this first one is technically T but if it becomes a chapter fic it'll be an M so I'll keep it that way as to not frighten innocent eyes suddenly...

One or probably two girls fainted as they passed by. Not from any health problems but from the mere sight of the group. Squeals shot throughout the hall as the group kept passing through. There were six of them rich kids who dominated the school. They were the school idols.

The one on the far left had black messy hair that made his extreme pale complexion stand out more. His emerald green eyes were bright and lively in comparison to the man himself. Next to the unresponsive cutie was a guy with shocking ice blue hair with a deep set of blue eyes with blue markings around them. He was the womanizer of the group who could win the heart of any woman with smooth words and his rough but alluring personality.

The one on the far right was every girl's dream of a smart cool and kind prince. Cold on the outside but soft on the inside. He had raven hair that parted in the middle and a set of sharp glasses. He had a talent for sowing but that was just one of his many appeals. The one next to him had long red hair which he would tie carelessly in a pony tail. Tattoos covered his skin and he was considered the bad boy of the group. He played as the ace of the soccer team of the school.

Next to the tattooed one was a man with black spiky hair which was slightly long at the end. He had aqua blue eyes and a kind but handsome face. He was the voice of reason in the group and possibly the nicest guy to ever walk on the face of the earth. The one odd thing about him was a swirling tattoo on his arm. The one in the middle and the leader of the group had orange flaming hair and a permanent scowl on his face. He was handsome but his personality was filled with arrogance. He was the most popular but also the most unapproachable however, he was only friendly to his friends.

That's what I figured out as soon as I stepped foot within this school.

Students had begun to fill the classrooms of the prestigious Seireitei Academy. The academy known to produce the most brilliant students into society. Those who graduated here always entered top notch universities and graduate with flying colors hence, entering into famous business firms and the like. Some even became politicians in the Japanese Parliamentary.

Through their parents, the richest six of the school were able to stay together in the same class. The first quarter was nearly over and they were all freshman just dying to get all the way to the second semester as soon as possible.

Kurosaki Ichigo stared out the window with a bored expression on his face as he waited for his class to start. His head rested on the palm of his propped up hand as he watched the beginning of fall. The teacher came in accordingly.

He had a bright smile on his face as his white hair swayed messily while he approached the desk in the middle. He had been wearing a simply black suit which he kept open with an average red tie. He placed his stuff on his desk as one of six rich kids stood up. It was the one with glasses, Ishida Uryu. He was the class president.


They all rose in sync.


They all bowed and greeted the same thing. "Good Morning Sensei!"

Their teacher smiled and nodded. "Good morning. You may all take your seats now." he said and so the students did so.

Ichigo simply ignored the usual morning formalities and simply daydreamed. He wasn't able to dream properly though. He was distracted by the smell of a certain scent lingering in the air. It wasn't perfume, it was something much more refined and subtle. It was definitely not cologne either. Where was that scent coming from?

Their teacher banged his table to get all of his students' attention. "Class, we have a new transfer student today."

And with that short statement the class was in an uproar. The females were asking if it was some cute male while the guys were yelling about whether it was some cute chick. The lovely class rep sat quietly and sighed while the rest of the six were intrigued. A transfer student at this time of the year? Couldn't this student transfer when they were at the second quarter or even the second semester?

The teacher gestured for the student to enter with a warm fatherly smile.

The suspense shot through the class. Even the uninterested Kurosaki Ichigo was intrigued. The student's footsteps rang out as a petite woman entered the classroom with such a enchanting smile. She ebony hair that stopped a few ways from her shoulders and such rare but gorgeous amethyst eyes that could make any boy swoon. She was short but she was milky white. Anyone would agree that this person had an air of refinement around her. She wrote her name on the blackboard and bowed before the class.

"I'm Kuchiki Rukia. It's nice to meet you."

The class was resumed in there uproar. The girls were excited to meet another girl to offset the testosterone count while the boys were all complimenting her. Ichigo actually glanced at her but then just stared.

So she was the source of that fantastic scent... The scent of vanilla.

"Rukia-chan! Feel free to sit next to my desk if you like!" the class pervert Asano Keigo yelled at her.

"You can't take her Keigo! She goes with us!" the resident lesbian Honsho Chizuru yelled back to said pervert.

One student stood up and made a large noise with her desk. She had short raven hair and had the air of a tomboy despite her feminine figure. "Oh, will you two shut up? Kuchiki-san's seat while be chosen by Ukitake-sensei." she silenced them both.

Ukitake laughed. "Thanks Arisawa-kun. Now then, that was a warm welcome wasn't it Kuchiki?" he smiled warmly.

She smiled back but Ichigo could tell it wasn't the most genuine smile ever. "Yes, it was." she replied.

Ukitake pointed to the empty seat behind Ichigo. "Kuchiki, you can sit behind Ichigo over there."

Rukia smiled as her eyes trailed to where Ukitake was pointing. She nearly allowed her face to grimace but had managed enough self restraint not to. He had orange hair. Not orange in a strawberry blond way orange in a very tangerine fruity way. What is up with that guy. Who the hell dyes their hair orange?

Wait... I've heard about this guy. This is Ichigo Kurosaki, his family is the biggest sponsor of the school.

"Rukia, make sure to make some friends okay? Promise me that much and don't be such a stranger."

Of course nee-san. Of course...

She smiled and remembered to stay elegant. She walked with her head held high to her seat and sat in a ladylike manner. She smiled to greet her eyesore of a classmate.

"It's nice to meet you Kurosaki-kun.

He simply stared at her then looked away blatantly ignoring her as though she was the eyesore. Rukia clenched her fist but counted numbers one to twenty in German and French in her head to appease herself. She had to make a good first impression. She made a promise to her sister to make friends after all.

"Be that way then." she mumbled in a way so that only him and him only could hear.

He caught that and scowled deeper. Ah, she's not as sweet as she looks. But why did she have to sit behind me? I can't concentrate when her scent is constantly lingering around me.

She sighed as she too stared at the beginning of fall through the window. "Stubborn ass..." she mumbled to herself but Ichigo still caught. Though this time, she didn't mean for him to hear it.

Stubborn ass eh?

"Anyways class. Please make Kuchiki comfortable while she's here okay? Now then, I'd just like to remind you guys about the quarterly exam so that you stay in this class-"

Rukia raised her hand.

He smiled and called her. "Yes Kuchiki?"

"I was just wondering what you meant about staying in this class sir?" she asked politely.

"Oh that? I guess you weren't informed Kuchiki, forgive me. In Seireitei Academy, there are seven classes ranging from S to F. S being the highest while F being the lowest. The quarterly exams tests your abilities and examines whether you stay in a certain class, you level up and go to a better class or you end up being demoted to a lower class. Each class has different privileges as well as lodging conditions. If you're in F, all you get is a simple table and a futon. Sections F-C are only allowed to use the communal bath while sections B-S have their personal bathroom. Understood?"

She nodded as she sat down. "Yes, thank you sir."

That means I'm with the elite since I'm in S class...

"Don't forget to study now. Remember that you earn your privileges here. Now then, Principal Shihouin would like to remind you all that there will be a black out this Thursday and Friday for maintenance so I suggest you stock up in some supplies while it's still early. I know it's early but we would also like to remind you to prepare for the field trip halfway through the second quarter. That is all, homeroom is over."



"Thank you very much."

The teacher smiled as he exited the classroom. "See you guys later for last period."

As soon as Ukitake left. Rukia was suddenly surrounded by her classmates who were eager to meet her. The tomboyish controlled her classmates but was pushed to the front. She smiled after a moment of confusion and extended her hand.

"I'm Arisawa Tatsuki, nice to meet you."

Rukia shook her hand. "Nice to meet you two. Thanks for earlier by the way."

Tatsuki grinned. "No problem, it's always been my job as the female class rep of this class. Though I leave the actual work to Uryu over there. I'm in charge of the disciplinary stuff."

"I see."

"So I'll just introduce these guys while they're all still behaved. This pervert over here is Keigo. You don't need to actually talk to him though. That feminine guy is Mizuiro and that girl with the glasses is Chizuru but be careful since she swings the other way. "

Rukia smiled sweetly. "Nice to meet you guys."

"Woah! Are you related to demon Kuchiki?"

"Demon Kuchiki... As in my brother who teaches here?"

"Woah! She really is!"

As soon as everyone was busy asking her things, that was all abruptly stopped when the person in front of Rukia suddenly stood up with a large thump. The other five took it as a signal while all her other classmates withdrew back to their chairs. Six attractive men stood before her.

"You don't shut up do you?" the one with the flaming orange hair asked.

Rukia's eyebrow quirked up. "Oh, so you've decided to talk to me now with your little cronies?"

Their class president cut in and fixed his glasses. "Forgive his manners Kuchiki-san. I'm Ishida Uryu by the way."

The palest of them all actually approached her. "The name's Schiffer. Ulquiorra Schiffer."

The one with the outrageous hair cut through. He took her hand and kissed it like a gentleman. "You really are quite pretty up close. Grimmjow Jaegerjaques at your service."

The one with red hair blushed at her but managed to hide it. "Yo, the name's Abarai Renji."

Rukia took not of the redhead. So I'm his type huh?

When Rukia looked at all the six men, one of them moved the others aside. He had spiky raven hair which was somewhat long at the end. He was handsome and he literally had a bright smile. Rukia couldn't help but feel flustered around this man. "Hey, I'm Shiba Kaien. You can just call me Kaien."

She shook his hand with embarrassment. "N-nice to meet you."

He grinned charmingly at her making her almost swoon had she not managed her self restraint.

Kaien looked at the angry looking one and grinned. "Hey Ichigo, be a good boy and say hi."

Ichigo scoffed. "Che... She already knows my name. Why should I do that?"

Rukia felt pissed again. She cracked her knuckles and smiled. "It's only good manners that you introduce yourself."

"Who cares about manners? You know my name anyway."

"Aren't you aristocrats more refined than this?"

"Aristocrat? Who uses that word anymore! I'm just being practical."

"Sure, I'm guessing your definition of practical is downright rude."

"Hey, you called me a stubborn ass!"

"I did not! When did I ever say that?"

"You thought I didn't hear it? You said it when you tried to say hi."

"Fine, maybe I did say it and maybe I didn't. But I might as well agree with that comment about you being a stubborn ass!"

"You have no right to call me stubborn ass you midget!"

"Did you just call me a midget?"

"Damn right I did. What's wrong with calling what's short short? Midget!"

"You stubborn son of a bitch..." she seethed.

"Vile bitch, you should stop acting sweet when you're not. It's sickening to watch you act."

"I am not acting you miserable ass. That's how I always am."

"Sure you are."

"You don't even know me so you don't have the right to tell me how to act!"

"Since you're sitting behind me, I'd rather not feel the need to vomit."

"Excuse me for trying to be nice."

"Fine then!"


They both had angry scowls on their faces and had crossed their arms angrily simultaneously. If you had excellent hearing you could hear them growling at each other and glaring at each other with utmost hate. If you were up close, you could see the venom in their eyes. It was enough to kill a full sized elephant in just a matter of seconds.

A certain raven haired man interjected between the two people who were baring their teeth against each other.

"Now now, let's all be friends shall we? And besides, we don't want Soi Fon-sensei to be so pissed in the morning right?" Kaien grinned in his usual care free manner calming Ichigo down and making Rukia blush.

"S-sorry... Lost my temper."

"No no, that great actually, Ichigo doesn't really get any competition around here so it's a great way for him to learn good manners." Kaien replied to Rukia as his smile charmed her.

Rukia sat down and fixed her hair while Ichigo sat down in one angry thump. He brought out his skull headphones and listened to some music to calm himself down. Sadly, sound doesn't drown out one's scent now does it? What the hell is she wearing anyway? It's driving me insane...

The other five took their respective seats as their next teacher stomped in angrily. It looks like she wasn't in a good mood today. She had been wearing a typical grayish blackish blazer with a pencil skirt of the same shade along with standard issue heels. Her hair was stuck in two Chinese-style braids. Her face was frowning heavily.

"Hey jackass... What's this subject?" Rukia whispered to Ichigo hostilely

He sighed angrily and dropped a folded not to her desk discreetly before resuming his daydreaming. Rukia grimaced as she took the paper and unfolded it revealing a handwritten class schedule. Seeing as though this was a wednesday, Soi Fon-sensei's class is... Math? Math with a totalitarian looking lady?

"Stupid Zaraki and his stupid antics... If you're going to be a good P.E teacher at least try goddamit..." Soi Fon muttered angrily. She slammed her things on the desk and glared at the class.



"Good Morning Sensei!"

After a couple of more seconds of wild random glaring she spoke. "Good morning... You can all take your seats."

And so they did.

Rukia sighed as she walked in the hallway. There were a couple of vending machines somewhere on this floor, she just had to find a good can of black one hundred yen coffee. It was really a convenient thing for the school to have installed such machines. She walked through briskly while looking at the piece of crap paper Kurosaki Ichigo had so generously graced her with. It had his scrawny handwriting all over it.

Homeroom/Japanese- Ukitake Jushiro
Math- Soi Fon
P.E- Zaraki Kenpachi
English- Kuchiki Byakuya
History- Kyoraku Shunsui
Science- Kurostuchi Mayuri
Home Economics- Hisagi Shuuhei
Music- Ichimaru Gin
School Doctor- Unohana Retsu
School Nurse- Kotetsu Isane
Janitors- Makizou Aramaki, Kurumadani Zennosuke

Rukia sighed. She'll have to memorize the named then match it to the face later on. Or something like that. Soi Fon-sensei was just a big killjoy. It was only good because Rukia was exceptionally good at math so there weren't much problems there. The next period was science with a freaky but mad and brilliant teacher. He was really sadistic though and he has this huge superiority complex. Rukia pitied his daughter who was said to be in class B.

Then she had music as her fourth period, music was a good subject for Rukia. Her teacher was kinda creepy but he was actually pretty nice and he was the kind of teacher who let students get away with certain things since he was the same when he was in high school. History was pretty funny though for fifth period. Kyoraku-sensei was obviously wise but he kept making lewd comments and kept making jokes. It was hard to take him seriously. He also kept booze in his water jug.

Then there was Rukia looking for something to drink after she just had eaten her lunch with her new friend Arisawa Tatsuki. They had gotten along quite well. She finally found the vending machine and took out a hundred yen coin from her Chappy the Rabbit purse and pushed it through the coin slot. She clicked a button and her hot drink fell to the pick up hole shortly. She grabbed the warm thing and relished in it's heat.

She popped it open and leaned against the wall as she drank the deliciously bitter thing.

"Going for black huh? That's pretty bitter." a calloused voice commented as said owner of the voice popped a coin in the slot.

"I like it bitter. What about you Grimmjow-san?" Rukia asked as she sipped on her coffee.

"Just normal coffee with cream and all. I can't really stand bitter that much." he replied as he joined her. He tousled his hair and sighed before opening his can.

"That means you're a tough girl Kuchiki." he smirked as he sipped his coffee.

"If that's how you want to put it." she replied with a soft smile as she cherished the heat emanating from the can.

"It's true, I've never seen Ichigo that mad before. You're like a girl version of him except nicer." he added.

She frowned. "Am not."

"Sure you are. Headstrong, straight forward and really pretty too." he smiled.

She moved away from the wall and walked directly in front of him. She gestured him to come closer which he did as she had this smirk on her face. "I don't know just how many girls have fallen for that technique but that doesn't work on me. Try again." she said in her low velvety voice as she released her pleasant grip on his collar and walked off to the classroom.

Grimmjow's eyes widened and he didn't even blink once. "Damn... That's one hell of a woman you've picked a fight with Ichigo."



He opened his gray eyes in annoyance. "Please stop glaring at Kurosaki Ichigo." he urged in his usual flat tone.

Rukia sighed from where she stood as she placed her hands on her hips. "Brother, I have every right to glare at him." she said in full fluent english.

"No you do not. No one dares to glare at the son of this school's major sponsor." he replied in English.

"He insulted me on my first day. Didn't you always talk about protecting your pride through any means?" she shot back still in English.

He closed his eyes on thought as his hair was practically all over his face. He suddenly looked up and stared at Ichigo. "Very well... Forgiven." he forgave her in English.

"Take your seat Rukia." he said in Japanese again.

Ichigo just glared at the trees with falling leaves outside. He didn't have any clue about just exactly what it is they were talking about. All he knew was that it was never good when Kuchiki-sensei stared at you. He was probably one of the most ruthless teachers on the face of the earth.

"Kurosaki Ichigo... You will refrain from insulting your classmates or batch-mates. I know Kyoraku-sensei or any other teacher may be lenient on your behavior but I will not be like him, the next time I catch you, I will reprimand you" Kuchiki Byakuya warned.

So he can't say no to her anyway... So much for hoping that he would treat her differently.

"Now then, back to the lesson at hand." he said in his usual manner. He then brought up the text book again and read the passage. "Henry was a good boy who had many friends. He was always nice to his mother and he never made any trouble." he read in English.

"Now then, will anyone please translate that passage?" he asked as he scanned the room and found an inattentive redhead.

"Renji... Care to translate?"

Renji jolted from his seat and stood up like a well trained soldier, book in hand.

"Y-yes! R-right away sir! Umm... H-Henry... Was a good boy? With not so many friends... Er... He didn't like his mother and always made trouble?" he asked nervously as he prepared himself for his teacher's wrath.

"Abarai Renji, the more times you don't pay attention, the bigger the chances of you getting detention." he said scarily as he approached Renji's table. "I don't think you want to embarrass your parents now do you?" he asked as he smacked Renji's textbook wide open.

"Back to the lesson at hand, who can do a proper translation?" Byakuya asked.

A hand shot through the air and Byakuya called said student. "Shiba Kaien?"

He smiled his usual smile and stood up. "Henry was a good boy who had many friends. He was always nice to his mother and he never made any trouble." he translated.

Byakuya paused. "Correct... You best learn from his example Renji..." then he faced the resident pervert. "You too Asano... I don't know how you got into S class but based on your grades it looks like you're headed to F..."

And just in the nick of time. The bell rang. Byakuya sighed as he walked slowly back to the teacher's desk. "Class dismissed..." he said as he grabbed his things.



"Thank you Kuchiki-sensei!"

He nodded his head in approval as he abruptly left the classroom.

Renji stood up and approached Rukia. She looked at him and smiled. "Hey, Kuchiki-"

"You can call me Rukia." she cut him off.

"Then you should call me Renji. Now I just wanted to ask just how is it that you could tame Kuchiki-sensei?" he asked hysterically at the same time in awe.

"Well... The one person whom he listens and answers to no matter what is my sister... So..."

He laughed. "Oh, blackmail is it?"

"Or maybe it's more of a bribe. Point being, I can fend him off when I need to." she smiled at him feeling proud of herself.

He's actually pretty nice underneath all the tattooes... He's like a long lost best friend, fun to talk to and comfortable to be with.

"Man, wish I could do that to him." Renji said enviously as he raised his arms and placed them his hands behind his head in a laid back fashion.

She grinned for real. "Maybe you can start by taking English seriously Renji..." she suggested.

He smiled softly. "Maybe you could teach me."

Rukia laughed hard. "Hah, now that is real cute. Sure sure, why not?"

"I'll think of an arrangement soon but I have soccer later. You wanna come watch?" he asked her with this stupid grin plastered on his face.

Rukia nodded enthusiastically. "Of course."

Ichigo increased the volume of his iPod. Stop flirting behind my table you annoying midget. And that's my friend who's so smitten with you goddamit... Who's next? Kaien? Or maybe Grimmjow? Or better yet, maybe it's Uryu? Ah... Stupid midget.

Ichigo spun the pen on his finger like crazy in order to distract himself he soon found himself writing her name like a fucking mantra.

朽木 ルキア 朽木 ルキア
朽木 ルキア 朽木 ルキア
朽木 ルキア 朽木 ルキア
朽木 ルキア 朽木 ルキア
朽木 ルキア 朽木 ルキア
朽木 ルキア 朽木 ルキア

Then he ended it all with phrase word.

'Leave me alone...'

He noticed her stand up. She walked passed him on her way to Tatsuki as she dropped a neatly folded paper on his table. He raise an eyebrow and opened it revealing her prim and proper handwriting.

黒崎 一護 黒崎 一護
黒崎 一護 黒崎 一護
黒崎 一護 黒崎 一護
黒崎 一護 黒崎 一護
黒崎 一護 黒崎 一護
黒崎 一護 黒崎 一護

'I never knew you fell for me at first sight. I thought you were gay since you're surrounded by five other guys. Glad to know you're bi'

Ichigo crushed the paper with the force of a car running at the speed of a hundred miles per hour charging straight at you. He crumpled it until it was as puny as a ping pong ball and threw it at the head of a certain classmate.

The paper hit it's mark and she grabbed it before it reached the ground. She had this sadistic smile on her face as she threw it back at him hitting him on the face and actually leaving a red mark on his temple.

He tried to throw it at her again but some perverted idiot blocked her by accident and caught the force of the blow. Rukia gave him a victorious side glance. Looking back to when he threw the thing, she dodged it. Keigo kept whining and whining about the pain as Rukia chuckled subtly while she kept talking to her newly found friend.

"Hey, Tatsuki-san, is Kurosaki-kun always like that?" Rukia asked.

"Most of the time. Since you're new, I might as well tell you the full gist of everything." Tatsuki said as she closed her notebook and gestured Rukia to move closer.

"There six students who rule the school. You've met all of them already. You know, Abarai Renji, Ulquiorra Schiffer, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, Ishida Uryu, Shiba Kaien and Kurosaki Ichigo. Now listen up. Renji is the son of an executive member in the board of education. Schiffer-san is the son of a major business partner of this school. Grimmjow-san is Schiffer-san's cousin but his father is the director of a hospital chain all over the country. You with me so far?"

Rukia nodded.

"Okay then, Uryu is the son of a major supplier of medical equipment. Not just to Japan though but to fifty seven other countries including America and China. Shiba's father is the head of the senate in the parliamentary. Now, Ichigo isn't simply the son of the school's biggest sponsor. That's just his mom's side. His dad... is the director of the school."

"The school classifies the six of them. The cool type, the silent prince type, the playboy type, the wild type, the nice guy type and the king type. It's easy to tell who's who right?"

Rukia nodded back. "Yes but why is Kurosaki-kun king?"

"Because he's the leader. Besides, he kinda acts like it too. The stick up the ass kind of leader you know?" she grinned as she dissed Ichigo.

Rukia smiled as well. "There is some truth to that."

"Now I also have to warn you now. Kurosaki Ichigo never dates seriously. The shortest is five minutes while the longest is one week. He's pretty arrogant too. Grimmjow-san is pretty much a womanizer. He's never really seen with the same woman twice and there's no such thing as a girl who doesn't fall for him. He can conquer any heart. Ishida Uryu, he's popular in a different way. He's the glasses prince. He always rejects girls though. Ulquiorra Schiffer is totally unapproachable. The only one who can anywhere near him is Grimmjow-san. Renji is a different case, he always has a girlfriend most of the time and they normally last long. Around two months maximum before things go sour. He's actually a nice guy so he's the easiest to date. Shiba isn't like Renji. He always does the asking and is never the asked. That's why girls don't confess to him much because he prefers doing the confession himself. Still, love letters don't fall short when it comes to him."

"And why are you telling me this?"

"Because it's common knowledge among the student body. Speaking of which, the kaichou is Inoue Orihime, fukukaichou is Hinamori Momo. Secretary is Kusajishi Yachiru and Treasurer is Hitsugaya Toshiro."

"Out of curiosity, what classes are they in?"

"Well, Orihime's in B, I heard she fainted during half of the entrance exam so they only graded the part she answered correctly. She has a weak constitution but kind of an airhead as well. Though based on the direction she's taking the student body, she's most likely the best kaichou we've had in years. fukukaicho is quite popular among the boys as well but treasurer keeps scaring them off. As for secretary... You'll find out but I know they're all in the same class."

"This looks like an interesting school."

Tatsuki grinned. "That's not even half of it. I think Ukitake-sensei's already outside." Tatsuki said as she shooed Rukia back to her seat which was practically back to hell for Rukia. She had to sit next to the devil's incarnate.

Rukia just remained standing seeing as though Ukitake was already entering the classroom. Her lovely classmate stowed away his skull headphones. Not actually stowed, it was more of allowed to hang loosely around his neck as he stared at the sight of falling leaves. The teacher entered the same way he did this morning and and laid out his materials in the very same organized manner. He cleared his throat rather loudly.

Uryu spoke loud and clear.



"Good Afternoon Ukitake-sensei!"

He bowed in acknowledgement as he gesture the class to seat which they did. He propped up his arms on the desk and leaned against them to support himself. "Let's get class started shall we? Can anyone tell me where we stopped last time?"

A few hands shot up and Ukitake gestured one student to stand.

"We stopped at the origins of Japanese literature sir." a monotonous voice replied.

Ukitake smiled his fatherly smile. "That's correct. Thank you Ulquiorra-kun, you may take your seat now."

He sat down like a robot.

"Now as I said yesterday. The origins of Japanese literature were never put on record so we have no idea where it started-"

A student raised their hand.

"Yes Arisawa-kun?"

"Sir, if they could write then why couldn't they just simply write a record?"

"That's a good question. They could've simply have written the first written piece of literature down on record yet why didn't they? Simple, no one can tell just who started it. There could be several people writing something at once. No one can say. Now then, we Japanese learned our literature from a huge empire. Obviously, it's China. Since they were one of the most civilized of that time, Korean and Japanese literature were therefore derived from their literature. Now we're not going into history, just a few basics before we actually get started. I'm sure all of you know about Momotaro or Urashimataro right? Now those are absolute classics. Every Japanese should know them..."

And of course Ichigo wasn't paying attention. He was simply watching a baby bird learning how to fly. Every time it went plummeting to the pile of leaves on the ground, it's parents would come swooping down to bring him back up. How nice. Unlike some witches... Soon after everything turns brown, it'll fall off and it'll be covered with white. After all the snow melts, it'll get all green and colorful. Then it gets hot again then eventually, everything turns brown again. The usual cycle.

He absentmindedly spun his pen once more as he hummed a certain tune in his head and was so close to forgetting about the midget behind him.

Then he had an idea as he pulled out a familiar piece of paper.

Rukia packed her stuff in her bag. She took it and and was bid farewell along her way down. She went down the staircase along with the other students to get to the lockers. She finally hit ground floor and found her locker. She took of her shoes and opened her locker to get her usual shoes out. As soon as she opened it, she saw a weird emblem inside of it. It was two weird shaped swords crisscrossing each other. They were shaped like a gigantic butcher's knife and in the middle was this odd skull. Strangely, the skull pattern looked familiar.

The person next to her locker dropped her shoes in shock as the saw the contents of the locker. She picked up her shoes as her auburn hair swayed with her form. She had a stern look on her face and the color of her blazer was different from the rest. Everyone had a black blazer with red checkered tie along with a plain white skirt. It had a white outline on the lapel along with white buttons. This girl however had a white uniform with a black buttoned shirt. She had a blue checkered tie and a black skirt along with black outlines on the lapel. Her hair was tied up with a traditional Japanese clip.

"This isn't good..."

Rukia looked at strangely. "Umm excuse me?"

She looked at Rukia. "You're the transferee aren't you? I'm Orihime Inoue by the way, your-"

"I know, kaichou right? Can you tell me why you look so horrified right now?" Rukia asked scared.

"Listen Kuchiki-san, I know we're still freshman and that it's way to early to encounter the problems of the sophomores and the seniors already but this mark symbolizes Kurosaki Ichigo. Students who get this mark becomes their new target. It's a dangerous position. Sadly, I don't have any authority over him."

"So kaichou... Does that mean I get bullied?"

She nodded grimly. "The director authorizes this. I don't understand why but even Principal Shihouin and Assistant Principal Uruhara have consented to this privilege. We of the student council have no authority over this matter. We can assist you though." she replied.

Rukia felt her vision fade as she swallowed thickly.

"Ah, Kaichou! Is something the matter!" someone shouted.

Orihime's head turned at a girl wearing the same uniform. She had brown hair wrapped in a bun and she had a petite stature. She was followed by a boy slightly taller than her who had snow white spiky hair. He was also wearing the same uniform.

"Kaichou... Don't tell me it's another one." the boy inquired.

"Yes, it's another one." she replied.

"Oh dear... I'm guessing we have to put up the safety measures again huh? Where's Yachiru-chan when you need her. She has our logbook..." the girl sighed.

"Hinamori... Can you go get our secretary?" the boy asked.

She nodded as she ran off.

This is weird. There's this weird sticker thing in my locker, the student council are flooding my area and they look serious. All in all, I just feel awkward about the way this is going.

Orihime then gave Rukia such an airhead smile. "You don't mind coming with us for a while don't you Kuchiki-san?"

Rukia shook her head as Orihime grabbed her hand.

"Let's go Toshiro."

The boy got mad. "Call me Hitsugaya. If not that at least address me is kaikeikan..."

Orihime dragged Rukia back upstairs to the second floor and into a room with a fancy label. Once she opened the sliding door Rukia felt like she wasn't in school. The student council room had four mahogany tables as the workspace for it's members and they had a separate long table for official meetings with the class reps and the club presidents as well. There was even a couch and a coffee table. Actually, there was this huge division. Behind the division was place where the student council could chill. What a fancy school indeed. Though there were piles of paperwork on the tables.

"Please take a seat." Orihime smiled as she gestured to the comfy looking couch.

"I'll get some tea. Hey transferee, do you want chamomile, earl gray, jasmine, oolong or green tea?" the grumpy white haired boy asked.

Rukia gulped. "Chamomile is good thank you." she replied politely."

"Now listen. Seireitei Academy is different. Now the student body didn't vote us, we were selected randomly to head the school. We are the absolute authority here. The only thing that we don't have control over is six certain people, the director, principal and assistant principal. It's our job as the student council to protect students from the other authority. That is those six. Every year, there's always someone like them and every year, the student council has to deal with them."

"Why are they an authority?" Rukia asked as the white haired boy brought their tea.

"Thanks Hitsugaya-kun. Now then their parents influence gives them a special authority. It only applies to them. They can do whatever the heck they want."

The boy sat next to Orihime. "Those guys are the jokers and we are the aces. But among those jokers is king. They have the king, jack, spade, heart, diamond and clover. Shiba is the jack, Grimmjow is the heart, Ishida is the spade, Ulquiorra is the diamond and Abarai is the clover. This school is their playing field. It's never good to be friends with them no matter how nice they seem." the boy said angrily.

"Yes, that's basically it. The students know that too. Now every time there's a new target, we have been given the power to give them a position in the student council if the target fulfills the requirements. The Shinigami." Orihime said as she sipped her tea.


"Uh huh... Pretty cool name don't you think? But that's besides the point. The jokers are our enemy now. It's a messed up system, I know however, it's been going on for ages. We don't know how it started but the jokers have been a lineage thing. The director used to be king."

"What makes them an enemy?"

"This school is heavily involved with politics and the like. We the student council tend to act as diplomatic envoys and the like... You get it right?"

Rukia sighed. "No I don't..."

"Okay... This'll be pretty stupid I guess..." Orihime laughed. "Hitsugaya-kun, will you explain it for me."

"Do you believe in the supernatural?"

"If you mean ghosts and yokai then I guess I do..." she replied.

"What will you do do if I told you this school was started by the royal family of the spirits?"

"Then I'd tell you that that is the worst joke I have ever heard."

The boy laughed. "I think you'll fit in just fine. Now then, we have evidence actually. We inherit powers, powers of the spirits. We'll show you later when all the students are gone. The opposition serves under this guy name Aizen Sosuke. The only thing normal in this school are the students actually. Though not all of them are normal."

Rukia laughed hard. "You seriously expect me to believe that? That's a good joke. Come on, don't tell me you slay evil monsters from the Aizen guy. Oh that's just stupid. This sounds like it came out of a video game you know?"

The two of them looked very serious.

The fukukaichou came busting in with an attractive pink haired teen. Seems like she's the secretary. The boy looked at the time.

"Just in time. We haven't properly introduced ourselves. I know you know our positions already so we'll just stick to names. I'm Hitsugaya Toshiro, that girl is Hinamori Momo and the pink haired one is Kusajishi Yachiru."

"The students are gone Toshi-kun!" Yachiru exclaimed.

He looked at Orihime. "So Kaichou, level 1 or level 2?" he asked.

She smiled. "Let's stick to level 1, if we get a big hollow alert I allow the use of level 2 release." she said.

"Kusajishi! Grab Kuchiki, the track and field area should be good right now. Hinamori, prepare some dummy hollows please." he said as he jumped out of the window.

"W-wait what!"

"Forgive us Kuchiki-san." Momo said apologetically.

Toshiro stood in the middle of the field. Rukia just stood where the others were watching. He looked at the group and slurped handsomely. "Pay close attention."

He took a stance.

"Hyourinmaru!" he yelled.

Rukia was about to laugh at his stupid power ranger attempt before she felt the entire field chill up suddenly. It was cold, it was like someone just poured ice all over the place. Rukia couldn't believe her eyes as she saw a dragon made of ice go to Toshiro. When he touched the dragon, the dragon changed it's shape and became his sword.

"Hinamori, did you get the dummy hollows?"

She nodded. "They should be appearing any minute by now."

Right on cue, the dummy hollows started appearing one by one. Rukia was very shocked beyond that, she was worried for Toshiro's safety. So many huge monster things for such a puny person. No offense though. Rukia was about to yell at him to duck when he suddenly disappeared from her line of sight. Soon, all the hollows were cut when Toshiro reappeared in the middle. They all sooner disappeared.

Rukia took one step forward. "H-how did you-"

"Hitsugaya-kun! Real hollows at nine o'clock!" Momo yelled as Toshiro quickly flipped around. He jumped towards and and disappeared before reappearing behind the monster. Then the monster split in half.

"That's it for them. Hey Hinamori, are there anymore?" Toshiro asked.

She shook her head. "That's it for now Shiro-chan." Momo said with a cheerful smile. Now Rukia understood why she was so popular and why the treasurer scared all the boys away.

"Don't call me that unless you want me to call you bedwetter Momo?" he replied annoyed as he rested the back of his katana over his shoulder.

"Hey! I don't wet my bed!" she retorted.

"Sure you do." he replied. He swung his sword to the side and it shattered into nothingness. Like ice. He walked towards Rukia with a serious look.

"Listen, we don't give the Shinigami position to just any student. You need to have the ability for it." he said.

Rukia focused her confused eyes towards him. "You mean that thing you did. Right?" she asked snappily.

"Yeah I guess. Now why does king choose a target. That's because he needs a queen. Though normally, those who get a mark get bullied by the student body who supports them which is quite a lot because that symbol marks you as their enemy. If they don't have our abilities. The king doesn't realize you have abilities and I'm betting he just wants to bully you but the chances of you becoming the queen is quite high."

Rukia sighed angrily. "Why does the king need a queen?"

"Kuchiki-san." Orihime interjected. "We told you that the jokers are a bloodline affair. Director Kurosaki Isshin was king. His wife and Kurosaki-kun's mother was queen. But she was a rare Shinigami. She didn't possess the powers to harm but rather, she was a powerhouse of energy so the Student Council allowed her to leave the position out of respect for her wishes."

Rukia frowned. "They're the enemy aren't they!"

Orihime gave a far off look. "As long as Aizen Sosuke exist they will always be an enemy."

"Who is this guy anyway?"

"He is the emperor's brother." she simply replied.

Rukia crossed her arms with disbelief. This was just stupid and crazy. "And who is this emperor?"

"He is the source of all our powers and the founder of this school. His brother however was an ambitious man. He wanted the throne for himself. But he was cunning and intelligent, he couldn't match the emperor the way he was so..."

"So what?"

"It was said that he stole six children from the emperor's bloodline and groomed them to be enemies of the emperor without the children's knowledge. This has been a secret passed down to us from the previous Student Council and from the previous one and so on and so forth. Only we four know this and since you are the fifth you are allowed this knowledge as well." Orihime replied.

Rukia took several steps back while putting her hands up in rejection. "Whoa whoa whoa! Wait up a sec! I just got here and you're telling me to join the student council and use these crazy ass powers? You've got to be joking. I transferred here! Why would I have powers to behind with? I mean, it's completely illogical! Seriously, you don't expect me to believe and do all this supernatural stuff!" she reasoned with them.

The pink haired on finally spoke to Rukia. "We don't expect you to believe us already. But, if you stay the way you are you're gonna be a sitting duck against these hollows and don't expect us to come to your rescue anytime 24/7." she said with grin before laughing. "Maybe you could just surrender yourself to Ichi, any girl would die to be in his arms ya know?"

"We'll teach you everything we know. We'll give you time to think but remember to weigh your options carefully. Join us? Join the jokers or perhaps not side with anyone at all and be captured or eaten. Your choice." Toshiro said as he walked towards the way out of the field, bag in hand.

"What the fuck is this sick joke..." Rukia cursed as she grasped her head.

Soon she was left all alone on the field.

A black figure was jumping through the night. His silhouette was seen as he jumped past the moon. He had black spiky hair but it was long enough to reach his legs. His body was covered with bandages except for his left arm which had tattoo like patterns on it. The bandages covered his mouth while he wore a Hakama like thing for pants. In his hand was a katana which was black as night. His eyes were fixated on a weird power on the field of the school. He zoomed to the spot instantly and saw a girl there just sitting in the middle looking lost.

His eyes squinted in recognition.

It's that girl. Why is she here? Are they interfering again?

He jumped to the ground a few feet away from her. "Are you the queen or are you the Shinigami?" the individual inquired.

She quickly stood up and looked at the odd individual. His upper body was wrapped in bandages, she could see the finely sculpted lines of his abdomen and it was making her blush. Still, she shouldn't be blushing for this guy... Who has a killer body... And long black spiky hair that makes him look exceedingly handsome. He still had bandages all over... That's not supposed to be attractive

He pointed the sword at her. "Tell me." he demanded.

She glared at him. "If I said Shinigami, what would you do?"

He looked at her seriously. She could tell his eyes were staring intently at her. They weren't black though but she couldn't tell what color they were. Not that she needed to know.

Suddenly, he thrusted the sword at her as if to hit her. He was too fast for her to dodge. She closed her eyes and braced herself for the strike which never came. She opened her amethyst eyes in shock and turned back to find him taking down a monster which had been preying on her with ease.

"Th-thank you..."

"Hmph..." was the only sound he made.

Looks like she'll be useless.

He prepared to jump away.

"Hey you! What's your name!"

He looked back at her. "K- Mugetsu." he replied as he suddenly disappeared.

She sighed. "I'm Kuchiki Rukia... You weirdo. Man, I shouldn't have transferred here." she said

She kicked the dust and closed her eyes.

"Mugetsu huh? Will I see you again If become the queen or the Shinigami?"

The queen or the Shinigami...

Which side to take?

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