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"Feels like flying on the clouds"

Main Character: Harry Potter

The Snickers Bar

Harry was in muggle London, looking at shirts while his friends Dean, Seamus, Ron, Draco, Blaise and Theodor where off in other departments. He could hear Ron being at awe with the technology the store had in display.

"Harry, you better come quick!" Blaise said.

Harry quickly dash to where he was standing and saw for the first time, a very confused and innocent Draco Malfoy. He was standing in front of a television screen and watched in amusement the moving pictures the screen showed. Ron watched with Draco, wearing the same visage the other pure-blood was wearing. Dean, Seamus, and Theodor stood next to Harry and Blaise.

"Why are those to staring at the telly, Harry?" asked Seamus.

"The wizarding world doesn't have televisions, Seamus. I'm guessing this is their first time seeing one." Harry explained.

They all enjoyed seeing a very innocent Draco Malfoy and an awed Ron Weasley. Dean and Blaise had to pry the two away from the screen so they could go on with their muggle shopping.

Harry sighed and smiled. It's been three years since they graduated at Hogwarts and had jobs at the Ministry ran by Kingsley. They were all on vacation. They deserved it after working non-stop for three years, capturing criminals and out-laws.

The Elite Seven decided to spend their vacation in the muggle world, much to Harry's stories of magic boxes with small people (the telly) and candies that make you hyper in one bite.

Draco grabbed Harry's arm, pouting for being pried away from the telly.

"Can we buy one of those? Please!" He pleaded.

Harry chuckled knowing Ron would ask the same thing.

"Sure, we can. We'll come back later after we buy a few more things." He said.

Draco and Ron smiled at each other and walked happily with the others.

"By the way Harry. You mentioned about that candy bar that makes you forget your name in one bite." Ron spoke.

Dean, Theodor, Seamus, and Blaise turned to Harry and raised one brow each.

"Care to explain Harry?" Theodor said with a smirk.

"Ron meant the chocolate bar called Snickers. The one with caramel and peanuts." Harry explained.

The four shook their heads.

"Honestly Harry. To go that far out in explaining about that chocolate bar." Blaise said and chuckled.

"Well, you know I'm right. You guys have tried it yourselves, remember?" Harry reminded them.

Draco and Ron raised their brows.

"You guys have been eating them behind our backs?" Draco said and pouted.

"You could have shared, even a little." Ron added.

Dean and Seamus sighed.

"Well, when it comes to that chocolate bar, sharing isn't an option, Ron. You just got to finish one bar of it." Seamus said and Dean nodded.

Harry, Blaise, and Theodor nodded in agreement as well.

They made their way to the supermarket and went to the candy aisle.

"There." Harry said as he pointed at the boxes of Snicker's bar piled in once corner.

Seamus, Dean, Blaise, and Theodor grabbed two boxes each. Harry did as well. Draco and Ron got two as well, hoping that what Harry said was true. The others seemed prove that what Harry said was utter true since they got two boxes without hesitation.

They went to the counter to pay and went back to the Appliances department to buy the huge screen telly for Draco and Ron. Harry planned to bring it back with them when their vacation was over.

They got back to their shared flat and Harry magically installed the telly in the living for everyone to use. They all changed and got ready for dinner first. Ron and Draco were growing anxious by the minute. They had to wait until after dinner to have a bite of the muggle candy bar the others highly spoke of.

After having dinner and the dishes were done, the guys gathered in the living room. The telly was on and they were watching a muggle television show called "Sabrina the Teenage Witch."

"We don't cast that long spells. I must say Harry, muggles believe in this crap but when you show them the real thing, they scream and pass out." Theodor said and sighed.

The others laughed. Theodor accidentally did magic in front of a muggle to protect her from a gang of thieves. Draco and Ron ran back to their rooms and came back with a box of Snickers Bar.

"Can we eat them now?" Ron asked excitedly.

Harry nodded and accioed his own box of Snickers.

When Draco and Ron had sunk their teeth into the candy bar, both sat very still.

"Harry, I think you were wrong about these chocolate bar." Draco slowly spoke.

Harry and the others turned to look at him.

"Yeah Harry. This candy makes you feel like you flying in the clouds!" Ron said.

Draco nodded in agreement.

Harry, Blaise, Dean, and Seamus laughed.

Draco and Ron looked like they were flying amongst the clouds.

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