Fujisaki Yuusuke stared point blank into space as he sat on their living room couch. He didn't even notice the hand waving just an inch in front of him.

"Onii-chan, we're having hamburger!"

Bossun just stared at his sister who stood in front of him as she withdraw her hand. "Ah, I'm alright…" He weakly said as his head once again laid low, not even minding the surprised gasp of his younger sister as she ran to the kitchen behind the living room.

"Okaa-san, this is the second time onii-chan never cared about food!"

Haru deeply stared at her son. "Somehow it's different with the Rock Fest they had…" His son has somehow a different aura… "Yuu-chan!" she yelled calling, "Is it possible…trouble with love?" She said out loud.

At hearing the word 'love', he stood up reflexively, surprising the two.

"Don't tell me, you finally got it in with Himeko-chan?" His sister quickly stood by his right side.

"W-What are you talking about? What about Himeko?"

"So if it isn't Himeko-chan, then who are you thinking about?" Haru was suddenly at his left, not giving him a chance to escape.

"W-Why are you jumping to the conclusion that I'm thinking about somebody and not just something?" He asked in defense and looked for a way out.

"Or don't tell me, somebody confessed?" Haru leaned closer.

'How can she get it right the first try? Parents are scary!' His eyes rolled from side to side, avoiding his mom's stare. "O-Of course! I'm a popular guy after all!" And he gave out his signature laugh. To his surprise, the two walked back to the table where they started to eat without him.

"I doubt think any girl that would fall for onii-chan would even be attractive."

"What was that!" He quickly shouted.

His mom on the other hand just stared at him, all silent and intently bored holes through him. How can she see through him so easily?

A few hours ago…

"E-Eh….?" Bossun stared blankly at the person in front of him. It was probably his imagination…that's right, what he heard and what was said must have been different, he must have heard wrong.

Reading the expression on his face, Agata had somehow guessed what was on his mind. "Are you trying to lie to yourself this time? I'll say it again, I love you."

Bossun felt his face heat up. First, he said like, right? Why did he suddenly change it to…

Agata removed the boy's hat. "You seem like someone who won't get it if I didn't spell it loud and clear for you."

"Are you saying I'm slow? Give that back!" Reaching for his cap, his hand was caught instead and his body being embraced by a bigger frame.

Agata nuzzled his face into the soft raven locks. "I didn't say anything like that. I was just thinking since you seem so childlike, you haven't experienced falling in love or being confessed to, right?"

"Where…are you going with this?" Bossun gently pushes himself away for a few inches, yet Agata's arm had circled his waist.

"Since you haven't had any experience yet…why don't you test it out with me?"


Agata sighed. "I'm asking you to go out with me."

"L-Like boyfriend?"

"As a boyfriend." Agata corrected.

The first thing Bossun did was slowly drop to the floor. How was he supposed to absorb all of these? So in other words Agata wants to have a relationship with him? 'Impossible! Impossible!' There were a lot of complications if what he was saying was true. He then remembered their encounter in the washroom…no matter how hard he would try and forget it, it was still the first time somebody else had touched him so intimately, and no matter how hard he deludes himself that it was another guy doing it…he couldn't help but admit that it did…feel good… 'Maybe…' Bossun added in his thoughts. For sure Agata would never do something like that just to anybody, right?

Agata squatted down to level himself with Bossun. "Then, your answer?"

Bossun just had to voice his thoughts. "Our first meeting…we were enemies."


"You're the Student Council president."


"You're a guy…"


"I'm also a guy…"


"Don't just say 'YUP!', only those not in their right minds would…"

Agata had stopped his words by taking the boy's hand, kissing it… "I'm sure I'm still sane, yet I still think you're cute, and besides…we already experienced some skinship, right?"

Bossun was again left speechless. Remembering their little tryst a while back, his face flushed red. Agata stood up and gave him a hand. Bossun a bit hesitant to take the offered hand yet nonetheless took it and stood up as well…holding Agata's hands felt so nice…

"So can I take that as a yes?"

"I don't know…" Bossun lowers his head. "I don't know what to say…"

"It's fine." He bends down to kiss Bossun's forehead. "Just let me lead."

Bossun pouted…very cutely in Agata's perspective. "Just one thing…"


"Give me my hat back!"

'So does that mean we're officially going out?' Bossun pondered as he laid down on his bedroom floor.

"So…are you going to share anything?"

Bossun jumped up from the floor as he saw his mother by his open bedroom door. Did he not lock it?

"Can't you at least knock?"

"Why? I don't think you need any privacy."

"Well, I do!"

Bossun had a staring competition with Haru until he lowered his head. "N-Naa…"

Haru attentively listened. "Hm?"

"Do I look…" Bossun contemplated on continuing. "Never mind!"

Haru sighed…Oh well, rebellious age…Yet she could swear Yuusuke was blushing before she closed the door to his room. For now, she would let him deal with his problem on his own.

The next day…

"Make-up? No way! I'm so not putting any!" Bossun scurried away from the group. It was quite hard with him already wearing the infernal dress.

Mimorin smiled angelically. "There is nothing to worry about. I hired professionals especially for this day."

"YNG…(You're not getting away…)"

"Let me go!" Tsubaki struggled as Himeko locked her arms around Tsubaki's shoulders.

"No can do, we're having enough trouble with Bossun, we don't want you joining in!" She said as she put him in place.

Bossun stepped back continuously as they kept closing in on him. Inwardly he smiled, as the way he was walking…he was headed for the door. Unfortunately for him, it opened and revealed a yawning Agata.

"Ah, Agata, grab him!" Shinba called out.

Agata looked at them confused but nonetheless complied, as he understood the situation. To everyone's surprise and his delight, he whisked up the off-guard Bossun in his arms. Carrying him bridal style, he went inside the room.

"W-What are doing? Let me down!" Bossun yelled, trying his best not to get flustered, but he couldn't help but be, because the guy carrying him was making such a happy face…

Agata noticed the boy stopped struggling. "Ara, not going berserk anymore?"

"It's too tiring…you're enjoying yourself too much."

'So cute…' Agata finally put him down. "Here~" Placing a hand on Bossun's head, Agata turned Bossun around so he was facing the group. "All yours!"

"WHAT?" Bossun exclaimed at the unexpected action.

"Understood, now, you know what to do." Mimori quickly ordered her hired professionals to work on the twins. "Oh, you too, Himeko-san."

"Wow, really?" Himeko excitedly joined in.

Bossun angrily glared at Agata who was looking at him all excited. "TRAITOR!"

Agata chuckled. "Really, so adorable…" He softly said.

A couple of minutes passed and Agata just kept staring at the teen being beautified. He was okay as it is, though…why did they need make-up?

"What did you do?"

In a second, Agata had Switch standing beside him also leaning on the wall. He had turned the volume so low so that only the two of them can hear.

"I didn't do anything."

Switch glared at him at the corner of his eye.

"It's not my fault you guys are slow."

"I don't think I deserve him."

"So are you also trying to say that I don't deserve him as well? So protective over your leader…" He mockingly said. "…that's why he can't get over that phase…even the two of you…"

"Just don't try anything that will make us raise our hands…"

Agata kept silent…remembering their rendezvous in the restroom…a smile slowly crept upon his face.

Switch saw the difference in his facial expression. "Don't tell me you—!"

"So what if I did? What would you do, Specs?"

"I'm warning you, Agata Soujirou."

"Waa, you guys did a great job!" Mimori complemented her employees as they finished. "And you did it in such a short time!"

Bossun quickly walked over to the two boys, right after his wig was fixed. He saw them having quite a heated conversation and almost to the point they looked like they were going to bite each other's heads off. "Hey, what are you doing?"

The two was shunned…Bossun looked so adorable. Make-up was too amazing…and he was already cute just with his normal look.

"Wait here." Agata said and walked past him, into the dressing room. He came a few minutes later and quickly walked to Bossun. Bossun was stunned when he came out in a butler outfit, his face and hair all neatly fixed. He was handsome…

"Ojou-sama, would you like a table?" Agata asked with his face oh so close to Bossun's. An arm was quickly swung between them.

"S-Switch?" Bossun was surprised how Switch was able to change so quickly. And he didn't have his computer.

"Specs, don't get in my way."

Switch just glared to portray his anger.

"W-What's with those two?" Bossun loudly asked as Tsubaki trodded to him. "Anyway, Tsubaki, you look too good in this!"

Himeko also joined them in her maid outfit. "Yup, you two look like a pair of dolls!"

"That's the plan." Shinba came out also wearing a butler outfit. His hair tied a bit to the back.

Mimori and Daisy followed suit as they came out with maid outfits same style as Himeko, only different colors.

"Wait, why are we the only ones different?" Tsubaki complained.

"I want to know that as well!"

"You guys are our mascots!" Shinba walked to them with two teddy bears in hand. He gave them one each. "You guys will just mostly walk around the room and occasionally go outside and attract customers."

"Won't we have a lack in manpower if we just did that? Shinba-san, you can't possibly do the cooking all by yourself." Tsubaki suggested.

"Nothing to worry about since I hired extra assistants just in case." Mimori once again revealed about five butlers behind her.

"If you were able to hire people then why did we have to team up to get more people?" Bossun barked.

And so, the festival started…as soon as the café opened it was already half-full. Bossun and Tsubaki did as they were told and walked around.

'What am I, an attraction or something?' Bossun inwardly gloated. This thought quickly dissipated as he saw a lot of people looking at him and Tsubaki. At first he blushed, but then the thought of 'they're obviously looking at Tsubaki' came to him.

"Then, Fujisaki, I'll go this way and you go that way."

"Don't order me!" Bossun softly yelled but did as he was told anyway. He was really surprised with Switch giving them a voice tone changer, or whatever it was called, they really sound…well, like a girl. Once again his thoughts were pushed away when at his part of the room was staring at him…w-why? Did he look weird?

"Yuu, don't look so scared." Agata, who was just by a table Bossun passed, patted his head. "You look really adorable and cute so don't lower you head."

Bossun quickly swatted his hand away, making other people look at them. "I-I'm not embarrassed at all…I just…" Bossun meekly tried to continue…he quickly turned his attention back to Agata whose hand he had just hit. He blushed ever so gently and took the hand he swatted away, rubbing it apologetically. "I'm sorry…"

Everyone's heart skipped a beat at Bossun's actions, moreover Agata felt like he himself was getting flustered… 'Darn, so dangerous…'

On the sidelines were Switch and Himeko…

"Bossun seems popular…" Himeko chuckled.

"I want to switch with them…" Switch seriously meant what he said as he was ready to charge into them. Himeko had grabbed him before he could.

"Now, now, just because Bossun looks like those anime you watch doesn't mean you can do anything to him like what you fantasize doing to your figurines."

Back to Bossun…

"W-Well, I'm going to Tsubaki again, see ya." Bossun gave out a smile as he left to the other side of the room.

'How many times have I thought of how cute you are…but you are too dangerous…' Agata thought.

The festival was a success and more so their attraction as it got the highest number of guests coming and going…a lot mostly asked about the twins, which in turn the group finally reveals that they are Tsubaki and Bossun, breaking a few hearts yet also getting squeals…

"Okay, for the ladies since we are closing!" Shinba quickly grabbed the twins and placed them at each of his side. "Would you like a little fanservice?" He asked smoothly and was quickly answered with lots of 'yes'. Yet they were caught off guard as Agata snatched Bossun from Shinba, giving a soft glare. "Agata?"

"Please don't do as you please with Yuusuke." He directly said to the whole room. He leans closer to Bossun's face but made sure the guests saw everything. Cupping his face, Agata goes for the kill…almost but he was pushed aside. He didn't have to turn around to know who it was… "Specs, don't get in my way." He warned with a smile on his face…which was not good at all.

*Rambles of the female guests*
"W-What? Is this part of the act, too?"
"I guess it is."
"A love triangle is so thrilling."
"So Fujisaki-kun is playing the uke?"
"Of course, I can't see Switch and the President as uke, they're obviously a seme."
*Rambles of the female guests*

"What just happened?" Himeko asked as she stood at the sidelines with Mimori and Daisy.

"They're so lively!"

"TTN (They're too noisy)"

Bossun felt himself quiver with anger as the two argued with him between them. Lowering his head, he even decided to just ignore them to the point that he would turn surprised at their next act.

"I'm taking it! 3…2…1.."

Bossun just looked back up and just saw a flash of light and worse two soft lips on each side of his cheeks. Before he could wail, the girls had beaten him to it.

"Hey, Specs, you really dared to do it?" Agata gritted his teeth but still smiled. While Bossun had closed himself off a while ago a girl had asked a picture with the three of them. She just said to do anything that comes to mind…to think that Specs would be thinking the same

"I know you guys are so into the act…" Bossun's voice shook with fury. The two boys just leaned in closer to hear his words. "But that doesn't mean you can manhandle me!" He announced punching the two simultaneously. Removing the wig, his real wavy locks proudly showed. "Isn't the festival over?" He told the girls with a huff after.

The girls obeyed…only after taking quite a number of shots of the group, mostly Bossun and Tsubaki, blinding the twins.

"It's the first time I've been beaten when it comes to being popular with girls…" Shinba loudly said.

"But it was a big success…" Mimori comforted the seemingly depressed pretty boy.

Daisy kept looking at the trio. "Shouldn't we do something about them?" She asked as she saw Bossun ready to pulverize Agata and Switch.

Tsubaki quickly ran to them, planning to stop the probable trouble Bossun might stir up.

Himeko was biting her nails as she kept observing the twins. "How can they be that cute?" She blushed as she also wanted to scream like all the girls…now she wanted to dress them up.

"Anyway, doesn't the air between Agata and Bossun-kun feel different?" Shinba asked the whole room. "Bossun-kun still is violent around him but not to the point of…how can I say this… "wanting to chew his head off" kind of feeling."

They all look at the boy in question and saw him blushing like mad.

Agata went beside him, placing a hand on his head. "We kissed and made up. Isn't that what you wanted us to do?"

Steam came out of Bossun's face…sure what Agata said was an expression but it was what literally happened between them. Being swayed by this guy…maybe, it wasn't so bad if he just gave in.

They all changed their clothes. Since it wasn't a normal school day, they just brought some casual clothes with them.

"Why don't we have a party?" Himeko excitedly started.

Tsubaki nodded. "Well, our café was a success. What do you think, Kaichou?"

Bossun quickly beat Agata before he could say anything. "Naa, Agata and I have something to do…" He said as he grabbed Agata's hand. "So we'll be going ahead…"

Agata wasn't so sure what was on Bossun's mind but the grip on his hand was telling him to play along, plus the cute expression on his face was too good to reject. "Ah, sorry guys, I forgot we were hanging out today."

The two fixed their things and went their way leaving the others in the room.

"When were they hanging out?" Tsubaki asked all wide-eyed.

"When you grab someone, it's mostly the wrist or the arm. Bossun-kun held Agata by the hand." Shinba stated. '…and quite intimately at that' He wanted to add that but it doesn't seem to be a good idea.

"They make a great couple!" Mimori commented, making almost everyone's jaw drop.

Switch just loudly closed his laptop getting their attention. The glint in his glasses made his mind unreadable.

"So, why the sudden act?" Agata asked to break the silence. They were just a few meters away from the school gate.

"It's as what you wanted." Bossun turned to him. "You wanted to go out…"

The sudden realization of what Bossun said made Agata smile. "So, a date it is then…" He took Bossun's hand and continued walking.

'Why do feel assured when I hold his hand?' Another guy's hand to add to that…normally, it would feel so wrong, yet it still felt so right.

"Where to?" Agata asked as they walked.

"…" Bossun's mind suddenly went blank. "…actually…I'm not really sure…" First thing that popped up was… "Arcade?" He saw Agata in thought after what he said. And he quickly regretted the words that left his lips. Who would want to go to an arcade for their first date? Stupid! Shouldn't a date be more prepared? But he just had to all of a sudden grab the guy and call it a date.

"Sure." The taller male used his other hand to pat Bossun on the head. "Anything you want."

Bossun blushed…this was the first time someone actually kept on pampering him. After Agata retrieved his hand, it was Bossun's turn to slightly bring a hand to his head. How many times did Agata pat his head? Not once did he hate it. It actually felt nice. Lowering his head, his eyes turn to their hands…they were just holding…he hesitated a bit but took up the courage to shift his hand getting the other's attention, but before Agata could ask anything, he intertwined their fingers and kept on holding Agata's hand. "I like it better this way." Bossun murmured.

Agata looked at him wide-eyed.


Agata chuckled. "It's nothing." He held the hand tighter. "I actually like it this way, too."

"So, are we going to tell the others?" Bossun questioned.

"I don't know, should we? I particularly don't care." Agata turned to Bossun, who, all of a sudden, started laughing. "What's wrong?"

"I can't imagine the look on their faces." Bossun said, pointing up as if showing a thought bubble showing his imagination. "Either way, I doubt they'd believe us at first."

"Then, let's just act normally. Let them notice it themselves."

"You're the school president, you know? What would happen if they knew you were going out with a guy?"

"I'm graduating, anyway." That remark was somehow wrong.

"So, you're saying you're going to leave all the trouble to me?" Bossun spat.

"O-Of course that wasn't what I meant. I get it, we'll keep it a secret from them, then."

"Those two are back to normal." Himeko remarked staring at Tsubaki and Bossun, who were glaring at each other very closely.

Tsubaki and Agata were currently on duty on patrolling in the morning, to Agata's dismay. Yet, then again it wasn't since Sket Dan had yet again made a commotion.

"It's so early in the morning and you're already stirring up trouble?" Tsubaki stated.

"Let it go, Tsubaki." Agata placed a hand on the teen's shoulder to calm him down. "Oh right, I still have something to say to Fujisaki." Without a second later, he had pulled Bossun to the nearest corner.

*Only dialogue can be heard by Tsubaki, Himeko and Switch, but I'll be describing what is happening between the two.*

Bossun was pushed to wall and was caged by Agata's bigger frame. "W-What?"

"You know Tsubaki is somehow right. I think you need some kind of punishment."

Bossun wanted to wipe that smirk off his face. After yesterday, they did somehow return to normal when they were around other people. And when they were around people, Agata became the playful teasing type of guy. Not that he was going to let him get away with. If he wanted to tease him, then two can play his game. Bossun curled his lips into an alluring smile and grabbed Agata by the collar, pulling him closer. He loved the surprised look on the older male's face. "Maybe I do need a punishment, S-o-u-j-i-r-o~" Bossun whispered as sensually as he could. Not that he knew how to, but got an idea on it thanks to Switch's otaku-ness.

*Back to the others* a minute passed...

"I wonder what they're talking about. I only heard saying something about punishment." Tsubaki crossed his arms.

"This is bad. If it's turning to a verbal argument, then Bossun's on a tough spot." Himeko stated

They suddenly heard a soft gasp and…a soft groan?


"Was that Bossun?" Himeko spoke her thoughts.

Switch quickly walked to the corner where the two were but before he could reach it, Agata showed himself, his collar a bit messy and for a short time, he was panting.

"Kaichou, what happened?"

"Nothing, we had a long game of endurance."

They finally walked pass Agata and turned to see the corner. Bossun was sitting on the ground as leaned his back on the wall. His face was red and his mouth was open, making way for long pants.

"What the hell were you guys doing for you to look like that?" Himeko asked.

"Next time let me join in." Switch told Agata.

"In your dreams, Specs."

I somehow feel sorry for Switch in my story…but I needed someone to play the somewhat third wheel role.

Sorry but the lemon has to wait. This is the last chapter but I'm doing a bonus chapter that will really end this fic~