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Disclaimer: All characters are owned by JK Rowling.

I can't believe he's dead. Its been 3 weeks since the end of the war, and it hasn't sunk in yet. War has many casualties, and I'm not the only one to lose somebody, but you never think that its going to happen to your family, it'll be from someone else's family. But it happened to mine, and I am still in shock.

I haven't wept for him yet. I've had countless hugs and whispered endearments, telling me that it'll be alright and that you're in a better place. But its not alright! You're dead! How can you be in a better place when I'm not with you? But I nod, and I accept the embraces and the words with gritted teeth and fake smiles. I hear them whisper about me when I'm not around, huddled in their pairs. Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione. People I love dearly, but I can't help but hate them. They lean on each other in support, each the loving crutch for the other. I want to yell at them, scream at them. How can they be happy when I'm so devastated? My crutch is gone!

I walk upstairs into my childhood memories. I see photo's of us when we were children and carefree, smiling and waving at the camera. I see your first broomstick, your Hogwarts acceptance letter framed beside mine. I feel your presence keenly, and I drop to my knees, cradling your school scarf. My shoulders begin to shudder, and the tears roll down my face.

"Why?" I whisper. "Why did you have to die Fred? What will I do without my twin?"