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I'd been spending too much time with that woman. She only confuses my thoughts, clouding my once sure judgment.

What is it about her that makes me like this? That woman confuses me.

She was crying again today. She's always so beautiful when she cries, each tear perfect and crystalline as it fell down her face.. Normally, I'd be merely content to watch her in her pain, but today, I'd done something strange. I'd sat down beside her, took her into my arms, and held her while she cried.

What am I doing? I'm in over my head in something that doesn't matter. She's just one woman. There are billions more in that pathetic human world. So, why did this one matter so much to me? that one meaningless gesture of affection…that woman was making me soft.

I stared somewhere into an abyss, lost in thought.

That woman…

I mentally slapped myself for continuing to dwell on her. She was merely a tool for Lord Aizen to use, just as I was.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Ichimaru had that smug expression on his face, with those closed eyes and that big, fake grin. And Aizen only knew where the hell Grimmjow was.

None of that mattered at the moment. I needed to get my thoughts straight. I wouldn't be of any use to Lord Aizen if I was distracted.

It felt like there were butterflies in my stomach, fluttering around and teasing me. I remembered that woman and her big, sorrowful eyes, and the feeling only intensified. The sensation became worse still when I recalled how desperately she held onto me, like a child clinging to their father.

I took a deep breath to clear my head. I was thinking too much about this. She was just a tool. Just a pawn. She would be disposed of if necessary. There was no point in becoming too attached to her.

The only reason she was here at all was to be a pawn in Lord Aizen's plans, anyway.

"Am I still asleep?" I said, to myself.

That woman was like the sweetest dream and the darkest nightmare, rolled up into one. she was beautiful, yet she could be so harsh. I should remember that from the time she slapped me. if I concentrate on it, I can still feel the tingling where her hand hit my face.

It hurt.

I didn't want anything to do with her, and yet, I did as Lord Aizen ordered. He told me to watch her, and I watched her. It wasn't a hard task. She wouldn't run away. any resolve or desire she held to escape had been destroyed long ago. It was all according to Lord Aizen's design. And no matter how much she cried, how much she begged, she could not escape. No matter how badly I wanted to release her…

I was definitely spending too much time with her. She was making me soft. Weak. In the world of the Espada, I could not afford to be weak. The world I lived in was vicious, and competitive. The weak were cast aside and killed. Only the strong could survive in my world.

Which was why, in the end, that woman would die. She was too kind. Too weak. And there was no place for the weak in this world.

Or any world, for that matter.

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