Title: Wall of Memories

For: Livejournal's writers30days

Theme: An Empty Picture Frame

The Doctor stared at the pictures on the wall in their simple, but elegant frames. At the resembling smiles and happy faces locked in embrace. Frozen in time. He smiled back at them, absently walking his fingers across the wall of memories, but there was a trace of sadness behind the gesture. His mind lost in the remembrance of a different family staring back from of a similar wall of photos.

But that family was gone now, those pictures lost. Reduced to nothing more than a wall of empty picture frames in an old and tired mind that has seen too much. He sighed and dissolved into silence for a while, smile fading.

He wasn't aware of how long he had stood there, blankly staring, until a gentle hand slipped into his. Small, tender, familiar and baring much needed warmth and comfort. Rose's.

"You okay?"

The Doctor took a sharp breath inward, pulling himself away from the haunting images in his mind. Away from the painful memories of the family he lost. He wrapped himself around her, resting a chin on the top of her head, admiring how perfectly she fit in his arms. "Yea."

If Rose heard the lie behind his tone, she didn't let on. Instead, she flashed him a playful grin and pulled him away. Back towards where they had left Mickey and the TARDIS. The Doctor went without protest, but couldn't help feel that his friends were up to something. Perhaps for the best, he thought. He needed a distraction.

It took a while to find Mickey in the endless maze of rooms, but they finally came to a stop in front of a door the Doctor had not seen before. A new room. The TARDIS hummed happily beneath his feet and in his mind. Apparently she was in on the plan as well.

"Close your eyes!"

The Doctor obeyed, allowing his friends to lead him blindly. He heard the click of the door opening, the echo of their footsteps in the hollowness of the unknown room. Soaked in the mystery of it all and then slowly opened his eyes.

His breath caught. A tear fell down the Doctor's cheek as he took in the wall of smiling faces in front of him. A new room, a new wall of memories. His companions, his friends...his family.