I was planning on making a SwitchXBossun fic. But that will come later on because I'm currently addicted with this pairing since it's so thrilling! The two leaders of a student aid group.

I loved how they clashed in the tournament...and even though Bossun lost, he had fun. \(.)/ Plus the way he looked at Bossun that one time...it inspired me to make a fic about them.

This will be about three chapters long. And I am planning to put a lemon or two.

Warning! I do not own Sket Dance! wink~ plus this is a Yaoi fanfic, AgataXBossun to be exact!


The two siblings were yet again home alone as their parents were working late. Saaya was watching the same romance drama that she just got hooked on. Sitting on the coach, she was focused deeply on the television. Her brother was on the counter yet again observing his seemingly love-struck sister.

'I wonder what's happening with those two.' His mind drifted towards Tsubaki. 'I hope he's not doing stupid…' He got a chance to open up his thoughts as the drama went for a commercial.

"Saaya, how is your relationship with him?"

Saaya quickly turned her head. "W-What?" Her face was a shade of red.

"So, anything interesting?"

Saaya rolled her eyes towards the television. "We're just friends…" She quickly turned the question back to Agata. "How about nii-san? Anyone that interests you?"

Agata's eyes widen for a second. The first thing that popped up of his head was golden eyes, that distinct red cap, a pair of goggles, and that confident smile. He smiled and looks right back at his younger sister. "I guess there is that guy…but it isn't what you would call love." He jumped right at the end, not wanting his sister to misunderstand.

"I am okay with nii-san liking anyone he wants to." No, she was actually excited to about the 'interested in a guy' thing. "Don't worry, I will support you, nii-san!" She gave sparkling eyes at him obviously telling him to describe who he was interested in.

Agata just gave a sigh of defeat. "He's shorter than me. He's quite hard-headed but really dependable. He has the confident look that would make anyone try to dominate him." He made it vague, it was on purpose but he thought he actually got the description right.

Saaya was now focused on her brother and ignored the drama that just finished as she was too busy. "I see." She was confident she knew who it was. 'That Tsubaki…Bossun's twin!'

And so the misunderstanding went further.

He wondered. When did he start looking at Bossun that way? He did find him quite interesting but he has this strange charm that made the president somewhat attracted. What he said to Saaya was true, especially the thing about making someone dominate him. He was a lot like his younger twin, but Tsubaki was so obedient while Bossun was like the wind, free and brought comfort to people he met. That wild personality…what would the boy be like if he was tamed? He tried breaking him by beating him in the tournament. He was already sure of his victory and was really planning to disband their little club, but the game was much more thrilling than he thought and decided it would be a shame to lose the club. Even though he won, it did not stop Bossun's surge.

But the things that were hindering Agata were those two sidekicks of his. The legendary Onihime obviously likes him. Was it out of gratitude of saving her from her shell or had she really fallen for him? The more annoying one was the computer guy, Switch it was. He also sticks by Bossun…was it also because of gratitude? But he looked at Bossun sometimes in a different way a friend would normally do.

The two mostly made fun of him, making him look stupid to everyone. To him, it just seems like a plot for no one else to fall for the boy. He knew because he would do the same.

It was so boring being the only one in the Student Council office...the others were patrolling the school, but he needed to finish the paperwork. One of them though, had something written on it that got his attention. A smile came to his lips. Pushing the call button on the Student Council broadcast, he paged a certain raven-haired teen.

"Then, what does the great President need me with?" Bossun said with a lack of interest. He never really did wish to have anything to do with the student council…except for beating them.

Agata just pushed on. "You do know the festival is coming up?"

Crossing his arms, he turns his view towards the president. "And?"

"Every club gives their own attraction."

Bossun quickly gives a semi-glare towards Agata. 'Does he want to compete with us? It's normally Tsubaki who would initiate the fight…'

"Since Sket-dan has only three members why don't we collaborate on this one?" He just beamed a smile towards the smaller teen, who was speechless and downright surprised.


"A café." Agata quickly stated. "We could easily get others to work for the Student Council but that would mean they were to abandon their own club's attraction."

"Why should WE—"

"Sket-dan helps anyone in need, correct?" His eyes penetrates the red-capped lad. "And we'll make sure to compensate you well."

Bossun didn't mind the latter, but he did mind the first comment. It was so like Agata to find a loophole to make him move. "I get it!" Bossun quickly agrees, turns around and goes for the door.

He only opened the door slightly before a hand rests above his own and closes the door again. He was about to turn but Agata's other arm caged him between the door and the older male's body. "What?" He made sure not to sound threatened but some of that feeling gushed out of his voice.

Leaning towards the boy's ear, "Nothing. I just wanted to say thank you for agreeing." He breathily whispers to him, seeing the boy shiver. Maybe it would be okay to tease him more.

This action puzzled Bossun yet also angered him. This president always thought he could play with him. He hated that personality of his. But why is he affected by it…the thoughts faded away as a wet muscle traced his earlobe, unconsciously opening his mouth and gave out a small whimper. The hands trapping him withdrew. He gave himself a few seconds to regain composure and left the room without looking back.

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