I watched the end of the first Full Metal Alchemist anime, and this little baby popped into my head. Please read and review :D

I hate him.

I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!

He created me, just so he could abandon me! Was that all I was to him? What was I worth?

What am I? Just the hollow shell of what should have been his son. The son who died. The son he loved. I'm nothing. Just a cheap replica. I'm not the real thing. I'm not good enough for him. I'm not good enough for anyone.

I'm just a cheap knock-off of what he lost. As soon as he realized this, he ran off to start over with a perfect wife and better kids. What could I do? Nothing. What was I to him? Nothing.

I became bitter, and angry. What did I have to do to make him notice me, god damn it? All I ever wanted was for him to love me. for him to be proud of me. For him to call me 'son'. For him to hug me, and care about me. of course, he couldn't even give me that. he ran off with some other tramp, and left me all alone!

I want to kill him! I want to see him die! I want him dead!

I want his children dead! I want them gone! And then…I want to fade away into nothing.

I'm jealous of his children, and the love that they had…that's why I'm Envy. I'm just jealous of what I can't have.

…Love…a father…a heart…

What does it matter now, anyway? I already killed that Fullmetal bastard. Why should I care what happens now? There's nothing left for me now.

So, take me away. You heard me, you goddamned gate! Take me to Hohenheim! Take me to that bastard! The one who left me! the one who hated me!

Take me to my father!