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More Punk & Perv?


Since starting to collaborate, we have written two complete drabble sets and numerous one-shots. We can't help ourselves. But then life got in the way (one of us went on vacation) and things got a little busy (one of us went on ANOTHER vacation) while the one LEFT BEHIND sat around and WAITED and WAITED and WAITED.

I'm not bitter.

Next week the second drabble story will start, updating three times a day and absolutely chock full of spanking and the kind of sex you know only Punks and Pervs have. We thought you might like to know how they got from the first drabble set to the second, so here is a little story, told in fifteen parts, to bridge the gap.

Thank you dellaterra for your yeah baby betaing.

If you haven't read the first story yet, get ready for some spanky-fun: www .fanfiction. net/s/6872628/1/Punk_and_Pervs_Excellent_Adventure


My perv says he doesn't snore, but oh yes he fucking does.

He's doing it right now, but I don't really mind. I quite like it when I get a chance to watch him during the night. I don't mean watch in a creepy way, like the times I spy on him from the end of the street when he's carrying shingles up his ladder, all bulging biceps and sweat-slicked skin.


And I don't mean watch him like I did after the first time we hooked up, slipping down the grocery aisles behind him to see what he chose to eat, then switching out his steak for tofu just to watch him lose his shit at the checkout.

I just like to look at his face when he's asleep. He is so very, very pretty when he doesn't look so cranky.

Sometimes I wonder how we ended up together.

Sometimes I wonder why he told me no the first two times that I asked him out. He was such a fucking idiot.

Who knows what would have happened if I hadn't found Perv that third time. I don't even like to think about it. I'm just happy the third time was the charm, when he finally broke down and told me yes like he should have from the start.