Beastial Love

This fanfiction story is rated M for violence, nudity, sex, and language. It will also feature boy on boy (YAOI) sexual content, so do not read it if you are not into these things. I claim no rights or don't claim to own any of the Yu-gi-oh characters and/or series as this story is based upon a drawing done up by slifertheskydragon at deviantart, whom allowed me to use the image as a base for the story. The image that I am using is "werewolf seto x vampire yami y" (.com/gallery/50997?offset=168#/d14t99r)

Special Key Notes: "regular speech", 'thinking/thoughts', *mental/telepathic speech*, (author notes)

ONE - Yami Yugi

It was a dark night as the moon shown brilliantly in the night sky. The night was clear as Yami Yugi stood on top of a roof top surveying the surrounding area through his blood red slitted eyes. His tricolor hair was spiked up leaving a few long golden bangs down in front of his Caucasian face. A few of the golden bangs were spiked up like lightning bolts against his black hair with a maroon red trim. His ears were slightly pointed as he often hidden his ears to keep from ordinary humans the truth about what he was. Yami Yugi was an ancient vampire born in ancient Egypt over five thousand years ago. He was turned while he was a young pharaoh. He has kept it a secret from everyone but one person as he was the only one whom knew Yami Yugi's secret. Shadi has been by Yami's side through out this as he was granted part immortality by the former pharaoh in order to protect and watch after Yami's as he became his eyes and ears. Yami Yugi scanned the area looking for his next pray as he needed to feed. Blood was definitely a necessity for a vampire but for someone like Yami, he didn't need to feed all of the time. He didn't harm innocent humans as he would often feed on the blood of the evil and corrupted. Yami also would feed on other creatures similar to what he was as he swore to himself that he would protect humans from those whom would pray on them. Over the many centuries Yami has had to learn to adapt to the changes that has happened all around him. Yami Yugi owned one of the wealthiest companies around selling ancient artifacts that he has collected over the vast centuries. Right now his company the Pharaoh's Treasures was working on a merger with another wealthy company which specializes in technology. The Kaiba Corp was looking for a way to increase peoples awareness in the ancient history while the Pharaoh's Treasures was looking for ways to better promote themselves. Yami knew that in several more days he would have a meeting with the head of Kaiba Corp.

'So much has changed since I have wondered this world. To this day, I still curse Anubis for turning me into a vampire.' Yami thought to himself. Anubis was one of the previous sorcerer to the previous pharaoh's as he had turned Yami claiming to love him and wanting to rule Egypt by his side for all of eternity. It was a well known fact that Yami was attracted to the same sex. Anubis however was unprepared for Yami's betrayal as he turned on his maker killing him. Shadi, one of Yami's sorcerer's from when he was named pharaoh seemed aware of the change in Yami as he discovered the truth one night as Yami journeyed to the dungeon to feed. The sorcerer could tell that the pharaoh hadn't been totally corrupted by the change as Yami's own powers kept him alive and some of his humanity within him. Suddenly something perked up Yami's senses as he could smell this strange scent of artic ice drift up his nose. Yami's eyes scanned down below as a single human caught his eye. Something about the human drew his undivided attention. The human was incredibly handsome as he had dark brunette brown hair and electric sky blue eyes. Yami could feel his cock throb against his black skin tight jeans. Yami watched the human licking his lips as the human paused for a moment looking around as if he knew that he was being watched. Yami could feel his fangs lengthen as he could feel his true vampiric form rising to the surface as the human smelled irresistible. Yami had to turn away and flee before he did something that he was going to regret. 'No...I can't harm that human. What is this feeling that I am picking up from him? I have never sensed anything so strong before!' Yami thought to himself as he fled into the night. Once he was far enough away from the human, he landed on a nearby roof top collapsing onto his hands and knees. His back hurt like hell. Yami's hands which transformed into razor sharp claws reached up to his white dress shirt as he ripped it off of his chest revealing his muscular frame as a large cross shaped scar lined his chest. On his neck laid two small puncture wounds as on his upper left arm sat a tribal tattoo of a phoenix. Yami screamed in pain as two large black leathery wings ripped out of his back. Yami panted for a few minutes once the wings had emerged from out of his back. No matter how many times he transformed into his true vampiric form, it still hurt like a son of a bitch. Yami silently cursed to himself touching his wound on his chest which he had received from when his people witnessed him transforming into his vampiric form to protect them from a demon that was summoned forth. The Egyptian people tried to cut him apart before Shadi managed to cast a spell to stop them. The wound never fully healed along with the puncture wounds Yami had received from Anubis's bite. Shadi did his best to stitch the wound closed but it was still noticeable. Even his old wounds were hurting him. 'Dam it. Who the fuck was that? And why is it that he makes me feel this way?' Yami asked himself as he got up to his feet spreading open his wings before he took off flying back to his home. He had to seek Shadi's council before he attempted to find the human again.


Seto Kaiba