ensure your honesty in this trial?" Dumbledore said loudly.

"Yes sir, I will." Sirius replied calmly, and the gathered witches and wizards murmured amongst themselves. No one accused of being Dark had ever agreed to Veritaserum before, and had always had to be forced.

After Black had taken two drops of Veritaserum, the questioning had begun.

"Did you or did you not turn traitor and become second in command to Lord Voldemort?" Dumbledore asked.

"I did not."

"Did you or did you not betray Lily and James Potter to Lord Voldemort?"

"Hell no, I would never to that!" Sirius replied, sounding angry at the question despite the calming effect of the Veritaserum.

"Were you or were you not the Secret Keeper for the Potter family?" Dumbledore said, feeling more and more surprised.

"No, we switched at the last minute without telling anyone. We thought that everyone would assume that it was me, and I could draw them away from the real Keeper. The perfect ploy."

"Who was the real Keeper?"

"Peter Pettigrew."

The courtroom exploded into chaos as witches and wizards stood and shouted over and at one another in effort to be heard over the din. As a result, it was another quarter of an hour before the noise had died down enough for Dumbledore to be able to continue.

"Do you know where Peter Pettigrew is now, Mr. Black?" he asked, fully expecting a negative, and was therefore shocked when Black nodded.

"Yes, I do." He said, and Dumbledore sighed in annoyance at the limited answers that those under the influence of Veritaserum were capable of giving.

"Where is that, Mr. Black?"

"Inside the cage I gave those Hit-Wizards. He's a rat Animagus." Black answered, and Dumbledore stared. Of all the answers, positive or negative, this he had not expected! He ordered that the cage be brought before him, in addition to another Chair of Trials. Once they had arrived, Dumbledore performed a complex spell, forcing Pettigrew back into human form. Pettigrew immediately dashed for the door, only to be stopped by a pair of Aurors, who dragged him back and forced him into the second Chair. The chains instantly leapt to life, wrapping themselves around him and binding him to the point of immobility. When the rat refused to take the Veritaserum, Dumbledore ordered the Aurors to give it to him regardless, and also to increase the dosage. Two Aurors forced his head back and held his mouth open as he fought to free himself. A third Auror stepped up to the Chair and dripped three drops of the powerful truth potion into his mouth. His struggles ceased quickly as he dropped into the lethargic indifference brought on by the potion.

One by one, Dumbledore repeated the questions posed to Black, and each time Peter answered in the affirmative. When asked for the reasons that he betrayed them, he said:

"The Dark Lord promised power. I was always the weakest, the least popular. He promised me that Iwould be the important one, the strong one, as soon as the boy was dead. I would finally get the glory and prestige that I deserve!"

Sirius had leapt to his feet, howling in anger and swearing almost incoherently as several Aurors restrained him from ripping the rat limb from limb, preferably in a slow and painful fashion. After Sirius took a Calming Drought and sat down once more, Dumbledore gestured to a witch wearing the sigil of St. Mungo's on her robes.

"Healer Davis, would you please?"

"Of course, Chief Warlock." The Healer said, walking over to the small table and reaching into the cradle. She carefully picked up what was inside, and turned to face the court.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the surviving Heir to the Potter family, Harry James Potter, is alive and well." She said, and the black-haired baby boy in her arms rustled his blankets and yawned hugely, fat little baby fists shifting as he dreamed. Several of the female audience members cooed at the sight, but Pettigrew flew into a rage. Yelling something in an evil tongue, he broke free of the chains around him and charged at the Healer, intent on killing the baby boy who had destroyed his master. Unfortunately for him, the Goblin Elites were still there. Moving in total unison, they dropped their halberds, drew their swords, and moved in. Smooth as butter, they slid in front of Davis and lashed out at Pettigrew. He howled in agony as the Goblin-made steel bit into him, removing one of his arms and severing the tendons in the other. Lunging forward in tandem, the Elites' blades sang through the air again, and Peter collapsed to the ground as he was hamstrung. The Goblins slid to a halt behind him, and turned back. One kicked out with a booted foot, and shoved him onto his back. Before anyone could stop them-not that any of the onlookers felt particularly inclined to- both Goblins plunged their blades into Peter's chest. They removed them after a moment with a sickening squelching sound, drew out a pair of cleaning clothes, wiped down the blades, and sheathed them before walking back to their halberds. These they picked up and once again both Goblins stood at attention, as though nothing had happened. The stunned crowd stared either at the corpse or the Goblins for several long moments, until Dumbledore was able to compose himself enough to speak.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury and the Wizengamot, while it may seem somewhat superfluous, I ask you to vote. Those in favor of an innocent verdict and clearing of all charges for Lord Black?"

Every hand leapt into the air without hesitation, some before he had even finished speaking.

"Those in favor for the conviction of Peter Pettigrew for the crimes which Black was charged with?"

Again, every hand rose into the air, and several onlookers began to clap, eyes filled with savage satisfaction. Camera bulbs flashed and several among the audience cheered as Sirius was released and his wand returned to him.

Nearly an hour later, Remus Lupin swept into the now almost empty courtroom, and drew Sirius into a tight hug before stepping back. Behind him was a woman with long black hair.

"Remus, Marlene…" Sirius said, looking happily at his only surviving best friend and his girlfriend. Marlene McKinnon pushed past Remus and threw herself into Sirius' arms.

"You stupid prat, how could you do that to me?" she sobbed into his chest. "All they told me was that you had been arrested for betraying Lily and James. Remus came over and tried to make me come, but I couldn't. Then, Shacklebolt came and said that you had been cleared and that it was…was…" At this point, she was no longer able to speak and simply stood there crying. Sirius, held her tight against him, reveling in the feeling of having her in his arms, the smell of her hair….

He turned to Remus, who smiled at him, a little teary-eyed. The two old friends smiled at each other for a moment, a smile that was filled equally with joy and sorrow. Joy that they were each innocent of the horrific betrayal, and sorrow for the results of the betrayal itself.

"Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, Miss McKinnon, if you could join me?" Professor Dumbledore said from behind them, and they turned. The two Goblins were holding out a pair of stones. "These portkeys will take us to Gringotts for the Reading of the Will, which will tell us to whom Harry goes to live with." He gestured to the small bundle of blankets in Healer Davis's arms. Both she and Dumbledore were already touching a portkey.

"Harry? He… he's alive?" Lupin gasped, and Marlene looked equally flabbergasted. "How?"

"I don't know, but I have suspicions, which I will share at another time. Come." Albus replied, and the three crowded around and touched the stones. Each Goblin barked something in Gobbledygook and everything vanished. Instantly, they reappeared in the lobby of Gringott's Bank. They were swiftly brought to a room where a large and ornate throne rested on a modest dais. On the throne sat a regal-looking goblin dressed in bejeweled armor. A massive battleaxe rested head down on the ground beside him, and the shaft rested against his armrest, one finger idly stroking it as he stared at the five adults and one child.

"High-King Ragnok, I did not expect to meet you personally for something like a Will Reading." Dumbledore said, bowing deeply to the supreme ruler of all goblins.

"The Potter's have long been friends and allies of my people, and I was as fond of them as I can be of any of your race. That is why I sent two of my Elites to the trial." The High-King replied. He reeled of a string of Gobbledygook to the aforementioned Elites, who replied, and a harsh smile formed on his face. "They tell me that it was a good thing that they were there, although I never imagined that the criminal would try to harm young Lord Potter inside a crowded courtroom!"

"No one could have expected that, High-King. I am grateful to your Elites for doing what I could not, and defending my Godson." Sirius said quietly, bowing deeply to Ragnok and both Elites.

"No need to thank us, Lord Black. We wish him to grow up without any more hardships than that which he has already suffered." The Goblin King replied, a shadow of sorrow flitting across his face, though he quickly hid it. Goblins did not show emotions, especially before outsiders. He would grieve for his departed friends later. A pity that Voldemort was gone… his great axe, Blooddrinker, had been left unused for far too long. He idly wondered if he could reanimate Pettigrew's corpse to release some emotions on it at his leisure… as many times as he desired… "Incidentally, Chief Warlock, do you know how the traitor freed himself? I thought it was all but impossible?"

"Ah, as to that, I have no concrete answer. However, he did say some interesting words before he freed himself. I can only assume that it was some form of powerful Dark magic, fuelled and made stronger by his rage." Dumbledore said, frowning as he contemplated the possibilities.

"In that case, perhaps there is research to be done to ensure that no other can accomplish the same feat?" suggested Ragnok, and Dumbledore readily agreed.

"My Lord King, the will reading?" murmured an aide from behind his throne, and he shook himself imperceptibly.

"Now, for the reason you are here. Will Keeper Grabclaw, bring forth the Will." He said, and an elderly goblin stepped forward, a scroll in his hands. "Read it for us."

"Yes, Sire." Grabclaw said, unrolling the scroll. Adjusting his glasses, he gazed down at it and, after clearing his throat, began to read.


The Will and Last Testament of Lord James Charles Potter and Lady Lillian Marie Potter nee Evans

We, being healthy both of mind and body, do declare this to be our Will. All previous drafts are hereby rendered invalid and no longer of importance.

Well, now that that's over with, I suppose we're dead. I hope that was a longtime coming, but if not… well, I hope we took a few of those bloody Nibbling bastards with us. Ouch! Lily, don't punch me, I'm just saying it like it is! Anyway, I'll keep this part short since I know Sirius is an impatient fellow! (Don't give me that look, Padfoot! You would be impatient at your own funeral!)At this point, Sirius had been giving the Will a look that was a cross between hurt and aggravation. He smiled a little at James comment, but sobered quickly as Grabclaw continued.

Now, if we got caught up to by Voldemort during the war, because someone found our hideout, find Peter Pettigrew and put his head on a goddamn head on a platter. He was our secret keeper, so only he could betray us. If we didn't die during the war, then you wouldn't be reading this version of our Will regardless, so it would be a moot point.

Now that we established that, onto specific bequests:

To Sirius Orion Black: Padfoot, my brother, I leave 1 million galleons and the enchanted Harley. Find some girl to ride with you, mate. Side by side, on your bikes, heading into the distance… that's the life for you, mate!Sirius nodded in acceptance, although his eyes were more than a little damp.

Next, to Remus John Lupin: Moony, my brother, stop being stupid about your furry little problem and get out into the world! Otherwise, I'll come back and haunt you until you do! I leave you 2 million galleons in the hope that you will buy yourself a nice home, and some good clothes. Don't be too hard on yourself, mate! (Quick, somebody catch him!)Sirius had to do just that as Lupin turned bone white and keeled over sideways from shock. After he was helped back into his seat, Grabclaw resumed reading.

To Professor Dumbledore: Well, sir, I couldn't think of what you could possibly want, but I do remember a lament you mentioned many years ago at Christmas. Of course, I was under my cloak at the time, so you didn't know I was there, but still… I leave you 150 pairs of the best woolen socks a man can find, one for each Christmas you didn't receive some! (I guessed on your age.) Dumbledore smiled, eyes glistening with tears, yet with a glimmer of their old twinkle. "Not that old, Mr. Potter, but close. And I always knew when you were there…."

Finally, I leave the rest to my son, Harry James Potter. When he starts to attend Hogwarts, please give him a letter, which Gringott's has. It has a more personal message for him from us. Here's Lily!

Hello everyone, Lily at your service! Like James said, everything else goes to Harry. If I might be so bold, Sirius, try and snag Marlene. She hasn't stopped talking about you since fourth year, and I know you've been looking at her since third!Sirius and Marlene smiled at each other, having taken that advice before the reading. Sirius guessed that this was written sometime close after Harry had been born, because he and Marlene had gotten together a month and a half before… well, tonight.

Also, this is the line of Guardianship Succession James and I agreed on.

First, Sirius Black, who is the Godfather.

Second, and only because of the bigoted fools in the Ministry, Remus Lupin. Don't worry Moony, your furry little problem means nothing to us. Try teaming up with Sirius for this!

Third, to the Tonks family. They are close friends of ours, and Siri's cousins. Plus, Ted is a Muggle, which will help Harry to be raised in a balanced way.

Fourth, to the Bones or the Greengrass families. One is a Light-oriented family, while the Greengrasses are neutral, and Ariala Greengrass is an old friend of mine. Both families have children Harry's age, as well.


Here's James again.

Hello all, just back to say a few simple words. We. Love. You. All. We will miss all of you. Don't grieve for us, because we will see you again soon. But not yet…not yet…

Lily and James Potter signing off!

Mischief Managed


The entire group sat there for nearly ten minutes in silence, before Ragnok finally decided to proceed.

"The funds have been transferred and the items delivered to your homes." He said quietly, ignoring the tears in the human's eyes. Not even he was immune to hearing the will of friends. He turned to Sirius and his manner became formal. "Lord Sirius Orion Black, do you accept Guardianship of Harry James Potter until such times as he comes of age?"

"I, Sirius Orion Black, do swear on my magic and my life to protect and raise Harry James Potter as if he were my own son. So Mote It Be!" A flare of blue-white light flashed as his magic accepted his oath and bound him to it. He smiled at Harry before looking at Marlene and Remus. "Marley, Moony, will you two come with us? I plan to go abroad to raise him, so that when he starts at Hogwarts he won't be ignorant of either world."

"I can't let you go alone, can I?" Marlene said, raising an eyebrow. "Someone has to keep you from turning the boy into a younger and equally decadent version of you three prats!" Sirius grinned cheekily at her and winked in response before turning to Lupin and raising his eyebrows.

"I… can't, old friend. Until that fellow perfects the potion that Professor Dumbledore told me about, my… furry little problem will still be there. Without James there to help with me…" his voice trailed off and he shook his head while Sirius placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Then we will bring him to visit you! As his 'Uncle Moony', you have to spoil him rotten, alright?" he said, smiling at his friend, who laughed and agreed readily. Sirius turned to Dumbledore.

"Sir, I'll make sure to bring Harry too Hogwarts, but… could we wait until he would be a second year? I can teach him first year material, and this way I can prepare him for how he will be treated in our world, because of who he is."

"Certainly, as long as you bring him to visit every once in a while, even during the school year. I would like him to meet some people so that he will have friends and other people he know once he is there." Dumbledore said with a smile and a nod. "Make sure to bring him to at least one big feast!"

"Alright then, see you in a while." Sirius said, as Marlene took baby Harry. They Apparated away, and soon the others left as well, leaving Ragnok alone with his feelings. Banishing his aides and guards, and ordering them to ensure he was undisturbed, he released the leash on his emotions. Tears of rage and sorrow flowed down his face and he leapt to his feet. Wielding his great axe, he went on a rampage through the room, destroying everything in his path as he came to grips with his rage and grief.


That night, Remus Lupin sat in his small flat and cried himself to sleep, mourning the loss of his friends and the betrayal of one whom he called friend. At the next full moon, deep in the Forbidden Forest, a lone werewolf howled his lament at the moon, a deep part of him knowing that something was missing… and that it would always be missing now.


Rubeus Hagrid gazed up at the stars around him as he stood outside the gate of the Longbottom estate. He had just delivered poor little Neville to his distraught grandmother. He brushed away a tear and reached into his pocket, thinking about how four of his greatest friends were dead, or as good as. The Portkey he brought out of his pocket activated with a soft-spoken word, and he vanished, leaving only a profound sense of sorrow behind him.


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore sat in his office and looked down at the evil book in his hands. It was opened to a chapter called "Horcruxes."


Maia Davis looked down at the sleeping face of her daughter Tracy, and prayed that the poor Potter boy would be safe and happy from now on, and that her daughter never had to suffer what he had.


Sirius and Marlene Black, recently -as of fifteen minutes ago- married, sat astride their motorcycles, gazing at the baby in Marlene's sidecar for a moment before they kicked the engines to life and roared away.


All around the country witches and wizards saluted with drinks and whispered: "To Harry Potter! The Boy Who Lived!"


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