WrongBoyWhoLived story. After years of being told he was a useless squib… Harry Potter believed it and became that. Now he is thirteen and is redoing for the third time his First Year. Will he become the great wizard he was supposed to be on time? Will he ever?

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There was only darkness in his world, even on midday or in the brightest day. It has been like that as far as he could remember. Sure, there were colors or other proofs that no, he wasn't blind but it was as if a veil was obscuring the world around him. No, Harry Potter only knew darkness and he was used to it. He was no one after all. Nathan Potter, his twin in the other hand… Nathan was the Wizarding World's Savior, the one who destroyed He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named while he was being his pitiful self crying in the corner. He wished he could be as strong as his twin, as smart, as brave…he wanted to be everything his twin represented in fact. But Harry knew his place; his parents were kind enough to remind him that every time they met. He was the first born they wished they never had, the useless mouth they were kindling enough to feed. His parents and his twin were taking care of someone as pitiful as him and Harry knew deep down that it would have been far better for them that he was never born or that they disowned him or placed him in an orphanage. He would have perfectly understood. Even he wanted himself to have never existed. He was a burden to that perfect and loving family. Harry loved them so much that there wasn't a single second when he wasn't disgusted of himself for being unable to make them proud. If only he was like Nathan…

But Harry wasn't. He wasn't the daring Griffindor with a lot of friends. Harry James Potter was a useless squib in Huffelpuff. Hell, he didn't know how he managed to enter Hogwarts. Dumbledore, he remembered. Dumbledore probably made an exception for him to avoid a scandal. No one should know the Potters had a squib. The Potters didn't deserve such a shame.

Not that it worked mind you. He should have known he couldn't fool anyone in the best school in the world. He was a squib with a wand his brother was kind enough to give him. A wand that should have belonged to another one. He was a squib. There was no way he could levitate a feather if he had no magic after all. His housemates tried to help him at first but even they gave up after a while. Cedric Diggory was the last to try. He couldn't cast a spell and Potions…it was better if he didn't mention that. Snape's harsh words and humiliations brought him tears every single time. Neville Longbottom had nothing to complain compared to him. The only class where he was passable was Herbology and even there he was deadlast. History was good, he tried to smile.

Being at Potter Manor was bad but being at Hogwarts was hell. Last year he had been the first person ever to redo his First Year. He could remember everyone's laughs and the shame he had felt when he realized how pathetic he was. He had classes with younger wizards and like last time he didn't manage to fool a single teacher.

And now he had to tell his parents that he was going to redo his First Year for the third time.

"D…D…Dad?" Harry shuttered. James Potter closed the Daily Prophet and threw a look at him. "I…I…h…I…have…somet…someth…." Harry's hands were now wet. He wished he wasn't a stammer for the billionth time. His father was now annoyed and he haven't even told him the new. "somet…ing….to ..t…tell…you."

"Good grief." James mumbled. "Go to the point, I don't have all day! Honestly, why is my first son a useless shuttering moronic squib?"

Ouch. There was no way he could finish his sentence now. Or even begin it. He fought his tears and tried nonetheless. "I…I…f…f…I failed…m…m…my t…t…tes….test. I w…"

"Dad!" a voice shouted. "Hurry or we won't be able to flee before lunch!"

Harry didn't know if he should be glad that Nathan was here and stopped this torture or terrified at the thought that he would be the one to break the new to their father.

"Of course Nathan." James' voice radically changed and became kinder. "Harry" he spat the word as if it was an insult "was trying to tell me something though"

"Then he wouldn't have finished before next year." Nathan added. "Did you know Dad that he has to redo his First Year again?"

"What?" James shouted before turning beet red. "You are still unable to pass? Merlin! What did I do to deserve such a…such a…squib. Was it the price to pay to have Nathan? You!" he roared to Harry. "Why can't you take example from your twin for fuck sake? He was fighting You-Know-Who for the third times AND slayed a bloody basilisk while you" he pointed his finger to a crying and shivering Harry "were still unable to cast a levitation spell at twelve or even finish a single sentence! What the heck is wrong with you? Do you realize what position you put your mother and I through? I have enough! This time you won't go back! With a bit of chance everyone will forget you even exist"

The thought alone was relieving in a way. He hasn't his place there. If Harry could he would even leave the Wizarding World and run to the Muggle one like most squibs. With a bit of luck he would even manage to have a half decent job and…

"Don't Dad." Nathan tried to reason his father interrupting his twin's dark thoughts at the same time. "I'm sure that maybe one day…"

"You are really too good Nathan." James' voice suddenly softened. "Fine. Well Boy! What do you have to say to your twin?"


"You're welcome" Nathan lightly said before leaving back outside. The two others never saw his smirk.

"Leave my sight." James tiredly said. "I don't want to see your face during the whole holidays. I will try to tell the new to Lily." Harry's throat's tightened. His so smart mother would cry like last time and his disgust at himself deepened even more. "Why me?" James whispered. "First Wormtail escaping Azkaban and now that…"

Harry ran to his room and immediately closed his door before bursting to tears. He was good for nothing, unable to fly, to prank anyone or even do magic. He was no one, hell he wasn't even sure someone like him should exist. Everyone has a quality, a talent or a friend. He had none of that. He was even too cowardly to end his pitiful life.

There was only darkness in Harry Potter's world. But sometimes he wished someone, anyone would be blind enough to never see how disgusting he was.

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