Beastial Love

This fanfiction story is rated M for violence, nudity, sex, and language. It will also feature boy on boy (YAOI) sexual content, so do not read it if you are not into these things. I claim no rights or don't claim to own any of the Yu-gi-oh characters and/or series as this story is based upon a drawing done up by slifertheskydragon at deviantart, whom allowed me to use the image that they drew up as a base for the story. The image that I am using is "werewolf seto x vampire yami y" (.com/gallery/50997?offset=168#/d14t99r). Also be sure to check out my deviantart page for the image of Merick as a devil that I had drawn a whileback before I wrote this story (.com/gallery/12149582#/d298zgv)

Warnings: Beware of the Lemon/Lime action ahead as this chapter contains nudity and sex!

Special Key Notes: "regular speech", 'thinking/thoughts', *mental/telepathic speech*, (author notes), {translated from Egyptian}, `letters/notes`, bold - duras speech, italic – shadow creatures speech, ~spirit speech~

Twenty Four – new beginnings

After Seto had mind wiped all of the humans, Yami had used his powers to teleport him and Setoback to his pyramid. Shortly after they had arrived at the pyramid, Yami had proceeded to transform into the new hybrid form. Seto proceeded to tell him what had happened and what Mokuba and Mahad had said.

"Let me get this right. They had used their powers to have you and me become a hybrid between vampire and werewolf. They are also allowing you to bear children." stated Yami.

"Pretty much." replied Seto before he shifteds back to human form. Yami eyed him proactively as he licked his lips. A seductive grin stretched across Yami's face. This caused Seto to blush as he could tell what was on Yami's mind. Seto could feel his dick throbbing against his pants. Yami shifted back to his human form as he walked over to Seto. His hand pressed against the bulge in Seto's pants as Seto gasped in pleasure.

"Sounds like we have our work cut out for us." whispered Yani as he nipped at Seto's ear.

Yami lead Seto by the hand towards a chamber with a large canopy bed. Scented candles lit the room with their fragrance. Both caressed each other fanning the flames as they striped off each other clothing. Both stood fully erect as they took their time savoring the taste of each other. Yami and Seto walked over to the bed as Seto laid down first followed by Yami as they laid in opposite directions. Yami and Seto took each others erection into their warm mouth suckling and pumping it. Both moaned mentally in pleasure as their hips began to buck. Yami cupped Seto's ass as he inserted a single finger into Seto's asshole. Seto moaned in pleasure and pain wanting more as he was so wet. Yami gripped Seto's erection hard in his mouth, forcing Seto to gasp as he unhooked his mouth from Yami's cock. Yami inserted a second finger into Seto's ass as he moaned out loud. Seto's hips bucked wildly as he gripped the bed.

"Ah ... Atemu ... Fuck me. I wanna come!" he snarled in pleasure.

*Then come Seto. I want to devour every bit of you. You taste so dam good.* replied Yami mentally as he gripped Seto's balls playing with them. Seto whimpered in pleasure as he flailed wildly as Yami inserted a third finger slapping Seto's ass hard.

"Ah ... yes ... harder ...!" growled Seto as Yami obeyed clamping the hot throbbing erection in his mouth hard as he continued to slap Seto's ass. His free hand went up and kneaded Seto's nipples. "Ah ... uh ... Atemu ..." moaned out Seto. His pace was ferrous when Yami hit Seto's sweet spot, Seto gripped the bed harder. "There ... yes ... please ...!" moaned Seto as Yami obeyed hitting the sweet spot over and over again. "Ah ... yes ... yes ... ah ...!" howled Seto as he ejaculated into Yami's mouth. His nectar tasted sweet to Yami. Yami unhooked his mouth from Seto's cock as he kissed his way up to Seto.

*You taste so good that its addicting. I can't get enough of you.* Yami stated mentally as he spread Seto's legs wide before he thrusts his hard cock into Seto's tight wet ass. Seto fit him perfectly as Yami bent over kissing Seto. Their tongues danced for dominance as their hips bucked against each other.

"Atemu ... fuck me ... hard ..." whined Seto in pleasure as he locked his legs around Yami. Yami's strides were rough and strong forcing Seto to hang onto him. Seto's claws dug into Yami's skin. Both were moaning in pleasure as Yami hit Seto's sweet spot. "God ... yes ... there ... ah ... yes! Ah ... I love you ... Atemu ...!" howled Seto.

"Uh ... I love you too ... Seto!" grunted Yami as he pushed harder into Seto. Their lust filled moans and grunts filled the chamber a they rode against each other hard. Yami hit Seto's sweet spot over and over again.

"Ah ... uh ... yes ... yes ... Atemu ... god ... I'm coming ... ah ... ah!" howled Seto as he ejaculated. Yami pushed unforgiving into Seto as his claws sank into his mate.

"Uh ... uh ... Seto ... Seto ... ah! ..." howled Yami as he ejaculated into Seto. Both collapsed against each other warn out.

Several years have passed by as both Seto and Yami now live together raising their twin sons Mokuba and Mahad. It was Seto's idea to name them after the two people that they held close to their heart. Yami agreed to the proposal. The museum that they had worked on had finally opened to the public. Humans have fully forgotten about the existence of the duras. Roland, Seto's trusted aid and friend had died of old age. Since the day he was reborn as a hybrid between vampire and werewolf, Seto hasn't aged a single day as Shadi still remains by their side. The twins whom were about five years old ran through Seto's mansion which they now all lived in as both Seto and Yami watched them with love. They both held each others hand as they knew that when the time came that their twins would take over for them in protecting humanity. They both hoped that in the future that the duras and the humans could live together side by side but, until then they would continue to watch over and protect the humans. Both Seto and Yami looked forward to their new life together!