Dispatch called at seven o'clock Monday morning, telling Rizzoli to meet Frost at a crime scene instead of heading in to work. Almost simultaneously, Isles's cellphone also rang. They did not share a car ride, knowing that Jane would need to walk Jo Friday, then head in to process the scene, while Maura would view the body in situ and then ride with it back to her lab to begin a full autopsy. They did, however, delight and offend various of Jane's neighbors with their goodbye kiss outside Maura's car.

Once at the scene, Jane took a good look at the body, which was surprisingly not all that bad to look at. A couple of bruises, some of those burst blood vessels in the face. Maura was just mentioning petechial hemorrhaging – that's what those burst blood vessels were called – and steadfastly refusing to speculate on cause of death. Frost was hanging back, looking not quite as nauseated as he usually did with a bloodier or dismembered corpse. "Hey, Frost," Jane beckoned him to come over. "You paying attention to this?"

"Yeah, Rizzoli," he claimed as he trotted towards her. "What do you need?"

Jane motioned towards Maura, who correctly read the gesture and repeated all she had said before, this time speaking directly to Frost. The man appeared confused, then gave both detective and medical examiner a hard look. "You're telling me this, why?"

"Because," Jane told him as she stepped back away from the body, "the lead detective on a case needs to know everything."

"I'm the lead? I'm the lead?" Frost repeated, incredulous, as Maura stood and beckoned two of her assistants to come and move the body into the waiting vehicle. Detectives and uniformed officers could take over now.

The corner of Jane's mouth pulled back. "Yeah. What, you forget about our bet or something?"

Frost's eyebrows shot up. He stepped closer to Jane and lowered his voice. "You're telling me you lost the bet? The woman in the veil… she knew? Before the three songs were up, she knew?"

Jane didn't even crack a smile. "Yeah. Right when she saw me walk in with you, so thanks for blowing my cover. Now, take the damned case. It's yours." Then she watched as Frost processed, not the crime scene, but the information his partner was giving him.

Click. Click. DING. "She danced like that, with you, knowing full well you weren't a man?"

Jane nodded and gave a shrug. "Yeah."

"I heard she left with a pirate. I thought there must have been another one there. Still you?"

Jane started to smirk. "Still me."

"No shit. Damn, Rizzoli." Suddenly his eyes went wide. "Wait a minute. You took her home. With you? And she knew you were a woman. And…" The implications hit Frost like a stiletto to the base of the skull. "Hold on... Wait just a damn minute! So you…?"

Maura Isles removed her gloves and walked up behind Frost, murmuring in his ear, "Barry. Crime scene. Focus." She lay an ungloved, henna tattooed hand on Jane's forearm. "Call me if you're going to be busy over lunch. Otherwise, I'll see you in my office." Then she sauntered back to the morgue wagon and climbed inside, smiling like someone who had had a very good weekend.

Barry Frost bent over double, choking as his partner grinned.

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